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News: Critical Thinking Courses                                  Friday, February 12, 2010

The General Education Council has solicited and approved a variety of courses for the new Uni-
versity-wide Core Curriculum. Beginning in Fall 2010, all new students will be required to partici-
pate in a First Year Seminar that focuses on critical thinking. More...

Meet the Faculty: Mr. Julio Alves

Mr. Julio Alves is an Assistant Professor of Music. As both a
teacher and performer of guitar, Mr. Alves believes in the impor-
tance of applying the understanding of theoretical subjects of
music to the development of performance skills. He uses both
audio and video recording devices during student lessons to
document their progress as musicians. He currently teaches
Advanced Music II, Advanced Aural Skills II, Guitar Techniques,
Guitar Ensemble, and three sections of Guitar. More...

Faculty Publications and Presentations: The Lost State of Franklin

                                            Dr. Kevin Barksdale, Assistant Professor of
                                            History, is the author of the book “The Lost State
                                            of Franklin.” Following the Revolutionary War, the
                                            Tennessee Valley seceded from North Carolina
                                            with the goal of developing the fourteenth state of
                                            Franklin. This book examines the four years in
                                            which the “Franklinites” developed an independent
                                            government and identity.

 Resource: CT-Course Faculty Development Workshop
 The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will offer a Faculty Development Workshop to
 full-time faculty, adjuncts, and TAs who will be teaching Critical Thinking (CT) courses for
 the first time. This one-and-a-half day workshop will be offered six times per year: twice
 every Fall, Spring, and Summer. All CT-course instructors must complete the workshop
 before they begin teaching the course. In addition, the Center will offer an online version for
 instructors teaching online CT courses, for adjuncts who work full-time elsewhere, and for
 instructors and TAs who are scheduled at the last minute to teach a CT course. More...

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