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					Identity and
Passport Service
Race, Disability
and Gender
Equality Scheme
Foreword by the Chief Executive          1

Introduction                             3
    The role of IPS                      3

Developing the scheme                    4
    Stakeholders                         4
    Consultation                         5
    Involvement                          7

Equality approach                        8
    Leadership                           8
    Equality and Diversity Statement     8
    Valued Behaviours                    9
    Strategic Objectives                 9
    Action to meet the general duties   11
         Race                           11
         Disability                     12
         Gender                         13
         Other equality strands         14

Single Equality Scheme

Monitoring and evaluation                   15
     Procedures                             15
     Review                                 16
           The Race Equality Scheme         16
           The Disability Equality Scheme   16
           The Gender Equality Scheme       16
     Reporting                              16
     Equality Impact Assessments            17


A    IPS organisational structure           20

B    Equality duty action plans             21

Foreword by the Chief
                     The Identity and Passport Service has
                     undergone a period of significant change
                     in order to reposition itself to meet new
                     challenges. Against this background of change,
                     one factor remains constant: the need to make
                     people, both staff and customers, central to the
                     effectiveness of everything we do.

Our commitment to fair treatment         in this one document, under the
is demonstrated through our              Home Office’s Race, Disability and
Strategic Objectives, through our        Gender Equality Scheme.
Valued Behaviours and through our
                                         Our commitment to diversity
existing Race and Disability Equality
                                         goes further than simple legal
Schemes. These all underpin both
                                         compliance, however, and our
our human resources and our
                                         scheme makes reference to all
customer service policies and
                                         equality and diversity strands,
create the environment that sets us
                                         including age, sexual orientation
apart as an excellent organisation.
                                         and religion or belief. By paying
We have articulated our commitment       full attention to all these areas of
to diversity best practice in our Race   potential inequality, we aim to create
and Disability Equality Schemes. We      an environment where all staff feel
now set out our plans to meet the        valued and are given the opportunity
statutory general and specific duties    to reach their potential. Through this,
under the Equality Act 2006, which       we will ensure that the diversity of
require us to take steps to promote      our customers is respected and an
equality of opportunity for men and      appropriate service is delivered to
women. Our scheme for gender             each and every one.
equality joins our existing schemes

Single Equality Scheme

Every member of the team has
a role to play in putting these
aspirations into practice, and this
must be reflected in everything we
do if we are to meet the challenges
of eliminating unfair treatment and

James Hall
Chief Executive
Identity and Passport Service


The role of IPS
The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) was established as
an Executive Agency of the Home Office on 1 April 2006. The
Agency builds on the strong foundations of the UK Passport
Service (UKPS) to provide passport services and, in the future
as part of the National Identity Scheme, ID cards for British and
Irish nationals resident in the UK.

IPS has undergone a significant         champions who promote best
period of restructuring and             practice in equality throughout the
transformation, and this process        Agency. They will lead IPS in
continues into the period covered       meeting its responsibilities under the
by this scheme.                         Home Office’s overarching Single
                                        Equality Scheme.
The IPS leadership team includes all
the executive directors within the      The IPS infrastructure is based
organisation, who have responsibility   around London headquarters, seven
for the strategic decisions of the      regional offices and 69 interview
Agency. The organisational structure    offices that are currently being
of IPS is shown diagrammatically at     prepared to receive adult, first-time
Annex A.                                passport customers.

All members of the IPS executive
leadership team are diversity

Developing the scheme

In developing this scheme, both internal and external
consultation has been key to establishing priorities and
action plans. This process started with the Race Equality
Scheme in 2002 and was expanded to involve disabled people
last year in order to develop our Disability Equality Scheme.
This consultation is a dynamic and ongoing process that
must take place at each stage of development, production,
implementation and review of this scheme.

To meet its general and specific         ●   employment – employing staff.
duties, a public authority must
consult its employees, service users     In developing this scheme, we
and others (including trade unions)      have interpreted ‘stakeholder’ in its
who have an interest in the way it       broadest sense, to include internal
carries out its public functions. For    and external customers, partners
IPS, these functions will fall into      and employees, together with the
three separate areas:                    wider society we serve and its
                                         government. Our main stakeholder
●   discharge of its statutory duty      groups will, therefore, be:
    – verifying identity;
                                         ●   IPS staff;
●   delivering a service to the public
    – providing passports; and           ●   IPS partner organisations and
                                             their staff;

                                                             Single Equality Scheme

●   customers;                           ●   communication with other
                                             government networks and
●   corporate customers (including           organisations (Opportunity Now,
    passport validation services);           Equal Opportunities Commission
                                             (EOC)); and
●   government (in particular, the
    Home Office);                        ●   routine employment monitoring.

●   Home Office staff support groups     This existing data will be collated
    – including Home Office Disability   to contribute to addressing the
    Support (HODS), the Network,         requirements of the Race, Disability
    Spectrum, a:gender, Home Office      and Gender strands of this scheme,
    Women (HOW); and                     and further consultation will take
                                         place on both a routine and a
●   trade unions (primarily the Public
                                         needs-based timetable as this
    and Commercial Services Union
                                         scheme is implemented.

Regular consultation with
stakeholders already takes place
in a variety of ways:

●   staff survey;

●   staff entry and exit data

●   focus groups – including the
    Virtual Focus Group;

●   panel of representatives;

●   Equality and Diversity Steering

●   market research;

●   customer confidence survey;

●   ‘mystery shopper’;

Single Equality Scheme

Other specific organisations with which we regularly consult on diversity
issues are shown in the table below.

