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									Executive Committee                                                        Agenda Item8
5th December                                                                Appendix v

This is the business plan for Imperial College London’s latest charity venture,

Two years ago, a student at Imperial, Shiv Chopra, came up with the concept to organise an
annual outdoor concert to raise awareness and funds for HIV worldwide, in particular
Africa. Our campaign is being called “MAKE HIV HISTORY”, based on the huge success
of the recent G8 effort. The event is associated with the International Student stop Aids
campaign through our main charity, SPW.

The event will showcase top British student bands and will be headlined by several famous
acts from around the world. The unsigned bands will be invited in March to audition for the
concert in the Great Hall, South Kensington, the same location as the London Pop Idol

The concert will also contain stands from all charities involved so that our message is
conveyed throughout the day and not lost through the music.

This year we have applied to host the concert at Clapham Common, London for the end of
June. The event will hope to appeal to nearly 20,000 people. However, this figure may vary
depending on the support we receive from charities, the media and the bands wishing to

As mentioned earlier, the concept to organise an annual concert began in 2003. It has taken
this long to finally get the message out due to several reasons. The most important being
that, the committee wanted to speak to known organizers to gain as much information as
possible on staging an event of this magnitude

Due to the recent LIVE 8 concerts staged around the world, our voice became heavily
muted. Companies and organizers were busy over the past few months. Therefore, we feel
that now is an appropriate time to restart the campaign.

Student Partnership Worldwide is an international development charity that recruits and
trains young adults (aged 18-28) as volunteer Peer Educators, to lead programmes that
address urgent health and environmental issues in Africa and Asia.
Executive Committee                                                     Agenda Item8
5th December                                                             Appendix v

SPW currently has more than 800 volunteer Peer Educators in the field reaching 400,000
young people each year at an annual cost of just £5 per child.

Their Vision:
That young people's energy and talents are valued and harnessed so that they take a lead
role in the development process.

Their Mission:
To mobilise young volunteers to empower rural youth to take control over their own lives
and shape the future of their communities.

The Issues:
   • Young people make up 30 per cent of the world’s population; 85% of whom live in
       developing countries. 59 million young people in the developing world are
       unemployed. Opportunities for a good education and career are extremely limited,
       exacerbating the health and environmental risks that young people face daily.
   • 11.1 million young people in developing countries between the ages of 15-24 are
       currently living with HIV and AIDS. It is estimated that 60% of all new HIV
       infections occur in this age group.
   • Preventable illnesses, like HIV, malaria and diarrhoeal diseases, cause millions of
       deaths each year, and millions of families lack information about how to protect
   • Rural communities throughout the developing world suffer from environmental
       degradation and poor use of community resources. Deforestation, lack of access to
       safe water and inadequate sanitation cause ill health and exacerbate poverty for
       millions in the developing world.
   • Successful HIV prevention, health promotion and sustainable resource usage can
       only be accomplished by addressing issues holistically with sustained long-term

Their Response:
Trained young people, living for long periods of time in rural communities, are best
positioned to communicate life saving information, demonstrate Appropriate Rural
Technologies and lead comprehensive behaviour change programmes that bring about
improved livelihoods for young people and their families including:

   •   Lower HIV infection rates
   •   Better health outcomes
Executive Committee                                                         Agenda Item8
5th December                                                                 Appendix v

   •   Improved use of community resources

The current thinking for the event is that is most likely to be held in Clapham common,
SW4. Here is a rough operational guide, which all depends on the success of our application.
The site set up will begin on the Friday, the 22ND of June, with the intention for completion
before the concert begins on Sunday, the 24th. The concert should begin by midday and end
before 10:30pm, adhering to council regulations. Site removal and clean up should be
finished by Monday evening.

The concert will showcase the top 10 unsigned University bands from across the country.
We believe that most will fit under the categories of Rock/pop and RnB, but mainly rock.
Each act will play a set of around 30 minutes. Between each set there will either be music
played or a dance/stage act, to fill in the change over time between bands. Therefore the
stage must be able to accommodate both bands of up to 10 members and dance
performances that could use more than 30 people.

Our current thinking is that once the student bands have played, we will then introduce the
famous bands/acts, around five performers. Their sets will naturally be longer from 40 min
to 2 hours. An example of the varied talent we would like to attend is below;
    • Lemar ( RnB singer plus band)
    • Ash (rock band)
    • Feeder (rock band)
    • Bloc Party (rock band)
    • DJ Jazzy Jeff. (Turntable set)

The stage should therefore be able to be witnessed by 20,000 people. It should
accommodate both bands and dance performances with a maximum of 20-30 people being
on stage at one time. If possible we would like screens on either side of the stage to convey
live images of the day, pre-recorded charity material and any other images the acts wish to
release during the show. However, the possibility of screens will depend on cost. Star Events
are currently providing a trailer stage for the concert. Please enquire for further information
on the stage details.

