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Services Marketing Project on DHL Pakistan

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									                         SERVICE MARKETING

                      DHL EXPRESS PAKISTAN


      NAZI SH SOHAI L            BBA HONS
      RANA SAJI D                MBA
      ANJUM ALTAF                MBA






Apart from it I take the opportunity to acknowledge the real
efforts of:

First, we would like to thank SIR KAMRAN SAEED, for his valuable
support and encouragement which he has offered. His words
of wisdom will always be remembered, and we are convinced
that the knowledge of marketing that he has imparted would
go a long way and helping us all through our professional

Secondly we would like to thank the CUSTOMER SUPPORT
SERVICES, of DHL Pakistan, Lahore and Karachi.

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Sr#                               List       Page
1     Executive Summary                           3
2     Introduction to Logistics                   4
3     Courier Industry in Pakistan                5
4     DHL company Portrait                        8
5     SWOT Analysis                           9
6     First P- Product                        11
7     Second P- Price                         28
8     Third P- Place                          30
9     Fourth P- Promotion                     32
10    Fifth P- People                         38
11    Sixth P- Process                        45
12    Seventh P- Physical Evidence            50

13    Conclusion                              57

14    References                             58


Praise to be Allah Almighty, the one testing us all at all times and making
decisions about what we don‟t know and can‟t know.

Today it is impossible for a common man to run a business especially in this
period of competition. This situation demands energetic, duly qualified
experienced business administrators who could meet the challenges of this
age of modernization. HAJVERY UNIVERSITY produces management
specialists fully aware of the ins and outs of the business management, and
capable of meeting the challenges of modern business environment.

The scope of the project is to discuss the Seven P‟s of Services Marketing.
For this purpose we have selected DHL Express Pakistan. From the last
month or so our group is in a process of continuous research on services
marketing functions and strategies adopted by DHL Pakistan. Moreover the
project also discusses the analysis of competition, market growth & trends.

We will like to add that the project will provide the readers and the listeners‟
very high profile information about the Seven P‟s related to DHL as a whole
and also about the organization. In the end we hope that the project will
result very profitable both for the readers and DHL Express. Your feedback
in the end either critical or substantial will be highly appreciated.

Introduction to Logistics

Logistics is concerned with getting the products and services
where they are needed when they are desired. It is difficult to
accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical
support.    It   involves   the    integration    of    information,
transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and

The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical
repositioning of raw materials, work in process, and finished
inventories where required at the lowest cost possible

The formal definition of the word „logistics‟ is: - it is the process
of   planning,   implementing     and controlling      the efficient,
effective flow and storage of goods, services and related
information from the point of origin to the point of consumption
for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.

In order to understand the concepts of logistics in terms of
practical usage and to glimpse into the how a real company or
organization uses logistics as a formidable tool to gain customer
satisfaction, reduce overall cost and increase efficiency we
selected “DHL” the worlds leading courier Service Company.
But DHL is multi faceted and offers myriad types of services.

Courier Industry in Pakistan

TCS is the current market leader in the courier industry, with the
domestic courier service market in Pakistan a little over Rs. 2
billion, and the international market operating out of Pakistan
estimated to be about Rs. 2 billion, which makes the total
industry sales Rs. 4 billion, of which TCS has nearly 45% of the
share. Therefore TCS manages annual sales of Rs. 2.2 billion,
which signifies its robust position in the industry. TCS has
managed to attain considerable profitability in an industry that
is reasonably attractive to be in.

The major players in the courier industry operating in Pakistan
are TCS, DHL, FedEx, OCS, and the relatively recent introduction
of SpeedEx, leopards, and PIA‟s own courier division.

Federal Express is the pioneer of the overnight package
delivery courier business, and has since entrenched itself into
far reaching corners of the world. By establishing itself as the
world leading courier service provider, FedEx has taken
advantage of effective positioning. Customers all over the
world associate FedEx with timely and high quality service, and
regard it as the number one courier company in the industry.

This is exactly the power that a pioneer of a new category is
able to leverage. IBM had it with personal computing, Dell had
it with customizable and on-demand computers, Heinz had it
with ketchup, and Kleenex had it with pocket tissues. Thus by
establishing a new category, the pioneer is at a significant
advantage, and even with little strategic enforcement, with
stagnant marketing communications, the leader can still retain
its edge in the minds of consumers.

