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									CKUW 95.9 presents

                     A FESTIVAL OF SOUND v.9
                     8–13 May 2007

                     Winnipeg, Canada





8–13 May 2007
Administrative Coordinator: Carolyn Basha
Production and Logistics Coordinator: Theodore Turner
Production and Technical Coordinator: Mike Germain
Technical Staff: Craig Boychuk, Mike Furnish
Video Documentation: Craig Boychuk
Audio Documentation: Mike Germain
Program Editor: Deanna Radford
Design: urbanink                                        A FESTIVAL OF SOUND [version 9]
Webmaster: Chris Bryan

Chair: Hope Peterson
Vice-Chair: Heidi Phillips
Treasurer: Garth Hardy
Secretary: Nicole Shimonek
Tom Kohut
Curtis Walker
Matthew Etches
Patrick Harrop

PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE                                                   ■ FREIDA ABTAN [Montréal]
Chair: Theodore Turner                                                  ■ STEVE BATES [Montréal]
Tom Kohut
Mike Germain                                                            ■ CRYS COLE [Winnipeg/Montréal]
Curtis Walker
Chris Bryan
                                                                        ■ GABRIEL COUTU-DUMONT & MARC LECLAIR [Montréal]
Send + Receive extends a warm thank-you
to all of our volunteers.
                                                                        ■ CARRIE GATES and JON VAUGHN [Saskatoon]
                                                                        ■ TIM HECKER [Montréal]
WITH THE SUPPORT OF / AVEC L’APPUI DU                                   ■ HOTELGASTE [Canada/Germany]
                                                                        ■ INCITE [Germany]
                                                                        ■ LAURA KAVANAUGH & IAN BURSE [Canada]
                                                                        ■ CHRISTINE KIROUAC [Winnipeg]
                                                                        ■ ANDREW LILES [UK]
                                                                        ■ LOSCIL [Vancouver]
                                                                        ■ MINIBLOC [Montréal]
                                                                        ■ SCANT INTONE [Montréal]
                                                                        ■ SECRET MOMMY [Vancouver]
                                                                        ■ MARTIN TÉTREAULT [Montréal]
                                                                        ■ THIS CAMERA IS RED [Winnipeg]
                                                                        ■ SEND + RECEIVE SOUND CLASH

 Welcome to                                                THE SONIC FOUNDRY
                                                           WORKSHOP SERIES
 Send + Receive:                                           Introduction to VJing with Carrie Gates
 A Festival of Sound                                       @ Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 3rd floor

 [version 9].
                                                           Date: Wednesday, May 9
                                                           Time: 6:30 pm to 9 pm
                                                           Fee: $10
                                                           Maximum number of participants: 8
                                                           To register call 949-9134, extension 3
 After eight annual editions, the festival has migrated
 from the autumn and into the spring. We are               Have you ever wondered how VJs create their artwork?
 excited about this change, and view it as a new era       Have you ever wanted to create a custom visual projection
 of growth and continuity. We are looking forward          to work with a dance or theatre piece? Have you ever tried
 to bringing you more innovative, exploratory, and         adding live visuals to a band’s performance or a DJ set?
                                                           We can show you how!
 challenging new work by sound and media artists
 and curators from Canada and beyond.                      In this fun and fast paced workshop, participants will be
                                                           guided through the basics of VJing, including an overview
 [version 9] festival programming features a blend of      of basic analogue video mixer features, configuration of live
 past contributors and of first-time appearances. Send      performance setups, and a quick sampling of some of the
 + Receive welcomes the return of festival favorites       software options available for digital VJing. We will also
                                                           discuss how to capture, edit, and compress video to optimize
 Tim Hecker and Martin Tétreault, along with first-
                                                           it for VJ applications. If time allows, we may also take a
 time presentations by artists crys cole, Freida Abtan,    look at some experimental methods using live cameras or
 This Camera Is Red, and Christine Kirouac.                no-input mixers.

