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					                                   J.S.H.A.A. Rugby Rules

1.      Aims and Objectives
        1.1      To provide continuing enjoyment, participation and involvement in Rugby for all
                 young players.

        1.2      To provide progressive instruction and development in the basic skills (both individual
                 and team) tailored to the mental and physical abilities of the age group in question.

        1.3      To assist coaches in the correct teaching of these basic skills to every player by
                 bringing the game of Rugby within the capacity of a child to comprehend. The
                 reduction in the number of players produces both a greater involvement and
                 participation of the player in the game, a greater response to the coach and a better
                 understanding of the basic principles of the game.

2.      The Game

        2.1      Fundamentally, the laws of the game have not been changed, but to facilitate
                 progressive development of ‘learn-to-play, the following dispensations/modifications
                 have been made.

3.      Playing Conditions - Summary
        See attachment from NSWRU (Pathway Rugby Game Management Plan2003)

        #        1st XV Sections A and b play 2 x 25 minute halves, 5 minute break.

4.      Laws and Modifications Continued.
        4.1      RESTART OF PLAY
                 4.11  After a try, the game will be restarted by a drop kick on the referee’s whistle.

        4.2      ADVANTAGE RULE
                 4.21 The advantage rule must be observed and played to the fullest ( to prevent continual
                      stoppages and excessive scrumaging).

        4.3      PENALTIES / PLAYER SENT OFF
                 4.31  Penalties should be awarded for head-high tackles in all age groups to encourage
                       correct tackling techniques and eliminate dangerous play.
                 4.32  Players sent off will be suspended for a minimum of one week. (A one match
                       Suspension) - This is in keeping with C.A.S. and G.P.S. rules.

        4.4      Replacement / Substitution

                 Players may substitute at any time in accordance with the following procedure:

                 4.41     Following the scoring of a try players may interchange prior to the kick-off restart.
                 4.42     At other times during the match substitutions may be made when the ball is dead
                          and with the permission of the referee.
                 4.43     There is no limit to the number of times a player may substitute.
                 4.44     Playing numbers must be equal. Playing numbers must not exceed set limits.

5.      Dress

J.S.H.A.A. (N.S.W. Branch)                                                                                        1
                                     J.S.H.A.A. Rugby Rules

        5.1      DRESS
                 5.11  Students should wear the appropriate football uniform of the team they are
                 5.12  Boots must conform to the Laws of the game.
                 5.13  See also - 8.0   Safety - precautions.

6.      Equipment

        6.1      Recommended
                 6.11  Players should be strongly encouraged to wear approved head gear.

        6.2      Compulsory
                 6.21   Players must wear mouth guards.
                 6.22   Dental mouth guards are superior.

7.      Venues
        7.1      Ground Preparation
                 7.11    Sportsmasters should liaise with local councils, groundsmen and public utilities to
                         ensure all grounds are adequately marked, and free from obstructions, pot holes etc.
                 7.12    Padding must be on goal posts.

        7.2      See also ‘J.S.H.A.A. Venue List’

8.      Safety
        8.1      Prevention
                 8.11     RUGBY BOOTS - Safety Standards
                          i)   Many schools have a strong preference for good quality rubber
                               studs. These must conform to the ‘British Standard BS 6366 1983’.
                               Plastic and Nylon studs are not acceptable. Aluminium studs
                               conform but require careful and regular monitoring by
                               coaches and parents if they are used.
                          ii)  Studs should be contructed from Rubber or Aluminium.
                               NO PART of any stud can be made of nylon or plastic.

                 8.12        Players should be encouraged to warm-up, before they take an active part in
                             the game.

        8.2      Injuries
                 8.21     If a front row player is sent off, in the interests of safety the referee will ask
                          whether his team has another suitable player. Furthermore if a team cannot
                          provide suitable players the game will continue with uncontested scrums.
                           i.e. teams do not compete for the ball, team feeding must win.
                 8.22     Coaches should not allow players to return to play after injury until the injury
                          has healed. ( N.B. Concussion rule.).
                 8.23     A well equipped medical kit must be available at each venue.
                 8.24     Ice should be available for the treatment of injuries.

