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					                                              iVIE Film Festival
                                                       May 9, 2009
                                                 Nominations by Category
                  *Indicates that the film was not a Category nominee but received a Special Achievement Award

                                                *Possibilities                           Practice Makes Perfect!
                                                Del Sur Elementary School                Central Elementary
Teacher                                         Poway Unified                            Escondido Union
Cam Stevenson                                   Teacher: Britta Skumawitz-Ellis          Teacher: Heather Peterson/Sarah Cowles
Central Elementary                                                                       Students: Ramon B., Gabriel N., Luis M.
Escondido Union                                 Prepositions...And All That Jazz!
Teacher:s Mitchell de Neve &                    Rock Springs Elementary                  *Rounding
Heather Peterson                                Escondido Union                          Pioneer Elementary
                                                Teacher: Courtney Simson                 Escondido Union
Centering for the Wheel                                                                  Teacher: Moya Mullins
Valley Center High                              *Puppet Plays A-Z
Valley Center-Pauma Unified                     Scripps Elementary                       S.A.F.E.
Teacher: Brian McMurdo                          San Diego Unified                        Scripps Elementary
                                                Teacher: Linda Lungren                   San Diego Unified
Clay Animation in the Classroom                                                          Teacher: Linda Lungren
Pepper Drive Elementary                         Sailing Back Through History             Students: Michaela P., Amanda S., Brittani L.
Santee Elementary                               La Costa Heights Elementary
Teacher: Katy Hammack                           Encinitas Union Elementary               *The Circulatory System
                                                Teacher: James Staton                    Pepper Drive Elementary
Clay Animation Summarization                                                             Santee Elementary
Oak Hill Elementary                             Summarize, Summarize, Summarize          Teacher: Gillian Ryan
Escondido Union                                 Juniper Elementary-Escondido Union
Teacher: Scott Soucy                            Teacher: Suzanne Catalanotto             The Long Division Family
                                                Student: David O.                        Conway Elementary
Developing Film                                                                          Escondido Union
Valley Center High                              *Summer, Please Pay Attention!           Teacher: Tali Collier
Valley Center-Pauma Unified                     Olivewood School                         Students: Josue V., Jasmin M., Loraina C., Alex C.,
Teacher: Robert Conrad                          National Elementary                      Michael B., Joselle S.
Student: Olivia Reyes                           Teacher: Antonio Rosas
                                                                                         The Respiratory System
VCTV Sportscenter                               *The True Story of the Gold Rush         Pepper Drive Elementary
Valley Center Elementary                        Hamilton Elementary                      Santee Elementary
Valley Center-Pauma Unified                     San Diego Unified                        Teacher: Gillian Ryan
Teacher: Andrew Proclivo                        Teacher: Brendan Breen                   Students: Dana B. Wes C. Wyatt J.
Students: Kira, Keila, Aaron, Jake, Anayeli                                              Madison B
                                                Voting 101: Know Your Candidate
9:15-10:30                                      L. R. Green Elementary                   Toxic Elements in Batteries
3-5 Lang Arts/Humanities                        Escondido Union                          Mission Estancia Elementary
Hyperboles                                      Teacher: Tatiana Dearinger               Encinitas Union Elementary
La Costa Heights Elementary                                                              Teacher: Marilyn Bieck
Encinitas Union Elementary                      *We The Students                         Students: 5th Grade Class project
Teacher: James Staton                           Valencia Park Elementary
                                                San Diego Unified                        *What Animal Are You?
In the Beginning of the Beginning               Teacher: Patrick Garcia                  Reidy Creek Elementary
Hardy Elementary                                                                         Escondido Union
San Diego Unified                               10:35-11:15                              Teacher: Wendy Alcock
Teacher: Christine Bailey                       3-5 Math/Science
                                                *Ecosistema del desierto (Desert         11:20-12:00
*Jack The Dripper!                              Ecosystem)                               K-2 Cross Curricular
Felicita Elementary                             Capri Elementary                         Character Counts
Escondido Union                                 Encinitas Union Elementary               Highland Ranch Elementary
Teacher: Lebrac Fletes                          Teacher: Elvia Martinez                  Poway Unified
                                                                                         Teacher: Cindy Sivas
Make it Visual                                  Gingie's Math House: Gone Again
Juniper Elementary                              L. R. Green Elementary                   Citizenship: Through the Eyes of Kindergarteners
Escondido Union                                 Escondido Union                          Scripps Elementary
Teacher: Liz Fish                               Teacher: Kim Buhler                      San Diego Unified
Students: Class project                         Student: Gorety N                        Teacher: Linda Lungren
(K-12 Cross Curricular Continued)              *MotoCross                             T.L.C.
