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                                                              Club House
                                                              East Street
                                                              Blandford Forum
                                                              Dorset DT11 7DX

        Chairman                  President                     Secretary
      Mr J Frampton              Mr B Burrows                   Mrs L Haim

               Season 2009 - 2010 BRFC Membership Application

Welcome to Blandford Rugby Football Club.

BRFC was founded over 25 years ago, to provide playing and socialising facilities to
residents of Blandford and surrounding areas. The club operates as a self financing
organisation and has large overheads in the form of pitch/changing facility and Club
House rates. Day to day running costs are met largely by sponsorship and profits
from the Club Bar, however club membership provides an important revenue stream,
making a complimentary income that is required for the club to continue to survive
and grow.
  All BRFC members are able to enjoy the benefit of a good social atmosphere in the
enviable and conveniently positioned and recently refurbished, Town centre located
Club House. BRFC players of all ability levels are able to take part in regular 1st &
2nd team senior or Mini’s/Youth fixtures. Vice Presidents of BRFC are eligible to
apply for the clubs allocation of International Match Tickets and are invited to pre-
match meals before “Key Home Fixtures”.
In an effort to provide more choice and flexibility, BRFC are this year operating
a 'Standing Order' method of payment to its Playing and VP members. The
Playing members and Playing-Family members options are for £10 per month
for 12 months and includes both membership and match fees for the
year/season. The VP's option is for a discretionary amount (minimum £5 per
month) for 12 months.
We are pleased to confirm that membership costs have been held for the
forthcoming year. Membership runs for one year from 1st September and renewals
are required to be paid by 1st October.
Thank you for wanting to be part of Blandford Rugby Football Club. In order to enjoy
its benefits please complete the membership form on the reverse of this form, then
post it or hand in, along with associated payment or completed Standing order form
at the Club House. Alternatively pass your completed application and payment on to
any Committee member (payment associated with unsuccessful applications will be
refunded). Donations additional to the subscriptions are welcome.
Yours sincerely
 Mo Mitchell
Membership Secretary
Please print this form, complete and return to Mrs L Haim


  New Member                           Proposed by:
                                       (All new Members MUST be proposed by an existing Club Member)

  Surname:                                                   Christian Name(s):

  Additional Members:
  (For Family Membership please include all family names)


  Telephone: Home                                                   Mobile:                                     Work:

  e-mail address:

Membership Applied For (please tick):
  Vice President:                    (£50)     Player:                (£35)       Single Social:              (£20)        Player/Family                  (£40)
  Non Player/Family                    (£30)      Family being 2 adults and all children under the age of 18 at the same address

(Player, Playing Family, Non Player/family or VP's wishing to pay by Standing Order please complete for below and write S/O in against
"Sum Enclosed")

  Sum Enclosed:                  £                                   Signed                                                   Date:

  Application Approval (All applications to be approved by Club Secretary Approved: Yes/No

  Signed                                                                                                (Membership Secretary)

  Please note ALL applications for club membership MUST be approved by the Club Secretary. BRFC retain the
  right to reject any application for Club Membership.

  To:                                                    Bank                                                                      STANDING ORDER MANDATE
  Postal Address

                          Bank                           Branch Title (not address)                                                        Sort Code Number

  Please pay              HSBC Bank                      BLANDFORD                                                                         40:12:18

                          Beneficiary’s Name                                                   Account Number                              Quoting Reference
  for the credit of       BLANDFORD RFC

                          Amount                         Amount in words

  the sum of

                          Date of first payment             and      Due date and                         until                Date of last payment                and debit
                                                          thereaf    frequency                           further                                                    my/our
  commencing                                                ter                                         notice in                                                   account
                                                           every                                        writing or                                                accordingly

  ORDER/DIRECT DEBIT MANDATES IN FAVOUR OF                                NUMBER
                                                                                                   Account to be debited              Account Number

  Special Instructions

  Signature(s):                                                                                      Date:

  Banks may decide to accept Instructions to change Standing orders to certain types of account other than Current Accounts

  NOTE: The Bank will not undertake to
  a) make any reference to Value Added Tax or pay a stated sum plus V.A.T., or indeterminate element.
  b) advise remitter’s address to beneficiary
  c) advise beneficiary of inability to pay
  d) request beneficiary’s banker to advise beneficiary of receipt
  e) accept instructions to pay as soon after the specified date as there are funds to meet payment, if funds are not available on specified date.

  Payments may take 3 working days or more to reach the beneficiary’s account. Your branch can give further details.

  Please arrange to forward details of the direct debit to your Bank.

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