Being a huge international player, DHL‟s main area of focus is
the European markets. DHL is the leading courier company in

Europe, and also has a large worldwide network. It is a more
diversified company than TCS in that its services number more
than 25 to 30. DHL‟s market share in Pakistan is 39%

OCS‟ main markets are in East Asia, yet as with most of these
aspiring courier companies, OCS also has managed to infiltrate
international markets effectively, and is now positioned so as to
further expand its international operations.

One major advantage to SpeedEx is its ability to leverage its
parent company PIA‟s extensive airline fleet for its own use. This
strategic cost saving approach has allowed them to charge
lower rates on overnight deliveries than their competitors.
Furthermore, since PIA offices operate on a 24-hour basis, the
SpeedEx service is available on a 24-hour basis as well, making
it the only guaranteed 24-hour outlet for customers with rush
nightly orders. Although several outlets of other competitors
and even TCS‟ are operational on a 24-hour basis, the large
majority of them are not. This is the key difference between
PIA‟s smaller, more focused SpeedEx, and the other players in
this industry.

Pakistan Post
Although, by its own admission TCS does not consider the
domestic post office as a direct competitor, it still represents a
major threat in the external environment of the courier industry.
The post office serves as a viable and oft-times preferred option
to overnight delivery services.

                 Postal share   Parcel service

TCS Pakistan      30% docs        20% parcels

DHL PAKISTAN        24%              45%

Pakistan post       60%              15%

FedEx Pakistan      16%              25%


From humble beginnings to global market leader

Founded in San Francisco almost 40 years ago by 3 budding
entrepreneurs - Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn -
DHL has continued to expand at a phenomenal rate. Today, it
stands tall as the global market leader of the international
express and logistics industry.

Back In 1969, DHL took its first small steps in building for the
future by personally shipping papers by airplane from San
Francisco to Honolulu. The years passed and the DHL network
grew ever larger, gradually reaching out to new customers in
every corner of the world. At the same time, the marketplace
developed and became more complex, so DHL adapted to
meet the changing needs of its customers - both at global and
local level.

Today, DHL's international network links more than 220 countries
and territories worldwide and employs some 300,000
employees. DHL also offers unparalleled expertise in express, air
and ocean freight, overland transport, contract logistics
solutions as well as international mail services.

From 3 employees in 1969 to 300,000 employees in 2008, the
approach and dedication has remained the same. Our
success has always been based around delivering excellent
service for our customers. Never complacent, DHL has become
a brand acknowledged for personal commitment, proactive
solutions and local strength. At the heart of its success are its
employees who focus on the customer's needs and provide
individually customized solutions.

DHL is a Deutsche Post World Net brand. The group generated
revenues of more than 63 bn euros in 2007.

DHL Pakistan

DHL Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. has been operating in Pakistan since
1982 and is headed by Sarfraz Siddiqui, Country Manager /
Managing Director. Today, DHL is the largest Air Express
Company in Pakistan with a 65% market share. With over 43
locations, supported by over 200 vehicles and over 500
employees, we not only deliver documents and heavy weight
parcels, but also provide value-added and innovative services
to our customers.


Customers trust DHL as the preferred global express and
logistics partner, leading the industry in terms of quality,
profitability, and market share.


DHL enhances the business of our customers by offering highest
quality express and logistics solutions based on strong local
expertise combined with the most extensive global network


    Customer First Choice
    Friendly Environment
    Market Value
    Customer Services
    Strong Brand Image
    Globalism
    eServices and technology
    Corporate symbiosis

             High Prices
             Market-Share Estimate
             Weak Visibility
             Not as well known as UPS and Fedex

             Expansion Globally
             Joint-Ventures
             Expansion of Ecommerce
             Increase in The Number Of Services

             Relations with Foreign Countries
             Economic and Political Conditions
             Restrictions
             Economic Slow-down
             Fuel prices can go up

company   express   logistics   telecom aviation shipping   Student    Imports/exports   cargo        Events
                                                            services                                  service

          ☻         ☻           ☻                ☻          ☻          ☻                 ☻

          ☺         ☺                   ☺                   ☺          ☺                 ☺ ☺

OCS       ☺         ☺                            ☺          ☺                            ☺ ☺
          ☺                                                 ☺             ☺
Leopar    ☺         ☺                            ☺                     ☺                 ☺ ☺


DHL is the leader in courier, express and parcel delivery services
- both local and global. Whether it's documents or parcels, DHL
has the service you are looking for.

