Best Practices (Teaching Methods) by kumar12


									                 Best Practices (Teaching Methods)
 As educators develop and refine promising practices and programs and
  circulate their work throughout schools, this repertoire of effective strategies
  becomes collectively known as Best Practices.

                                  Block Scheduling
                     Character Counts! (Character Education)
                               Cooperative Learning
                                Writer’s Workshop
                           Stations (Learning Centers)
                                  Literature Circles
                             Problem Based Learning
                              Inquiry Based Learning
                            Koality Kid (Quality Kid)
                        Multiage (Multigrade) Education
                                    Peer Teaching
                                   Guided Reading
                           Self Assessment Techniques
                                  Whole Language
                                 “Math Their Way”
                                     Touch Math
                                   Team Teaching
                              Double Loop Feedback
                                  4-Square Writing
                                  4-Block Reading
                                 Reading Strategies
                           Tracking (Ability Grouping)
                                  Cultural Literacy
                         Teaching culture, not language!
                                See “jigsaw” activity
                                 Conflict Resolution
                          Questioning the Author (QTA)
                    Experiential Learning (Hands-On Learning)
                                 Rubric Assessment
                                Portfolio Assessment
                                Bilingual Education
                               Patricia Cunningham
                                     Word Wall
                                   Making Words
                                   Word Families

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