 This year, the festival consolidates a special artistic   Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop
 and personal relationship between the cities of           computers, if possible. The demos for the VJ software
                                                           applications can be installed on laptops beforehand to
 Winnipeg and Montréal. In particular, we are proud
                                                           maximize workshop time.
 to present Les Mains/Hands by Eric Mattson, a
 Montréal-based independent curator of electronic
                                                           Software Links
 music and new media and Director of the ORAL
 record label. Programmed specially for Send +             Arkaos (Mac or PC, three-week trial full version)
 Receive, Eric Mattson has selected Montréal artists       www.arkaos.net
 Minibloc and Martin Tétreault, as well as Andrew
 Liles from the UK. Be sure to check out what              Modul8 (Mac only, watermarked free demo)
 promises to be an intimate evening of rich and
 dynamic exploratory work.                                 Cosmic Painter (Mac only, free)
 The Festival is also very proud and happy to
 present founding Artistic Director and sound artist       Max/MSP/Jitter (Mac or PC, free 30-day trial)
 Steve Bates in performance this year. The man             www.cycling74.com/products/maxmsp
 whose imagination and drive has been the very
                                                           MPEG Streamclip (Mac or PC, free video codec converter)
 spirit of Send + Receive for so many years will help      www.squared5.com
 to close out the week’s programming. This special
 evening is not to be missed.

 We call on you to participate in all that Send +
 Receive has to offer this year with performances,
 installations, screenings, the Sonic Emissions Radio
 Series, and the Sonic Foundry Workshops. None of
 this would be possible without the support and giant
 efforts of our funders, sponsors, board members,
 staff, and volunteers. Enjoy!

– Hope Peterson, Chair, Board of Directors;
  Theodore Turner, Chair, Programming Committee;
  Deanna Radford, Program Editor;
  and the Send + Receive Team

 02                                                                                                                  11
INSTALLATIONS (continued)                                           Wednesday, May 9

State Lines / Safety Spaces                                         Building a Broken Mousetrap
by Christine Kirouac
                                                                    [The Ex live]
Sound designer: Steve Bates
                                                                    [US, 2006, 63 minutes]
This work was funded by Hexagram the funding body of
Concordia and Université du Québec à Montréal for Art and           by Jem Cohen in collaboration with Matt Boyd
Technologies, in Montréal.
                                                                    @ Cinematheque
@ Urban Shaman                                                      100 Arthur Street [Artspace Building]
203-290 McDermot Avenue                                             Screening: 7pm
Tuesday, May 8 to Friday May 11: 11 am to 5 pm                      Admission: adults $6, students / seniors $5
Saturday, May 12: 12 pm to 5 pm
Admission: free                                                     Fugazi Instrument director Jem Cohen trains his cameras on
                                                                    the Ex, art-punk mavericks from Holland. Shot in New York
State Lines / Safety Spaces [2005] is a mixed media                 not long after the Republican National Convention, Cohen’s
installation comprised of paired audio and projection               film intersperses wickedly intense footage of the Ex onstage
elements. The minimal and hypnotic nature of the lines,             at the Knitting Factory with scenes of the protests and other
spaces and accompanying soundscapes propel the viewer               street activity.
through a surreal and “moving” experience where notions
of purpose and destination are abstracted – challenging
concepts of stability and security between actual and
virtual; real and surreal.

The first two videos are contrasting sections of a single
excursion [each 13 minutes long]. They transport the viewer
through stages that balance and destabilize one another
over the course of the passage. In this hazy realm, one’s
expectations of destination are obscured by enigmatic forms
that challenge orientation, recollection and direction. In so
doing, State Lines evokes the subjective; transporting the
viewer into a map of the subconscious.

Safety Spaces savours man’s fragile mental architecture.
Over the course of an hour, a series of seven mysterious
spaces slowly morph actual spaces into ethereal interiors.
These cells seem to be waiting for utility, occupancy or
escape; moving between states of permanent readiness and
recent abandon.

Christine Kirouac is a Winnipeg-based artist, fluent in the
language and style of cinema. She crafts provocative video
work that questions the screen’s ability to translate identity,
as well as information. Of mixed Irish and Métis ancestry,
Kirouac investigates the meaning of gender, belonging and
culture through video that is alluring, absurd, and always
unfinished. Preferring the tease to the whole, she leaves a
trail of impressions to linger – building anticipation to prolong
our questions.

