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					Chapin High School

Information Packet
Dear FUTURE “Chapin Mighty Husky” Band Member

Let us first CONGRATULATE you on your success in your middle school band!! You
have been an important part of that band program and we are EXCITED about having
YOU as a new member in the “Chapin Mighty Husky” Band.

This packet will hopefully answer questions and provide information to you and your
parents about the CHS band program. Included in this packet are the following:

                         eIntroductory Letter from the Director

                                 eList of CHS activities

                                      eCHS Honors

                                eDates for Summer Band

                              e Frequently Asked Questions

Being in the band at Chapin provides you with so many unique and positive opportunities
and it’s a lot of fun! Take a few moments to check out all of the things listed on the next
page that YOU will get to do in the Chapin Band. It all starts with our MARCHING
BAND KICK-OFF from 4:00-5:00 on Thursday May 28, 2009 in the Chapin band room
where we introduce you to next year’s marching band show. Then we’ll see you again on
July 20, 2009 and continue through Friday August 21. We will take you step by step
through the marching basics and help you become familiar with marching band. All of
this will be with the current members of the band. Just think, by the first day of classes,
you will already know more than 120 people at Chapin High School!

The Chapin Band’s success is due to students like YOU!! Every year the incoming
freshmen have made the CHS band bigger and stronger. And this upcoming year will be
one of our BEST YEARS YET!

If you or your parents have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the
Chapin Band room at 832-6738.

We look forward to having YOU in the “CHAPIN MIGHTY HUSKY” BAND!!


Arturo Uribe                                                 Roman Lechuga
Director                                                     Director
   Look what you get to do in the
          Chapin Band!!!

           Summer Marching Band
         Football Game Performances
           Pep Rally Performances
         E.P.I.S.D. Marching Festival
            UIL Marching Contest
         NMSU Tournament of Bands
          Thanksgiving Day Parade
         U.T.E.P. Day of Percussion
      All Region Jazz Audition/Concert
      All Region Band Audition/Concert
             Area Band Audition
       All State Band Audition/Concert
               Holiday Concert
    E.P.I.S.D. Solo and Ensemble Festival
                   Jazz Band
        Jazz Band Pre-Contest Concert
            E.P.I.S.D. Jazz Festival
              Hanks Jazz Festival
     Various Winter Guard Competitions
          Annual NorthEaster Parade
     Concert Bands Pre-Contest Concert
       U.T.E.P. Concert Band Festival
E.P.I.S.D. Concert and Sight Reading Festival
          UIL Concert Band Contest
        Annual Band Trip out of town
                 Band Banquet
           Graduation Performance
                                     Important CHS Band Dates

       *Summer Band Camp*
       Monday, July 20, 2009 to Friday, August 21, 2009
The time for this camp is from 8:00am to 4:00pm. On the first day meet in the CHS
BAND ROOM. Please wear comfortable clothes (i.e. shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes;
NO FLIP-FLOPS OR SANDALS). Also, since it will be warm and sunny outside we
encourage you to wear a HAT, SUNGLASSES, and most importantly, SUNSCREEN.
Also bring a case of bottled water.

You will need your instrument at these rehearsals.

Remember, LUNCH IS ON YOUR OWN! You may stay in the band room if you plan to
bring your own lunch or you may want to join the many students who go out to eat but
please make sure you have your parent’s permission to do so!

      (Dates are tentative and subject to change)

June 20-July 17            Flags and Percussion                         8:00-4:00

         July 20-30        Full Band-Marching                           8:00-11:30
                           Full Band-Playing                            1:00-4:00

         July 31           Corp Camp                                    6PM-6PM

         August 3-7        Full Band-Marching                           8:00-11:30
                           Full Band-Playing                            1:00-4:00
         August 7          Band Movie!!!                                Time TBA

         August 10-13 Full Band-Marching                                8:00-11:30
                      Full Band-Playing                                 1:00-4:00

         August 14         Corp Camp                                    6PM-6PM

         Aug 17&18         Full Band                                    4:00-7:00

         Aug 20 & 21 Full Band-Marching                                 8:00-11:30
                     Full Band-Playing                                  1:00-4:00

         August 21         Swim Party @ Park Foothills!!!               Time TBA
         August 24         1st Day of School
**Please contact us at any time with questions, or concerns about the schedule at 832-6738.
Some Frequently Asked Questions About
the Chapin Band…

