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we repair used co2 laser mirrors


case studies showing that repairing used laser mirrors is cost effective. Laser Beam Products manufcature infrared mirrors and co2 laser mirrors for high power laser cutting and engraving

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									                         Mirror Reworking: case studies

University of Wales                    Laserweld of Cannock
                                      LaserWeld of Cannock is one of
Many of Laser Beam Products’
customers have benefitted from our    the UK’s leading laser welding          How it works...
Mirror Reworking repair service and   developers and subcontractors.         If you have any mirrors that are
have been delighted with the          Their 5KW CO2 laser was working        damaged or broken simply email
                                      24/7 for welding engine mounts,        us with as much detail as possible
                                      and the mirrors were repaired          or send the mirrors to us.
                                      rather than replaced at the end
Andrew Robinson of The University     of their life.                         We will issue you with a quote
of Wales was very pleased with                                               for repairing the mirrors to a
the work LBP did for him.             Laser Beam Products designed a         condition that is as good as new.
                                      mirror focus system for them
  ‘Many thanks for all                that was in operation for over 6      Once you have accepted our
your time and patience                years. It comprised 3 sets of         quote and issued us with an
in seeing and talking to              mirrors that could be rotated as      order we will go ahead with the
me and all the work that              follows:                              repairs and return them to you,
you have done on our                                                        as good as new.
mirrors. If anyone at the             - one set of mirrors was being used
university needs your                 - one set of mirrors was in stock     SPECIAL OFFER
skills I won’t hesitate to            - one set were being reworked
                                      by LBP                                FOR FEB 2010 only we are
recommend your company.’
                                      - another set of mirrors welded       giving away a FREE high-
                                      over 11km of Inconel tube.            powered air blower with
                                                                            every order for reworking
                                      ‘The system designed by               mirrors.
                                      Laser    Beam     Products
                                      worked extremely well
                                      for us. It saved us a lot of
                                      time and money and
                                      enabled us to operate
                                      the laser smoothly 24
                                      hours a day.’

                                      Brian Chatting, LaserWeld

                                      How to contact us:
                                      Phone: +44 (0)1767 600877
                                      Post: Units B&C, Stratton Park, Dunton Lane,
                                      Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8QS

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