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									                            Living a Christlike Life
    -Vol.76-                Maybe you’ve read or seen the play written by Victor Hugo,
                            entitled, Les Miserables. It was one of the books that I “had to”
  -St.JOHN’S-               read in one of my college courses. I remember the hero was an
-MESSENGER-                 escaped convict who did not hesitate to steal from anyone.

                            One stormy night a priest welcomed this thief into his own
    MAY, 2008               home, gave him a meal and a bed to sleep in. The thief repaid
                            the priest’s kindness by stealing all his silverware. He didn’t
                            get far, though. The police spotted him sneaking off with his
     The Mission            sack of stolen goods. He insisted, however, that the priest had
     Statement of           given him the silverware. To check his story, the police took
                            him back to the priest’s home.
      St. John's
 Ev. Lutheran Church        “Is this the way you say, “Thank you”?” the priest
                            admonished the thief. He then proceeded to tell the thief that
  Jesus told his dis-       he was careless because he took the silverware but forgot to
ciples, "As the Father      take the two candlesticks that he had given him.
has sent me, I am
sending you."       (John   The thief could hardly believe his ears. Instead of having him
20:21); therefore, we the   arrested, the priest was giving him an expensive present. That
members of St. John’s       deed of forgiving kindness became the turning point in the
Ev. Lutheran Church         thief’s life; one that he never forgot. He began to live a new
welcome His Gospel          life, always giving instead of always taking.
mission for us.
                            Lent and Easter may be over for this year, but the message of
   God created each of      God’s love lives on in our hearts and minds. We never forget
us and our congre-          the message of his mercy and grace in our lives. He stood up
gation to make all          for us. He took upon himself what we deserved. We
people lifelong disciples   remember how Jesus forgives and puts away the sins we
of Christ. We will use      commit everyday. Thinking about this causes us to turn our
the power of God's          lives over to him and to show and reflect his love in our
Word and Sacraments         everyday lives.
to nurture believers for
spiritual growth and          St. Paul writes: “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly
service, and to evan-        loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us
gelize our community              and gave himself up for us.” Ephesians 5:1 and 2.
and world, all to the       Do you want to be like Jesus – kind, loving, and forgiving?
glory of God.               Do you want to be motivated by what he did for us to serve,

                                                you carefully read them and hunt for the
                                                “treasure box.”
attend worship services and Bible classes
and tell others about Jesus? Do you want to     Come and join us on May 10 from 1 – 4
give out of thanks and gratitude to Jesus? Do   P.M. We will meet at the church parking lot.
you want to be the kind of man, woman or        After the fun, we’ll join for a lunch
child that God intended you to be? If so,       (provided) and discuss the fun and
then remember Jesus’ great act of kindness      challenges we had on our “hunts”. If you
toward us. His suffering, death, resurrection   have questions, do not hesitate to contact
and promise to raise us to a new life in him    Dennis Busse @ 414-304-8356. Hope to see
will be in our hearts continually.              you there for a fun-filled day of fellowship
Remembering this has the power to keep our      and treasure hunting.
lives turned around, that is, toward Jesus,
and move us to live a Christlike life. ***      Rummage Sale

Elections                                       Our fifth multi-family rummage sale is set
                                                for Saturday, June 14 from 8:00 – 12:00.
The following people were elected to our        Bring your rummage. A table can be
Council at our Voter’s Meeting in March;        borrowed from church and you sell your
                                                own items. If you wish to donate your
Douglas Weiss – chairman of the Board           proceeds for ministry that is great.
      for Spiritual Life
                                                Many people come to the rummage which
Trevor Lange – chairman of the Board            affords us an opportunity to talk to them,
       for Youth Discipleship                   invite them to tour our facilites and visit our
                                                services. More information will follow in
Kenneth Kramer – chairman of the                the weekly bulletins.
      Board for Property Management

Arno Kleimenhagen – chairman of the             Pastoral Acts
      Board for Outreach                                           On April 13, 2008, Gisele
                                                                   Madison Widenski was
Paul Hoenecke – chairman of the Board                              baptized at St. John’s. She
       for Fellowship                                              is the daughter of Brett
                                                                   and Sara Widenski.