*Kinder Rules!                                 Valley Middle                          Wilson Middle
L. R. Green Elementary                         Carlsbad Unified                       San Diego Unified
Escondido Union                                Teacher: Doug Green                    Teacher: Linda Won
Teacher: Terri Price                                                                  Students: Julia J., Abigail M., Long P.
                                               Operation Thin Mint
Lilac School and the Governor's                Valley Middle                          The Life of Riley and Libbey
Challenge 2009                                 Carlsbad Unified                       Sage Canyon
Lilac Elementary                               Teacher: Doug Green                    Del Mar Union Elementary
Valley Center-Pauma Unified                    Students: Seannie B., Samantha F.      Teacher: Janese Swanson
Teacher: Carol Thompson
                                               Our Fallen Soldier                     1:10-1:25
Little Monkeys Learn The Rules                 Valley Middle
                                                                                      3-8 Public Service Announcement
Central Elementary-Escondido Union             Carlsbad Unified
                                                                                      College Bound
Teacher: Constance Blackburn                   Teacher: Doug Green
                                                                                      Pioneer Elementary
                                               Student: Seannie B., Matt K.
                                                                                      Escondido Union
SC6 News: All About Penguins
                                                                                      Teacher: Melissa Andrews
Shoal Creek Elementary                         *West Nile Virus Report
Poway Unified                                  Pershing Middle
                                                                                      *Eat A Carrot Instead
Teacher: Kristina Villena                      San Diego Unified
                                                                                      Orange Glen Elementary
                                               Teacher: Denise Tayco
The Runaway Numbers                                                                   Escondido Union
Valencia Park Elementary                                                              Teacher: Sandra Burton-Dent
                                               Whaley House
San Diego Unified                              Valley Middle
Teacher: Kovelant                                                                     Global Warming
                                               Carlsbad Unified
                                                                                      Pepper Drive Elementary
                                               Teacher: Doug Green
                                                                                      Santee Elementary
12:00-12:10                                    Student: Matt K., Andrew A.
                                                                                      Teacher: Gary Cartwright
K-5 "Open Your Eyes" San                                                              Students: Christie S., Allison S.
Diego Food Bank                                12:30-1:10
One Student One Cause                          4-8 Documentary                        No Regrets
North Park Elementary-San Diego Unified        *A School of Comprehension Experts     Olive Peirce Middle
Teacher: Kristy Montag                         Reidy Creek Elementary                 Ramona City Unified
Student: June H.                               Escondido Union                        Teacher: Sergio Estrada
                                               Teacher: Chia Grossmann                Students: Trevor C., Julie V., Justin W.
Even Kindergarteners Can Make a
Difference                                     Be Nice                                *No Weed, No Pain, No Problem
Del Sur Elementary                             L. R. Green Elementary                 Pepper Drive Elementary
Poway Unified                                  Escondido Union                        Santee Elementary
Teacher: Megan Power                           Teacher: Kim Buhler                    Teacher: Gary Cartwright
Students: Class project                        Student: Vanessa
                                                                                      Slip Away
Open Your Eyes - Open Your Heart               Channel B News                         Mission Middle
Scripps Elementary                             Bear Valley Middle                     Escondido Union
San Diego Unified                              Escondido Union                        Teacher: Tamara Whitney
Teacher: Linda Lungren                         Teacher: Dale Barney & Todd Mattox     Students: Sabrina S., Girasol S.
Students: Class project
                                               John Howard, Channel 8 Sports          Stranger Danger
Open Your Eyes to Hunger                       Anchor                                 Scripps Elementary-San Diego Unified
Pioneer Elementary                             Olive Peirce Middle                    Teacher: Linda Lungren
Escondido Union                                Ramona City Unified                    Students: Lindsay W., Kaely O., Jenna C., Ethan N.,
Teacher: Terri Price                           Teacher: Sergio Estrada                Austin V.,
Students: Tabitha B., Angie F., Erendira M.,   Students: Jack M., Kyle W.
Jackie D.,Raul R., Adilene E.                                                         We Take a Stand
                                               *My Story: Literacy through the Arts   St. Michael's School
12:15-12:30                                    Central Elementary                     Teacher: Krystin Demofonte
                                               Escondido Union
3-8 Broadcast Journalism
                                               Teacher: Mitchell de Neve              Why Do Kids Join Gangs?
Carlsbad Waterpolo
                                                                                      Olive Peirce Middle
Valley Middle
                                                                                      Ramona City Unified
Carlsbad Unified
                                                                                      Teacher: Sergio Estrada
Teacher: Doug Green
                                                                                      Students: Luis B., Juan V
Student: Shay M., Blake C
1:25-1:40                                    Social Structure of Feudal Japan         Make a Difference in Life
                                             Pacific Beach Middle-San Diego           Carmel Valley Middle
3-12 Environmental Services PSA
                                             Unified                                  San Dieguito Union High
                                             Teacher: Juliana Liebke                  Teacher: Jonathan Loeffler
Valley Center High
                                             Student: Brett A.                        Student: Nina B.
