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					                           SUPERIOR BULK LOGISTICS, INC.

                                   D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 8 N E W S Q U A R T E R LY

Disaster Recovery at SBL, Part Two
By Steve Lowman
Southern Region Operations Manager

     Hurricanes are a part of life for those who live along the Gulf Coast, and today’s weather
technology allows more time to prepare for these storms. But it’s difficult to imagine how the
Southern Region could have prepared for the onslaught of the natural disasters we faced in
September – events that once again tested our resilience and commitment to customer service.
     In the sweltering last days of August, Hurricane Gustav tracked nearer to the Louisiana
coast, and memories of the devastating floods of Hurricane Katrina were on everyone’s minds.
On Monday, September 1, Hurricane Gustav made landfall just west of New Orleans, with winds
of 110 mph. Superior Carriers’ St. Gabriel terminal, twenty miles southeast of Baton Rouge, is
about ninety miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Ordinarily an area that far inland would
escape the brunt of a hurricane, and only get heavy wind and rains. What the Baton Rouge area
experienced was far from that. It was subjected to sustained winds in excess of 75 mph causing
major damage, and power outages so widespread that grocery stores
and service stations were without electricity for several weeks, resulting
in shortages of food, water, and gas to run generators.
     On Wednesday, September 3, all operational control of the St.
Gabriel terminal was transferred to the Lake Charles (Sulphur), LA
terminal, managed by Lester Richard. Southern Region Vice President
Brian Nowak issued an urgent update, stating: “In St. Gabriel, neither
our terminal nor equipment sustained damage, but the problem is
loss of electrical power for the entire Baton Rouge, LA region. Our
customers in the area are without communication . . . Although New
Orleans was basically spared, this was the worst storm damage folks
alive can remember 80 miles north in Baton Rouge. Major tree damage
is blocking many roads and limiting traffic, but the major problem is the
raw summer heat in the deep south with no air conditioning relief.”
     As the Sulphur terminal assessed the St. Gabriel terminal’s
employees, contractors, customers, buildings and equipment, good
news emerged: there were no serious injuries to members of the
Superior family. While many employees in the St. Gabriel area exper-
ienced varying degrees of property damage, there were no massive
losses such as those caused by Hurricane Katrina. Once all employees
were accounted for, the central issue remained the loss of power and
lack of water, food and gas. Government officials estimated it would
be up to a month before power was restored in the Baton Rouge area, Aptly named “Chaos” carnival ride
and possibly longer in outlying areas.                                      and Ferris wheel on the hard-hit Kemah
                                                                              Boardwalk, ten miles south of the
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          On Friday, September 5, personnel from the             as the point of landfall, it was too late to begin
     Houston Terminal collected and transported food,            the massive evacuations that characterized
     water, ice, batteries, gasoline, and tarps to St. Gabriel   Hurricane Rita.
     terminal employees. Terminal Manager Tonya Babin                 On Thursday, September 11, those along the
     expressed her thanks, acknowledging that “these             coast and in the Houston terminal area were told to
     relief supplies were much needed and appreciated            evacuate in preparation for landfall. Operational
     by everyone.” Fortunately, restoration of power in          control of the Houston terminal, managed by Larry
     the Baton Rouge area proceeded more quickly than            Bezet, was transferred to the Sulphur terminal. Once
     anticipated, and the St. Gabriel terminal resumed           again, Sulphur employees were more than willing to
     operations on Wednesday, September 10th.                    step up. However, the next morning, evacuations
                                                                 were ordered for the southwest Louisiana coast,
     Hurricane Ike Builds Momentum                               including the Sulphur/Lake Charles area. The St.
          While our efforts were focused on helping our          Gabriel terminal had just had power and communi-
     neighbors in Louisiana, little regional or national         cations restored two days prior when they willingly
     attention was being paid to a growing storm in the          accepted operational control of both Houston and
     Atlantic. On September 1, Tropical Storm Ike formed         Sulphur terminals.
     in the eastern Atlantic. Few knew that within a                  Tensions ran high as the Department of
     week, the southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana           Homeland Security announced that Hurricane Ike