Executive Committee                                                         Agenda Item8
5th December                                                                 Appendix v

As mentioned above, we are targeting a capacity audience of 20,000 so the sound system
must be able to reach everyone. The acts will vary from famous rock bands, DJ sets and
large singing groups and the sound system must be able to adapt to these situations.

With regards to lighting, it must reflect the top acts that we aim to host. Therefore, we must
install a lighting system similar to a top rock/ pop band’s own concert. However, we do
understand that this could reach an endless amount and hope that we can agree on a
reasonable yet impressive light show. Again, Star Events are supplying the sound and
lighting equipment and have quoted the minimum requirements, which will change in the
run up to the event.

Generators will be needed to be provided to power the event.

We expect a crowd of no more than 20,000 people, as this is our first annual event we are
being cautious. Attendants will mainly be students ageing between 18 to 28, from across the
country. However, the concert will be on sale to the general public. The event will be a ticket
only which they will present at the gates upon entry. Due to security reasons we would like
random bag and frisk searches. The concert will not have a VIP ring or golden circle so the
crowd will just be one mass. However, there will be a separate area for disabled customers
including a different entry location. Backstage passes will be issued to members of the band,
management and selected others.

A plan of the concert is currently being prepared. However, please contact us if you require
further information.

The team will consist of members carefully selected from various backgrounds. They will
ensure that the operation runs smoothly and professionally.
Members will be chosen over the coming months. However, I have included the names of
people already involved. Their bios will be available upon request.

   •   Event Organiser- Shiv Chopra
   •   Events Manager -Martine Morris
   •   Events Safety Manager-Ryan Kirstein
   •   Event Security officer- Steve Reynolds (Showsec)
   •   Event’s Stage Manager- Jon Dunham (Reading Festival)
   •   Senior Advisor- Courtney Caldwell
Executive Committee                                                            Agenda Item8
5th December                                                                    Appendix v

   • Event’s Sound and lighting technician
   • Event’s Treasurer – Guy Martin
   • Event Hospitality (including clear up team)- Rohit Rao
   • Event’s Merchandise and artwork Shabnam Bobdiwali & Gokulan Phoenix
   • Event’s Secretary- Bryony Sales
   • Event’s Sponsorship team – Anojan Arulananthan
   • Event Bookings team- Andrew Taylor & Felicity Warner
   • Event Publicity team- Sukriti Nagpal & Hannah Greenwood
   • Charity liaison- Gillian Drury (Student Partnership Worldwide)
   • Senior Advisor- Herbie Flowers (Rock Legend)
   • Senior Advisor- Alex Lercer (Clear Channel productions)
   • David Chinn (Imperial College insurance)
   • Imperial College, London
   • Imperial College School of Medicine
   • Lambeth Council liaison- Karl Pell
The event will be run by students from all aspects of Imperial College. Involvement will
cover both management and promotion of the concert. Here is a brief summary;
   • IC RADIO to promote the concert and aid in providing bands
   • IC UNION to support the final round of band selection by hosting the event
   • FELIX to be the senior voice for the concert
   • IC LINKS to provide the first aid
   • Tanaka Business School to manage sponsorship, marketing and monitor financial
       progress of the concert.

This will be the largest student run concert in history and it is important that all specialist
and experienced members of the University is involved.

The audience opportunity will be open to fans worldwide.
The marketing plans, featured later, will allow people to purchase tickets to the event using a
wide variety of methods.

Depending on the acts we secure to perform at the concert, this will determine the final
number of tickets we wish to release. We are confident that the target we wish to obtain will
be in excess of 15,000. The final number will be confirmed by February, which is the period
we believe the venue, acts and main sponsors would be announced.
Executive Committee                                                            Agenda Item8
5th December                                                                    Appendix v

The audience target in the UK will be similar to current outdoor concerts. From our
research and personal experience the market for attending music festivals is rising
exponentially. Therefore the potential for selling to capacity is high as we will be taking only
a small share of the total market. This is particularly true due to the fact that our concert falls
at the start of the season.

The customers will generally fall into the university student bracket. Below is a profile
   1. AGE- 18+
   2. GENRE- 60/40 Male
   3. Heavy Drinkers- Potentially
   4. DIFFICULT: Not particularly
   5. LOCATION: From around the country mainly London?

  • Concerts at the end of June- few, most commence in August
  • World Cup football competition (see SWOT analysis later)

  • UNIQUE- Student bands from across the country
  • UNIQUE- HIV/AIDS awareness concert (rare topic for concerts)
  • UNIQUE- Will be an annual student event, run by students for students and world
  • UNIQUE- Cheaper than most outdoor concerts
  • Glastonbury not scheduled this year

Potentially a reduced publicity web compared to competitors.
To prevent others from organizing a similar event we will apply to Lambeth council before
Christmas to secure the venue. Publicity will begin from 1st of December (World Aids Day).
We have applied for a trademark for MEDXSTOCK to protect Intellectual Property and
have purchased the websites necessary.