Valley Center-Pauma Unified
Teacher: John Goodman
                                             The Conflict Escalator                   Open Your Eyes
Students: Jack S.
                                             Rincon Middle-Escondido Union            Meadowbrook Middle-Poway Unified
                                             Teacher: Lisa Coogan                     Teacher: Joe Ismay
Concerned Conscience
                                             Student: Aaron I.                        Students: Matt S., Julia S., Dalto W.
La Costa Heights Elementary
Encinitas Union Elementary
                                             Lighting Your Video                      San Diego Food Bank's Virtual Food Drive
Teacher: Jacquie Street
                                             Rincon Middle                            Wilson Middle-San Diego Unified
                                             Escondido Union                          Teacher: Linda Won
Keep it Clean
                                             Teacher: Shannon Swenson                 Student: Tanicha Roseme
Rancho Bernardo High-Poway Unified
                                             Student: Aaron K.
Teacher: Ross Kallen
                                                                                      The Hungry
Student: Abdelrazeq M.
                                             2:30-2:55                                Carmel Valley Middle
                                                                                      San Dieguito Union High
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly                  6-8 Math/Science
                                                                                      Teacher: Jonathan Loeffler
Scripps Elementary-San Diego Unified         Atom Rap
                                                                                      Students:Nate R. Connor H. Alex C. Henry J.
Teacher: Linda Lungren                       Olive Peirce Middle
Students:Ryan B. Robbie K. Jason P.          Ramona City Unified
                                             Teacher: Sergio Estrada                  3:05-3:50
Worming Our Way Through Composting           Students: Jory O., Reed H., Jack M.      9-12 Language Arts/Humanities
La Costa Heights Elementary                                                           *Cancelled?
Encinitas Union Elementary                   Fight the Bite                           El Camino High-Oceanside Unified
Teacher: Jacquie Street                      Pershing Middle-San Diego Unified        Teacher: Sharon Strong
                                             Teacher: Tommy Mendibles
Wormy Sense                                  Students: Kelbi R., Rachel S., Andrew    Drawing Files
Scripps Elementary-San Diego Unified         J., Giuliana H.                          Rancho Bernardo High
Teacher: Linda Lungren                                                                Poway Unified
Nathaniel J., Tyler R., Kyle I., Amir S.     Flu Attacks                              Teacher: Ross Kallen
                                             Pershing Middle                          Students: Elan L., Kevin R., Felicia L., Josef G.
1:40-2:25                                    San Diego Unified
                                             Teacher: Tommy Mendibles                 Fate's Way
6-8 Language Arts/Humanities
                                             Students: Jamie M., Kristiana D., Hieu   Rancho Bernardo High
Black Death Sweeps Europe
                                             N., David N.                             Poway Unified
Pacific Beach Middle-San Diego Unified
                                                                                      Teacher: Ross Kallen
Teacher: Juliana Liebke
                                             The Skeletal System                      Student: James P.
                                             Marshall Middle
Dear President Obama
                                             San Diego Unified                        Footprints
Hidden Valley Middle
                                             Teacher: Brian Finley                    Rancho Bernardo High
Escondido Union
                                             Students: Natasha B., Natasha R.,        Poway Unified
Teacher: GinaMelanson
                                                                                      Teacher: Ross Kallen
Students: Class project
                                             *Tick Irwin                              Students: Kevin R., Christopher S., James P.
                                             Pershing Middle
Decisions, Decisions, It's All Up to You
                                             San Diego Unified                        Perfect Portrait
Lincoln Acres
                                             Teacher: Tommy Mendibles                 El Camino High
National Elementary
                                                                                      Oceanside Unified
Teacher: Hernan Baeza
                                                                                      Teacher: Sharon Strong
Students: Nicole G., Carlos M., Jaycee Z.,   2:55-3:00
                                                                                      Students: Rafael G., Robert A., Sarah C., Chanelle V.,
                                             6-8 "Open Your Eyes" San                 Melissa H.
Grammar Cops
                                             Diego Food Bank
Del Dios Middle-Escondido Union                                                       Reality 09
Teacher: Tina Meglich                                                                 Valley Center High
                                             Mission Middle
Student: Nina B.                                                                      Valley Center-Pauma Unified
                                             Escondido Union
                                             Teacher: Tamara Whitney                  Teacher: Jon Goodman
Idioms                                                                                Students: Mica C., Katlin G., Leslie M., Miriam V.,
                                             Students: Iris P.
Olive Peirce Middle                                                                   Austin P., Andrew R., TJ M., Aram F., Justin W., Josh
Ramona City Unified                                                                   F.
Teacher: Sergio Estrada
Students: Matthew D., Austin C.