  1. DHL Express Internationally.
  DHL makes international shipping convenient with a variety
  of services and options to suit your needs.

  2. Logistics Services
  We offer a complete range of logistics and outsourcing
  solutions to meet your warehousing and distribution

   3. Shipping Tools - the quick and easy way to handle

DHL Same Day Service.

  When you're racing against time, choose DHL Same Day, the
  fastest delivery service available in today's air express

Time Definite

     DHL Express 9:00
     DHL Express 12:00
     Document Express
     Import Services
     DHL Airport to Door Express

  Fast door-to-door delivery by a certain time - overnight or
  next possible business day.

Dhl Express 9:00

For those time-critical deliveries to major business locations. DHL
EXPRESS 09:00 is supported by proactive delivery notification
and a money back guarantee, and is available to international
and domestic destinations.

Dhl Express Worldwide

For those time-sensitive deliveries to a global business locations.
DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE offers international express door-to-
door delivery overnight or by 18:00 on the next possible business

DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is ideal for all of your document or
non-document shipments when getting it there by the end of
tomorrow is what matters. Whether you are sending samples,

spare parts or finished products, you can rely on our extensive
global express network to get your shipments there fast.


Choose DHL EXPRESS 12:00 for an express door-to-door delivery
by 12:00hrs the next possible business day.

DHL Airport To Door Express

Import from Asia Pacific on your FOB/FCA incoterm.
Enjoy the convenience and user-friendliness that DHL is known
for, with features such as an all-inclusive pricing with no hidden
charges, 24-hour tracking and a single invoice. No weight limits.

DHL's Airport to Door Express service is currently available in 14
major Asia Pacific countries or territories*.

Worldwide Document Express

When delivery speaks louder than words
Worldwide Document Express offers international express door-
to-door delivery overnight or by the end of the next possible
business day for documents and parcels not subject to customs

Express Document

If you use DHL to send urgent lightweight documents on an ad
hoc basis, DHL's Express Document service is the ideal solution.
As long as the documents weigh no more than 250g, this
service offers an attractive alternative with a favorable fixed-
rate tariff.

The ultimate in flexibility and control
Available from more than 210 countries, DHL IMPORT EXPRESS
offers you total control of your inbound shipments worldwide

door-to-door, through a single partner with proven customs

Specialized Services

     ESI
     Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior
     Transport Collect
     Express Pallet
     University Express
     IMP Campaign

ESI (Economy Select International)

Today, customers are looking for greater control over their
shipping costs. Customers who are price-sensitive and have
more time to ship their heavier deliveries can take advantage

of our new ESI service. With ESI, customers can enjoy the
benefits of day definite door-to-door delivery service at
economical rates. With greater flexibility in transit times, an
additional 1-4 business days within AP, we now offer customers
deliveries at more affordable price points.


International express door-to-door delivery using specially
designed heavy-duty packaging for goods up to 25kg for
Jumbo Box and up to 10kg for Jumbo Junior, all for a low flat

The DHL Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior have been designed to
make sending your goods with DHL even easier. Whatever you
send and wherever you send it, DHL Jumbo Box and Jumbo
Junior are the most effective and convenient ways to get your
shipments to their destinations on time.

Both Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior are made of sturdy, double
corrugated cardboard and are supplied free of charge. You
can fill the Jumbo Box with almost anything up to 25kg, and
Jumbo Junior up to 10kg, and send them anywhere in the
world, door to door, for a low flat fee.

Transport Collect

Transport Collect (TC) shipment is a payment option where
payment for DHL‟s service is collected from the consignee
upon delivery by DHL.

Express Pallet

A new packaging and transport solution specifically designed
to match real time distribution systems, as well as your desired
packaging configuration, at reasonable costs! Take advantage
of the convenience and ease of moving, warehousing, and

storing your goods in pallet loads, both ways – from pick up to
final destination.
Send a DHL Express Pallet to over 220 destinations worldwide at
comparable rates you would normally pay your existing freight

University Express

Whether it‟s your university application or final year thesis, you‟ll
want it to arrive at its destination promptly and safely. Not only
is DHL University Express a cheaper way to send your
documents with savings of up to 30% on document shipment
rates, we also provide a range of services from free pick-up to
shipment tracking for a truly hassle-free delivery.

