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					                                                                                  Youth Team
                                                                                 Oxfam House
                                                                              John Smith Drive
                                                                                     OX4 2JY.
April 2007.


Summer is approaching fast. To apply to campaign with Oxfam at the various festivals that
we’re attending, you need to print off and complete:
    - one Section A form
    - a relevant Section B form for the festival(s) you wish to apply for.

You also need to attach your deposit cheque (payable to ‘Oxfam’ for £155). This equates to
the cost of a ticket to a festival, and is refunded to you after the festival ON COMPLETION OF
YOUR CAMPAIGNING SHIFTS. Sign to show your agreement with the terms and conditions,
and please include 2 passport photos with your application. Please send all this to the
address on the forms.

The on-site dates for festivals in 2007: (please make sure you are available for the whole
festival before applying)
                         th                   th
Isle of Wight: Thursday 8 June – Sunday 11 June
                            th                  th
Glastonbury: Wednesday 20 June – Sunday 24 June
                    th              th
NASS: Thursday 5 July – Sunday 8 July
                                             th                 th
V Festival (Stafford/Chelmsford): Thursday 16 August – Sunday 19 August
                             rd                    th
Reading/Leeds: Thursday 23 August – Sunday 26 August.

You are required to work a 4-hour campaigning shift per day of the festival.
You must be 18 or over on the first on-site day.
You should not apply for a campaigning place at a festival if you have already accepted a
stewarding place at the same festival.
If you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance e-mail once we have processed your
form. This acceptance will be conditional on your cheque being processed and your
references being checked.
If you are unsuccessful in your application, your forms and cheque will be posted back to you.
Once you have applied and been accepted, you can drop out without losing your deposit as
long as you notify us at least 7 days before the above start date for each festival. A £10 admin
fee will be deducted from your refund. If you have any questions about campaigning, please
call 0870 010 8553.

Places to campaign at festivals are donated to us by generous festival organisers. It is our
duty to fill these places in Oxfam’s best interests. We have asked you to briefly outline why
you would make a good Oxfam festival campaigner. Selection will be based on this, as well
as previous festival campaigning experience and membership of your local Outreach group.
No places are guaranteed – send in your forms asap to stand a better chance!

Good luck – and see you in the summer!

Best wishes

Chris Rose
Project Manager (National Outreach).