Keep these individuals in your prayers as                          We pray that she will
they serve St. John’s (beginning in July) and                      continue in the Christian
ask that God’s guidance, wisdom and                                faith until life eternal.
direction be given them in rich measure.
Fellowship Activity - Letterboxing
                                                                 On April 10, 2008, Cristin
Join us for a “treasure hunt” family style,                      Dominski’s funeral was held
outdoor activity. A wide variety of fun and                      at St. John’s. Interment was
adventure can be found for all ages. To get                      at Good Hope Cemetery.
started, you’ll need a rubber stamp, pencil,
small sketch pad, an ink pad and clues.                          “Blessed are they who die
Clues to the letterboxes will be provided, as                    In the Lord.”

                                              commentaries. First, the Bible is God’s
Memorial                                      inspired Word and therefore is true and
                                              reliable. Second, the central message of the
                                              entire Bible is Jesus Christ.
$30 was given in memory of
Robert Klein by                               These commentaries can be found in our
                                              library in a stand on the south side of the
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson                    room (window side). Check them out!!

Senior Luncheon                               Annual LWMS (Lutheran Women’s
                                              Missionary Society) Convention in June
The next Senior Luncheon will be Tuesday,
May 13th at 11:15 a.m. at Spring Gardens      All women of the congregation are invited
Caf , (1716 W. Layton Ave.). All “Seniors”    by the Grand Canyon Circuit to the 45th
are invited. Make reservations by calling     Annual LWMS Convention at the JW
Dee Stefanik, 414-483-4418 or Pearl           Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa to be
Draeger, 414-762-4596.                        held June 26-29, 2008, in Tucson, Arizona.

Senior Servants Serving                       In this beautiful desert Southwest location,
                                              you will experience the message of Psalm
SSS Serving meeting will be Tuesday, May      145. David’s psalm to the Lord is filled with
20h, 9:00 – 11:00 A.M. Men do simple          words of praise and joy. We will share the
repairs and women do light cleaning at        good news of God’s glorious kingdom, hear
church. Your help is appreciated.             of his mighty acts and awesome works from
                                              our home and world missionaries, celebrate
                                              the abundant goodness of God’s word, and
                                              joyfully sing of his righteousness. Invite
Ascension Day Worship
                                              your parent, your sibling, your best friend,
                                              or others to join you and share in the all-
              Our Ascension Day Worship
                                              encompassing blessings through the bible
              service will be on Thursday,
                                              studies, workshops, and presentations as
              May 1st at 6:30 pm. Please
                                              experienced at our annual convention. For
              come and join us as we
                                              more information go to the LWMS website
              celebrate the Ascension of
                                              www.lwms.org and click on LWMS con-
                our Lord.
                                              vention. There you will find the convention
                                              newsletter with the convention and hotel
St John's Library News
                                              registration forms.
The staff would like to remind you that the
                                              Thank You for Snow Removal
library has The People’s Bible series
commentaries covering all of the books of
                                              E. K. Construction LLC donated a great deal
the Bible. The commentaries are written in
                                              of their services for snow removal and
an easy to understand manner by authors
                                              salting this past winter. This resulted in a
who served as parish pastors, college
                                              substantial savings to our church and we
teachers, or seminary professors. Each
                                              wish to express our sincere thanks to them
author began with the original Hebrew or
                                              for this. For those looking for snow removal
Greek text and then worked to bring the
                                              services for their home or business or
message of God’s Word to Christians who
                                              various kinds of construction work, please
face the stress and temptations of everyday
                                              keep E. K. Construction in mind.
life. Two important truths guide all the