IMP Campaign


For all your door-to-door imports from over 210 countries, you
get one invoice for one pre-agreed price in your local currency
from one company. That means, no middleman, no hidden
cost and less paperwork. Use our new E-tool, Import Express
Online and enjoy greater security, convenience and control.
With streamlined Customs clearance, Global track and trace,
superior customer service and leading transit times, DHL Express
goes all the way to keep importing simple.


Shipping convenience with a range of optional services to
support your express transportation.

The service options listed below are intended as an overview or
distillation of what DHL offers from country to country.
    Special Pick-up and Delivery Services
    Information Services
    Customs Clearance Services
    Dangerous Goods
    Payment/Billing Services
    Insurance
    Packaging


     Air Freight
     Ocean Freight
     Supply Chain Solutions
     Industry Sectors
     Our Expertise

DHL is the global leader in logistics - with more highly
experienced professionals at more locations in more countries
than any other provider. Our goal is to build strong, long-term
partnerships with customers by providing world class services,
across all our operations.

We are the first choice for companies looking to outsource
freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, transport and
supply chain management. After joining forces with Exel in

2005, we are now also the sector's leading innovator - providing
the extraordinary range of cutting-edge solutions you will be
able to explore on these pages.

Our logistics customers include over 75% of the world's largest
quoted non-financial enterprises. These organisations trust us
with their brands and reputations not simply because we're the
worldwide market leader, but because we strive to deliver
globally consistent services of the highest quality, wherever
they work with us.

Air Freight

     Air First
     Air Premium
     Air Value
     Charter
     SeAir
     Airfreight Plus Service
     Specialised Services
     Value-added Services
     Special Handling

Global Air Freight for all of your transportation needs

DHL Global Forwarding provides a worldwide network for all
your air freight needs. With a wide range of time-defined and
specialist services, supported by our preferred carriers, we can
offer you the flexibility between standardised connections with
fixed schedules or air charter.

As the market leader, we offer competitive pricing for all time
and cost requirements. All end-to-end logistics processes are
supported by leading-edge information management systems,
providing the customer with complete shipment transparency.

A core element of our freight management service offering is
the ability to move single or complex shipments by air, at any
time and to any destination.

Air first

Whether door-to-door or airport-to-airport, Air First guarantees
priority uplift. Your freight is placed on the first flight out and
forwarded to assure the fastest transit times from airport-to-

airport. Operating all day and everyday, when you next need
priority uplift, DHL Global Forwarding is ready to handle your

Air freight plus
When your shipping needs change, DHL Global Forwarding
adapts. Airfreight Plus simplifies the shipping of heavyweight
goods where a day definite transit is required. One inclusive
priced is quoted and invoiced for door-to-door shipment

Air Premium
Air Premium is a reliable and scheduled service, combining
price and time considerations for both door-to-door and
airport-to-airport. Your shipment arrives within three days at
airports in every major marketplace worldwide.

Air Value
By using creative routing via major gateways, our Air Value
service provides deep cost savings. For less time sensitive cargo
where a slight increase in transit time is acceptable, Air Value
provides an economical alternative to Air Premium.

At DHL Global Forwarding, chartering additional air freight
capacity where there is limited commercial carrier uplift is part
of our everyday business. Part and full charter is the preferred
solution for businesses that are launching new products during
peak season or have oversized cargo.

The alternative to the speed of air freight and the lower cost of
ocean freight is a combination of both. Customers benefit from
our outstanding strength in air and ocean freight. We provide
real-time visibility at every step throughout the transportation
chain from origin to destination.

Industrial Projects
DHL Global Forwarding's Industrial Projects transportation
services provide tailor-made solutions for customers working in
industries such as:

     oil and gas exploration and production
     petrochemicals
     engineering and construction
     power and energy
     mining
     industrial plants
     infrastructure projects.

Specialised teams in DHL Global Forwarding's global network
deliver best-in-class solutions. Our quality-driven approach,
experience in risk management and sophisticated IT solutions
combine to ensure reliable performance and process and cost
optimisation across your supply chain.

