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Performing at Monash What’s on...
         he Monash University
         Academy of Performing Arts’                                                                                                Merry widow                         Russia with talent
         2008 season will consist                                                                                                   Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Victoria   Music Auditorium Building 68,
         of three theatrical and five                                                                                               at The Alexander Theatre, Monash    Monash Clayton, April 3, 1.10pm.
musical events. IThe first theatre                                                                                                  Clayton from March 29. www.         9905 3230.
production is two plays Fragments &                                                                                                 gilbertandsullivan.org.au.
Dreams devised and edited by Peter
                                                                                                                                                                        Free lunch concert
Oyston, directed by Debra Lawrance
and Naomi Edwards.
                                                                                                                                    Cruel punishment                    Melba Hall, Royal Parade,
   This compilation of dramatic                                                                                                     La Trobe University Art Museum      Parkville, March 31, 1.10pm.
narratives is a formal presentation                                                                                                 exhibition until April 11.          www.music.unimelb.edu.au.
of several pieces of dramatic                                                                                                       9479 2111.
literature which combine to reveal
the richness of language and the                                                                                                    Busting out                         VCA jazz
power of storytelling.                                                                                                                                                  Paris Cat Jazz Club 6 Goldie Place,
                                                                                                                                    Alexander Theatre Monash
   The second play is The Cherry                                                                                                                                        Melbourne, 9 April, 8pm, $7.
                                                                                                                                    Clayton, April 3, $35.90.
Orchard (abridged) by Anton                                                                                                         www.busting-out.com.
Chekov, directed by Peter Oyston        October 2-5 at Chapel Off Chapel.           The Winter Concert is Sunday                                                        Digital
                                        One of Louis Nowra’s most
This tragic comedy explores Russian
society before the revolution.          accomplished plays, The Golden Age
                                                                                  August 3 at 3pm with conductor                    Removalists                         Digital artists, exhibition until
                                                                                  Jeffrey Crellin and soloist Michael               George Jenkins Theatre,             April 4, RMIT Project Space, 23-27
The Cherry Orchard represents           is a passionate, wild and sensitive                                                                                             Cardigan Street, Carlton.
                                                                                  Dauth – violin.                                   Monash Peninsula,
the romantic past when the              Australian classic.
                                                                                    The Spring Concert, is Saturday                 April 11-19. 9905 1111.             9925 4971.
once wealthy family of Lyubov              The Music Concert Series at the
Andreyevna lived a careless life of     Robert Blackwood Concert Hall             September 20 at 7.30pm.
luxury and non-responsibility.          includes the Autumn Concert,                                                                Gadgets                             All Italiano
   Later in the year the Ensemble                                                 Telephone bookings available on                                                       Alexander Theatre, Monash
                                        Tuesday May 20 at 8pm with                                                                  Alexander Theatre Monash
will be performing Oedipus , July 31                                              9905 1111. For further information                Clayton, April 16-17.               Clayton, $35, April 13, 7pm.
                                        conductor John Curro and soloists
–August 3 at Alexander Theatre.                                                   contact boxoffice@adm.monash.                     9905 1111.                          9905 1111
                                        Jeffrey Crellin – oboe, David Griffiths
   Finally the Ensemble will                                                      edu.au or visit www.monash.edu.au/
                                        – clarinet, Matthew Wilkie – bassoon                                                                       Email events to editor@utimes.com.au
be presenting The Golden Age,
                                        and Graeme Evans – horn.                  monart

                                                                                                                Joel Salom’s

Melbourne V
Festival Tickets
Utimes and Melbourne
V Festival are giving
away to readers of
Utimes FIVE double
passes (each double                                                                                     Photos: Gordon McComiskie

worth $263.40) to
Melbourne V Festival                                                                                                    Gadgets combines, physical theatre, feats and beats with Joel’s musical
                                                                                                                        side kicks sparking moments of hilarious improvisation and audience
at the Showgrounds                                                                                                      participation. Special guest, Erik the Dog, is a smooth-talking irreverent,
on Saturday April                                                                                                       remote-controlled tin terrier with attitude; he’s a sick but lovable puppy.
5. The Smashing
Pumpkins co-headline
V Festival 2008 with                                                                                               Alexander Theatre
pop chameleons                                                                                                     Wednesday 16 April at 8 pm
Duran Duran.
                                                                                                                   Thursday 17 April at 11 am
To enter send an email with ‘WIN V FESTIVAL’ in the subject line to
win@utimes.com.au by March 31. Also let us know your name and
where you study.
Alternatively: Purchase tickets to the Melbourne V Festival and
                                                                                                                   9905 1111
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