     gulf coasts would be the target of an enormous              would have a national impact. Just prior to landfall,
     Category 3 hurricane.                                       it was anticipated to be the “worst case scenario” for
          Early in the second week of September, it              the Houston/Galveston area. Fortunately the track of
     appeared that Hurricane Ike would make landfall in          the storm shifted ever so slightly north. The eye of
     far south Texas or northern Mexico. At this point           the storm — rather than the northeast quadrant,
22   many people felt that the Houston area was “out of          which is known to be the worst – passed directly
     the woods”. However, on September 9, hurricane              over the area. Winds blew in excess of 100 mph and
     models began shifting the storm further to the north        a storm surge reached 15-20 feet along the coast and
                                                                 in Galveston Bay.
                                                                      At the height of the storm and recovery period,
                                                                 there were as many as three million homes and
                                                                 businesses without power in the Houston/Galveston
                                                                 area. Fortunately the storm surge spared most
                                                                 Houston employees and contractors, as well as the
                                                                 Houston terminal, from extensive damage and flooding.
                                                                 In addition, the underground design of Houston’s
                                                                 electrical grids and infrastructure contributed to a
                                                                 relatively short recovery period. The Houston terminal
                                                                 had power restored within a week of the storm’s
                                                                      Two months after experiencing two major hurri-
     A Galveston house surrounded by debris washed               canes, life is returning to normal along the Louisiana
     inland by a storm surge.
                                                                 and Texas gulf coasts. As of this writing, distribution
     with each update. The huge size of the storm                patterns are still somewhat disrupted, but the
     became frighteningly apparent: 600 miles across,            dedication and commitment to our customers have
     with hurricane-force winds (75+mph) extending out           allowed Superior Carriers to prevail. As at the beginning
     over 300 miles. Forecasters predicted Ike would be a        of the storms, Logistic Operations in Oak Brook, IL
     Category 3 storm with a storm surge similar to that         continues to be heavily involved in coordinating
     of a Category 5. The hurricane quickly gained force.        customer and driver needs with terminals in all
     By the time the Houston/Galveston area was identified       affected areas.
                                                             When asked about our company’s disaster
                                                        recovery response, Brian Nowak commented:
                                                        “Teamwork saved the day as these three terminals
                                                        tirelessly fielded calls for one another. Managers
                                                        reassured all drivers that things were under control,
                                                        even though ‘Operational Command’ changed some-
                                                        times daily. We did an effective job because there was
                                                        no authority confusion. The stories of managers and
                                                        employees putting work first in an effort to provide
                                                        assistance and communication are truly inspiring.”
                                                             As noted in the last issue of the Driving Force,
                                                        our most extraordinary and compassionate responses
                                                        to natural disasters are rarely documented. We thank
                                                        all of our day-to-day heroes – recognized or not —
                                                        who in a great spirit of teamwork managed to keep
                                                        us SUPERIOR under the most difficult situations
                                                        imaginable. L
Horse grazes in pasture flooded by a storm surge
on Bolivar Peninsula north of Galveston.