10                                                                                                                              03
Thursday, May 10                                                                                      INSTALLATIONS
Removable Room performance by
Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse [Vancouver]                                                             Removable Room
                                                                                                      by Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse

@ aceart                                                                                              @ ace art project room
2nd floor, 290 McDermot Avenue                                                                         2nd floor, 290 McDermot Avenue
5:30 pm to 8 pm                                                                                       Tuesday, May 8 to Thursday, May 10: 12 pm to 5 pm
Admission: free                                                                                       Admission: free

Removable Room is a series of mobile artlabs in                                                       Removable Room is a migratory artlab, broadcasting station,
which we change the framing of performance                                                            and virtual gallery. We create a portable structure in an
spaces using temporary structures. We collect                                                         unused space provided by the host organization: gallery
objects, sounds, and images during walks in the                                                       room, storefront, empty office. The structure is translucent
vicinity of the presentation venue. The projects                                                      material over a tent-like frame. Inside we set up a media lab:
culminate in a performance of live image and                                                          laptops, audio mixers, contact pickups, and microphones,
sound transformations, using laptops running                                                          webcams, and video projector. Over two days we gather
MAX, contact pickups and microphones,                                                                 objects during walks in the vicinity of the site; on day three
webcams, and video projections.                                                                       we use these objects as sound and image sources during a
www.instantplaces.ca/sendandreceive/                                                                  three-hour performance of electronic sound and live video
performance.html                                                                                      that is streamed to the web. Our purpose in following this
                                                                                                      simple plan of action is to generate a series of ephemeral
                                                                                                      works, each one the result of our intense engagement with a
                                                                                                      particular place. We intend the outcomes of the projects to be
                                                                                                      very different from each other.

                                                                                                      Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse have been collaborating
This Camera Is Red [Winnipeg]                                                                         since 1997 on projects involving improvised and composed
                                                                                                      audio/video environments. Their performance and
J +C Feedback Factory:                                                                                installation work integrates the creation and automated
                                                                                                      processing of acoustic and electronic sounds with the
Carrie Gates + Jon Vaughn [Saskatoon]                                                                 generation of live video sequences. In 2003 Laura and Ian
                                                                                                      began Instant Places, a series of location-specific works in
                                                                                                      which materials and actions are transformed via systems
@ Cinematheque
                                                                                                      constructed in MAX/MSP/Jitter. Since then, Instant Places
100 Arthur Street [Artspace Building]
                                                                                                      have been realized across IsCanada and Australia.
8 pm
                                                                                                      Recent projects include work with Canadian new music
Admission: free
                                                                                                      ensembles: a commission from NUMUS to create a live video
                                                                                                      component for Steve Reich’s City Life, and a collaboration
This Camera is Red is the musical and              Carrie Gates’ diverse art practices span the
                                                                                                      with the ArrayMusic Ensemble to present THREAD during
experimental project of Cameron Johnson. The       realms of VJing, experimental turntablism,
                                                                                                      Scratch Festival 2006, combining instrumental sounds with
project arose after years of musical ventures in   sound art, sculpture, performance art, digital
                                                                                                      multichannel sound diffusion and live video transformations.
Edmonton, and a background in percussion.          media, and the catalyzation of provocative
                                                                                                      Laura and Ian are currently presenting a series of mobile
Cameron started working with electronics in        interactive situations. Her work is unified by
                                                                                                      artlab projects called Removable Room at centres
2005. By 2006 he was performing solo and had       a pluralist vision and an appetite for teasing
                                                                                                      across Canada.
become a member of the Boreal Electro-Acoustic     the uncanny from the familiar, critically yet
Music Society. This Camera is Red has recently     playfully using and abusing any media she
collaborated with visual artists and other audio   encounters. Her performances, compositions,
artists to achieve new found sounds.               videos, and research work have been shown
www.myspace.com/thiscameraisred                    across Canada as well as in Germany and the US.
J + C Feedback Factory is an intimate and risky
live video [Carrie Gates] and audio [Jon Vaughn]   Jon Vaughn is a musical and visual artist from
performance duo using no-input mixer feedback      Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His sonic work
techniques. The audio and video are generated      employs a variety of personalities such as
live and affect one another without using any      Phelgm Gadget [gore electronics and slime rock],
external sources, such as cameras, microphones,    Wormhawk [folk and drone composition], and
or source tapes. Pulsating with human warmth       Trancer [techno DJing and production]. Vaughn
and analogue error-surfing, the psychedelic,        is the Co-Director of the BricoLodge label with
synaesthetic effect hypnotizes viewers in an       Carrie Gates, serves as an event coordinator,
alien new world suggestive of the microcosmic      and is the mastermind behind the elusive Pop
life of electricity.                               Quiz dance label.

