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             SafetyBriefs             S A F E T Y N E W S F O R U C S A N D I E G O E M P LOY E E S                       Spring 2008

                                             NEW from Enrollment Central:                           Safety Award For Excellence
                                                Become a Department                                   Winner: Ruth Patterson
                                                 Ergonomic Evaluator                                   Housing-Dining-Hospitality
                            Learn how to become a Department Ergonomic Evalua-                                              Ruth Patterson
                            tor capable of performing computer workstation evaluations.                                     places a winning
                            Computer Ergonomics: Train the Evaluator, is a new                                              emphasis on main-
                            course from Enrollment Central intended for supervi-                                            taining a consis-
                            sors, department safety coordinators, department buy-                                           tently high quality
                            ers, computer resource specialists, and others who are                                          workplace safety
interested in becoming designated ergonomic evaluators for their work units.                                                program. Ruth has
You’ll learn:                                                                                                               been instrumen-
                                                                                                                            tal in educating
• Ergonomic principles, risk factors, proper body mechanics, and best practices                     colleagues about emergency procedures
• How to set up a functional computer workstation, maximizing the efficiency of                     and improving the emergency supply
  existing equipment for reduction of cumulative trauma disorders                                   containers in her area of Housing-Dining-
• Stress management tips on and off the job                                                         Hospitality. Congratulations, Ruth!
Departments benefit when they have their own in-house Ergonomic Evaluator
                                                                                                    Nominate someone! Tell us who’s mak-
familiar with their colleagues’ work environment, equipment, and tasks. Your Depart-
                                                                                                    ing UCSD a SAFE place to work. Use the
ment Ergonomic Evaluator will coach your employees on up-to-date ergonomic best
                                                                                                    online nomination form on Blink at http://
practices, reduce computer-related injuries, and improve morale.
                                                                                                    blink.ucsd.edu/go/safe to nominate an
Bonus: Employees assessed by a Department Ergonomic Evaluator are eligible for                      outstanding individual or workgroup.
funding assistance from the EH&S Ergonomics Resource Fund (http://blink.ucsd.edu/
go/ergofund) to purchase ergonomically designed products from Marketplace Preview
for their department.
                                                                                                      Take 5 Steps to Improve
                                                                                                       Workplace Safety and
Register on Enrollment Central at http://enrollmentcentral.ucsd.edu.
                                                                                                      Protect the Environment
                                                                                                    UCSD’s commitment to provide a healthy
 Travel Accident Insurance                                               Falling Weather            and safe workplace and protect the en-
New Requirement for UC Travelers                                    Slips and falls are an equal    vironment depends on the daily willing-
If you’re planning a trip outside Cali-                              opportunity hazard during      ness of every faculty and staff member,
fornia on UC business, use the UC Busi-                              rainy or foggy weather. Take   student, and visitor to consistently inte-
ness Travel form at http://www.uctrips-                               these steps to sure-footed    grate health, safety, and environmental
insurance.org/ to register for insurance                               walking in wet weather:      considerations into their work.
coverage before you travel. It’s a new                               • Dress for success! Wear      Use the Integrated Safety and Envi-
                requirement, and either               shoes with slip-resistant soles on damp       ronmental Management (ISEM) 5-step
                the traveler or travel                days.                                         process to incorporate safety and envi-
                preparer can fill out the           • Don’t be in a hurry. If a slippery or wet     ronmental best practices into every work
                registration form. A link             surface is unavoidable, take slow, short      activity at UCSD, starting with the plan-
                to the form is also avail-            steps with your toes pointed slightly         ning stage.
                able from the “Going on a             outward. Keep your hands out of your          Learn more about the ISEM philosophy
                Trip” feature in TravelLink           pockets, ready to support you if you          at http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/ISEM, in-
when preauthorizing travel.                           begin to fall.                                cluding how to apply ISEM principles to
Questions? Contact EH&S Risk Manage-                      continued on back...see Falling Weather   your activities.
ment, (858) 534-3820.

      University of California, San Diego-Environment, Health & Safety     (858) 534-1954   0920    ehsweb@ucsd.edu      http://blink.ucsd.edu/ehs
                                                                                   Safety Training on Enrollment Central
                                                                                           Browse “EH&S—Safety” under Course Topics for
                                                                                           schedules and registration. Learn more about
                                                                                           UCSD safety training resources at http://blink.
                           Please post or circulate                                        ucsd.edu/go/safetytraining.

