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					                                                  Job Description

Job Title:                                                       Organisation/Department/Unit:
Club Administrator
Current Position Holder:                                         Reports to:
                                                                 Club Chairperson / Club Rugby Manager
Location:                                                        FTE:
                                                                 Fixed Term


    Assist in building strong, healthy relationships with all stakeholders within the insert name
    Rugby Club, through the provision of advice, guidance, planning support and the development
    of strong club/school relationships in order to strengthen rugby within the community.

Accountability Statements
Working                           Establish and maintain effective and efficient communication links with
Relationships                      players, coaches, schools to develop, distribute, and educate on strategies
                                   and ‘best practice’ that assist the insert name         Club.
                                  Assist to develop strong relationships between key personnel.
                                  Assist with ensuring insert name          Club has sound financial management
                                   practices in place and provide hands on support where required.
                                  Ensure that the insert name          Club is aware of the funding opportunities
                                   available to them and the application requirements.
                                  Ensure awareness of services and support available through Regional
                                   Sports Trusts.
                                  Develop initiatives to promote the insert name        Club as the focal point for
                                   the community.
                                  Provide effective lobbying support and representation for club/school
                                   interests in appropriate forums.
                                  Provide information to support full database of administrative and
                                   management personnel within the club and local schools including
                                   development of a resource register within the club.
Planning and                      Develop a succession plan for club volunteers, coaches, players that
Process Support                    identifies, recruits and trains potential candidates.
                                  Provide regular feedback to the Executive committee against key
                                  Create closer link with local schools.
                                  Assist with the facilitation of a planning process that ensures that insert
                                   name         Rugby Club has a workable development plan with a view to
                                   establishing a three year plan and annual action plans.
                                  Encourage the development and implementation of IT strategies and
                                   resources at club level, including
                                  Establish the specific development and administrative requirements for the
                                   club and schools in the area and provide a needs analysis.
                                  Work to develop and deliver practicable strategies to support the growth of
                                   the game in the community.
                                  Ensure proactive low-level, feasible solutions are provided to correct

Job Description – (Position)                                                                              Date
                                   immediate problems..
                                  Ensure that insert name            Rugby Club is party to, and observes the
                                   requirements of, the club agreement.
                                  Further the professional development of club players, coaches, volunteers
                                   through the provision of appropriate courses or forums.
                                  Develop a volunteer reward/recognition programme.

Other                             Undertake other reasonable duties to meet team and/or organisation

Reporting Relationships:

This job’s immediate Manager
reports to:

This job reports to:                                Club Rugby Manager

Authorities / Dimensions of the job:

Reporting and Performance Review information (recommendation only)
Reporting                         Report to insert name Rugby Club executive monthly and PU quarterly.
Performance                       Six monthly written performance appraisal
                                  Annual written performance appraisal

Job Description – (Position)                                                                         Date

External                                                     Internal
     New Zealand Rugby Union                                   All insert provincial union Staff
     insert provincial union Rugby Referees                    insert provincial union Board
      Association                                               insert provincial union Rugby Services
     Other provincial unions                                    Board
     Schools                                                   insert provincial union rugby clubs
     Regional Sports Trusts                                    insert provincial union REO
     Funding providers
     Media
     insert provincial union sponsors
     SPARC NZ

                                              PERSON PROFILE

Competencies / Attributes:
     An interest in, and knowledge of, rugby in general and within the region.
     Knowledge or understanding of the education sector.
     Have basic accounting/numeracy skills and experience and an appropriate level of IT
     Experience in speaking to and leading groups of people in either a public speaking or work
      group situation.
     Be able to display sufficient organisational skills to manage and implement a range of different
      processes across various sectors.
     The ability to work with a range of different people including coaches, players, teachers,
      volunteers and professionals.
     The ability to meet strict reporting and organisational deadlines and work in pressure

Qualifications and Experience:
                                  Preferably a tertiary qualification in the area of business, sports
and Experience
                                   management or education.
                                  Experience as a sports volunteer, preferably with a rugby club background,
                                   possible with involvement in strategic planning and financial management.

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Job Description – (Position)                                                                        Date

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