The Best of Italy at the Hilton in Amsterdam!

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                                       Nuovo concetto
                                       Were you ever a visitor to a fair? The experience will be different at The Best of
                                       Italy. Visitors are our guests and are in good company of fellow bon vivants, just
                                       like being at a party. After the receipt with Prosecco and an appetiser they will
                                       easily feel at home just as they would with friends. In the exclusive ambiance
                                       created by luxurious and uniform stands, surprising presentations, fashion
                                       shows and various special performances guests will greatly enjoy themselves at
                                       this Italian event. Our guests are your guests! The Best of Italy has the hallmark
                                       MONDO ITAL!A which guarantees excellent quality in Italian events.

The Hilton Amsterdam is one of the initiators of this exclusive event. It has not only
been chosen because of its prestigious status. It has a warm Italian hart where
hospitality and exclusiveness go hand in hand. The hotel is located in the city centre
of Amsterdam and just fifteen minutes away from Schiphol airport. Furthermore
the Hilton offers many possibilities for eye-catching presentations. In the beautiful
surroundings of this exceptional hotel your product will be on stage! What to think
of the many multifunctional rooms, The Pavilion, the garden and the jetty that can
be used for the presentation of yachts… Guests at The Best of Italy will have their
own entrance hall and will easily feel comfortable in this welcoming Italian home.

                                       Per chi?
                                       Enjoying good life is what The best of Italy is all about and it is characteristic of
                                       our guests, who are modern men and women (25-55 years of age), with good social
                                       positions, graduated, working as managers or entrepreneurs who often have a
                                       double income. Being curious, sensitive to trends and searching for novelties,
                                       they look for quality and want to distinguish themselves from others. Our guests
                                       read quality newspapers and glossy magazines in which the event will be
                                       announced. The Dutch Italië Magazine, co-initiator and media partner, will
                                       extensively bring the event to the attention of its readers.

La dolce vita
Italy in autumn stands for longing for winter evenings with richly filled tables
and enjoying the memory of summer. The best of both unite in the most beautiful
truffles, tasty olives and young wine: Novello. La dolce vita will be tasted.
Participating companies are given the opportunity to receive their guests in an
exclusive setting in which they can be pampered. This event is the most delicious
and most beautiful preparation to the festive season! What to think of exclusive
trips and holiday homes, fashion and accessories, furnishing, design and
lifestyle? In brief: la dolce vita is

 The Best of Italy at the Hilton in Amsterdam!
                                                                                                           2n ition
Title                          The Best of Italy
Subtitle                       Lifestyle, Truffles & Bubbles
Style                          Exclusive fashionable Italian event
Date                           8 and 9 November 2008
Edition                        2nd edition, after success of 2007
Location & co-initiator        Five-star Hilton Hotel Amsterdam
Address                        Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Media partner & co-initiator   Italië Magazine, publisher Credits Media
Opening hours                  Saturday 11.00-21.30 / Sunday 11.00-18.00
Expected guests                3500-5000
Admission                      € 22,50 including a glass of Prosecco and an appetiser
Target group                   Man/woman between 25-55, above-average, often double income,
                               entrepreneur, manager or similar position, socially active, passionate
                               about Italy, owner of or looking for a second home in Italy, enjoys “La
                               dolce vita”
Entertainment                  Fashion shows, art, performances such as opera, jazz, ensembles and
                               soloists. Cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, films and
Parking                        Near the hotel. Valet parking in peak period.
Profile exhibitors             Hold exclusive brands of fashion, wine and food, accessories, trips and
                               homes, books and music, design, cars and yachts. Products are made in-
                               or are strongly related to Italy.
Expected number exhibitors     70/100
Build up                       Friday 7 November 8.00-21.00
Clearance                      Sunday 18.30-21.30
Stand size                     Uniform stand 12 m² (approx. 3m x 4m) (Final placement and form of
                               stand depends on the arrangement of the rooms and will be decided by
                               the organisation).
Stand size sponsor             Uniform stand 30 m²
Sponsor facilities             Place choice, interesting services for own customers, exclusive area for
                               presentations/private party. Name mention in all publicity and on
                               event website. Double room for two nights in the Hilton hotel.
                               Furthermore the association with a strong, Italian, established and
                               trustworthy name in The Netherlands.
Special                        Hilton offers the possibility to present yachts at the hotel jetty and to
                               create exhibition space for exclusive cars or special objects at the
                               entrance of the hotel. The beautiful bar with canal view can be hired
                               for e.g. the presentation of special beverages. Several meeting rooms
                               can also be hired.
Cooperation                    Cooperation en alliances are key words to any successful business.
                               Maestro Events and its partners strive to enhance cooperation between
                               exhibitors when appreciated.

                      Maestro Events, Postbus 479, 3700 AL Zeist, Nederland
                            T/F+31(0)30 691 13 88, M+31(0)6 5154 2227,

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