Gender Equality in Finland

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					 Gender Equality in Finland 1994-2006
 Mervi Heikkinen


                                                         INTERNAL                                                          EXTERNAL
                               STRENGHT                       WEAKNES                             OPPORTUNITY                   THREAT
Government’s Action Plan for                                   •   Lack of resources              •   UN:n and Nordic co-          •   Who are defining gender
Gender Equality                                                                                       operation                        equality?
1997-1999 and 2000-2003,                                                                          •   EU policy development        •   Lack of expertise in gender
2004-2007                      •   In the current one 98                                          •   EU project funding               equality issues and criteria
                                   measures are taken in the                                      •   Men's Studies and equality       selecting equality projects
                                   promotion of gender                                                consideration                    may be questionable.
Finnish government’s CEDAW                                     EDUCATION AND TRAINING
report 2004, Beijing +10       •   Gender mainstreaming        OF WOMEN: the lack of             •    Women's Studies              •   Neoliberal values of
                               •   Promoting gender equality   education on equality issues and       development                      globalisation
                                   in the ministries           gender sensitive education on all •    Women's Studies resource
                               •   Statistics                  level of the educational system        centres
                               •   Women’s Studies             •    Segregation of the working
                               •   Support to Women’s               life
                                   Organisations               - wage gap
                                                               - fixed-term employment

                                                               WOMEN IN POWER AND
                                                               DECISION MAKING:
                                                               •  90% of experts called by
                                                                  parliamentary committees
                                                                  are men
                                                               •  Hidden and indirect
                                                                  discrimination of women
                                                                  prevails and gendered
                                                                  practices put women and
                                                                  men in unequal positions
                                                               •  Lack of resources in equality
                                                                  work, women’s studies and
                                                                  women’s organisations
NGO’s shadow report 2004   •   Women's organisations   •   CEDAW treaty is not known •      International co-operation   •   Lack of resources
                               participation to the        by civil servants, and it does                                •   Exiguous usage of CEDAW
                               preparation of gender       not form a basis for a                                            convention in preparation of
                               equality policies           national equality work.                                           gender equality policy
                                                       •   Hidden and indirect
                                                           discrimination of women
                                                       •   Women’s Organisations are
                                                           active in equality work, but
                                                           they are not allowed have
                                                           resources from the same
                                                           sources as other NGO’s