    Diversity       Organisation                           Consultation
    Race            The Network                            Support for black and minority ethnic
                                                           (BME) staff
                    Leaders UnLtd                          Positive action for Senior Civil Service
                                                           (SCS) candidates
                    Commission for Racial Equality (CRE)   Working to eliminate prejudice and
                                                           racism from society
    Disability      Employers’ Forum on Disability (EFD)   Advice for employers of staff with
                    Disability Rights Commission (DRC)     Promoting equality of opportunity for
                                                           people with disabilities
                    Home Office Disability Support         Support for staff with disabilities
                    IPS Disability Review Panel            Focus group – meets quarterly
                    Leaders UnLtd                          Positive action for SCS candidates
    Gender          Home Office Women (HOW)                Support for female staff
                    Equal Opportunities Commission         Working to eliminate sex
                    (EOC)                                  discrimination and promote equality
                                                           of opportunity for women and men
                    a:gender                               Support and advice for transsexual,
                                                           transgender and intersex staff
                    Leaders UnLtd                          Positive action for SCS candidates
                    Opportunity Now                        Best practice for women in the
    General/other   Home Office Race and Diversity         Point of contact for all Home Office
    diversity       Action Team                            diversity matters

                    Conference – Diversity Matters         IPS annual diversity conference
                    Public and Commercial Services         General policy advice for staff and
                    Union (PCS)                            employers
                    Virtual Focus Group                    Open e-forum for IPS staff
                    SPECTRUM                               Lesbian, gay, bisexual and
                                                           transsexual (LGBT) staff support
                    Stonewall                              Campaigning and lobbying group on
                                                           LGB issues

                                                                       Single Equality Scheme

 Diversity     Organisation                           Consultation
              Employers Forum on Age (EFA)            Advice and best practice on
                                                      age-related policies
              Arbitration and Conciliation Advisory   Advice, training and mediation
              Service (Acas)                          services to enhance employee

In addition to broad consultation,
we have taken steps to actively
involve people with a disability in
addressing how best to implement
our Disability Equality Scheme.
We have conducted workshops,
interviews, polls, market research
and independent audits in order to
identify areas of adverse impact
for disabled people. During these
activities we have been sure to
involve people with a disability,
and disability organisations, in
exploring ways to improve equality
in the areas of policy development,
training, accessibility and attitudes.
This involvement proved extremely
valuable in drawing up our
Disability Equality Scheme action
plans and continues to add value
to the progress we are making
in implementing the scheme. It
is also a critical element of the
establishment of the Interview Office
Network (ION) as we grow the
business to address the changing
needs of identity verification.

Equality approach

All executive directors and directors of IPS are diversity
champions. IPS also has a director-led Equality and Diversity
Steering Group, chaired by the Director of Corporate Strategy,
which meets monthly to discuss progress on the IPS Five-Year
Equality and Diversity Programme. A consistent approach
is assured by regular reports from the steering group to the
leadership team.

In addition, Regional Equality          Equality and Diversity
and Diversity Forums have been          Statement
established to give the work of
the steering group and leadership       IPS commits through its Equality and
teams a national perspective. These     Diversity Statement that, in delivering
initiatives aim to ensure involvement   our business, we will engage fully
and ownership at every level and        with our diverse society. We will take
to embed the principles of best         care to assess the impact of our
equality and diversity practice in      policies on disability, race, gender,
everything we do.                       gender identity, sexual orientation,
                                        religious belief and political opinion
                                        (in Northern Ireland) and age

                                                                                  Single Equality Scheme

Valued Behaviours                                    ●   working together.

We also have a framework of ‘Valued                  Along with forming an integral part
Behaviours’ which sets out how IPS                   of our recruitment and selection
will drive effective performance and                 criteria, the Valued Behaviours
assist staff to respond successfully                 framework has been key to the
to a dynamic environment and                         development and successful
ever-changing challenges. The                        implementation of our existing Race
framework is a statement of the                      and Disability Equality Schemes
expectations of all members of                       and will play a major part in taking
IPS staff. The five elements of the                  this combined or ‘single’ scheme
framework are:                                       forward across the Agency.

●    customer service;                               Strategic Objectives
●    personal responsibility;                        The overall scope and objectives of
                                                     IPS are summarised in the diagram
●    valuing people;
●    responding to change; and

    OUR MISSION: Safeguarding your identity

    OUR VISION:   The trusted and preferred provider of identity services

    Our core       Issuing passports and         Delivering the                  Growing identity
    activities     identity cards                National Identity               checking services
                                                 Scheme capability

                                                   Public protection


                               Value for money                          Customer service

    Our people     Working          Customer          Responding       Valuing            Personal
                   together         service           to change        people             responsibility

Single Equality Scheme

The IPS mission and vision are                      Our people underpin all our activity
delivered by three core activities                  and the performance we achieve.
(issuing passports and ID cards;                    The table below sets out the
delivering the National Identity                    IPS performance objectives and
Scheme; and growing identity                        associated diversity objectives.
checking services) and managed
through a balanced set of key
performance objectives.

  IPS key performance objective                      Key diversity objective
 Public protection                                     E
                                                    ●    nsure that we do not unfairly discriminate
 We aim to protect the public by establishing         when providing access to, and establishing
 the identity of customers with greater certainty     identity through, interview and biographic
 and by issuing them with secure identity             footprint checks.
 documents.                                            E
                                                    ●    nsure that our decisions are objective and
                                                      evidence based, using agreed and explicit
                                                      criteria, which are free from prejudice, bias
                                                      and stereotyping.
                                                       I     documents must be provided in a
                                                    ●    dentity

                                                      way that is accessible to all customers.
 Customer service                                      E
                                                    ●    ngage with our diverse customers to
 We aim to be recognised as a leader in the           understand their needs and expectations,
 public service for excellent customer service        and routinely monitor satisfaction by each
 where our customers recognise and value the          equality strand, allowing the delivery
 IPS role in safeguarding their identity.             of accessible, responsive and targeted
                                                      services and products.
 Value for money                                       E
                                                    ●    ngagewith staff and customers to
 We aim to demonstrate that everything we do          communicate the positive benefits to the
 is affordable and represents value for money.        business of embedding effective equality
                                                      and diversity practice.
                                                       R      the value for money impact of
                                                    ●    eflect

                                                      equality and diversity practice in monitoring
                                                      reports and feedback.

