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Old fashioned popcorn popper by webmustang


									A guide to buying an Old fashioned popcorn popper

Some of us seem to enjoy the classicality of certain things, the very reason
why pop corn poppers should be no different. The old fashioned popcorn
popper with the cart and wheels included makes for the perfect decorative
additive to one’s personal home theater. These days the modern equipment
comes with classical cosmetics and one can very well get the best of both
times with these vintage machines.
The Nostalgia Electrics KPM-508 Old Fashioned Kettle Popcorn Maker
comes with a nostalgic design and is packed with modern features that
include higher safety and easy to clean dynamics. The best part of this
machine is it comes with a tabletop cart. Another one that is manufactured by
the same company is the OFP-501 Vintage Collection Movie Time Hot Air
popper. This again has the look of a street popcorn stand but uses hot air
instead of oil stirring to pop. Users do rate this popper higher as it makes for
oil free, healthy and fluffy popcorn.
The Elite EPM-450 4-Ounce Old Fashioned Table Top popper is also a good
choice for those willing to shell out a little extra for the cart. Highly rated for
its ease of use it comes in the same old fashioned design and pops just the
right amount for the whole family of 4. Also available in the markets are
many antique popcorn machines for the more avid collector of memorabilia.
Among the retro models the Nostalgia Electrics Retro models are quite an
eyeful with a well done chrome finish giving them the added touch of a well
preserved antique. The Helman Group Fashioned Circus Cart Popcorn Maker
Machine comes with the look of a circus cart machine and makes for among
the best machines available with one drawback being its assembly. There is a
range of good products to choose from, all the buyer has to ascertain is the
price one is willing to shell out for the complete classical home theater

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