                                      Holiday Greetings!
                                       I am certainly pleased to be able to extend my
                                        warmest wishes to you and your families for
                                       a wonderful holiday season. The holidays tend to
                                        recall many treasured memories of days gone by.
                                           I hope this season only adds to those memories
                                   in the future.
                                   Our country and our organization have been through
                                        some extraordinary events this year. Yet, we continue
                                         to be strong when we all pull together. As we look
                                          forward into 2009, let us all think of it as a new
                                             beginning and a new opportunity. God bless
                                               all of you, and may God continue to bless
                                                our organization.

                                              Len F. Fletcher

                                                                                 BULK LOGISTICS, INC.

                                                                                  711 Jorie Boulevard

                                                                                     Suite 101 North

                                                                                  Oak Brook, IL 60523

                                                                                      630 573 2555
     How Recruiting Top Logistics Students Pays Off for Everyone
     By Gail Jones Hansen
          Behind any great company are dedicated teams           through the interview process.”
     of people making it all happen, forging the relation-            One GSU graduate, Houston, TX Terminal
     ships and business processes so critical for success.       Dispatcher Justin Elswick, was hired by Superior
     In our industry, one way to acquire this valuable           in April 2007 and clearly finds his work rewarding.
     “human capital” is to hire motivated young people           “Superior is a great company and I love the work and
     straight out of university logistics programs.              the opportunity to meet new people,” he commented.
          The practice is not new to Superior. In the mid-90’s,  “Everyone goes out of their way to help you, and
     taking our cue from our customers, SBL recruited top-       they have a lot of knowledge to share. It’s a close-
     performing students from premier logistics programs         knit team environment and I’m happy just to be
     at the University of Tennessee and Ohio State               learning something new every day, from office per-
     University. With the new millennium, we                                  sonnel as well as from the drivers them-
     also successfully recruited new finance                                  selves, who give you the perspective of
     graduates from universities close to                                     the road.”
     our Oak Brook corporate office.                                              When he was a sophomore
          Today, SBL’s recruitment efforts                                    Information Technology major, Elswick
     focus on Georgia Southern University                                     met Nowak and Davis at a GSU Career
     (GSU) in Statesboro, a Carnegie                                          Fair. “They made the logistics industry
     Doctoral-Research University offering                                    seem more interesting than IT, and so I
     undergraduate and graduate level studies.                                decided to minor in logistics with the
44   GSU’s logistics program emphasizes                                       goal of working in the transportation
     practical learning and career prepara-                                   industry,” Elswick recalled. “At GSU I
     tion. Each year Southern Region VP                                       had many classes with Dr. Manrodt, who
                                                  Houston Terminal
     Brian Nowak and Regional Operations Dispatcher Justin Elswick taught me a lot about domestic and inter-
     Manager Russell (Rusty) Davis attend                                     national logistics. He always encouraged
     GSU’s Expo Career Fair to scout the best and brightest      kids to go to Career Fairs and get connected with
     logistics students.                                         companies who could be potential employers.”
          One of the most ardent champions and drivers of             Houston Terminal Manager Larry Bezet works
     GSU’s Logistics Program is Dr. Karl Manrodt, Associate      closely with Elswick every day and states that “he’s
     Professor of Logistics, formerly with the University        doing a fantastic job. He hit the ground running and
     of Tennessee. Dr. Manrodt’s self-described classroom        is always eager to learn our system. Justin has an out-
     approach is that of a “manager,” providing students         going personality and is well liked by our drivers.”
     with essential information but allowing them to dem-             Over the years, numerous other GSU logistics
     onstrate the initiative to manage their time and get the    students also have joined Superior’s ranks. Nowak
     job done. “My goal is to prepare students to be con-        and Davis have become more heavily involved with
     tinual learners by immersing them in a classroom            the Georgia Southern Logistics Association, speaking
     environment which simulates the work environment            to students about logistics topics that affect our
     they will soon enter,” Manrodt stated.                      industry as well as the students’ career decisions.
          Nowak is enthusiastic about the GSU program.           “These students are the traffic managers of tomorrow,
     “Dr. Manrodt and staff do a great job in recruiting         and Superior has a vested interest in supporting
     companies to attend the Logistics Career Fair. At the       their development,” commented Nowak. SBL looks
     dinner held prior to each Fair, we exchange ideas           forward to further opportunities to engage with uni-
     and anecdotes with GSU faculty and other logistics          versities whose programs produce students interested
     managers.” Davis added: “We also participate in several     in logistics, and the lifelong learning those careers
     support programs, including mock interviews in              entail. L
     which Superior and other companies coach students
                News In Brief