Special Handling

  1. Service options

   Dangerous Goods

We employ highly-trained and certified specialists (minimum
two staff per operative location). This qualifies us to handle all
kinds of Dangerous Goods, according to the newest version of
the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and in accordance
with regulations issued by country and local governing

The Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods will be
completed and signed by the shipper. Depending on the
goods, also a certificate for the pre-carriage and delivery by
truck may be necessary.

Dangerous Goods must be packed, marked and labelled
according to the latest edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods

We will carefully check the declaration and the package (s) for
full conformity with the regulations before tendering to the

   Temperature-Controlled

We are fully qualified to handle all goods that need to be
transported under a temperature controlled environment.
Integrated control systems give full visibility of temperature,
humidity and other important measurements.


     Less Than Container Load
     Full Container Load
     Non-Containerised Load
     Value-added Services
     Customer Program Management

The global network of DHL offices provides a full range of
international ocean freight services, covering all your delivery
requirements, supported by a tariff structure that is both
straightforward and competitive.


DHL goes further and aims to bring value and consistent, high
quality support to customers of every type and size, wherever
they operate.

Making the most of our scale and experience we aim to
become our customers' first choice worldwide. Our logistics
operations embody DHL's three core brand values of local
strength/global coverage, proactive solutions and personal

Our goal is nothing less than to transform the logistics industry
and to deliver beyond our customers' expectations wherever
and whenever they need us - by offering the most
comprehensive suite of services and becoming the only
genuine one-stop source for logistics solutions, globally.


DHL's focus on selected industry sectors means customers
benefit from working with specialists - not just in logistics, but
also in their particular marketplace. Our aim is to build long-
term partnerships and work closely with our customers - often

shoulder to shoulder with their management teams. The know-
how of our people combined with our industry-leading solutions
provides them with real competitive advantage.

Every day, throughout the world, our people work with a huge
variety of customers to solve practical problems - from
achieving shorter lead times to delivering temperature-
controlled freight - in the following industry sectors:

Shipping Tools - the quick and easy way to handle shipping.

Not only does DHL offer a one-stop solution to your shipping
needs, we make shipping simple and efficient. Whether you're
looking for simple on-line shipping, shipping management or
integration solutions, the solution is only a click away.


The packaging makes the brand look expert and modern. This
packaging makes the brand look more contemporary and hi-

DHL is available in a variety of packaging formats to suit all
consumer needs and consumption occations. Packaging is
innovative to meet the individual needs consumers all over the

Packaging ranges:
                Junior jumbo box – upto 10kg
                Jumbo box – upto 25kg
                Mega box- upto 35kg

Target Market

The target market for DHL express is all domestic and corporate
customers who can afford their services and who want
excellent services matching their needs and wants.

Customer‟s of DHL Express includes these sectors:

     Automative
     Engineering/Manufacturing
     Healthcare
     sports
     textile
     students
     financial institutions
     MNCs
     Chemical
     Technology
     Retail
     Consumer Goods


DHL implemented the concept of the price adaptations for
every country based on its economic conditions.

Pricing Strategy – Price Leadership

   Past and current – DHL charge premium price for
    delivering superior service.
   Maintain image in the eyes of customers DHL delivers
    superior value.
   Decline in price might be seen as decline in quality of
    service – may switch to other provider.

Pricing structure
    Difference in price charged for documents and parcels.
    Should be differentiated because of additional costs
      incurred for parcel shipping.
    Difference in price across different industries.
    Shipping fee should be the same for customers across
      different industries

   Offer special price for Multinational Corporation seeking
    to cut deals if they allow DHL to handle all of their express
    shipping accounts.
   Should be exercised and must help retain and gain large
    accounts for DHL‟s marketing team.

Geographical pricing (Cash, Countertrade, Barter)

In geographical pricing the company decides how to price its
product to different customers in different customers in different
locations and countries.

DHL‟s pricing is based on different zones divided by the
company. As DHL expanded service into new countries, it
developed many different pricing strategies and structure. (DHL
at first uses penetration pricing strategy) DHL country managers
had almost total control of pricing, they typically set prices
based on four factors: what the market could bear, price
charged by competition (which was often initially the national
post office), DHL initial entry pricing in other countries, and
DHL‟s then current pricing around the world. From these
strategies, we know that the pricing policy is different in each
country, which appropriate with the condition and situation of
the country.