04                                                                                                                                                               09
SONIC EMISSIONS RADIO SERIES                                                                               Friday, May 11

Brought to you by CKUW and Send + Receive.                                                                 5mm screening
All broadcasts can be heard on CKUW 95.9 fm.
Listen online: www.ckuw.ca                                                                                 [Québec, 2006. 50 minutes].

                                                                                                           Video by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont [Montréal] and
[SONIC EMISSION NO. 1]                               [SONIC EMISSION NO. 3]                                sound by Marc Leclair [Montréal]

Tuesday, May 8, Noon to 1 pm                         Thursday, May 10, Noon to 1 pm
                                                                                                           Scant Intone [Montréal]
Curtis Walker in interview with                      Tom Kohut in interview with incite/ [Germany]         crys cole [Winnipeg/Montréal]
Vancouver Secret Mommy [Vancouver]
                                                     incite/ is the Hamburg-based experimental             Tim Hecker [Montréal]
Secret Mommy is Vancouver-based Andy Dixon.          audio-visual electronics duo of Kera Negel
He has been involved in the underground music        and André Aspelmeier. incite/ plays bone-dry          @ ace art
scene since he co-founded the punk band, dbs         minimal electronics, with fragmented slomo            2nd floor, 290 McDermot Avenue
in the ‘90s. His new album Plays is his crowning     grooves, and broken rhythmic arrangements             8 pm
achievement. While past efforts have spoken          accompanied by deeply textured abstract gray-         Admission: $12 at the door
a language of splintered electronic mischief         scale videos. Aside from their work as musicians
and jarring digital edits, Plays employs a looser    and video artists, the duo promotes concerts of       5mm is an allegorical exploration of the            Scant Intone is the solo project of Canadian
grammar to achieve greater warmth and                improvised music in the audiounit series and          development and formation of human life. It         artist Constantine Katsiris for his explorations
personality. Dixon is a graphic designer, runs the   as part of the Hoerbar collective in Hamburg.         is also the size of an embryo when it begins        in modern audio. From stark minimalism
Ache record label, and is in the band Winning.       Kera performs solo under the moniker axiomatic        to take on its first recognizable human form.        to densely complex textures, his output
www.secretmommy.com                                  integration, and André as GradCom.                    5mm was born of the mutual desire between           incorporates elements of field recordings,
www.myspace.com/secretmommymusic                     www.incite.fragmentedmeida.org                        Gabriel Coutu-Dumont [video] and Marc Leclair       raw data, and digital sound synthesis. The
                                                     www.myspace.com/incitefm                              [music], to give birth to an audio-visual piece     compositions are experiments in abstract
                                                                                                           based on the convergence of their practices.        electronic music, with influences including
[SONIC EMISSION NO. 2]                               [SONIC EMISSION NO. 4]                                Marc Leclair’s musique pour 3 femmes enceintes      ambient, lowercase, noise, glitch, and drone.
                                                                                                           serves as the sonic canvas for this work. Curated   Constantine has taken his sound to many
Wednesday, May 9, Noon to 1 pm                       Friday, May 11, Noon to 1 pm                          by Gennaro De Pasquale and released by Agence       notable venues including Society for Arts and
                                                                                                           Topo as part of their Post-Audio_DVD project.       Technology [Montréal], Zentrale Randlage
Colin Smith in interview with                        Theodore Turner in interview with Vancouver’s         www.agencetopo.qc.ca                                [Berlin], and Whitechapel Art Gallery [London].
Hotelgäste [Canada/Germany]                          loscil [Vancouver]                                                                                        www.myspace.com/scantintone
                                                                                                           Since his first appearance at MUTEK in 2000,
Hotelgäste is Michael Thieke [clarinet, zither],     loscil is a project of Vancouver-based artist Scott   Marc Leclair [aka Akufen] has had a busy            crys cole has worked and performed in free
Derek Shirley [bass], and Dave Bennett [guitar].     Morgan. In the 1990s Scott studied Music and          international career. 2002 saw the landmark         improvisation settings since 2000. She works
Based in Berlin, the Canadian/German trio            Communications at Simon Fraser University             release of his album My Way on the Force Inc.       predominantly with contact microphones and
draws upon diverse experiences within their          and played in a number of Vancouver bands             label. In 2003, he performed his musique pour       found objects, with minimal signal processing.
environment to explore a new music created           including Dan Bejar’s Destroyer, with which he        3 femmes enceintes at the Tate Modern Gallery       Her approach to sound emphasizes subtlety
in the moment; sonic densities and vast cold         is sill involved with today. Influenced by these       in London. In 2005, the work was released by        and discretion, guided by a fascination with