        8.4      Blood Bin
                 8.41    A player who has an open or bleeding wound must leave the playing area. He
                         must not return until the bleeding is controlled and the wound has been covered.
                 8.42    He may be temporarily replaced. There is no time limit for his absence from
                         the match.
                 8.43    A player must not rejoin the match until the referee permits him to return.

J.S.H.A.A. (N.S.W. Branch)                                                                                      2
                                   J.S.H.A.A. Rugby Rules

9.      Officials
        9.1      Referees / Umpires
                 9.11    All persons selected to referee J.S.H.A.A. Inter-school Rugby matches should be
                         properly qualified referees. It is the responsibility of the ‘home school’ to
                         monitor these appointments. It is quite possible that failure to adhere to this practice
                         could lead to litigation from affected parties in the event of serious injury resulting
                         from negligence or incompetence.
                 9.12    All persons responsible for coaching and/or refereeing a Rugby team must
                         be properly acquainted with the rules pertaining to the game as played
                         at that team’s Level. ‘Coaching courses’ are organised from time to time to
                         assist persons responsible for coaching Rugby.
                 9.13    In the event of serious instances of poor refereeing, a report should be made
                         by the appropriate coach, as soon as possible after the game, to the
                         Sportsmaster / Headmaster of his own school. Communication between
                         schools on these matters is the prerogative of the Head, and individual
                         coaches should not act contrary to this Instruction, except in the respect of
                         discussion directly with the referee after the game, or with the opposition
                         coach (always keeping in mind the ‘spirit of the game as played by J.S.H.A.A.
                 9.14    Referees should attempt to talk first and play advantage BEFORE whistling.

        9.2      Coaches
                 9.21    For the Under 9 age group, coaches should be allowed on the field
                         for a maximum of the first half of the season.

        9.3      Referees and Coaches have a responsibility to ensure that the laws relating to safety
                 are enforced. Regular checks should form part of the coaching session to heighten
                 awareness by the children and monitor the condition of the studs in use. Players
                 are expected to use ONLY ‘Safe Studs’.

10.     Spectators
        10.1     Schools should regularly remind their families of the following ...

                 10.11    The need to be positive and restrained in supporting teams.

                 10.12    The referee is the sole arbiter of the game.

                 10.13    That spectators are not to intimidate boys, coaches or referees by comments,
                          criticism or instructions from the sideline. Coaches could be asked to ‘gently’
                          restrain over-exuberant spectators from their school. These requests are
                          intended to preserve ‘the spirit of the J.S.H.A.A. games’.

        10.2     It could be helpful for schools to issue to their families a brief summary of the Under 19
                 Laws and, where appropriate, Mini Rugby Laws.

        10.3     Spectators should be informed to keep well back from the sideline during play.

        10.4     Spectators are not allowed onto the field at any time during a match, including the
                 half time break.

11.     Definitions of Terms

12.     Under 19 Rugby Laws                 -         See Law Book.

J.S.H.A.A. (N.S.W. Branch)                                                                                          3
                              J.S.H.A.A. Rugby Rules

13.     Parent Body Contact

                 N.S.W. Rugby Union Ltd.
                 Locked Bag 1222 Concord NSW 2137
                 Concord Oval Loftus St. Concord 2137
                 Phone (02) 9747 2400

14.     Additional Notes Attached

        This document is to be read in conjunction with the Laws of Rugby Union,
        the Sydney Junior Rugby Union Pathway and the Australian Rugby Pathway
        Information Handbooks.

        The NSWRU in a letter from the General Manager, Patrick Wilson, dated
        24/11/2003 have advised the JSHAA that:
        “ NSWRU understands that the JSHAA requests playing U/19 law for U/11 Div A
        with a 1m push in the scrum and the No 8 cannot pick up the ball. In response, the
        NSWRU respectively requests that the JSHAA call this ‘game’ Midi Rugby.
        The NSWRU would be comfortable for JSHAA to modify its local rules to
        accommodate the following law modifications:
            • The taking of penalty goals
            • The scrum half to have all the options available to him subject to the match
               being played between 15 players. If teams are matched down then scrum
               half should have pass only option to encourage player participation.
        This compromise would allow the JSHAA U/11 A division to play the game stated
        in your letter but ensure the NSWRU proposed model is being played Sydney wide.”

J.S.H.A.A. (N.S.W. Branch)                                                               4

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