     Among Procter & Gamble’s 80,000 global suppliers,    life, manage our costs and improve productivity.
Superior Bulk Logistics was one of several dozen          With the current global economic uncertainty,
who earned a 2008 Logistics Supplier Excellence           strong relationships with suppliers are more impor-
Award for performing consistently at high levels          tant than ever to achieving P&G’s sustainability goals
within the company’s internal supplier performance        and supporting the company’s growth today and
management system. SBL was the only bulk truck            going forward.”
carrier so honored.                                             In the same news release, P&G Vice President
     In early October, P&G hosted 350 of its top          of Global Purchases Rick Hughes commented on the
global suppliers in Cincinnati, Ohio at a Supplier        collaborative nature of their business processes. “In
Summit. The meeting addressed the suppliers’ “con-        return for our suppliers’ contributions, we want
tinued collaboration with P&G for a sustainable           them to also understand that P&G is equally com-
future and to honor top performing suppliers.” P&G’s      mitted to their success. We work towards that goal
Chairman and CEO A. G. Lafley was the keynote             every day but we also had a desire to bring together     5
speaker at the conference. SBL President and CEO          our top suppliers to illustrate our commitment and
Len Fletcher, Chief Marketing Officer Gary Watt, and      emphasize P&G’s collaboration going forward.”
Executive VP Sales Wes Stone attended the conference            Numerous terminals throughout the Superior
and accepted the award on behalf of our company. Watt     network contributed to this award, illustrating on a
commented that he was impressed with the organi-          daily basis the above-mentioned collaboration that
zation and content of the event, and very appreciative    is critical to our mutual success. We commend all
of the business relationship SBL shares with P&G.         personnel who worked hard throughout the past
     In a statement released by P&G, Global Product       year to meet the often challenging requirements
Supply Officer Keith Harrison explained: “Our suppliers   of this valued customer. L
are critical partners in helping us bring innovation to

Attending P&G’s Supplier Award Presentation, left to right: P&G Director MDO-PS, Purchases Global Logistics
Jet Antonio, SBL President and CEO Len Fletcher, P&G Associate Director, Purchases NA Logistics Rahquel
Purcell, SPCR Executive VP, Sales Wes Stone, SBL SVP & Chief Marketing Officer Gary Watt, P&G Purchasing
Associate, NA Logistics Bulk Scott Baker, P&G Director Product Supply Operations NA MDO Billy Boykins,
P&G Global VP Product Supply Yannis Skoufalos
                                                                                   Superior Carriers News
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     Superior Carriers News
     continued from page 5

          Kudos to Superior’s Westville, IN terminal team,
     which delivered an emergency load from AOC Resins
     in Valparaiso, IN to the Strongwell Company in
     Bristol, WV on October 27th, more than 24 hours
     ahead of its scheduled delivery time. The terminal’s
     quick response kept the Strongwell plant from shutting
     down. AOC Plant Manager Craig Juel forwarded his
     thanks to our team, along with AOC’s Reagan Stephens,
     who wrote: “Customer retention is the game right
     now, and no better way to earn it than going above
     and beyond the call of duty. My sincere thanks and
     appreciation to you and your crew.” We extend a
     special commendation to dispatcher Georgia
     Thompson and driver Roger Patla for their efforts.          Retiring Greer Terminal Driver Lee Rumple
          A dozen years ago in July 1996, Superior               and his wife Nancy
     Carriers had what turned out to be a pivotal month
                                                                     We extend our best wishes to Superior Carriers’
     for hiring certified driver trainers. Three of our finest
                                                                 Greer, SC Terminal driver Lee Rumple, who retired
     trainers – Dennis Fisher (Markham, IL terminal),
                                                                 on November 11 after 19 years of outstanding service
     Eimo Norder (Kankakee, IL terminal) and Mark Leino
                                                                 to our company. Superior Carriers President Bill
     (Auburn, ME terminal) – were hired that month and
                                                                 O’Donnell, Southern Region VP Brian Nowak, and
     are each celebrating twelve years of service. Way to go!
                                                                 Greer Terminal Manager Phil Henderson were on
          On October 25, our longtime customer BASF
                                                                 hand to congratulate Lee at his retirement send-off.
     hosted a Community Open House, which according
                                                                 Lee and his wife Nancy live in Wilmington, NC, and
     to Site Logistics Manager Sharon Farmer “showed
                                                                 are looking forward to spending time with their
     our neighbors and business partners what we’re all
66                                                               children and grandchildren.
     about.” Greer, SC Terminal Manager Phil Henderson
     coordinated efforts to provide a truck, trailer and             For years Superior Carriers VP-National Accounts
     driver for static display, giving the kids in attendance    Dan Sommers has passed along to us news of Drew/
     an opportunity to check out a “big rig.” Also repre-        Ashland Water Technologies’ Driver Recognition
     sented were the local fire department, bomb squad           Awards, a program initiated by Drew Transportation
     and Hazmat team. We were pleased to be able to              Manager Bill Van Treuren, who will shortly retire
     assist BASF in their community outreach efforts!            from the company. This quarter, Sommers wrote:
                                                                 “As Bill winds down his remaining time with Drew,
                                                                 these are likely the final two driver awards we should
                                                                 see under his program. We appreciate Bill’s consistent
                                                                 recognition of good service on the part of our drivers.
                                                                 Thanks again to all Superior Carriers operations and
                                                                 administrative teams involved in our service to Ashland
                                                                 Water Technologies. Let’s keep up the great work!”
                                                                     The two drivers recognized by Drew were:
                                                                     Francis White, Paulsboro Terminal: Francis, a
                                                                 ProServe driver, halted a delivery process on 8/27/08
                                                                 in Kingsport, TN. He determined that the bulk tank
                                                                 he was told to deliver into was not properly labeled.
                                                                 This is the second time that Mr. White has been singled
     At BASF’s Community Open House (left to right):             out by Drew for his attention to detail, safety, and
     SPCR Director of Sales Jim Couch, BASF Site                 customer service.
     Logistics Manager Sharon Farmer, Greer Driver Brad              Edward Rice, Keasbey Terminal: Drew completed a
     Wyatt, and Greer Dispatcher Garry Braziel                   Customer Response Card from California Products in
                                                                 Andover, MA for a delivery completed on 8/7/08. The
                                                                 card stated: “Can’t say enough about the quality of
                                                                 Superior drivers.” Edward Rice was a perfect example! L