(9-12 Lang Arts/Humanities cont)           Phill Nye                                4:40-4:55
*Safety First                              Rancho Bernardo High
                                                                                    9-12 Broadcast Journalism
Crawford Multimedia and Visual Arts        Poway Unified
                                                                                    *CA Budget Cuts
San Diego Unified                          Teacher: Ross Kallen
                                                                                    Rancho Bernardo High
Teacher: Effren Villanueva                 Student: Alex S.
                                                                                    Poway Unified
                                                                                    Teacher: Ross Kallen
*The Received                              Physics at the zoo
Rancho Bernardo High-Poway Unified         High Tech High Media Arts
                                                                                    Prop 8
Teacher: Ross Kallen                       San Diego Unified
                                                                                    Carlsbad High
                                           Teacher: Chris Wakefield
                                                                                    Carlsbad Unified
Think Before You Drink                     Students: Michelina M., Jackie L.
                                                                                    Teacher: Doug Green
Crawford Multimedia & Visual Arts
                                                                                    Student: Kate W., Jerry C.
San Diego Unified                          RH Incompatibility
Teacher Effren Villanueva                  High Tech High
                                                                                    Shay's Story
Student: Brayan                            San Diego Unified
                                                                                    Carlsbad High
                                           Teacher: Blair Hatch
                                                                                    Carlsbad Unified
When Life Comes to Color                   Student: Dorian K.
                                                                                    Teacher: Doug Green
Valley Center High
                                                                                    Student: Rory G., Max D.
Valley Center-Pauma Unified                4:30-4:40
Teacher: Jon Goodman
                                           9-12 Public Service                      Team in Training
Student: Miriam V.
                                           Announcement                             Carlsbad High
                                           Be Kind                                  Carlsbad Unified
3:50-3:55                                                                           Teacher: Doug Green
                                           Rancho Bernardo High
9-12 "Open Your Eyes" San                  Poway Unified                            Students: John T., Erik A., Mike S., Cameron B.
Diego Food Bank                            Teacher: Ross Kallen
Food Force Four                            Students: Joe G., Kevin R., Corey N.     You Can Change the World
San Diego Early/Middle College                                                      Carlsbad High
San Diego Unified                          Don't Drink and Drive                    Carlsbad Unified
Teacher: Erin Clark                        El Camino High-Oceanside Unified         Teacher: Doug Green
Students: Selene E., Mary R., Krista R.,   Teacher: Sharon Strong                   Students: Dakota A.,Brent B., Max M., Haley Q.
Yanitze P.                                 Students: Matt B., Eric S., Chris D.,
                                           Bobby T.                                 4:55-5:15
Remove the Shame                                                                    9-12 Documentary
San Diego Early/Middle College             *Driving Impaired                        A Day of Infamy
San Diego Unified                          Point Loma High                          Henry High
Teacher: Erin Clark                        San Diego Unified                        San Diego Unified
Students: Branndon M., Ashley N.,          Teacher: Anthony Palmiotto               Teacher: Mark Vizcarra
Eugene D., Angel Va.                                                                Students: Sam B, Travis M.,Christian V., Leland S.,
                                           Drunk Driving PSA                        Troy L., Andrew K., Savannah H., Brandon F., Perla J.,
Remove the Shame: Hunger in Disguise       Point Loma High                          April C.
San Diego Early/Middle College             San Diego Unified
San Diego Unified                          Teacher: Anthony Palmiotto               Sidewalk Heaven
Teacher: Erin Clark                        Students: Fernando B. Megan J. CC W.     Rancho Bernardo High
Student: Briana R.                                                                  Poway Unified
                                           First Contact                            Teacher: Ross Kallen
What Is a Dollar Worth?                    Point Loma High                          Students: James P., Ciara P., Josef G.
San Diego Early/Middle College             San Diego Unified
San Diego Unified                          Teacher: Anthony Palmiotto               The Boulevard
Teacher: Erin Clark                        Students: Class project                  Crawford Multimedia and Visual Arts
Jennifer C., Ruth A., Rayne I.
                                                                                    San Diego Unified
                                           PSA Drunk Driving                        Teacher: Effren Villanueva
3:55-4:25                                  Point Loma High                          Students: Theara T., Gamaliel P., Tony V.
9-12 Math/Science                          San Diego Unified
*Blood Bank Business                       Teacher: Mr. Palmiotto                   Unsung Hero: Sara Barazza
High Tech High-San Diego Unified           Students: Rebecca R., April W.           Hoover High
Teacher: Blair Hatch                                                                San Diego Unified
                                           Texting and Driving                      Teacher: Michael Heu
Hemophilia                                 Steele Canyon High                       Student: Tivone G., Gonzalo S.
High Tech High-San Diego Unified           Grossmont Union High
Teacher: Blair Hatch                       Teacher: Thomas Geairn
Student: Ana Karen Z.                      Students: Kevin B., Sarah B. Austin C.