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									                                      KNOXVILLE LACROSSE FESTIVAL
                                         Saturday February 23th & Sunday February 24, 2008
                                                        John Tarleton Park

                                                          NO ADMISSION FEE
Game Schedule
                                                                 John Tarleton Park              Concessions and Bake Sale goodies
All games start on the hour.
                                                                 3101 Division St
                                                                                                 will be available at the park.
                                                                 Knoxville, TN 37919-3207
Saturday, February 23th, 2008
 Time      Lower Field          Middle Field     Upper Field
10:00 -                        Farragut v
11:00                          Signal Mtn
11:00 -   Sayre JV –           Greenville v     Webb School v
12:00     Tates JV             West Knox        Ballard
12:00 -   Centennial v         Hendersonville   Tates Creek v
1:00      Sayre                v Dunbar         Farragut
1:00 -    Centennial JV        West Knox JV     Signal Mtn v
2:00      v Tates JV           v Dunbar JV      Ballard
2:00 -    Centennial v                          Webb School v
3:00      Dunbar                                Lex Catholic
3:00 -    Hendersonville       Greenville v     Webb JV v Lex
4:00      v Sayre              Ballard          Catholic JV
4:00 -                         West Knox        Hendrsnvlle JV
5:00                           vTates Creek     v Ballard JV
5:00 -    Greenville v         Centennial JV    Webb JV v        From I-40 WEST / Downtown Knoxville area
6:00      Lex Catholic         – Ballard JV     Sayre JV         1. From I-40W, take exit #386B—HWY 129, Alcoa Highway /
6:00 -    Hendrsnvlle JV                                            Airport, going toward airport
7:00      v Lex Cath JV                                          2. Take 11 / 70 Kingston Pike exit to the right
                                                                 3. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right onto Kingston Pike
Sunday, February 24th, 2008                                      4. At the next traffic light, turn right onto Concord (the street sign
                                                                    says Concord right and Neyland left)
 Time      Lower Field          Middle Field     Upper Field
                                                                 5. Go 0.5 miles on Concord to the next traffic light
11:00 -   Farragut v Lex       Ballard JV v-    Greenville v     6. Turn left at the light onto Sutherland Avenue
12:30     Catholic             Sayre JV         Tates Creek      7. Bear right onto Division Street (looks like a fork in the road)
12:30 -   Webb v               West Knox v      Sayre v Signal   8. Turn right into John Tarleton Park
2:00      Dunbar               Ballard          Mountain         From I-40 EAST
2:00 -    Webb JV v            West Knox JV     Lex Cath JV v    1. Take exit #386A onto Sutherland Avenue – proceed straight
3:30      Dunbar JV            v Ballard JV     Tates Creek JV      through the stop sign and next red light at the bottom of the
•   Varsity Jamboree games are 20 minute running time            2. Continue on Sutherland for about 1.4 miles
    halves with 5 minute halftime. Man up and man down and       3. Bear right onto Division Street (looks like a fork in the road)
    a 5 minute overtime if required. 2 Refs when possible.       4. Turn right into John Tarleton Park
•   JV Jamboree games are 17 minute running halves 5
    minute overtime, fast breaks on penalties and no overtime.
    1 Ref.
                                                                 Saturday Game Criteria:
•   Regulation games are NCAA rules with 12 minute stop
                                                                     •  No varsity teams play a regular season opponents (JV
    time quarters. Regulation games count for Lax Power.
•   TN high school teams play NCAA rules and not high                •  No varsity teams play back to back (JV may)
    school federation. This is the format of the Jamboree and        •  JV Teams and varsities are treated as separate squads
    Regulation games. There are important differences in the            and can play back to back
    rules (particularly concerning flag down and procedure           •  Kentucky and South Carolina teams start nor earlier
                                                                        than 11:00
    calls during face offs). Please be aware and prepared for
                                                                     •  Central time zone teams start no earlier than 12:00
    these differences.                                               •  Varsity and JV teams do not play at the same time
                                                                     •  Specific game requests by individual teams have been
There will be two areas available for you to work your                  honored where possible
teams out during breaks.
Need groceries or supplies? The closest full service                    Sunday Game Criteria:
grocery store is KROGER at 4918 Kingston Pike. From                        •   Five Kentucky Teams will play the five non Kentucky
John Tarleton Park: (1) Exit the park and return to                            teams. Pairings were made by 2007 Lax Power
                                                                               ratings (1 v1 etc)
Sutherland Avenue and take a right (2) Continue on
                                                                           •   There were not enough non Kentucky JV’s so some
Sutherland for 1.6 miles (3) Turn left onto Newcom Avenue                      do have to play each other
(.2 miles) (4) Turn right onto Kingston Pike
(5) KROGER is in the shopping center to the left