Discounts and allowances

DHL gives price discounts to those customers who manage their
accounts with the company. There are also discounts like:

   price discounts for students package upto 15%
   discounts on inbound and domestic services by 10%
   they encourage anyone who ships frequently to open a
    DHL account. This offers you negotiated price savings and
    the opportunity to pay by monthly invoice. Occasional
    shippers can pay by cheque or cash


Positioning Against Competitor

DHL is positioned as a premium brand which focuses on
excellence of services. The corporate clients are the focal
point for DHL expresses facilitating them by providing timely
and best customer services nationally and internationally.

Positioning In Relation To Product/ Service Attribute:

The primary positioning vis a vis service attribute is that DHL has
the high market value in terms of best customer services and
friendly environment.

Positioning by price and quality

As DHL is a premium brand, it is priced at a premium to its
competitors (TCS and FedEx). Being premium means there will
be no compromise in quality as the link between price and
quality exists and customer is always willing to pay more for
perceived quality which in the case of SHL, he/she does!




The company provides franchising facilities in nearly all the
developed zones of Pakistan. We suggest they should increase
the number of franchises to avail the max profit and market


DHL express is in a partnership with the Leopards courier
services to sell or distribute service products of one another.


DHL has a selective distribution strategy of its service products.
          Through its franchises it covers different
          geographical areas. Currently operating almost 43
          locations in Pakistan I believe they should adopt
          intensive distribution networking to avail max
          channel coverage. List of the regions currently
          covered by DHL Pakistan are listed below:

     Abbotabad
     Faisalabad
     Gujranwalla
     Gujrat
     Hafizabad
     Hyderabad
     Islamabad
     Jehlum
     Kamoke
     Karachi
     Lahore
     Mirpur
     Multan
     Muridki
     Peshawar
     Quetta
     Rahim Yar Khan
     Rawalpindi
     Sahiwal
     Shekhupura
     Sialkot
     Sukkur
     Wazirabad

DHL uses all the modes of transportations that is

  rail freight

DHL has its own fleet of airplanes and motor vans. Depending
upon the final destination where the goods have to finally
reach and the type of package the customer has paid for, DHL
uses the individual modes of transport or a combination of
either of these or all. Once again the geographical location
and how fast the goods have to be delivered are the factors
for the final selection of modes of transportation.

 The concept of economies of scale and economies of
distance are both taken into consideration in case of larger
consignments where DHL provides an appropriate logistical
solution which helps in reducing the overall cost for the


Print media

Print media advertising is still the medium used by DHL express in
Pakistan, and outdoor also forms a crucial part of the
communications strategy. But increasingly campaigns are
integrated across all these communication channels.


DHL has a persuasive advertising methodology for its services.
Its advertisements appear in almost all the business class
magazines and leading newspapers of the country.

Mobile ads

Recently DHL has incorporated the mobile marketing
mechanism for the advertisement and promotions of the

Print ads – on different Occasions

Summer “Mango” ad

International Ads

                      Tagline: Always first

              Tagline: next time you will use DHL

       Tagline: transport anything with DHL maxitransport

         Tagline: nothing stops us

Tagline: if there is an address, we’ll find it

DHL Turning Page


DHL's international network links more than 220 countries and
territories worldwide. Some 300,000 employees are dedicated
to providing fast and reliable services that exceed customers'

DHL is the global market leader of the international express and
logistics industry, specialising in providing innovative and
customised solutions from a single source.

Customer service centres

DHL Express operates two customer service and sales centres in
Karachiand Lahore with a population of around 300
employees. DHL wishes to offer the following vocational

     Customer service level 2 and 3
     Business administration level 2 and 3
     Contact centre operations level 2

DHL Express also wishes to offer skills for life programme for those
employees who would benefit from development in basic
English and Mathematics.

Training - Learning and Skills

DHL people are passionate about what they do and
passionate about the service they provide to their customers.
Each individual contributes to DHL overall success and
encourage personal responsibility, commitment and
cooperation - for the benefit of company and customers.