     For a quarter century, Logistics Management                In a statement released by Logistics Manage-
Magazine’s Quest for Quality Awards have been regarded     ment (LM), the magazine noted: “To determine the
by many as the logistics industry’s most important         best of the best, LM readers rate carriers and third-
measure of customer satisfaction and performance           party logistics (3PL) companies strictly on the basis
excellence. This year, Superior Carriers ranked #1 in      of service quality. And considering the current economy,
the Bulk Motor Carrier category for all critical service   fuel prices, expanding shipper demands, and the list
criteria, receiving a weighted score of 35.62. Other       of additional operational pressures carriers and
award-winning carriers were, in descending order of        providers are facing today, walking away with a Quest
rank: Ace Transportation, Bulkmatic Transport, Prime,      for Quality award in 2008 is a true testament to a
Inc, Miller Transporters, and Schneider National.          company’s ability to adapt and stay relevant in an
     Superior Carriers was evaluated for on-time per-      increasingly competitive environment.”
formance, value, information technology, customer               We congratulate all Superior Carriers employees
service, and equipment & operations. The voters are        and independent contractors for once again earning
Logistics Management readers who are qualified buyers      one of our industry’s most prestigious awards. L
of logistics and transportation services, a total of
6,171 responders. To be a winner, a company had
to receive at least 5% of the category vote.

        Introducing the newest addition to our Lakeland, FL fleet: the uniquely designed Sulfur-Double,
    or armadillo. Molten sulfur is transported in the central (liquid) trailer, with the dry bulk trailer
    constructed around it to transport diammonium phosphate. SBL has committed to this service with
    the order of three such trailers in 2008. L
     By Gail Jones Hansen