                                                                            Single Equality Scheme

In addition, the following specific
management actions will contribute
to the delivery of our mission.

Risk management                                    E
                                                ●    mbed equality and diversity into all risk
Increasingly sophisticated attempts to obtain     audit and business continuity planning
passports fraudulently require even more          through the application of thorough Equality
investment in counter-fraud measures which        Impact Assessments.
might adversely affect service levels to the       C
                                                ●    ommunicate  in an accessible, timely and
public.                                           diversity-conscious way with staff and
Management actions                                 M
                                                ●    ake  appropriate training and development
We are investing increased resources in both      activities accessible to all staff, utilising
pre- and post-issue fraud management, and         positive action initiatives where necessary.
are working closely with other agencies to         M
                                                ●    anage the commissioner/supplier
keep pace with new sources and types of           relationship in a way that reflects internal
fraud.                                            equality and diversity standards.
                                                ●    mbedequality and diversity in all market
                                                  research activities.

Action to meet the                                    learning and development
general duties                                        activities, including an e-learning
                                                      diversity awareness package
The implementation of the action                      which has been rolled out to all
plans published as part of the Race                   staff. Cultural awareness training
and Disability Equality Schemes is                    sessions for security staff are
under way and some progress has                       being conducted using in-house
been made. The paragraphs below                       resources. Equality Impact
list the headline activities for each                 Assessment (EIA) guidance and
of the schemes, together with the                     training is being rolled out to all
priorities for actions to meet the                    offices.
general duty for gender. Detailed
action plans for each are set out in              ●   Development Plus – the scheme
Annex B.                                              is a positive action learning
                                                      and development programme
                                                      designed for female and minority
Race                                                  ethnic staff across the Home
●   Learning and Awareness Strategy                   Office and its Agencies. The aim
    – the strategy sets the standards                 of the programme is to enable
    for IPS equality and diversity                    participants to increase their

Single Equality Scheme

     skills and gain confidence in their         expectations and provide tools
     own capability and potential as             for managers to promote and
     leaders and managers, so that               use best practice, particularly
     they can reach their full potential         with reference to people with
     and compete more effectively                disabilities.
     for promotion. The programme is
     open to staff in the target groups      ●   Working Together – Welcoming
     indicated, including those who              People with a Disability – the
     are already on, or applying for,            booklet provides information on
     other development programmes,               disability and the law and gives
     such as the Intensive                       practical advice on measures
     Development Programme.                      for staff and customers with a
●    Leaders UnLtd – the programme
     is a new corporate leadership           ●   Diversity Week – in 2006 the
     development scheme designed                 Diversity Week theme was
     specifically for talented people in         focused on disability. An
     groups currently under-                     anonymous questionnaire,
     represented in the Senior Civil             which attracted 130 responses,
     Service. Leaders UnLtd is open              identified what respondents
     to Grade 6/7 UK civil servants              considered to be the key factors
     who are women, or have a                    in unlocking the potential of staff
     disability, or are from minority            with disabilities. A significant
     ethnic backgrounds. The scheme              finding was that line-manager
     seeks to equip participants with            support was rated as very
     the leadership skills they need to          important and there was a
     prepare for entry to the SCS.               perception that management
     Leaders UnLtd is for staff in the           assumptions about the ability and
     above groups who can demonstrate            ambition of staff with disabilities
     that they have the potential not only       was a limiting factor.
     to make a difference but also to
                                             ●   Disability Bursary Scheme – IPS
     help transform the future leadership
                                                 sponsors staff in the scheme,
     of a world-class Civil Service.
                                                 which provides access to
                                                 additional funding for training
Disability                                       and development for staff with a
●    Learning and Awareness Strategy             disability, together with mentoring.
     – the strategy sets out how IPS
     will raise awareness, facilitate        ●   Employee Assistance Programme
     understanding, manage individual            – the programme offers

                                                                Single Equality Scheme

    confidential, 24-hour personal            sex services, although we
    support to staff, together with on-       recognise that issues of religious
    site occupational health advisers.        and cultural differences may
                                              result in a differential impact of
●   Specialist IT – a bespoke                 our service delivery on men and
    system has been developed to              women of particular groups.
    supply specialist IT to staff with        Monitoring of this area will be
    disabilities who need it and to           refined and continued.
    cut waiting times for appropriate
    equipment by two-thirds.              ●   Harassment – work will be
                                              undertaken to ensure that men
●   Compliance assessment of new              and women are equally able to
    premises – ongoing involvement            work in an environment free from
    of people with disabilities in            gender-specific harassment,
    compliance-checking new office            discrimination or bullying.
    infrastructure, using the ‘model
    office’.                              ●   Positive action measures – these
                                              are already in place for female
●   Leaders UnLtd – positive action           staff through the Development Plus
    measures are in place for staff           scheme and through the Leaders
    with disabilities through this            UnLtd programme, which are both
    programme which is described              described under ‘Race’ above.
    under ‘Race’ above.
                                          ●   Work/life balance – current
                                              practices and the take-up
                                              of existing work/life balance
●   Equal pay – verification work will        initiatives will be reviewed to
    be undertaken to ensure that IPS          ensure that all staff are able to
    does not interpret central pay            meet their caring responsibilities,
    policy in a way that inadvertently        in accordance with new
    causes a gender pay gap.                  legislation and best employment
●   Gender segregation – work will
    be undertaken to address the          ●   Consultation – IPS has been
    gender imbalances at different            involved in a consultation on
    levels of IPS staffing. This will         best practice for monitoring
    entail a fundamental review of            gender identity. The outcome
    recruitment processes.                    recommended that the most
                                              appropriate approach is an
●   Single-sex services – IPS does
                                              independent staff survey. The
    not envisage a need for single-

