Lethbridge Rugby Club

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					Lethbridge Rugby Club:

Address:              3305 9th Ave North, Lethbridge, AB

Directions from Calgary:
   - Take the Number 2 highway out of Calgary (Deerfoot trail south and MacLeod Trail South both
       turn into this if you just head south out of the city on them).
   - Once you pass the town of Claresholm look for a turnoff for a small town called Granum. You
       are going to take this Left turn onto this highway and follow for approximately 45minutes.
   - You will come to a major intersection with a large stop sign. Take a right onto highway 24
       here. This will bring you right to the city of Lethbridge, AB.
   - Once past the Cooley (large valley), there will be a turn off to the left for 5th Ave and Scenic
       Drive South, follow this to the left but continue straight to stay on 5th Ave. Follow it straight
       for a while until you come to Mayor Magrath Drive; take a left (you should see a McDonalds on
       your right).
   - Follow to 9th Ave and take a right into the industrial portion of Lethbridge.
   - The clubhouse is on the left hand side.