If I am in band, can I also do               Is there a Jazz Band at CHS?
                                                    YES! There is a Jazz Band at
YES! The band directors and the              Chapin. You must be involved in
coaches work well together to allow          marching band (Fall) and concert band
students the opportunity to participate in   (Spring) to participate in the Jazz Band.
both activities. You do not have to
choose one or the other. The greater         Does the CHS band take a trip in the
demand of time for drumline and flags        spring?
may make it necessary to choose one
over the other.                                      YES! The band takes an annual
                                             trip. Last year, the band traveled to
If I am in band, can I also belong to        Anaheim!! This year’s band trip is yet
other student clubs?                         to be determined. We fund-raise
                                             throughout the year to help students
       YES! In fact, most of the CHS         offset the cost of the trip. We encourage
band students belong to a second, and        everyone to go on the band trip.
sometimes third student club! We
encourage involvement!                       Can I take band all four years?

Do I have to audition for the CHS                   YES! You will need 26 credits
marching band?                               to graduate, but Band CAN COUNT as
                                             FINE ARTS, P.E., and an ELECTIVE!!
        NO! Everyone is welcome to           The counselors will help you plan out
participate in marching band                 your four years of classes to include
REGARDLESS OF YOUR PLAYING                   band.
ABILITY! You will be placed in the
band class for your instrument and there     Will being in band have a
is no specific chair order. Part             NEGATIVE effect on my other
assignments (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be          grades?
determined during summer band
practice.                                            NO. Passing your classes is of
                                             UTMOST IMPORTANCE in the CHS
After marching season, what                  band. At the beginning of the year, we
happens?                                     plan to set up PEER TUTORING to help
                                             you with ANY subject. It has been
        You will audition for Mr. Uribe      proven that staying in band helps
and Mr. Lechuga then be placed into one      MAINTAIN outstanding grades!
these two groups goes to contest in the
                                      NEEDFUL THINGS!
The following is a list of things you will need to purchase for the upcoming marching
season. They are listed in order of priority. You do not have to buy all of these items at
AUGUST 21. For more clarification, please call Mr. Uribe at 832-6738.
MARCHING SHOES – As soon as possible, you need to visit Capshaw-Olivas
                     Music Center and order your shoes. These are not
                     kept in stock and you must allow a few weeks for
                     your order to come in. You must have your shoes
                     by Friday August 21.
                     Order Showstopper Patent Leather (shiny) Marching
                  **you may want to go ahead and get your gloves and
                     maintenance items while you’re at the music store**

PHYSICAL               All students are required by district policy to undergo a physical by
                       a licensed physician prior to the first day of school. I would prefer
                       students complete this before attending Summer Band July 20. If
                       you do not have a family doctor or a clinic to visit for this physical,
                       the Trainer at Chapin has arranged physicals to be given at the
                       Texas Tech Clinic at 9849 Kenworthy on June 6 from 8am to 12pm
                       for Chapin students. The cost is $20.

BAND FEE          All students are required to pay a $150 band fee to help pay for the
                  costs of marching staff, corp camps, entry fees, food provided at
                  certain contests and special rehearsals or functions, equipment
                  trucks, props, and many other things used throughout the
                  marching season and school year. This fee is due by August 31.
                  The band and band boosters provide many fund-raising
                  opportunities throughout the summer so that students pay their
                  band fee without imposing upon their parents. The best fund-raiser
                  to participate in is the concessions at the El Paso Diablos which
                  begin in mid May and run all summer long. Many students pay
                  their entire band fee annually through this fund-raiser. For more
                  information about working call Patty Rees at 850-3088.
UNIFORM CLEANING FEE – The uniform cleaning fee must be paid by each band member
                        before they are issued a uniform. This is a one time per year
                        fee of $20 and is paid to the Chapin Band Boosters. We will
                        begin issuing uniforms on August 17 by grade level; seniors
                        first followed by juniors, sophomores, and finally freshmen.
                                  FROM THE MUSIC STORE
FLUTES – polishing cloth,tuning rod
CLARINETS – cleaning cloth, mouthpiece brush, 4 good reeds at all times!, reed guards
SAXES – polishing cloth, mouthpiece brush, 4 good reeds at all times!, reed guards
TRUMPETS – polishing cloth, valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, snake
FRENCH HORN - polishing cloth, rotor oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, snake
TROMBONES- polishing cloth, slide oil, tuning slide grease, mouthpiece brush, snake
BARITONES - polishing cloth, valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, snake
TUBAS - polishing cloth, valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush
                               FROM A DEPARTMENT STORE
BLACK SOCKS – You may need 2 or 3 pair before the season is over.

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