Single Equality Scheme

     consultation also resulted in the         assist managers considering
     development of a self-assessment          applications for leave for religious
     tool for qualitative organisational       or cultural occasions or when
     assessment.                               scheduling meetings or other
                                               events. A Working Together
●    Transsexual staff and customers           booklet, Belief Systems, is also
     – we will review all procedures in        available on the staff intranet.
     the light of the the Sex                  This is an information guide to
     Discrimination Act (Gender                the different belief systems in
     Reassignment Regulations) 1999            the world and includes an outline
     and Gender Recognition Act 2004,          of the key beliefs of each faith,
     to ensure that we provide a non-          its festivals and holy days, dress
     discriminatory and discreet               codes and dietary rules.
     environment for both transsexual
     staff and customers.                  ●   The Peterborough, Liverpool
                                               and London offices have prayer
                                               room facilities available to staff.
Other equality strands
                                               Separate facilities are available
●    We will continue to encourage             for men and women in both
     staff to declare confidential             Peterborough and London. While
     information about sexual                  these initiatives are about religion
     orientation and religion or belief,       or belief, their impact on BME
     in order to ensure that our               staff is particularly significant.
     practices are, and are perceived          Other offices, such as Durham,
     to be, non-discriminatory.                have ‘quiet room’ facilities for the
                                               use of staff.
●    The testing of verification by
     interview procedures and the          ●   We have engaged with the Home
     infrastructure of the ION for             Office Islamic Network (HOIN),
     different religious groups has            which aims to foster links with key
     been conducted, and issues,               community organisations, to gain
     such as the wearing of the veil at        a better understanding of Islam,
     interview, have been resolved.            to provide advice to staff and
                                               policy makers and to promote the
●    IPS has published A Brief Guide
                                               welfare and development of staff.
     to Major Religious and Cultural
     Observance in the UK, which           ●   We will undertake a review of
     gives information on the 11 most          all employment and reward
     observed religions or cultures            policies to ensure that we remain
     in the UK. The information in             compliant with age legislation
     the guide is intended to be               requirements.
     used as a management tool to

Monitoring and evaluation

We continue to collect and analyse a range of information
about IPS employees, customers and partners. This information
is crucial in order to provide accurate information to the
leadership team about the impacts of our policies and whether
we are meeting Home Office and Cabinet Office targets.

 Information             Utility
Quarterly and annual     Statistical data about all aspects of employment within IPS,
employment monitoring    disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, disability, age and grade. This
data                     allows us to identify areas for improvement, trends, and areas of
                         best practice that can be extended across other policies. It also
                         allows us to monitor the success of new policies.
Bi-annual staff survey   Seeks the views of staff on IPS as an employer and on the
                         broader impact of our policies and procedures. Information is
                         disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, sexual
                         orientation and grade.
Customer surveys         Measure customer confidence in our passport service.
Mystery shopper          Tests customer service procedures throughout the IPS offices.
Partners/suppliers       Procedures being implemented to collect and collate equality and
                         diversity data from partners and suppliers, in order to ensure that
                         they meet at least the minimum standards acceptable to IPS.

Single Equality Scheme

Review                                     IPS is required to review and report
                                           on its progress annually. The next
The Race Equality Scheme                   full review and re-publication of the
The first Race Equality Scheme             DES will take place as part of the
(RES) was published by the then            first full review of this Single Equality
UKPS in May 2002. In accordance            Scheme in early 2010.
with statutory requirements, a full
review was conducted in 2005 and           The Gender Equality Scheme
a revised scheme was published,
                                           The specific actions concerning
drawing together the progress made
                                           gender equality that are detailed
and the emerging further work
                                           in this document comprise the first
needed as UKPS moved to become
                                           IPS Gender Equality Scheme (GES),
IPS, with its broader remit for identity
                                           published in accordance with Home
                                           Office direction.
Although IPS is required to review
                                           IPS is required to review and report
and report on progress made
                                           on its progress annually. The first full,
annually, the next full, formal review
                                           formal review of the GES will take
of the RES is due in 2008. This
                                           place as part of the first full review
Single Equality Scheme, however,
                                           and re-publication of this Single
incorporates an interim review of the
                                           Equality Scheme in early 2010.
RES and this document supersedes
the 2005 document.                         These deadlines remain subject
                                           to change resulting from further
The next formal review and
                                           amendments to equality legislation
re-publication of the RES will,
                                           and/or the incorporation of further
therefore, take place under the joint
                                           diversity equality duties in due
review planned for this document in
early 2010.

The Disability Equality Scheme
                                           In addition to the duty to review the
IPS published its first Disability
                                           Single Equality Scheme annually and
Equality Scheme (DES) to meet the
                                           re-publish every three years, general
statutory deadline in December
                                           information is required by the Home
2006. The actions published in that
                                           Office on a quarterly basis. This
document have not been reviewed
                                           information will be provided through
in producing this Single Equality
                                           a self-assessment report, submitted
Scheme, but have been translated
                                           by the Head of Equality and
into the action plans included in this
                                           Diversity. Information to inform this

                                                                         Single Equality Scheme

report will be sought from business                Equality Scheme and reiterated in its
area representatives and will include              review in 2005 and in the publication
the need to provide updates against                of the Disability Equality Scheme in
the action plan published as part of               December 2006. The restructuring
this Single Equality Scheme.                       of UKPS to form IPS caused
                                                   delays in the implementation of
                                                   the prioritised EIA programme, but
Equality Impact Assessments
                                                   training is now being rolled out and
A commitment to, and sound                         the process is under way.
procedures for, a comprehensive
programme of Equality Impact                       From the outset, IPS has committed
Assessments (EIAs) across IPS is                   to conducting EIAs that take into
the fundamental, most important                    consideration all equality strands.
step towards equality and diversity                Our programme of EIAs will,
excellence. This programme must                    therefore, include screening for
be supported by training for any                   discriminatory practices around age,
staff who are likely to be involved                sexual orientation and religion or
in conducting screenings and/or                    belief, as well as for the mandated
assessments.                                       areas of race, disability, gender
                                                   identity and gender. The prioritised
The commitment to the EIA                          EIA programme is shown in the
programme was stated at the time                   table below.
of the publication of the initial Race