    Accident Investigation                                     Congratulations!                          NEW Web-based Training
          Training                                               Ergo Chair                               on Enrollment Central:
Supervisors and Department Safety                                 Winners                            Maintaining a Healthy Back
Coordinators, be confident of your ability                         JANUARY
to thoroughly investigate work-related                                                               If you lift, carry, or
                                                             Elaine Flemming, IR/PS                  perform other activi-
incidents in your area when you com-
plete the Accident Investigation for                             FEBRUARY                            ties that may place de-
Work-related Injuries and Near-Misses               Terri Buchanan, Audit & Management               mands on your back
course from Enrollment Central.                               Advisory Services                      (and isn’t that every-
                                                Complete Web-based ergonomics train-                 one?), learn how to re-
You’ll learn how to:                                                                                 duce your risk of back
                                                ing and you could win a free Steelcase
• Meet specific goals of an incident            chair for your workplace*.                           injury with the new
  investigation                                                                                      Web-based Maintain-
• Complete a basic injury report and            How it works: Log in to Enrollment Central           ing a Healthy Back course on Enrollment
  understand why they are needed                at http://enrollmentcentral.ucsd.edu and             Central.
• Document the facts surrounding the            complete the Evaluating Your Computer
                                                Workstation for Comfort and Productivity             You’ll learn:
  occurrence of an incident
• Determine direct and indirect causes          Web-based training program. A winner will            • Risk factors associated with back injuries
  of the incident                               be randomly drawn each month from a list               and ways to minimize them
• Assist in recognizing and responding          of employees who have successfully com-              • The importance of posture
  to unsafe practices and conditions in         pleted the training during that month.               • Best lifting techniques and work habits
  your work area                                * Chairs awarded through this program are the        • Lifestyle choices that promote good
• Clarify legal obligations as they relate      property of the winner’s UCSD department.              back health
  to the supervisor                                                                                  Find Maintaining a Healthy Back Web-
Register on Enrollment Central at http://                                                            based training on Enrollment Central at
                                                                   Falling Weather ...               http://enrollmentcentral.ucsd.edu.
 Summary of Work-Related                                            • Use substantial door                  Campus Casualties
Injuries and Illness for 2007                                       mats in entry ways and                       Incident Reports
                                                                    high traffic areas. Contact
OSHA Form 300A: Summary of Work-                                    the Facilities Management        • An employee slipped on a mat left in a
Related Injuries and Illness for the year             Service Referral Desk, (858) 534-2930, if        hallway and fell, injuring her tailbone,
2007 has been distributed to departments              your building needs additional mats.             arm, knee, hand, shoulder, neck, and
by the UCSD Workers’ Compensation Of-           •     Select mats that are long enough for             lower back.
fice. Form 300A gives injury and illness              people walking over them to dry their          • An employee slipped on a wet, slick
statistics for campus, SIO, and outlying              shoe bottoms.                                    steel plate temporarily covering a side-
support areas (excludes UCSD Hospitals).        •     Make sure mats lie flat and don’t curl up        walk and fell, dislocating her knee.
                                                      or rumple, causing a trip hazard.              • An employee slipped on a floor wet
The U.S. Department of Labor requires the                                                              from rain and fell, injuring his back.
Summary be posted in workplaces through         •     If flooding from rain is a known or po-
                                                      tential problem for your facility, contact     • An employee in a research building
the months of February to April.                                                                       slipped on a floor wet from the emer-
                                                      the Facilities Management Service Re-
If you don’t see Form 300A for 2007 posted            ferral Desk, (858) 534-2930, to request          gency shower/eye wash. She fell, doing
in your workplace, print and post the PDF             sand bags for problem areas.                     unintended splits. Injuries resulted to
file available at http://www-ehs.ucsd.edu/      •     Make sure pedestrian lighting is ad-             both of her knees, legs, a foot, neck,
riskmgmt/OSHALog.pdf.                                 equate in corridors and over walkways.           shoulder, middle torso, and back.
                                                •     Read Campus Casualties (at right) to           • An employee slipped on a whole ba-
Questions about OSHA Form 300A? Contact
                                                      find out why slips, trips, and falls are         nana that had been dropped and left on
Workers’ Compensation, ehswc@ucsd.edu
                                                      serious business.                                the floor and fell, spraining her wrist.
or (858) 822-2979 or 534-4785.

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