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Game                  encouraging and directing the spiritual lives
                                                 of their teens.
The South Milwaukee County Chapter of
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans invites you     Youth Pioneer Notes
to a Friday night baseball game, May 9, at
                                                 Ten people attended Maple Sugar Days at
7:05 P.M. at Miller Park. The Brewers play
                                                 Wehr Nature Center on March 16th. It was
the St. Louis Cardinals. Loge Outfield Box
                                                 a fun tour as the group learned how much
seats have been reserved for $13.00 each. If
                                                 work goes into making pure maple syrup
you are interested, please contact Rod
                                                 and sugar. The nice spring weather allowed
Bollinger by April 22.
                                                 everyone to enjoy a picnic lunch after the
                                                 tour. Adam Riendeau took what he learned,
Thrivent Coordinator
                                                 went home and tapped into one of the maple
                                                 trees in his yard. He was able to jar 20
Our congregation is looking for another
                                                 quarts of maple liquid (98% water/2%
Thrivent coordinator. In order to serve as a
                                                 sugar) After boiling it down, he may
coordinator you need to be a member of
                                                 actually get only 1 cup of pure syrup!
Thrivent Financial. The responsibilities
include attending a few meetings a year          On April 7th the Pioneers enjoyed another
and working with Mr. Bollinger in                spring day and flew kites. Sebastian Brich
coordinating church activities that receive      was the winner of the highest kite (with the
matching funds or financial aid from             help of Mr. Bollinger).
Thrivent. If you would like to have more         The Pioneer program is open to all youth
information, contact Rod Bollinger @ 762-        and meets every 1st and 3rd Monday 6:30-
3241.                                            8:00. The last meeting for the year will be
                                                 May 5th.
FISH (Faithful In Serving Him) News              Camp Phillip Summer Programs

The St. John’s teens continue to have            Many new and exciting camps and programs
fellowship and spiritual growth oppor-           are planned for Camp Phillip. There are
                                                 camps of many different kinds and for many
tunities through the FISH program. Our last
                                                 ages. Some camps are best suited for
FISH activity was a game night. We had a
                                                 families. If you are interested pick up a
devotion, pizza and followed by playing Wii
                                                 brochure from the church lobby table or call
games and others like Apples to Apples. We
                                                 Rod Bollinger at 762-3950.
started at 5 P.M. and intended to go until
about 7, but finished at 9:30 after a night of
                                                 1st Annual St John’s Instructional
                                                 Baseball Camp
Our next FISH activity is scheduled for
Saturday, May 17 when we will go                 St. John’s will be putting on an instructional
geocaching (treasure hunting by GPS) and         baseball camp featuring St, John’s member
enjoy pizza afterwards.                          and standout former UW-Milwaukee,
                                                 Milwaukee Brewer/ Philadelphia Phillies
We pray that our teens attend church and get
                                                 draftee Chad Sadowski. If you are looking
involved in FISH activities as well as
                                                 to improve in the fundamentals of the game
attending the Bible class every Sunday
                                                 of baseball then this is the camp for you!!!!!
morning at 9:30 A.M. It is through a
                                                 Boys and girls are invited.
constant and regular diet of God’s Word that
their values in life are shaped and guided. It
is so important that parents play a role in

This 1-day camp will cover                        planning to buy a large commercial lawn
                                                  mower that will properly handle the mowing
    •   All the proper aspects of throwing-       of our property and last many years. At this
        guaranteed you will throw faster          time, $4,000 has been given towards the
        more accurate                             lawn mower with about 2,800 still needed.
    •   Fielding—fundamentals taught in
        MLB                                       School News
    •   Base running—learn how to steal
        more bases than Rickie Weeks              Wisconsin Lutheran High School (Our
    •   Hitting –a four step process that         church federated Lutheran high school):
        most coaches miss.
                                                  The 4th Annual Fishers of Men fishing
Where: Oak Creek high school softball/            tournament will be held on Sunday, May 18.
       baseball diamonds—just south of            All proceeds will go to the Science Dept.
       the football stadium                       Call 453-4567 for information. This year’s
                                                  Prism concerts (featuring all bands, choirs,
When: June 14th - rain-out date of June 21st      and groups) will be held on May 16 and 17
Cost: $15 shirt included                          at 7:30 P.M. Brittany Weiss, of St. John’s,
                                                  will go to Phoenix, Arizona this summer as
In each age bracket accepting first 40            part of the Share the Mission Program.
players only (girls or boys)                      Students will be actively involved in
 5-7 year olds --- 8:00 am to 10:30 am            mission-based activities during their stays.
 8-10 year olds --- 11:00 am to 1:30 pm           Other teams will go to Chile, Mexico,
11-13 year olds --- 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm            Ukraine, Colorado and Florida. The
                                                  Junior/Senior prom will be held on
Chad has put together a very nice program         Saturday, May 3. In Spring Sports
that will teach your kids the essentials of the   the girls varsity soccer team is doing well.
game of baseball. He has had a lot of             The boys track team competed hard,
success and he has a passion to share the         overcame some adversity, and ended up
knowledge God has given. Individual               capturing the Wisconsin Little Ten Team
lessons will be available after the camp.         Indoor Championship. All State Scholar:
In addition, players will learn about             Brenda Poppy was selected as an All-State
sportsmanship and God’s love for them             Scholar. This is the highest honor one can
through a daily devotion.                         earn in the state. Hands For His Service
                                                  Once a year, Wisconsin Lutheran High
We want to encourage all our children to          School sets aside 40 days to raise money for
attend and invite others to come. Inviting the
                                                  a specific charity or mission. This year's
unchurched gives the opportunity to do            theme is "Project New York: The Great
mission work with our friends and                 Exchange," since the students will be
neighbors. In this way, they will be able to      raising money in order to provide building
learn about the game of baseball and learn        and furnishing materials for Sure
about the love of Jesus. Plan to come and         Foundation Lutheran Church, a WELS
bring others! For more information contact        church in New York City. Sure
Rod Bollinger @ 762-3950.                         Foundation is the only WELS congregation
                                                  that is located in the New York City metro
Summer Mowing and Lawn Mower                      area. The students want to help this
                                                  congregation advance their building project.
It won’t be long now and the grass will be        Last year, WLHS students raised over
growing like crazy with all the snow melt
                                                  $21,000 to provide motor bikes for missions
and rain we’ve had. The Property Board is         in Nigeria and Nepal. This year they