 Functional area          Policy
 Policy/data protection   Draft letters in complex cases
                          Support personal attendance
                          Ensuring compliance with Data Protection Act 1998, Human Rights
                          Act 1998 and Freedom of Information Act, 2000
 Procurement              Legal compliance in both EU and UK
                          IPS procurement policy
                          Standard Terms and Conditions CDPCGSA1
 Contract management      Supplier/contract management

Single Equality Scheme

 Functional area         Policy
 NIS Programme Delivery and CIO
 Projects and            Transition planning and process design for implementation of the
 programmes              Home Office ID Card Programme
                         Introduction of interviews for adult first-time passport applicants
                         Development of biometric enrolment processes for passport and/or ID
                         card purposes
 Business Development and Marketing
 Marketing and           Market research with customers, potential customers and staff
                         Managing the Business Development Advisory Group website content
                         Internal communications including core brief, issues, road shows,
                         conferences and intranet development
                         Marketing, publicity and advertising campaigns
 Finance and Performance
 Estates                 Management of the estates budget
                         Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
                         Twice yearly audits with regional offices
                         Customer satisfaction surveys
 Service Planning and Delivery
 Operations              Development of quality management in passport-issuing process
                         Complaints monitoring
                         Managing Brightsparks and green issues
 Security/Fraud          Security clearance for all staff
 Investigation Unit
                         Sampling of applications
                         VIP passport service
                         Fraud investigation
 Human Resources
 HR strategy and         IPS People Strategy
 business change
                         HR Functional Strategy (three-year plan)
                         HR business change business case

                                                                        Single Equality Scheme

Functional area      Policy
Human Resources (cont.)
                     HR business change approach
Employee relations   Discipline
                     Managing attendance
                     Discrimination, harassment and bullying
                     Staff handbook
                     Equality and diversity (E&D)
Resourcing           Recruitment and selection activities
                     Security clearance for all staff
                     Management of promotion boards
                     Interchange and secondment programme
                     Valued Behaviours
Learning and         Sourcing cost-effective development solutions for staff
                     Development of technology-based learning system
                     Delivery of learning and development policy
                     Delivery of training modules to support business needs
                     Leadership and management development programme roll-out
Performance and      Annual staff appraisal scheme
                     Job Evaluation Grading Support (JEGS) integrity and management
                     Special bonus scheme management and development
                     Operational management information in relation to Performance and
                     Reward Strategy
                     Performance and reward policy development underpinning policy/
                     process development
                     Annual pay remit
                     Implementation of annual pay reward
                     Equal pay audit
                     Change Agent Bonus Scheme
                     Pay Right Initiative
HR operations        In-house customer sampling of HR services

Annex A: IPS organisational

                                Non-executive                Chief Executive                Director
                                Directors                    Officer                        National Identity
                                                                                            Scheme Integrity

     Executive         Executive         Executive           Executive         Executive               Executive   Executive
     Director          Director          Director            Director          Director                Director    Director
     Strategy          Business          National Identity   Commercial        Service                 Human       Finance and
                       Development       Scheme                                Planning and            Resources   Performance
                       and Marketing     Programme                             Delivery
                                         Delivery and CIO

IPS Management Board

Annex B: Equality duty
         action plans

     Business           Outcome                 Action                  Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                        Time frame                Monitoring              Other
     EIAs for 1.1 All   Policies do not            U
                                                ●    ndertake           Complete high             Record of screening/    Training for those
                        adversely impact          Equality Impact       priority policy EIAs by   full assessment to be   conducting EIAs is
                                                                                                                                                   Single Equality Scheme

                        on any sections of        Assessments:          end March 2008            held on file for each   being conducted
                        society                   – all existing        Remainder by end          policy, in standard     Align process with
                                                    policies            2008                      EIA proforma format     development/review
                                                  – all new policies                              Quarterly report of     of policies to support
                                                                                                  EIA completions to      integrated passport/
                                                                                                  HR E&D                  ID card applications
                                                                                                  Home Office diversity   process
                                                                                                  assessment report
                                                                                                  of progress required
     1.2 Service        Services are tailored      R
                                                ●    esearchlocal       Complete research         Regular reviews to      Local initiatives to
     Planning and       to address specific       community             by December 2007          identify changing       be recorded and
     Delivery           local customer needs,     population data for                             local population        reported as part of
                        where they exist          each office                                     patterns                review of this scheme
                                                ●    eveloplinks with                             Links with local
                                                  local organisations                             representative groups
                                                  representing                                    to be regular and
                                                  diverse groups                                  ongoing
                                                                                                  Consideration to
                                                                                                  be given to how to
                                                                                                  measure success
     Business        Outcome                  Action                    Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                        Time frame                Monitoring              Other
     1.3 Service     A safe environment is       C      risk
                                              ●    onduct               Complete physical         Local assessments       Local action plans
     Planning and    provided for staff and     assessments of all      infrastructure audit by   to be reported to       to be drawn up as
     Delivery        customers                  offices                 March 2008                Estates and copies of   necessary
                                              ●    etermine
                                                 D         optimum      Complete risk             reports held on file
                                                frequency for risk      assessments by
                                                reviews                 March 2008
     1.4 Strategy    Engaging with our           D
                                              ●    evelop a customer    Develop customer          Publication of
                     diverse customers          engagement              engagement strategy       strategy and
                     enables us to provide      strategy that can       by March 2008             continuous review
                     an equitable and           assist the equality
                     continually improving      impact assessment
                     service                    of new services
                                                and innovations
     1.5 Business    Engaging with our           M       review
                                              ●    onitor,              Complete                  Publish revised         Record and report
     Development     diverse customers          and analyse             communication audit       documents on            customer satisfaction
     and Marketing   enables us to provide      effectiveness           by December 2008          Exchange and/           trends
                     an equitable and           of channels of          Disaggregate              or website, as
                     continually improving      communication to        customer satisfaction     appropriate
                     service                    different groups,       data for all              Home Office diversity
                                                and audit for           diversity strands by      assessment report
                                                discrimination          September 2007            of progress required
                                              ●    easure  customer                               quarterly
                                                                        Report progress
                                                confidence by race,     to HR E&D July
                                                gender, gender          2007 and thereafter
                                                identity, disability,   quarterly
                                                age, religion or