silences are juxtaposed to bring architectural-      two musical worlds, loscil was born. Shortly          MUTEK_Rec, in partnership with ORAL records.        microsonics. crys aims to create a heightened
like structural integrity to their improvisations.   after loscil came to life, the Chicago-based label    The piece was premiered at the ARS Electronica      sense of awareness not only of the sounds she
In August 2005, they released their debut            Kranky agreed to release loscil’s first album          festival [Austria, 2005] and shown at the           creates, but also of the environmental sounds
album Flowers You Can Eat on the Berlin              Triple Point in 2001. Kranky has released three       DachKantine [Switzerland, 2006].                    that arise in concurrence with the experience
label Schraum.                                       subsequent full-lengths of loscil including           www.myspace.com/akufenmixes                         of listening.
www.michael-thieke.de                                the most recent, Plume.                                                                                   www.myspace.com/cryscole
                                                     www.loscil.com                                        Gabriel Coutu-Dumont is a multidisciplinary
                                                                                                           artist and co-founder of the RACAM, nAnalog,        Since 1996, Montréal-based Tim Hecker has
                                                                                                           and LuzaPixel collectives. He has collaborated      produced a range of audio works for Mille
                                                                                                           with electronic music artists including Robert      Plateaux, Kranky, Alien8, Force Inc, Staalplaat,
                                                                                                           Henke [aka Monolake] and Marc Leclair. His          and Fat Cat. His works have been described as
                                                                                                           focus is on video creation, live performance,       “structured ambient”, “tectonic color plates”, and
                                                                                                           and video scenography for sound art events.         “cathedral electronic music”. More to the point,
                                                                                                           Gabriel has performed at international events       he has focused on exploring the intersection
                                                                                                           including Digifest, MUTEK, Ars Electronica, and     of noise, dissonance, and melody, fostering a
                                                                                                           FIL. Trained in photography, he has completed       unique approach to song-craft. His work has
                                                                                                           multimedia installation, photography, drawing,      included commissions for contemporary dance,
                                                                                                           and graphic arts projects, while traveling          sound-art installations, and various writings.
                                                                                                           between Montréal, New York, Mexico, China,          Tim has performed at festivals including
                                                                                                           and Europe.                                         Sonar [Barcelona], MUTEK [Montréal], and
                                                                                                                                                               Transmediale [Berlin].

08                                                                                                                                                                                                              05
Saturday, May 12                                                                                                    Sunday, May 13

Send + Receive Sound Clash                                                                                          Freida Abtan [Montréal]
CKUW Outdoor Patio, opposite 4CM11, 4th floor (mezzanine)
Centennial Hall, University of Winnipeg                                                                             Heartstrings
12:30 pm to 2:30 pm                                                                                                 performance by
Admission: free                                                                                                     Freida Abtan [laptop] with Barbara Hamilton [viola],
                                                                                                                    Karen Barg [violin], David Glavina [violin],
Spend an afternoon with Send + Receive in the sun - artists,                                                        and Sean Taubner [cello]
audience members, board members, and staff will take
each other on in Send + Receive’s first ever sound clash!
Combatants will deploy [massive] DJ sets and launch sounds
                                                                                                                    Steve Bates [Montréal]
at the crowd through other strategic sources. Our esteemed                                                          @ West End Cultural Centre
panel of judges will crown the sound king! All the festivities                                                      586 Ellice Avenue at Sherbrook
will be simulcast live by host station CKUW.95 FM. Tours of                                                         8 pm
CKUW will also be offered. We’ll also be giving away some                                                           Admission: $12 at the door
tickets to the Saturday and Sunday night showcases.