                                                                           Restaurants & Cafes in Turkey Creek
 There are numerous fast food restaurants on Cedar Bluff. From             Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy-Atlanta Bread-Baskin Robbins-
 the hotels, turn left onto North Peters Road. At the intersection of      Bear Rock Cafe-Beef 'O' Brady's-Black Tie Bistro-Bonefish Grill-
 North Peters Road and Cedar Bluff, turn left. Proceed through two         Calhoun's-California Chicken Grill-Chick Fil-A-Cold Stone
 red lights and you will be entering the area where most of the fast       Creamery-Connor's Steak & Seafood-Couva Calypso Cafe-Five
 food restaurants are located.                                             Guys Burgers and Fries-Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar-
                                                                           Gridiron Burgers-Jimmy John's-Keva Juice-Maggie Moo's-Marble
 There is a Cracker Barrel directly off Cedar Bluff. From the hotel,       Slab Creamery-Mangia Pizza & More-McAllister's Deli-Mimi's
 get back onto Cedar Bluff as above. At the second light, turn left.       Café-Moe's Southwest Grill-O'Charley's-Olive Garden-Panera
 Cracker Barrel is on the left.                                            Bread-Pimento's Cafe & Market-Quizno's Subs-Salsarita's Fresh
                                                                           Cantina-SHANE'S Rib Shack-Smokey Mtn Brewery-Stir Fry Café-
                                                                           Starbucks Coffee-Steak 'N Shake-Table 15-Texas Roadhouse-The
 For a wider variety of sit down restaurants ranging from casual to
                                                                           Irish Times Pub & Restaurant-Vinny & Me
 formal dining, you can visit the Turkey Creek shopping area. From
 the hotels (Jameson Inn and Best Western), turn right onto North
 Peters Road. North Peters will turn into Parkside Drive. Follow
                                                                               Area Movie Theatres
 Parkside Drive to the intersection at Lovell Road (red light).
                                                                                   Regal Cinemas Pinnacle Stadium 18 at Turkey Creek -
 Proceed through the red light into the Turkey Creek center. In
                                                                                   11240 Parkside Drive – (865) 671-3311
 addition to numerous restaurants, there is a Wal-Mart, Target,
                                                                                   Carmike Wynnsong 16 - (865) 691-0948 at 200 North
 Borders Books, and a large movie theatre complex.
                                                                                   Peters Road

  UT Men’s Lacrosse Games
  Friday, February 22h 8:00 PM
  Georgia Institute of Technology
  Sunday, February 24th 11:00 AM
  Clemson University

  Directions: From John Tarleton Park, exit the park and return to
  Sutherland Avenue. Proceed left onto Sutherland. Turn right onto
  Concord. Proceed to the intersection of Concord and Kingston Pike.
  Turn left on to Kingston Pike. At the second light, turn right onto
  Volunteer Boulevard. The Intramural Fields are located between Andy
  Holt Drive and Volunteer Boulevard. You can park in the Volunteer                 FIELD
  Parking Garage and walk, or you can try to find parking on Volunteer
  Boulevard (parking is allowed on the streets).

                                                                                     Fuddruckers will give all teams participating in
 Fuddruckers                                                                         the Knoxville Lacrosse Festival an opportunity to
 8851 Town And Country Cir, Knoxville                                                eat at a discounted rate. All teams are eligible to
 (Off Peter’s Road)
                                                                                     eat off the lunch special menu all day, and the
 (865) 531-9494
                                                                                     meal for the head coach will be free. If your team
 From the hotels, turn left onto North Peters Road. At the intersection of
                                                                                     is interested, please call a couple of hours in
 North Peters Road and Cedar Bluff, go straight across. At the first light,          advance to let them know you are coming (865-
 turn left, and then turn left again into the shopping center area. You will         531-9494) and tell them you are with the
 see Fuddruckers to your left.                                                       Knoxville Lacrosse Festival.

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