have set a goal of raising $15,000 to assist        bus) to Luther Prep in Watertown on May 1st to
Sure Foundation in raising money for their          take in a performance of Charlotte’s Web which
building fund.                                      they recently finished as a reading unit in class.
                                                    Boys’ and girls’ softball is in full swing. It
St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Franklin:             should also be noted that Katie Schumacher
                                                    of St. John’s was chosen to go down on the
Various grades in April went on field trips.        field and announce the “Play Ball” at a recent
Grades 1 and 2 went on a field trip to First        Brewers game. It was a real thrill for her.
Stage. Grades 5 and 6 went on a field trip to
                                                    Send your children to a Lutheran
Wisconsin Lutheran College. A mission
                                                    Elementary or High School. It is here that
project of collecting money in baby bottles
                                                    children and teens receive a high quality
for Lutherans for Life is taking place. A
                                                    Christian education.
teacher appreciation week was held and was
very successful. Grade school plays –
                                                    Collect and drop off Aluminum Cans
everyone is invited to some great
entertainment. Grades seven and eight are
                                                    Please collect and drop off all your
performing the play "I Was A Teenage
                                                    aluminum cans (soda and beer) and put them
Nerd." There are two separate and different
                                                    in the containers behind the garage beside
casts, so there will be two different
                                                    the dumpster. The money collected is used
performances. There will be a Friday night
                                                    to help the youth groups of our
cast and a Saturday night cast. The
                                                    congregation. Thank you.
kindergarten is also performing but on
Saturday night only. Their play is entitled
                                                    Pick’n Save Receipts
"A Day in the Country." On Friday, May 9th,
the upper grade play will begin at 7:00 p.m.
                                                    If you shop Pick ‘n Save, remember to use
On Saturday, May 10th, the kindergarten
                                                    your Pick’n Save Advantage Plus Savers
performance will be at 6:30 p.m. with the
                                                    Club Card. If you don’t have a card you
upper grade play at 7:00.
                                                    may get one at any Pick ‘n Save store. By
                                                    using your card (a small convenient card for
Zion Lutheran School in South
                                                    your key chain) and the proper number
                                                    designated for St. John’s (771840 which
Mrs. Suzanne Manthe will retire from                goes on the card by request) St. John’s will
teaching at the end of this year. She served        automatically receive a rebate each time the
Zion as a teacher and organist for 26 years.        card is used. Simply use the card at any
She will continue to serve the congregation         Pick‘n Save store at any location. We thank
on a regular basis as one of their organists.       those who participate in the program and
                                                    remember that the money received is yet
With the end of the school year coming up at the
                                                    another way that benefits various ministries
end of May, the pace of school active-ties has
                                                    in our congregation.
perceptibly picked up. Recess and physical
education classes have moved outside, and
                                                    Arbor Day
spring field trips are in full swing. The
Kindergarten will be visiting the Wehr Nature
                                                    An Arbor Day (spring cleanup day) will be
Center for the Ladybug Spring Breakfast. The
                                                    held on one Saturday in May. Be sure to
first grade will have a lesson on “Bodyology”
                                                    watch your bulletin for a date and details.
hosted by Slim Goodbody at the South
                                                    We will need all the help we can get to do
Milwaukee High School Performing Arts
                                                    some outside work on our church grounds
Center. They will learn about nutrition, the
                                                    and cleaning inside the church as well. It
human body, of course, and participate in a sing-
                                                    will be an opportunity to serve our
a-long. The Fourth grade will be traveling (by