                                            One in six men       further examinations and a biopsy revealed some
                                       reading this article      problems. I was referred to a urologist, and several
                                       will develop prostate     scans later I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
                                       cancer. If you’re an           “A larger biopsy performed at the Mayo Clinic in
                                       African American          Jacksonville, FL showed that I had spindle cell carci-
                                       man, your chances         noma. I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to
                                       are one in three. A       get targeted radiation. I was told that I needed surgery
                                       man is 35% more likely    to remove the tumor that had formed – and that I
                                       to be diagnosed with      might lose part of my bladder and colon as well.
                                       prostate cancer than           “At this point, I felt like giving up. I didn’t want
                                       a woman is to be diag-    to live out my life compromised in any way. But I
                                       nosed with breast         decided to have the surgery, and fortunately the doctor
                                       cancer.                   was able to remove the tumor and nothing else. I had
     Rick Moutray
                                                                 a fairly rapid recovery, exiting the hospital in days
         These odds are not encouraging.                         instead of the predicted weeks. I had to take six
         Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin             months off work to fully recuperate, but I’m back
     cancer in America. Currently, more than two million         now and feeling fine.
     men are living with prostate cancer, which usually               “For years I had minor problems and wanted to
     doesn’t produce noticeable symptoms in its early stages.    talk to other men about prostate cancer, but I just
     In many cases, the cancer isn’t detected until it has       couldn’t. I felt like I was in a shell, alone with my
88   spread beyond the prostate, when it’s harder to treat.      fears about my health. But it doesn’t have to be that
         The good news is that two simple tests – a prostate-    way. The first step is to go to your doctor to discuss
     specific antigen (PSA) blood screening and a digital        screening.”
     rectal exam (DRE) – can determine whether you
     have prostate cancer. If caught in its early stages, it’s   Today, Cancer-Free
     highly curable. Nearly 100% of men diagnosed at an               In the past year, Rick has seen the inside of hos-
     early stage are cancer-free after five years.*              pitals more than he’s wanted to. Now cancer-free,
         “If you’re 45 years of age or older, I recommend        he’s taking his experience as a sign that he’s meant
     getting tested immediately, even if you’re not having       to perform his magic for hospitalized children. Rick
     any problems,” advises Rick Moutray, a 52-year-old          would also like to tell his story to other men who
     Charleston, SC driver. And he should know: he’s             may be avoiding getting the necessary checkups.
     been there and back.                                        According to North Charleston Terminal Manager
                                                                 Linda Berger: “Rick came to me and said he wished
     When the Magic Ran Out                                      he could have had someone to talk to when he was
          Like most of us, Rick Moutray always assumed           going through the treatment. He’s shared his story
     that cancer would happen to someone else. He rarely         with other drivers who encourage him to speak out
     visited doctors and felt healthy. He’s an upbeat person     about this difficult disease. In past Driving Force
     who doubles as a magician in his spare time. But one        newsletters, you read about people dying from can-
     day his bag of tricks came up empty.                        cer. Rick wants drivers to know that you can survive,
          “It was February 2007 and I had just delivered a       and that in his opinion early detection is the key.”
     load in Dallas. I went to a truck stop to urinate, and           Prostate cancer usually doesn’t produce symptoms
     out came a solid stream of blood. I visited a local         in its early stages. However, according to the Mayo
     doctor who told me it was a urinary tract infection,        Clinic (,
     and the antibiotics he gave me seemed to clear it up.       early signs sometimes include urinary problems,
     Then it happened again, and I decided to see a doctor       caused when the prostate tumor presses on the bladder
     in my hometown. My PSA test came back normal, but           or on the tube that carries urine from the bladder.
Urinary symptoms are much more commonly caused                  Recently the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
by benign prostate problems, such as an enlarged                (USPSTF) concluded that “the evidence is insuffi-
prostate or prostate infections.                                cient to recommend for or against routine screening
      The Mayo Clinic website also states that most             for prostate cancer using prostate specific antigen
types of prostate cancer grow slowly and initially              (PSA) testing or digital rectal exam (DRE).” The
remain confined to the prostate gland. Other types              report cites the potential harms of prostate cancer
of prostate cancer are aggressive and can spread                screening as “fairly frequent false-positive results
quickly. If prostate cancer is detected early – when            from PSA screening which may lead to unnecessary
it’s still confined to the prostate gland – you have a          anxiety and biopsies.” It also asserts that “early
better chance of successful treatment. Treatment                detection and treatment may result in complications
options include surgery, radiation therapy, hormone             from treating some cancers that may never have
therapy and chemotherapy. New robotic surgery                   affected a patient’s health.”** It should be noted,
techniques have drastically reduced the incidence of            however, that the great majority of physicians still
surgical side effects (incontinence or impotence.)              recommend routine prostate cancer screenings.
      Newly released reports on the advisability of             Ultimately, decisions about prevention, detection
routine prostate cancer screening present men with              and treatment are best made with the help of a trusted
conflicting and often confusing information about               physician, who will take into account your personal
what they should do to safeguard their health.                  preferences and risk profile. L


                           LEARN MORE ABOUT PROSTATE CANCER
   • Get informed! Check out Internet sites for a wealth of information:,, and the multiple websites managed by the
   American Cancer Society. To read the most recent recommendations about screening, visit any site
   that reports on findings from the USPSTF.