We intend to approach interested sponsors to cover the following;
   • Advertisement on television (terrestrial and satellite)
Executive Committee                                                     Agenda Item8
5th December                                                             Appendix v

   •   Advertisement and support on the radio
   •   Advertisement and support in national press and subscription magazines
   •   Advertisement and promotion on the internet

BBC- News
      - Local network
ITV/4/FIVE- News
               - Local network
RADIO- XFM (National) Student stations- IC RADIO
INTERNATIONAL -Charity website
                        -Supporter/sponsor websites and newsletters
                        - University website
                        - MEDXSTOCK website
                        - Ticketmaster website and newsletters
MAGAZINES – Music related magazines for example;
                     - NME
                     - TIME OUT
                     - KERRANG
                     - Q MAGAZINE
                     - BIG ISSUE
PRESS – Metro etc Student press- FELIX
UNIVERSITY UNIONS - Via charity and MEDXSTOCK officers
                     - Union officers and sites
The company intends to use the money raised from ticket revenues on the operational cost.
If there is any surplus amount, this will of course go to the charity fund.
All over revenue from the following will go directly to the charities;
     • Merchandise
     • Food and drink (companies pay for stand allocation)
     • Lucrative sponsorship deals(main source)
     • TV and radio rights
     • Appeals via charities themselves and the media
     • Other donations.
     • THE RISKS- SWOT Analysis

Executive Committee                                                         Agenda Item8
5th December                                                                 Appendix v

    •   We are backing a charity allied to a cause many young people feel passionate about
        and would be willing to support, especially since awareness has been increased with
        the Live8 concert.
    •   Furthermore, outdoor concerts are always popular with our target audience
        (examples include Glastonbury and the Reading Festival), and due to the high-profile
        nature of the charity and the lack of competition from Glastonbury as it is not being
        put on this year, we are likely to get the kind of top bands to perform that would
        attract the number of people we predict will purchase tickets.
    •   The organizing team consists of the same type of people we hope to attract as ticket-
        buyers- passionate about the aims of the charity and dedicated to making the event
        as successful and as high profile as possible.
    •   Many people involved in the team and advising the team have worked on events
        which are very similar to Medxstock in terms of audience size, media coverage and
        the number of bands taking part.

Although experienced, this is the first time the students in the organizing team have taken on
a task of this magnitude.

 This is an opportunity for Imperial College to shine on a national stage as an institution that
not only supports its students in attaining academic excellence and being innovative pioneers
within scientific research but also as pioneers with regards to social medical issues such as
making people aware of the problems that millions of people face when living with AIDS.
 It also highlights the good work which the charities involved are doing and how they are
tackling the problem. Giving them much needed publicity and funds which will have a great
impact on the lives of the people they are helping.
 This will be a great opportunity for all the university bands taking part to showcase their
talent to an audience on a much larger scale than normal and to gain national exposure on
radio and television.

   • The main competitor which may hinder ticket sales is the World Cup occurring at
      the same time. On the proposed date the first round of the knockouts will be taking
      place, this could potentially be an England game. In order to combat this we will
      either have a sponsor tent. E.g. Carling, with a screen showing the games, or in
      between acts the football can be shown on the screens either side of the stage. This
      will depend on the sponsors taking part. This should not be too great a problem as
      tickets will have been sold in advance of people knowing the teams playing on the
Executive Committee                                                       Agenda Item8
5th December                                                               Appendix v

   •   The Clapham Common site may reveal hidden costs. We have been liasing with Karl
       Pell at Lambeth council who has been advising us on the costs involved and any
       procedures or factors that may have been missed and costs involved.
   • A loss is made due to one or more of the reasons outlined below:
   - Not enough tickets are sold to break even/make a profit (due to a lack of sufficient
   advertising or competitors outdo us)
   - A band withdraws from the event at the last moment (this will not only affect the
   audience mood on the day (violent outbreaks may occur) but will have long-term
   repercussions for MEDXSTOCK in terms of faith in the organization to deliver their
   - A sound/lighting error occurs (the event won’t be able to go ahead, This is why we
   have enlisted the help of Jon Dunham who has professional experience as a stage
   manager at events such as this, one of which is the Reading festival. We have taken out
   public liability, employes health and safety and environmental insurance which will cover
   any of the costs of any unforeseen events that may lead to the cancellation of the concert
   or any money lost due to events already described above.
   - The event fails a security risk assessment and is not permitted to occur (MEDSTOCK
   has thus, enlisted the help of Showsec, a security firm with an established reputation in
   providing security for large-scale outdoor events for example the live aid concert and
   many other large profile events).

At the time of release we have approached XFM, a major radio station in the UK, who are
happy to sponsor the event, help obtain acts for the concert and provide radio air time.

We do not intend to approach any other companies until we have confirmed backing from
all charities who wish to be involved.

If you require further information regarding the event or members of the MEDSTOCK
FESTIVAL team, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Shiv Chopra
(Event Organiser)

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