                                                                                                                                                  Single Equality Scheme

                                                belief, and sexual
     Business     Outcome                   Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                     Time frame             Monitoring              Other
     1.6 All      Managers at all levels       D        and
                                            ●    iversity            July 2007 and          Home Office diversity   Report requires
                  demonstrate effective       equality goals         thereafter quarterly   assessment report       evidence of good
                  leadership on               are disseminated                              of progress required    practice and
                                                                                                                                       Single Equality Scheme

                  equality and diversity      throughout IPS                                quarterly               pro-active work
                                               D       is
                                            ●    iversity

                                              mainstreamed into
                                              business plans
                                               D        and
                                            ●    iversity

                                              equality best
                                              practice is
                                              across all areas
     1.7 All      The potential of             P       action
                                            ●    ositive             July 2007 and          Home Office diversity   Report requires
                  under-represented           training initiatives   thereafter quarterly   assessment report       evidence of good
                  groups is developed         are used to improve                           of progress required    practice and
                  to create a                 representation of                             quarterly               pro-active work
                  representative              under-represented
                  workforce at all levels     groups
                                            ●    anagers  talent-
                                              spot staff from
     Business        Outcome                  Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                       Time frame             Monitoring              Other
     1.8 All         A working                   S    are given
                                              ●    taff                July 2007 and          Home Office diversity   Report requires
                     environment is             access to              thereafter quarterly   assessment report       evidence of good
                     created where staff        appropriate                                   of progress required    practice and
                     respect and value          diversity training                            quarterly               pro-active work
                     each other’s diversity     opportunities
                                              ●    omplaints and
                                                grievances are
                                                dealt with quickly
                                                and appropriately
                                                and a full record is
                                                 F      working
                                              ●    lexible

                                                and work/life
                                                balance initiatives
                                                are made available
                                                to as many staff as
     1.9 Business    IPS continues to            W
                                              ●    orkwith             Annual review          Charter Mark            Charter Mark used
     Development     display the Charter        appropriate local                             accreditation           in all customer
     and Marketing   Mark, indicating           government                                    published on            communications
                     excellence in              networks and                                  Exchange
                     customer service           the community to
                                                develop an active
                                                presence in the
                                                local community

                                                                                                                                          Single Equality Scheme
     Business       Outcome               Action                  Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                  Time frame              Monitoring            Other
     1.10 Service   Customers and staff      E
                                          ●    nsurepractices     Roll out cultural       Risk assessments
     Planning and   are provided with a     are culturally        awareness training to   recorded in risk
     Delivery       safe and respectful     sensitive, but do     security staff by       register
                                                                                                                                       Single Equality Scheme

                    environment             not expose staff or   December 2007           Training evaluation
                                            customers to harm     Complete risk           recorded
                                             C    out risk
                                          ●    arry               assessments and
                                            assessment and        annual review by
                                            annual review of      April 2008
                                            public counters       Review customer
                                          ●    rovidecultural     service practices by
                                            awareness training    April 2008
                                            for customer-facing
     1.11 Human     IPS is viewed as an      E
                                          ●    stablishand        Publish quarterly and   Provide annual        Benchmark IPS
     Resources      employer of choice      maintain robust       annual employment       lessons learnt to     performance
                                            employment            monitoring report in    inform employment     against other public
                                            monitoring systems    line with Home Office   monitoring data       sector/Home Office
                                            and publish           timetable               capture               departments
                                            statistics annually
     Business        Outcome                Action                    Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                      Time frame             Monitoring             Other
     1.11 Human                                D      a quality
                                            ●    eliver                                      Conduct routine
     Resources                                learning and                                   learning and
     (cont.)                                  development                                    development
                                              programme to                                   evaluation for all
                                              meet individual and                            learning events
                                              business needs,                                Review Valued
                                              and audit the                                  Behaviours
                                              training process to
                                              check for bias or
                                              unfair discrimination
                                            ●    nsure  implemen-
                                              tation of Valued
                                              Behaviours is fair to
                                              all staff
     1.12 Strategy   All staff are valued      E
                                            ●    nsurethat all        Conduct annual         Monitor and record
                     and excellence is        staff are eligible      Celebrating Success    data for Celebrating
                     recognised               to participate in       event and review       Success
                                              the Celebrating         results by diversity
                                              Success schemes         strand

                                                                                                                            Single Equality Scheme
     Business        Outcome                 Action                    Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                       Time frame              Monitoring               Other
     1.13 Strategy   All staff have an          E
                                             ●    nsurethat all        Conduct review          Monitor and record
                     equal opportunity         staff are eligible to   of Brightsparks in      data for Brightsparks
                     to contribute to          participate in the      conjunction with
                                                                                                                                                Single Equality Scheme

                     continuous business       Brightsparks scheme     IdeasUK
                     improvement                R
                                             ●    eview the
                                               Brightsparks scheme
                                               in conjunction
                                               with IdeasUK to
                                               understand the
                                               diversity challenges
     1.14 Human      The best people are        A    recruitment
                                             ●    udit                 Complete audit of       Monitor success
     Resources/      recruited to IPS          process to identify/    recruiting process by   of different media
     Resourcing                                eliminate any bias      March 2008              approaches
     1.15 Strategy   Home Office policies       R
                                             ●    eviewcurrent         December 2007           Publish policy review
                     on environmental          Greening Policy to
                     issues are                ensure compliance
                     implemented               with diversity
     1.16            Partners, contractors      E     partners
                                             ●    nsure                Ongoing need for        Formal recording of      Annual check
     Commercial      and suppliers             and other service       all new contractors     contractor equality      of continuing
                     meet similarly high       providers are           to be equality          data on relevant files   commitment of
                     standards in the          aware of IPS’s          assessed against                                 partner organisations
                     area of equality and      responsibilities        IPS standards
                     diversity                  E        and
                                             ●    stablish