   • Visit your primary health care physician to discuss his or her recommendations for prostate
   cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

   • Phone 1-800-4-CANCER. The National Cancer Institute’s Information Specialists can answer your
   questions and send you booklets, fact sheets and other materials. You can ask questions online through
   LiveHelp at

   • Learn prevention strategies. Proper nutrition and exercise may lessen the likelihood that you
   will get prostate cancer. Be proactive!

 *Source for statistics in first four paragraphs of this article: The Prostate Cancer Foundation,
                      News in Brief

           When a major shingle manufacturer asked our          the conveyor manufacturer to provide belt conveyors
       NS Elizabeth, New Jersey TPT management to serve         with an ultrathin table configuration for access to
       as the transload location for their primary supply       minimal-clearance, loaded rail hopper cars. In addition,
       chain for roofing granules, SBL responded with an        the Norfolk Southern Railroad has invested heavily
       investment in equipment and manpower that got            in site improvements to accommodate this customer’s
       the job done.                                            rail car traffic.”
           “We’re a critical link in this supply chain, since        Under the supervision of Terminal Manager
       virtually 100% of the end user’s feedstock comes         Frankie Greene, the Elizabeth team has worked hard
       through our Elizabeth facility,” commented Gary          over the past few months to keep up with the in-
       Watt, SBL’s Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer.         creased demand for roofing shingles due to Hurricanes
       SBL partners with the Norfolk Southern Railroad          Gustav and Ike. It was not unusual for shifts to work
       and a local trucking company, which has in its fleet     overtime six to seven days per week to meet the
       the product-appropriate dry bulk equipment to            high volume transloading requirements. The roofing
       make final delivery to the manufacturer.                 granules arrived by rail in fourteen different colors,
           Taking on this specialized piece of business         so advance planning was required to make sure the
       meant expanding our expertise in working with            proper equipment was available to load the product.
       mobile conveyor units that transfer dry bulk product          “This is the first time we’ve handled this type of
       from railcar to truck. As Watt observed: “We now         product, and the experience has broadened our
       have additional hands-on experience with mobile belt     overall service capability,” stated Watt. “We look for-
       conveyors as well as stationary, pit/auger/belt con-     ward to utilizing our new expertise at other locations
       veyor stations. We’ve made a significant investment      within the Superior network.” L
       in this equipment, working with the customer and

                                                                                                       Elizabeth, NJ
                                                                                                       transload per-
                                                                                                       sonnel position
                                                                                                       a new mobile
                                                                                                       belt conveyor
                                                                                                       beneath a rail
                                                                                                       hopper car to
                                                                                                       roofing granules
                                                                                                       to an adjacent
  For Your
by Diane Wright

     I recently discovered that I could learn a thing              To monitor several conditions affecting my general
or two about medical charges, despite my years of             health, I am required to have certain lab work per-
experience handling medical claims.                           formed regularly. The Immediate Care lab is a
     It all started when I had a minor illness and            “walk-in” with relatively good service. The charge
couldn’t get into my primary care physician soon              for these routine tests runs $400.33, with Blue Cross
enough. The “doc in the box” offices in our area had          paying a discounted $183.06. My portion is $20.32.
closed, so I used an offsite Immediate Care facility          After my experience described above, this time after
affiliated with a large hospital. Soon after my visit I       getting the prescription from my doctor for the tests,
received the claim for $304.50 including an $80.25            I went to another nearby laboratory (a large nation-
lab fee. Then I received another claim for $27.00 for a       wide chain) and the total claim was $231.70, with
“laboratory consultant.” All this for a very minor illness!   Blue Cross paying a discounted $46.80. My share
     When contacted, the Immediate Care facility              was $5.20, only 25% of the other charge (plus no
had no information on these “consultants” – nor did           consultant fee.) A 75% savings!
the hospital billing department. Blue Cross provided               The point is: Our health care costs are rising and
little information beyond stating that it was a legiti-       we must look for ways to trim the expenses without
mate charge. I finally received a call from the doctor        sacrificing care. Because my illness was minor, I
(consultant) who explained that she puts this charge          was able to step down the care two levels (from hospital
on all hospital lab bills because she is “in charge” of       to immediate care to physician to minute clinic) and
them. The total $130.00 lab fee covered four tests.           was given adequate care at 80% less cost. The laboratory,
She agreed to write off the balance when I protested          however, was identical care, at 75% less cost.
that no services were rendered to me.                              Cutting your total health care costs almost always
     Next, I looked at the other fees from the Im-            reduces your share of the payment. If you require
mediate Care facility and thought them outrageous!            routine lab work, check out alternative providers at
The basic charge was $224.50 to walk in the facility Select provider finder, indicate
with a self- diagnosed minor illness. When this illness       PPO, select medical groups and others and click on
recurred, this time I went to a clinic within a pharmacy      independent labs. Your savings may surprise you! L
(several chains have them.) Same illness, but a
$59.00 charge . . . and no need for a lab test. I had
saved 80% over the Immediate Care facility’s fee!