DHL employees have the opportunity to continually expand
their skills to the support provided by a large worldwide
company. DHL people develop, change and take on new
challenges on a national or an international basis.

DHL corporate culture creates added value and leads DHL on
the way to become stronger than DHL competitors.

An active, open corporate culture makes DHL an attractive
employer for highly talented people and strengthens our
position as a responsible global corporate citizen in this world.

Training Programme

. Today's innovative ideas are the solutions for tomorrow's
challenges. That's why the fostering of creative, hard-working
talented people represents an investment in the future at DHL
and Deutsche Post DHL.

Through an extensive package of programs, DHL offer students
and college graduates around the world the chance to show
just what they can do: They gain valuable experience in the
Group, work independently on projects and stay in touch with
the company afterward


The DHL Logistics Graduate Programme exposes graduates to
the Supply Chain industry through various operational
placements at many of locations throughout the UK. You'll
need to have a minimum 2:2 honors degree in a business
related subject, be able to move anywhere within the UK and
have the drive and determination to make a difference to DHL


Deutsche Post DHL cultivates the international elite of the
future. In this program, MBA students from Europe, the United
States and Asia spend three to six months at the company
working on projects. Under the supervision of a department

head, they play an active part in both the operative business
and demanding strategic projects..


One special thing about DHL is the level of empowerment and
independence given to its employees.

For employees to act appropriately there is employee
motivation which is natural growth from and employee
empowerment. The employees hired at DHL are empowered
enough that they can make decisions of the given projects or
responsibility. If an employee is regularly able to contribute
thoughts, ideas and suggestions to problems at hand or regular
work activities, that is a feeling of accomplishment which goes
a long way. It makes an employee feel as though he or she is
important (high commitment to work) and hence their
motivation is elevated.


Employee motivation is boosted through various recreational
activities and different reward programs including picnic
programs, cricket matches, tours etc.

DHL Cricket team

Picnic at seaside:

14th August 2009- Independence day @ DHL


   DHL Process goes according to a six-step process:

           Initiation: The formal start of the project
           Design: The formal agreement on how to approach the
            project and its deliverables
           Planning: Following agreement, a detailed plan is created
           Execution: After detailed planning and preparation, the
            project goes 'live'
           Closing: Gradually phase out and prepare for handover
            of the deliverables
           Handover: The formal end of the project

   Inventory Flow

Suppliers          Physical       Manufacturing       Procurement
                 distribution       support

      Information Flow

   The easy way to improve customer satisfaction, worldwide.

   With coverage in over 210 countries, GLOBALMAIL PARCEL
   transports parcels up to 31.5 kg and also offers collection,
   sorting and franking for small parcels up to 2 kg at no extra
   charge. They manage customs clearance and provide delivery
   details for parcels over 2 kg in many countries via our on-line
   Track & Trace service. There is also a wide selection of useful
   add-on services to choose from.

The easy way to tap into new markets. Direct, personal, global.

Use “GLOBAL COMMUNICATION” to communicate with direct
marketing target groups abroad. With professional start-up
advice always included in price, they help you plan and
implement international direct marketing campaigns of any
size. Also offer a flexible range of basic and special services for
you to choose from.

The easy way to improve your circulation. Worldwide.

Use GLOBALMAIL PUBLICATION to communicate with readers
worldwide. Sort, bundle and frank your press products and take
care of dispatch and customs clearance. GLOBALMAIL
PUBLICATION offers a choice of delivery speeds, full feedback
on addresses of undeliverable items, and detailed invoices with
separate zone charges

The easy way to stay in touch with business partners worldwide.

Regular communication with customers around the world is
critical to your business - from product information to
promotional mail shots, invoices to annual reports. The result
can be mountains of mail that block your mailroom and drain
resources and budgets.

Service recovery and failure by DHL express-

Collection Staff
DHL employees are a highly trained and cognizant staff.
Management team has over 100 years combined experience
in the collection industry. Employ the most highly skilled and
well trained collection team available. DHL provides ongoing
training sessions with employees bi-weekly. Thier customer
service representatives are contacting your customers 8:00am
to 8:00pm Monday through Thursday, Friday until 6:00pm, and

Saturday 8:00am until 12:00pm. Their success rate is higher
because we are calling people during hours when most other
collection agencies are closed. All of our collection staff has
attained or is working toward their Professional Collection
Specialist designation through the American Collectors

Every customer that you assign to DHL will be acknowledged in
writing. The acknowledgment provides you the name, your
account number, our account number, and the dollar amount
assigned. Acknowledgements insure proper account
reconciliation between your office and DHL.