                                               maintain robust
     Business        Outcome                Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
                                                                     Time frame          Monitoring            Other
     1.17 Private    Policies, advice and      C
                                            ●    onsiderimpact       All responses to    Monitor submissions
     Office          recommendations do       on diverse groups      ministers to meet   and advice
                     not adversely impact     before submitting      deadlines
                     on any section of        responses or
                     society                  advice to ministers
     1.18 Strategy   IPS remains legally       P
                                            ●    resentcorporate     Complete risk       Compile and review
                     compliant                information in a way   assessments by      risk register
                                              that demonstrates      March 2008
                                              an awareness
                                              of IPS’s legal
                                            ●    onduct risk
                                              assessments and
                                              raise awareness of
                                              risk practices

                                                                                                                       Single Equality Scheme
     Business        Outcome                  Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
     area/owner                                                        Time frame               Monitoring              Other
     2.1 Business    IPS is better able to       D
                                              ●    eveloplinks with    Ongoing                  Records of              Monitor service
     Development     address the needs of       local organisations                             consultation to be      improvement and
                                                                                                                                               Single Equality Scheme

     and Marketing   BME customers and          representing                                    maintained on file      satisfaction ratings
                     staff                      diverse ethnic
                                                 C      with BME
                                              ●    onsult

                                                communities to
                                                design appropriate
                                                systems and
     2.2 NIS         The new identity            C
                                              ●    onduct full         Complete technical       Customer satisfaction
     Programme       verification processes     testing of ION         testing by March         surveys
     Delivery and    take into account the      infrastructure to      2008                     Customer
     CIO             needs of all racial        ensure that there      Complete                 consultation
                     groups                     is no adverse          infrastructure testing
                                                treatment of BME       by March 2008
                                              ●    onduct testing to
                                                ensure technology
                                                and processes do
                                                not cause variation
                                                in the service
                                                offered to different
                                                racial groups
     Business       Outcome                Action                  Co-ordinating instructions
     area/owner                                                    Time frame            Monitoring              Other
     2.3 Business   Research requests         C
                                           ●    onductanalytical   Complete research     Research published
     Development    are sensitive to the     research to           by March 2008
                    race equality policy     support the
                                             Integrated Change
     2.4 Human      Home Office               T   steps
                                           ●    ake                Target date is 2008   Review achievement      Consider positive
     Resources      targets for BME          to improve                                  through quarterly and   action initiatives to
                    representation are       representation                              annual employment       assist in meeting
                    achieved                 of BME staff at                             monitoring data         target
                                             SCS grades to
                                             meet Home Office

                                                                                                                                         Single Equality Scheme
     Business      Outcome                 Action                  Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                          Time frame          Monitoring               Other
     3.1 Finance   Our estates are fully      I
                                           ●    nvolvecustomers    December 2008       Involve staff and        Record all
     and           accessible to staff       and staff with                            customers with           outcomes with
                                                                                                                                       Single Equality Scheme

     Performance   and customers with        disabilities in                           disabilities in review   specific reference
                   disabilities              improving access                          through regular          to compliance
                                             to premises                               consultation             with disability best
                                           ●    onduct
                                              C      audit of                                                   practice
                                             IPS premises
                                              C        assess
                                           ●    ritically

                                             potential new
                                           ●    evelop a policy
                                             that ensures
                                             disability equality
                                             in workplace and
                                             public premises
     Business        Outcome                 Action                    Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                              Time frame          Monitoring               Other
     3.2 Business    IPS conducts identity      E
                                             ●    nsure that our       December 2008       Involve staff and        Record all
     Development     management,               procedures for                              customers with           outcomes with
     and Marketing   authentication            safeguarding                                disabilities in review   specific reference
                     and verification          identity                                    through regular          to compliance
                     in ways that are          are rigorous and                            consultation             with disability best
                     free from disability      non-discriminatory                                                   practice
                     discrimination and         D
                                             ●    evelop  a
                     are beneficial to the     strategy for
                     Government, public        improving facilities
                     and UK society            for customers
                                               by involving
                                               people with a
     3.3 NIS         New ways of                D
                                             ●    evelop               December 2008       Involve staff and        Record all
     Programme       working and use           partnerships with                           customers with           outcomes with
     Delivery and    of technology do          communities and                             disabilities in review   specific reference
     CIO             not discriminate on       specialist disability                       through regular          to compliance
                     grounds of disability     organisations                               consultation             with disability best
                                               to take forward                                                      practice
                                               stakeholder panels
                                               in developing new

                                                                                                                                           Single Equality Scheme
     Business        Outcome                   Action                      Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                                  Time frame            Monitoring               Other
     3.4 Business    All IPS                      E
                                               ●    nsurecommuni-          June 2008             Involve staff and        Record all
     Development     communications              cation strategies                               customers with           outcomes with
     and Marketing   comply with disability      have due regard to                              disabilities in review   specific reference
                     best practice               the specific duties                             through regular          to compliance
                                                                                                                                                  Single Equality Scheme