                                         DECEMBER REMINDERS
                   December is Open Enrollment Month for our group health plan, which means
              that you may add or delete coverage for you or your dependents without having
              to have a “special event” in your life. December is also the month to submit your
              401(k) contribution changes. Please ask your terminal for forms to make either
              of these changes, which will become effective January 1. L
                 News in Brief
        By Joe Nolan
             As reported in the March issue of the Driving         solutions to their supply chain needs.
        Force, Carry Transit has resumed product transfer               As a result, agreement has been reached
        operations out of the Bridgeview terminal consistent       between Carry and the IHB to pursue a multi-phased
        with its business growth objectives. As noted in that      expansion and development plan for the Old Argo
        article, transfer facilities provide a reliable service    rail yard in Summit, IL. The IHB interchanges with
        benefit to the receiver by keeping inventory in close      all major railroads serving the Chicago market, and
        proximity to the point of manufacture, shortening          the establishment of additional transfer capabilities
        the supply chain.                                          will expand the transportation options of shippers
             We continue to work with the Indiana Harbor           and provide flexibility to receivers.
        Belt Railroad Company (IHB) to evaluate other                   Initial improvements to the Argo rail yard
        opportunities in the dynamic Chicago market. Over          include increasing the number of car spots, doubling
        the past several months Carry has focused on our           Carry’s transfer capacity through its Bridgeview ter-
        customers’ emerging needs for transfer services, and       minal. Additional improvements in 2009 will create
        worked with the IHB to meet those needs by increasing      a high quality food grade transfer facility that will
        our product transfer capabilities in Chicago. We are       handle liquid and dry bulk products to serve Chicago
        listening to customers to identify opportunities, and      and surrounding markets. L
12 12   leveraging our expertise and relationships to provide

           PRE-TRIP SAFETY INSPECTIONS: Required of Each Driver Daily!
           By Randy Vaughn, Director — EHSS
               Keeping vehicles properly maintained requires a strong maintenance program and cooperation
           between drivers and shop personnel. Everyone must put forth a conscious effort to make sure mechanical
           problems do not go unnoticed. Drivers are in a position to observe a truck’s performance and make
           sure that the equipment is running properly. Drivers can assure themselves of this by conducting
           pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
               These inspections should be made with an emphasis on checking steering, tires, lights, suspension,
           other safety equipment, and especially brakes. Catastrophic brake failure may lead to loss of control
           and inability to recover. Brakes that have progressively deteriorated may operate well under normal
           driving conditions, but can be very dangerous in emergency braking situations. Generally, when
           inspecting your vehicle, it is important to:
           1. Approach the vehicle slowly. Look for leaks and objects that may be hanging loose. Also
              check the unit numbers and proper tags. Make sure the maintenance staff knows what possible
              trouble areas were spotted.
           2. Check the brake system before, during, and after each trip. The system may need to
              be adjusted to have sufficient control. Continued brake checks and maintenance can help prevent
              future brake failures.
           3. Make sure that all low-air warning devices are functioning properly. All systems
              in your truck that rely on air levels will affect your braking capabilities. If your levels are low, your
              stopping distance can be increased. It is important to make sure that they are all working properly. L

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