                                                                                                                    Freida Abtan believes that there is a very real magic     Winnipeg violinist Karen Barg began instruction at
                                                                                                                    in the manipulation of sound: hidden intricacies          age five, and studied at the Universities of Manitoba
Eric Mattson presents
                                                                                                                    that might not be perceptible when a sound is             and McGill. She has performed solo recitals for the
Les mains / Hands                                                                                                   ingested raw, and is suddenly rendered audible. Her       last eight years, and with her group the Windsor
                                                                                                                    work focuses on successive layers of digital signal       String Quartet. She has performed with touring acts,
Minibloc [Montréal]                                                                                                 processing and on the ways that musical structure         the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Thunder
Martin Tétreault [Montréal] with percussionist                                                                      can arise under careful collage technique. For this
                                                                                                                    performance she will create a soundscape using
                                                                                                                                                                              Bay Symphony Orchestra, and various bands in
                                                                                                                                                                              Winnipeg. Karen co-founded the Keystone Suzuki
Christian Dugas [Winnipeg]                                                                                          only a few well-chosen objects and the sound of her       Strings program and sings jazz professionally. Her
                                                                                                                    voice as source material.                                 band is the Karen Barg and the Ken Currie Trio.
Martin Tétreault [Montréal]
Andrew Liles [UK]                                                                                                   Freida Abtan is a multi-disciplinary artist and
                                                                                                                    composer living in Montréal. Her music falls
                                                                                                                                                                              David Glavina is a graduate of the University of
                                                                                                                                                                              British Columbia and is an active chamber musician.
Andrew Liles + Martin Tétreault + Minibloc                                                                          somewhere in between musique concrete and                 He is the founding member of the Armadillo String
                                                                                                                    more modern noise and experimental audio.                 Quartet of Canada and brought his quartet to cruise
@ ace art                                                                                                           Concentrating on the visceral and inspired by             ships around the world since 1993. Since his return
2nd floor, 290 McDermot Avenue                                                                                       dreams, she has created visual shows for and              to dry land in 2001, David has focused much of his
8 pm                                                                                                                played with bands such as Nurse with Wound and            energy in the music contracting industry as Project
Admission: $12 at the door                                                                                          presented her own sound and visual work at festivals      Coordinator with Music Services International,
                                                                                                                    across Canada. Her first album subtle movements is         as well as continuing to promote the art of the
                                                                                                                    available on United Dairies.                               string quartet.
“As much as we want to be, we are not experienced          has allowed him to leave behind the question, “but
                                                                                                                    www.myspace.com/freidaabtan                               www3.telus.net/Armadillo
 handymen. What we lack in building skills though,         what about royalties?” and to get himself invited to
 we make up in sonic proficiency. In other words, our       electronic-music events! When he feels the need for a
                                                                                                                    Heartstrings explores the barriers between electronic     Cellist Sean Taubner recently graduated from the
 absurd level of incompetence generates errors and         break from music, he returns to the visual arts.
                                                                                                                    and acoustic sound and performance. Originally            University of Manitoba and is a veteran of performer
 accidents, highlighted in our performance. Playing
                                                                                                                    composed by digitally manipulating recordings of          at national events. Sean has participated in events
 children’s toys and games for hours without reading       Andrew Liles [UK] has been recording since the mid
                                                                                                                    a single violin, this body of music has been rescored     including the National Youth Orchestra of Canada,
 the instructions rendered each one of us useless at the   ‘80s. His music, which is both eclectic and diverse,
                                                                                                                    for string quartet. It is performed as an installation    l’orchestre de la francophonie canadienne, and the
 art of making sense, the adult kind that is.” -Minibloc   is often minimalist, surrealistic, experimental, and