Collection Methods
All correspondence and collection procedures are consistent
with the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
and their governing body the Federal Trade Commission. Their
objective is to collect your money and at the same time treat
your customer with respect and end the conversation with the
customers' dignity intact.

Legal Staff
In the event your account needs the attention of an attorney,
DHL retains reputable legal counsel with over 22 years of
collection law experience. He and his highly qualified legal
staff handle all legal affairs. All normally incurred legal costs
are advanced by DHL.



    The DHL uniform is an important part of corporate identity and
    gives a positive professional image. If you‟re required to wear a
    uniform we‟d ask you to wear it all the time you are at work.

    Adjustments to skirts and trouser lengths are permitted, however
    they may only be altered to a length that‟s suitable for working
    in a business environment and acceptable to your manager.
    You‟re responsible for keeping your uniform clean and in good
    repair. Uniforms are generally not replaced earlier than 18
    months after issue. Footwear must be appropriate for your job
    and must be approved by your manager ~ generally black or
    grey in colour. If in doubt ask your manager for guidelines.
    Uniform of DHL express gives physical evidence to Service
    provider to better know customer in his mind whenever they
    are required to service.

   Packaging
   Receipt
   Sound and Tone of voice
   Computer
   Appearance of the Employee
   Documents
   Forms

    ---------------Line of Interaction-----------------------------------------------------------------
T                    Contact Person
S                   (Visible action)
A                    Greet the                 Accept the                     Check the
E                    customer                  details of                       parcel
                                               the parcel
                   Line of Visibility
                     Contact Person
                    (Invisible action)

                                         Weighting           Confirm Date,            Handing over
                                         the parcel          Time & Place             receipt to the
B                   the parcel
A                                                             of delivery               customer

      Call centre
E   ---------------Line of Internal---------------------------------------------------------------------
                 Physical Interaction
                                               Sending the                    Dispatching
                                              parcel to the                   the parcel to
                                               back office                   the central hub

 Receiving parcel                Checking              Again Checking
 from the regional               the details            the weight of
        hub                     of the parcel             the parcel

   Dispatching the
                                                         Sealing &
 parcel to the point        Documentation             Bar coding of the
    of destination             process                     parcel
i.e., the station hubs

       Rail              Road                   Air            Sea

       Receiving of parcel
                                 Sorting of    Distributing
      by the selected mode
                                 the parcel    the parcel to
     of transport to regional
                                              the station hub
       hub at the point of

       Physical Evidence

          Confirmation receipt
          Delivery Van
                                               Delivery to

Physical Evidence

              Separate cubicles for employees

                   Conference room

                  Express Centre Karachi



             Head Office Karachi -

             Head Office Karachi

             Express Centre Karachi


DHL has developed a reputation for consistently developing
innovative solutions that streamline operations and improve
control. Their in-house teams have contributed to the solutions
design of some of the world's leading brands and enabled to
win key contacts. DHL is service based company and services
are critical for competitive advantage in companies from all
sectors. Superior customer service is one of the key drivers of
competitive advantage. Regular communication with
customers around the world is critical to your business - from
product information to promotional mail shots, invoices to
annual reports. The result can be mountains of mail that block
your mailroom and drain resources and budgets.

DHL‟s profits would be maximized if each country managers
simply charged each customer. DHL have good strategies for
the pricing policies. Although have a highest price, DHL can
hold out the market share by improve the quality of their
service, so DHL should continue this strategy. But, DHL still have
an attention with the competitor do and to the customer
needs. DHL Express understands that addressing its corporate
responsibility, environmental and community impacts is simply
part of how it does business. In particular, the risks of not
addressing the growing priority of the carbon agenda, was
identified by DHL as a fundamental risk to its ongoing success.
The company recognized that the growing customer
awareness and initiatives undertaken by competitors had the
potential to leave DHL behind, particularly given the nature
and scale of its business.


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   Customer support centre

   Mr Asif, customer support representative

   Google.com

   Worldads.com


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