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l.           The 2008/2011 DIPUTACIÓ DE BARCELONA Sports Department action plan has as
             an object the “Sports Cooperation with the local governments” through two actions:
             “Sports invigoration at the local municipalities” and “Sports facilities and research”.
             Inside the action “Sports invigoration at the local municipalities” it is included the action
             line “local events” that has as an object to support the local entities for the organization
             of sport activities at the territory, at least, as a co organizer of the event.

II.          Diputació de Barcelona considers sports as and integration, educative and participative
             tool, as well as healthy and motivating tool.

             Since 2002, it is organized annually the “Sports Festival”, scheduled the first weekend
             of June.

             This event takes place with the cooperation of the municipalities, the Territorial
             Association of Sports Councils, and also, with the participation of the sports
             associations of the Province of Barcelona.

             The Sports Festival has a recreational and popular character and is open to the
             participation of everybody, in which the activities are adapted to the physical level of
             the participants.

             The Sports Festival promotes the physical activity to the sport facilities, to the squares
             and natural areas of the participating municipalities, and there are organized all kind of
             activity for everybody.

III.            Specifically, the FESTIVAL OF SPORT pretends:

                 To promote the practice of sport and physical activity to the citizenship.

                   To expand the values of the sport as an active live style, its benefits for the
                    health, the companionship and respect to the others...

                   To let the people know the sports activity offer and the sports entities of the

                    To achieve that during a whole weekend the sport takes the leading role in
                    the streets and in the sport facilities of cities and villages.

                    To encourage the participation of the maximum number of citizens.

                With the organization of the Sports Festival annually it is intended to achieve in a
                medium term the Day of the Sport in Europe.

       IV.     The sports Department of Diputació de Barcelona intends to promote in other
                territories the Sports Festival, setting the format conditions for cooperation through
                an adhesion protocol.

                The governing bodies interested to adhere to this protocol will have to do it through
                the corresponding body and communicate it to the Diputació de Barcelona (Sports
V.      By the governing body of Diputació de Barcelona on October 30, 2008 it was
        approved this Protocol.

        This Protocol will be determined by the following:


     First.- The goal of this Protocol is the collaboration of Diputació de Barcelona, through
     the Sports Department, with the territories that decide to adhere the Protocol for the
     diffusion of the Festival of Sport.

     Second.- The parts assume the following compromises:

     Diputació de Barcelona (Sports department) takes the compromise of:
                - That the entity that adhere this Protocol will be added in the graphic
                   documentation edited in all the events of the Festival of Sport.
                - To offer to the adhered entity technical assessment for the organization
                   of the Festival of Sport, according the spirit above mentioned.
                - To disseminate to the adhered entity one sample of the memory of the
                   events organized in the Festival of Sport in the territory of the Province
                   of Barcelona.
                - To promote the Festival of Sport in the territory of the adhered entity.

     The adhered entity compromise to:

                -   That Diputació de Barcelona will be0 added in the graphic
                    documentation edited for the Festival of Sport.
                -   To inform Diputació de Barcelona, one month before the organization of
                    the Festival of Sport about the forecasted activities.
                -   To send to Diputació de Barcelona one sample of the memory with the
                    summary of all activities done in eh frame of the Festival of Sport.
                -   To promote the Festival of sport in its territory.

     Third.- The term of this Protocol will be one year and it will be extended yearly, if the
     territorial entities adhered do not manifest their will to cancel it.