                                                                                                                    amidst stark video projections and intimate sets.         Canadian National Festival, representing Manitoba
                                                           hypnotic, and attempts to transcend any noticeable
                                                                                                                    Together, these elements delineate a trajectory           in the string category. He’s active as a freelance
Minibloc is Anne-Françoise Jacques and Nicolas             style or clique. [His work] has been described as
                                                                                                                    from spirit, through flesh, back to spirit. This is done   musician and studies with Yuri Hooker, and is
Dion. Anne-Françoise Jacques studied electro-              “thoroughly chilling” with “incredible sonic depths of
                                                                                                                    through gestures that take place between the sound        preparing applications for graduate studies at such
acoustic composition at Université de Montréal.            dark ambience,” and his sonic investigations have
                                                                                                                    and image to achieve their full emotional effect.         institutions as Rice and University of Michigan.
Nicolas Dion is a self-taught musician and member          been described by industrial.org as “foreboding and
of experimental trio Intercom. Since founding in           at times [a] truly unsettling aural examination, a
                                                                                                                    Barbara Hamilton is currently on sabbatical from          Using processed sounds of piano recordings as source
2004, Minibloc has played at numerous events               Rorschact rain cloud streaming out blurred images
                                                                                                                    the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra viola section,            material, Steve Bates will use small speakers placed
including MUTEK, Pop Montréal, MEG Montréal and                                        from            Records
                                                           and tangled memories”, [from Operative Records].
                                                                                                                    pursuing a degree in education from the University        inside the West End’s grand piano as a starting point
TILT. Their first CD, Carton micro récréation came out      Andrew has worked with Nurse With Wound, the
                                                                                                                    of Manitoba. She joined the Orchestra in 1991 after       to investigate the emotional characteristics of this
on the Le Son 666 label in spring 2006, while other        Hafler Trio, Daniel Menche, and countless others.
                                                                                                                    graduating from the University of British Columbia        instrument that sits at the heart of The Academy. The
works have been selected for compilations and the          www.andrewliles.com
                                                                                                                    with a Master’s degree in viola performance. She          piece is part-homage, part-challenge to the authority
This City is a Radio festival in Saskatoon.
                                                                                                                    has been involved with the Manitoba Chamber               placed on the instrument.
www.myspace.com/minibloc                                   Montréal-based Eric Mattson has worked as an
                                                                                                                    Orchestra, the Music Baroque Ensemble, and
                                                           independent curator of electronic music and new
                                                                                                                    plays with numerous chamber music ensembles,              An early love affair with punk rock eventually lead
Internationally renowned Montréal DJ and                   media for the past eighteen years. He has made
                                                                                                                    including the Keystone String Quartet. She is the         Steve Bates to current areas of interest including site-
improviser Martin Tétreault originally began as a          curatorial contributions to festivals in Montréal
                                                                                                                    mother of three rambunctious boys and is an active        specific and unheard/ignored sounds, improvised
visual artist. He has released various CD and given        including ISEA 1995, FCMM since 1998, MUTEK
                                                                                                                    adjudicator and clinician.                                and composed performance, recording, installation,
live performances with collaborators including             from 2000 to 2006, as well as international festivals
                                                                                                                                                                              and radio projects. Steve Bates currently lives in
Otomo Yoshihide, Kevin Drumm, Ikue Mori, Luc               including IDEAL [France], Garage [Germany], and
                                                                                                                                                                              Montréal and is the Sound Coordinator at Hexagram
Ferrari and many more. He abandoned the musical            Club Transmediale [Germany]. He is the director and
                                                                                                                                                                              Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and
citation that he had been using in his work since          co-founder of the ORAL record label, and co-founder
                                                                                                                                                                              Technologies at Concordia University.
he began in 1985, and now explores the intrinsic           of Minute – an organization committed to the
qualities of the turntable: the sound of the motor,        diffusion of sound and interdisciplinary art.
of interference, and so on. He also uses needles,          www.oral.qc.ca
prepared surfaces, and small electronic instruments.       www.myspace.com/oralrecords
The bruitiste approach of remaining analogical

 06                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 07

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