Lord as we improve the appearance of our         is employed as the maintenance director.
church property.                                 Shirley’s address is: 100 16th Ave. #8 in
                                                 South Milwaukee.
                                                 Terry and Shiela Ambelang became
Confirmation will be held on Sunday, May         members by way of profession of faith.
4 at the 11:00 o’clock service. Four confir-     They both grew up in Milwaukee and were
mands will confess their faith in Jesus Christ   confirmed in WELS churches. Over the
as their Savior through the Christian rite of    years they have belonged to various
confirmation on this day. What joy and           Lutheran churches and were involved in
praise we give to God for his power at work      many areas of serving in those churches.
in these young lives. This year’s confirma-      For a time they lived in northern Wisconsin
tion class consists of: Anastacia Brich,         and most recently lived in Las Vegas. They
Courtney Draeger, Zachary Rutz, and              missed Milwaukee and are glad to be back
Nickolas Schott. Continue to keep these          where they were born and raised. Terry is
young people in your prayers.                    retired but has a paper route that allows him
                                                 plenty of exercise. Sheila is employed at
Summer Church Service Schedule                   Bowers of Oak Creek (mediates insurance
                                                 claims between insurance companies, etc.).
The summer church schedule will remain           The Ambelangs have two sons, both of
the same as it is on Sunday (A Divine            whom live in the Milwaukee area. They
service at 8:00 and the Living Praise service    enjoy getting together with their sons as well
at 9:30 and 11 AM). As in past summers,          as other friends and relatives, golfing,
there will be a Thursday evening service in      reading and just spending time together.
the place of a Saturday evening service.         Their address is: 3839 S. Austin St. in
May 17 will be the last Saturday service.        Milwuakee.
The Thursday service (beginning MAY
                                                 Please take the time to get to know our new
22) will be held at 6:30 PM. No Saturday
                                                 members by introducing yourselves. We
service will be held on May 24. Please note
                                                 pray that their membership at St. John’s will
these changes on your calendar. Services on
                                                 help them use their God given talents and
Sunday, May 25 will remain the same.
                                                 abilities and grow closer to their Lord
                                                 through Word and Sacrament.
Meet Our New Members

Shirley Grueneberg became a new member           World Missions…. Cameroon
when she transferred from South
Milwaukee. She and her late husband have         Rev. Dan Meyers, missionary to Cameroon,
belonged to other WELS churches in the           and his family stayed safe following riots
area including Trinity, Caledonia and St,        and shootings that broke out in that African
John’s, Oakwood Rd. They had lived in            nation in March, the worst violence that
Florida for a number of years before             nation has seen in 15 years. Reports say as
returning in 2002. Shirley has four sons and     many as 20 people were killed. Board for
one daughter. Her daughter lives in South        World Missions Africa Committee liaison,
Milwaukee and one of her sons in Oak             Rev. Ron Uhlhorn and his wife Kay were
Creek. Her three other sons live in Green        with the Myers family in Kumba on a field
Bay, Fox Lake and one in the state of            visit when the violence broke out. Both
Alaska. She has 12 grandchildren and 10          missionary families were evacuated from
great grandchildren. Shirley enjoys              Kumba to Douala, then flown out of the
needlecraft projects, tube painting and cooks    country to Switzerland. Those who serve for
dinner each day at a convent where her son       us in unstable third-world nations are

constantly faced with life-threatening
dangers. Let us keep our missionaries and
the mission work they do in our prayers.


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