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									                                           APPLICATION SPONSORED BY:
  Name of Member Company:                                               Niagara Construction Association
                                                                                              34 Scott Street
  Date:                       Title:                 Authorized Signature:       St. Catharines, ON L2R 1C9
                                           APPLICATION SPONSORED BY:                      Tel: 905-682 -6661
                                                                                         Fax: 905-688 -5029
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  Name of Member Company:                      MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
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                                          BUSINESS CONTACT INF ORMATION
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  Website Address:
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  Date business commenced:
  Type of Business (please ( ) one section only) :

      General Contractor
      or Trade Contractor:      Acoustic,                 Glazing, P ainting and S pecialty Coatings
                                              Tile and D rywall,
       Excavating, P aving, Landscaping, Demolition and S alvage,  Electrical,  Mechanical,
       Roofing, Insulation and Waterproofing ,  Masonry,  Iron and S teel
   Architect and Engineers
   Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services
  Preferred Correspondence Method:
  G Email       G Fax
                                         REFERENCES (BANK, SU PPLIER, ETC)
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  Company Name:                                           Phone:
  Company Name:                                           Phone:
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  Attached is a cheque in the amount of $                    covering membership dues as indicated below, or
  VISA/MasterCard H older’s Name
  VISA/MasterCard #                                                      Expiry Date:
For membership submission fees, follow the chart below (GST included) :
              GENERAL/TRADE                  MANUFACTURERS/SUPPLIERS                        ARCHITECTS/ENGINEERS
 Jan. - Mar.  $651.00                        $572.25                                        $257.25
 April - June $488.25                        $431.13                                        $192.94
 July - Sept. $325.50                        $286.13                                        $128.63
 Oct. - Dec.  $162.75                        $143.06                                        $64.31
* Membership renewals are invoiced on an annual basis for the full yearly fee an d due by January 31
I, the undersigned, hereby make application for membership in NIAGARA CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION, with all
rights and privileges thereto. I agree to subscribe to the Charter, By-Laws and Regulations thereof in force from time to

    Signed by applicant                                              Date
                               NIAGARA CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION
                                     BENEFITS AND SERVICES
Project Opportunities:
    Plans Room - Convenient location for display, allowing greater potential for exposure. Spacious area for
      viewing of documents by members.
    Plans Copier - Copying service at preferential rates - Allows trades/suppliers access to drawings without
      requiring additional sets to be run by architects/engineers
      Ontario Electronic Plans Room - Allows EPR members to view drawings on line 24-7, without having
      to leave the office. Subscribers to the electronic plans room receive instant email notifications of
      updates, changes and addendums. Members can order print outs and drawings in the password-protected
      area of this site. This electronic plans room covers all Ontario Construction Associations.
    NCA Private (Restricted Access) Electronic Plans Room
      These restricted access plans rooms allow general contractors to share and manage pre construction
      processes in a secure online environment.
Internet Services:
    NCA Website ( - Members can access current weekly bulletins,
      newsletters, bidder’s lists, low bids awards in the password- protected area of this site. Education,
      training and events schedule.
Weekly Bulletins
   Lists plans available for viewing, detailing closings, lists of bidders, information on addenda and projects
     expected. Provides information on contract awards/low bidders
Advertising and Marketing Possibilities
    Advertising - Niagara Construction Association is pleased to offer you a program specifically designed
      to increase your company's visibility to the construction market through an opportunity to have a direct
      link on our new website. We have dedicated a space, on the home page of our website, and for a small
      fee, your company name, your logo and a small company blurb will be advertised.
    Yearly Membership/Trade Directory – Now will be published yearly! A Membership & Trade Directory
      containing the names of all the Members and their trade listing. These guides are widely distributed to
      architects, engineers, associations, municipalities and purchasers of construction services.
Bid Depository
    NCA administers bid depository system for mechanical/electrical trades
Standard Contract Documents
    Available to members at preferential rates
Commissioning Services
   Office Manager and Assistant are Commissioner of Oaths - Service is free of charge to members.
Room Rental Service - Hold your staff or client meetings at an affordable rate.
   Boardroom available to members for meetings, continuing education courses and other functions
     (comfortably seats 20 - 24) - Training room (Downstairs) is also available to members for larger
     meetings, courses or functions (comfortably seats 50 - 60).
    CSAO day/evening education courses and information seminars (GOLD SEAL, construction lien act,
       building code, OHS act, etc)
Group Life and Health Program
    Any member of the NCA is entitled to join the group plan
    Social Events, Annual Safety Symposium and Trade Show, Annual Golf Tournament and dinner, Annual
     General Meeting, Membership Appreciation Day, Christmas Luncheon and Food Drive, special interest
     trips (hockey, skiing, etc), offering opportunities for members to meet other members.
    Membership fee includes membership fees for the Canadian Construction Association (CCA)


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