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									                                 WHITE LAKE TOWNSHIP
                                 PLANNING COMMISSION
                                      Study Meeting
                                  May 6, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.
                                    7525 Highland Road
                                   White Lake, MI 48383

Chairman Oppmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      David Chabot – Secretary
                Bob Heverly
                David Lewsley - Absent
                Michael Long - Absent
                Gail Novak-Phelps – Vice Chairman - Absent
                Scott Oppmann, Chairman
                Sue Schweim
                Beverly Spoor - Absent
                Stan Woodhouse

Also Present:   Stephen Rumple, AICP, Planning Director
                Karen Fashoway, AICP, Township Consultant
                Lynn Lindon, Recording Secretary

Visitors:       2


Mr. Woodhouse moved to approve the agenda as revised. Mr. Heverly supported and the
MOTION PASSED with a voice vote. (5 yes votes)


    a. Regular study meeting of April 1, 2004 (tabled 4/19/04)
    b. Regular meeting of April 19, 2004

Ms. Schweim moved to approve the minutes of April 1, 2004 as corrected. Mr. Woodhouse
supported and the motion carried with a voice vote. (5 yes votes)

Mr. Woodhouse moved to approve the minutes of April 19, 2004 as presented. Ms. Schweim
supported and the motion carried with a voice vote. (5 yes votes)

CALL TO THE PUBLIC (for items not on the agenda)

Mr. Oppmann opened the discussion for public comment on items not listed on the agenda.
PLANNING COMMISSION STUDY MEETING                                                         Page 2 of 3
Minutes of May 6, 2004

Faye Hansen invited the planning members to the 6th Annual Natural Beauty Road Clean-Up Day
this Saturday. They will meet at the corner of Brendel and Pontiac Lake Road.


          a.   Ordinance Amendment Discussion

Ms. Fashoway gave an overview of the proposed changes to Ordinance 58. She stated that most of
the changes are procedural.

The Condo Regulations added language that states any condo must meet design and layout
standards within the subdivision regulations. She indicated that Attorney Need added language that
would define “Condominium Documentation” as being the Master Deed, By-laws, on-site and off-site
easements, and any other documentation required by the Township or required for the condo
development and that building permits would not be issued until the condo is approved. There is
additional language clarifying that site condos would be required to put in public streets unless it met
the requirements of private roads.

The Planned Development Review Process has been changed to reflect required content for PDR
plans and documents, and the timing of document submissions. Applicants will be required submit
supplemental information, i.e., any unique features as well as deviations from ordinance standards.

Frontage has been revised to include a minimum frontage standard, which now has to be a setback,
unless the home is on a cul-de-sac, at which it would have to meet minimum lot width. A definition
has also been included. Mr. Woodhouse stated that he doesn’t know if a minimum is needed, but
rather where it has to be measured, i.e., lot width and depth. Mr. Chabot stated that this has also
been an issue with the ZBA. Mr. Rumple agreed that this has been problematic, but has been
resolved through this amendment.

A section has been added for provisional water and sewer service. Now, the township could require
connection of that development if it abuts to water or a sewer line, or the township could require
approval of an SAD.

In Article 2, the height of the building has been changed to exclude walkout basements from being
included in the height of the building.

In the Local Business District, Group Adult and Child Care Centers and Nursery Schools have
shifted to become a special land use and definitions of each are consistent.

Cluster Housing Standards were changed to have a community impact statement.

Ms. Fashoway noted that Attorney Need eliminated the fee information, which is more administrative.

Mr. Rumple indicated that there are a lot of conflicts with buildings and getting them to look like site
plans. Utilities and landscaping are main concerns and could get revised a little. He is having Mr.
Anderson review this.

Mr. Woodhouse questioned if there were anything in the amendments that would be objectionable
from a planning standpoint. Mr. Rumple stated that there was not. Mr. Rumple added that we are in
the 5th year of the Master Plan and it is up for review.

Mr. Oppmann questioned the fees and stated that there has been trouble with repeated reviews. He
asked if there is anything above and beyond what the township will charge for these situations.

Mr. Woodhouse feels that the Planning Commission has done amazingly well considering the few
amendments before it. Mr. Rumple indicated that we have come a long way with traffic planning,
landscaping and development add-ons. The Belle Tire issue has been resolved and they will add a
PLANNING COMMISSION STUDY MEETING                                                         Page 3 of 3
Minutes of May 6, 2004

Mr. Woodhouse moved to approve the amendments and have them come back for a public
hearing. Mr. Chabot supported and the motion carried with a voice vote. (5 yes votes)

Mr. Oppmann read into record two memos dated May 6, 2004 from Brent Bonnivier. The first is
pertaining to adding a footnote to the Schedule of Regulations for a 25 ft. side yard setback for all
side entrance garage locations. Mr. Rumple stated that he doesn’t want to limit the ability of having
side garage entries. He will research this further.

The second memo from Mr. Bonnivier is requesting that the ordinance be returned back to the prior
requirements, which will allow a 6 ft. privacy fence up to the property line. The new ordinance allows
a 4 ft. fence on the property line and it is difficult for people to continue the fence line. Mr. Rumple
stated that he is not opposed to this request and he will review this on lake districts.

Mr. Woodhouse moved to refer both these items to the Planner and Consultants for further
review. Ms. Schweim supported and the motion carried with a voice vote. (5 yes votes)


Ms. Fashoway had nothing further to add.


Mr. Rumple indicated that Meijers came through with minor amendments that can be handled
administratively. He added that they are breaking ground on the building within the next 5 weeks.
Mr. Rumple has also been meeting with Edison, who will be putting in a temporary substation for 2-3
years that will go in the corridor just inside the development. His office is requiring a perimeter of


        a. Next Meeting Dates
              • Regular Meeting – May 17, 2004 – Schweim cannot attend
              • Study Meeting – June 3, 2004 – Starting review of Master Plan

Mr. Rumple announced that there is an upcoming Planners Conference in Grand Rapids and money
has been budgeted if any of the commissioners would like to attend.


Ms. Schweim moved to adjourn at 7:32 p.m.             Mr. Woodhouse supported and the motion
carried with a voice vote. (5 yes votes)

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