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					                     Analyze Phase Executive Summary
The team identified the sources/factors that impact the scrap rate in thermoforming of window
visors. A FMEA revealed the top two failure modes, according to Risk Priority Number (RPN)
were related to improper mold temperature. Second and third ranked failure modes were due to
mold contamination and improper part handling, respectively.

The team made the following accomplishments in the Analyze phase of the lean six sigma case
       (1)   The process map for the thermoforming process has been established identifying
             the value added and non-value added steps in thermoforming window visors. This
             is the first step to perform value stream, yield analysis and FMEA analysis.
       (2)   Value stream analysis is performed calculating the cycle times, lead times,
             process times, and first pass yields.
       (3)   Yield analysis is performed calculating the process efficiencies and different types
             of scraps of the total output.
       (4)   FMEA analysis is performed to identify the activities that cause the most scrap in
             the thermoforming process.

In the Improve Phase, the team will focus on the improvement of the processes to reduce the
scrap rate by addressing the sources/factors we identified in this phase affecting the scrap rate.

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