                                                 under the Disability                            consultation             with disability best
                                                 Discrimination Act                                                       practice
                                               ●    eviewall communi-
                                                 cations to comply
                                                 with the need to
                                                 promote positive
                                                 attitudes towards
                                                 disabled people
     3.5 Human       Home Office targets          T
                                               ●    akesteps to improve    Target date is 2008   Review achievement       Consider positive
     Resources       for representation of       representation of SCS                           through quarterly and    action initiatives to
                     staff with a disability     staff with a disability                         annual employment        assist in meeting
                     are achieved                to 3.2%                                         monitoring data          targets
     3.6 Service     IPS sets the example         A
                                               ●    uditour services,      December 2008         Involve staff and        Record all
     Planning and    for best practice in        premises and systems                            customers with           outcomes with
     Delivery        identity management         to ensure that we                               disabilities in review   specific reference
                     across government           provide a level of                              through regular          to compliance
                                                 customer service                                consultation             with disability best
                                                 that meets Disability                                                    practice
                                                 Discrimination Act
                                                 2005 requirements.
                                                 This includes ensuring
                                                 that information is
                                                 equally accessible to
                                                 all sections of society
     Business    Outcome                  Action                  Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                         Time frame          Monitoring               Other
     3.7 Human   Corporate information       P
                                          ●    ublishan annual    March 2008          Include lessons learnt   Consult with staff
     Resources   is presented in a way      employment                                exercise at each         and customers with
                 that demonstrates an       monitoring report                         year-end monitoring      disabilities in order to
                 awareness of IPS’s         which clearly shows                       period                   refine communication
                 responsibilities under     disability data,                                                   strategy
                 disability legislation     to inform further                                                  Refine data capture
                                            action                                                             and analysis to
                                          ●    eview the                                                       address gaps in
                                            processes for the                                                  information
                                            preparation and
                                            distribution of
                                          ●    sethe E&D
                                            Strategy to support
                                            line managers
                                            of staff with

                                                                                                                                          Single Equality Scheme
     Business       Outcome                  Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                             Time frame          Monitoring               Other
     4.1 Service    A safe environment is       E
                                             ●    nsurethat           April 2008          Customer survey,         Review staff training
     Delivery and   available for male and     male and female                            customer complaints      as necessary
                                                                                                                                           Single Equality Scheme

     Planning       female customers and       customers and                              and mystery shopper
                    staff                      staff do not suffer                        feedback
                                               disadvantage as                            Staff survey
                                               a result of service
                                               delivery policies or
                                             ●    nsurethat
                                               procedures are
                                               in place to deal
                                               with threatening or
                                               abusive situations
                                               involving male and
                                               female customers
                                               and staff
     4.2 Service    Transsexual and             R
                                             ●    eviewall policies   March 2008          EIA process explicitly   Consider training
     Delivery and   transgender                that could impact                          considers the            for staff to raise
     Planning       customers do               on transsexual                             policies in relation     awareness of
                    not experience             and transgender                            to transsexual           the requirements
                    discriminatory or          customers                                  and transgender          for transsexual
                    unfair treatment by      ●    nsure
                                                E     legislation                         customers and this       and transgender
                    IPS or its partners        concerning                                 work is recorded         customers within IPS
                                               disclosure of
                                               gender identity is
                                               complied with
     Business    Outcome               Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                       Time frame          Monitoring            Other
     4.3 Human   Men and women have       E
                                       ●    nsure that          September 2008      Review employment     Review the necessity
     Resources   equal opportunity,      recruitment policies                       monitoring reports    for positive action
                 from recruitment to     and practices do                           and identify trends   initiatives to address
                 progression, within     not discriminate                                                 gender imbalance
                 IPS                     unfairly against
                                         women or men
                                       ●    nsurethat
                                         opportunities for
                                         development and
                                         progression within
                                         IPS are equitable
                                         for women and men
                                       ●    nsure that access
                                         to learning and
                                         activities is
                                          I       where
                                       ●    dentify

                                         positive action
                                         measures are
                                         required to ensure
                                         that women and
                                         men are not under-
                                         represented within

                                                                                                                                   Single Equality Scheme
     Business      Outcome                   Action                   Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                             Time frame          Monitoring              Other
     4.4 Human     Any pay gap within           C
                                             ●    onductan equal      April 2008          Publish results of
     Resources/    IPS is identified and       pay audit                                  equal pay audit
     Performance   addressed                    W    an equal pay
                                             ●    rite                                    Annual review
                                                                                                                                           Single Equality Scheme

     and Reward                                policy
                                             ●    ddress   any pay
     4.5 Human     Women and men                E
                                             ●    ncourage  greater   April 2008          Record take-up of       Consider additional
     Resources     have equal access           take-up of flexible                        work/life balance       targeted publicity
                   to work/life balance        working initiatives                        initiatives by gender   for specific work/life
                   opportunities               by male and senior                         and map trends          balance initiatives
     4.6 Human     Transsexual and              R
                                             ●    eviewall            March 2008          EIA process             Consider training
     Resources     transgender staff           employment                                 explicitly considers    for staff to raise
                   do not experience           policies that                              the employment          awareness of the
                   discriminatory or           could impact on                            policies in relation    requirements for
                   unfair treatment within     transsexual and                            to transsexual and      transsexual and
                   IPS                         transgender staff                          transgender staff and   transgender staff
                                             ●    nsure
                                                E     legislation                         this work is recorded   within IPS
                                               disclosure of
                                               gender identity is
                                               complied with
     Business    Outcome                 Action                Co-ordinating instructions
     area                                                      Time frame          Monitoring              Other
     4.7 Human   Home Office targets        4  of the SCS to
                                         ●    0%               Target is 2008      Review achievement      Consider positive
     Resources   for representation of     be women                                through quarterly and   action initiatives to
                 women in SCS are        ●    0%
                                            3   of top                             annual employment       assist in meeting
                 met                       management posts                        monitoring data         targets
                                           to be filled by

                                                                                                                                   Single Equality Scheme