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                     Youth Rugby Parents and Players Meeting
                               November 11, 2009
I.     Welcome and Introduction to the Club – President Tony McKenzie

II.    Age Groups.

       U14 – 14 and Under. Must not turn 14 before 9/1/09. Mainly 7th and 8th grade.
       U12 – 12 and Under. Must not turn 12 before 9/1/09. Mainly 5th and 6th grade.
       U10 – 10 and Under. Must not turn 10 before 9/1/09. Mainly 3rd and 4th grade.
       U8 – 8 and Under. Must not turn 8 before 9/1/09. Mainly 1st and 2nd grade.

III.   Estimated Number of Players:

          U14 – 40-50
          U12 – 40-50
          U10 – 30-40
          U8 – 30-40

       Recruit your friends!

IV.    Playing Format:
       A. U14 – Northern California Junior High School Rugby Conference (7th and 8th
       Grades). Full U19 (High School) rugby laws. Registered teams:

         Bay Area                          Sacramento
         Danville                          Dixon
         Diablo                            Golden Eagles (Sierra Foothills)
         East Palo Alto                    Land Park
         Lamorinda                         Islanders
         Marin Highlanders                 Granite Bay
         Peninsula Seahawks                Oak Ridge Mother Lode
         Pleasanton (probably)             Rancho Cordova PAL
         SF Golden Gate                    West Roseville (95% sure)

       B. U12, U10, U8 – Lamorinda League and NorCal League. U12 – Tackle rugby
       with modified laws, size 4 ball. U10 – Begin with touch and/or flag rugby and
       transition to tackle, size 4 ball. U8 – Touch and/or flag rugby, size 3 ball.

       NorCal League Participants (Preliminary)

                                   U8               U10              U12
         Danville                                    x                x
         Islanders                                                    x
         Lamorinda                  x                x                x
         Land Park                                                    x
         Marin                      x                x                x
         Mission                                                      x
         Peninsula                  x                x                x
         SF Golden Gate             x                x                x
         Sierra Foothills                                             x
         Santa Clara                x                x                x

       C. Everyone will get plenty of playing opportunities, but everyone will not get to
          play all the time...

V.     Registration:
       On-line at Registration fee: U14 $230. U10 and U8 $185.
       Equipment not included.

VI.    Equipment
       Required: Jersey ($65), shorts ($25) socks ($10), cleats (no toe cleat), tee shirt
       (included) and mouthpiece. Same uniform as last year. Optional but Important!:
       Warm-ups (club’s are $57.50 for the top and $37.50 for the pants, but probably only
       fit U14 ages), gear bag ($35), beanies ($15). Rugby is a winter sport, so dress
       warmly, in layers! Synthetic materials are best. Optional: compression shorts and
       shirt, balls ($25).

VII.   Schedule (see attached)

VIII. Coaching Staff (Preliminary List):

       U14                 U12                        U10                  U8
       Mike Leksan      Joe Motta                  Craig Allan          Gary Hein
       Rand Chritton  Eric Jorgensen             David Leibowitz       Doug Pearson
       Larry Finney    Mike Giosso                Larry Huber           Chris King
       Steve Titus     Adam Perry                   Kuni Oh             Kevin Mein
       Alan Lowe      Eric Whitaker
       Graham Wiseman Jim Gallagher
       Pat Greening   Shawn Marlow

       We welcome new coaches! We will also have some assistance from High School,
       St. Mary’s and Cal players and the high school coaches.

IX.       Lamorinda Youth Rugby - General Principles and Features:

         Provides children with a safe and enjoyable introduction to the skills and tactical
          principles of the game of Rugby Union.
         Allows young Players to be introduced to skills at a pace appropriate for their ages
          and physical development.
         The essential feature of Rugby within the program is one of enjoyment. Irrespective
          of size, body shape or ability, Players are given the opportunity to reach their
          potential in a caring, fun and safe environment.
         Games provide the basic skills and understanding of set plays through the modified
          Scrum, Maul and Lineout situations.
         The desirable qualities of rugby-sportsmanship and fair play-are positively
          rewarded, with balanced emphasis on competition.
         At all times safety is a paramount consideration. The Laws of each level of the
          program have been specifically designed to foster a safe environment for both male
          and female Players, while they learn relevant skills.

      Parents, with your support, and that of the Lamorinda Rugby, we hope that in a very short
      period of time you will see your child’s coordination, confidence, self-esteem and social
      skills improve immensely. This will help to provide a good foundation of health, fitness
      and motor skills for future years.

X.        Lamo Organization and Volunteer Needs
          Coaching, administration, field prep, fundraising, video, hospitality, medical, photos,
          writing, tours…

XI.       Communication
          1. Web site:
          2. E-mail updates and newsletters – make sure we have your e-mail!
          3. Twitter (new this year)
          4. Hot line: 925-295-1043

XII.      Social Events
          1. Annual Fundraiser Bash: February 27, 2010.
          2. Parent Social at the Moraga Country Club: March 20, 2009.
          3. End of Season BBQ: TBA.

XIII. Rugby Resources (see attached)

XIV. Questions and Answers


A.        Schedule
B.        Rugby Resources
                                   RUGBY RESOURCES

General Information:
 International Rugby Board:
 IRB Sevens Home Page:
 USA Rugby:
 Play Rugby USA (Youth Rugby):
 England Rugby:
 South Africa Rugby:
 New Zealand Rugby:
 Australia Rugby:

 Setanta Sports (DirecTV):
 The Rugby Channel (MediaZone – Internet):
 Your Rugby Network:
 USA College Rugby:
 Dropkick Photos:

 Rugby Dirt:
 Rugby Magazine:
 Planet Rugby:
 Rugby for Dummies: available at and other sources.
 Rucking Rugby:
 Rugby Football History:

Purchase On-Line:
 Rugby Imports:
 Red Rhino Sports:
 Godek Rugby:
 American Rugby Outfitters:
 World Rugby Shop:
 Ball's Out Rugby:
 USA Rugby Shop:

Purchase Locally:
 Evolution Sports – Walnut Creek
 Soccer Post – Lafayette


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