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									         The World Wide Experience
Around the World
Rack of Mexican Ribs or Rack of Spare Ribs
                                                                 Mixed Meat Mediterranean Fruit Salad
                                                                 Chicken or Honey Baked Ham or Ham & Cheese
                                                                                                                                     Bar Meal Menu
Pork Tikka or Pork Pineapple Chinese Curry
Pork Korma
Chicken Tikka, Chicken Korma or Chicken Vindaloo
                                                                 Mixed Seafood
                                                                 Roast Beef
                                                                 Poached Salmon or Peppered Chicken
                                                                                                                                     Butler’s Restaurant
Chicken Madras or Chicken Balti                         £10.30   Garlic King Prawns                                         £11.50
Beef Tikka, Beef Korma, Beef vindaloo or Beef Madras    £10.30   Chilli Beef Salad                                          £10.80
Lamb Rogan Josh                                         £10.30   Lobster Salad                                              £25.00
King Prawn Chinese Curry                                £11.30   Fresh Crab Salad                                           £14.50
Cantonese Style Sizzling Beef                           £11.30   Greek Salad                                                £9.95
Blackened Cajun Chicken                                 £11.30
Beef in Barbeque Sauce                                  £10.50                        Healthy Eating
African Meat Karanga                                    £10.95
Turkey Vindaloo, Balti, Korma or Tikka                  £10.30   Tagliatelle with Wild mushrooms          217cal/3.5g Fat   £11.20
Sizzling King Prawns (Onions, Ginger, Oyster)           £12.95   Turkey Chilli Pasta                      247cal/1.8g Fat   £10.50
Sizzling Beef Szechuan Style Stir fry (Vegetables)      £11.50   Leek & Courgette Dhansak                 302cal/3.0g Fat   £10.50
Barbeque Chicken                                        £10.95   Grilled Lemon Sole with Dill Sauce       253cal/3.7g Fat   £14.90
Cantonese Chicken                                       £19.95   Sticky Ginger Chicken                    154cal/3.8g Fat   £10.80
Chilli-con-Carne                                        £9.95    Stuffed Breast of Chicken, King Prawns   278cal/3.1g Fat   £11.20
Chicken Changa                                          £11.95   Pork Saltimbocca, Tomato & Lemon Sauce   178cal/5.7g Fat   £10.80

                   The Hot Wok
Beef in Oyster Sauce or Beef in Cashew Nuts             £10.95                         Exotic Eating
Beef in black Bean sauce
Beef with Ginger Pineapple or Beef with Spring Onions
Beef with Teriyaki Sauce
                                                                 Thai King Prawns in Red Curry Sauce
                                                                 Thai Green Fish Curry
                                                                 Burmese Chicken Curry
                                                                                                                                               At the
Beef in Hoisin Sauce                                    £10.60   Malaysia Beef Satay                                        £10.60
Chicken in Oyster Sauce                                 £10.50   Malaysia Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots                  £10.60
Chicken, King Prawns and Cashew Nuts                    £12.50   Indonesia Tamarind Pork Balinese Style                     £10.60
Chicken with Water Chestnuts in Yellow Bean sauce       £10.50   Indonesia Prawn Sambal with Coconut Milk                   £11.95
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce or Lemon Sauce            £10.50   Sri Lanka Red Pork Curry                                   £11.60
Chicken with Szechuan Sauce                             £10.50   Rice with Lobster Pakistani Style                          £25.00
Chicken with Onions and Baby Sweetcorn                  £10.50
Chicken with Onions and Green Peppers                   £10.50                       The Gut Buster
Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce                             £10.50   200oz Rump Steak (1 Days Notice Required Please)           £95.00
Pork with Onions and Green Pepers                       £10.50   Henry 8th Chicken                                          £14.95
Pork with Chestnuts                                     £11.50   Farm Yard Duck & Orange Sauce                              £20.95
Pork with Pineapple                                     £10.50   Fat Lads Breakfast                                         £19.95
Pork with Black Beans                                   £10.50   Deep Fried Fillet of Giant Cod, Bread & Butter             £13.60

Pork with Szechuan                                      £10.50   Sutton Special Grill                                       £19.95
Sweet & Sour King Prawns                                £12.95   32oz Rumo Steak                                            £25.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken                                    £10.50
Sweet & Sour Fish                                       £10.50                 SUNDAY LUNCH SERVED ALL DAY
Sweet & Sour Pork                                       £10.50                          FROM £5.95
King Prawns in Oyster Sauce
King Prawns with Cashew Nuts or Spring Onions
                                                                                 RESTURANT 3 COURSE MEAL
                                                                                                                                       Stockton - on - Tees
King Prawns in Satay Sauce                              £11.50
King Prawns Peking Sauce                                £12.95
Duck in Oyster Sauce                                    £11.95              CHEF’S LUNCHTIME HOME COOKING
Duck with Cashew Nuts                                   £11.95                           £4.95
Peking Duck                                             £12.50
Assorted Seafood and Ginger
Special Fried Rice
Fillet of Pork, lemon & Honey Coriander Noodles
                                                                   We cater for Weddings, Conferences, Christenings, Seminars,
                                                                          Private Parties, Retirements, Divorce Parties               Tel: 01642 582350
Lambs Liver with three Bean Sauce                       £12.50
                                                                                 Special Menus to meet your budget
King Prawn Chow Mein                                    £11.50
Beef Chow Mein or Pork Chow Mein                        £10.50
Sizzling King Prawns, Ginger & Spring Onions
Sizzling King Prawns, Black Bean Chilli
                                                                           As all meals are prepared from Fresh Produce
                                                                           in busy periods waiting time may be expected
Sizzling Monkfish, Chilli & Teriyaki Onions             £12.60

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