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									           There’s a place for you in                                      Focus Mission
    United Methodist Women                                           Family House                          Rich, warm
                                                                     Fill the basket for this inner city
                                                                    all encompassing program for the
                                                                    elderly poor, neighborhood kids,
                                                                     single moms, & young men. To
           Fabulous Circles of Fellowship                            learn more about this and other        Faith-filled
            Make new friends in a Christian atmosphere, share the    missions of the UMW - contact
               joy of common interests, discover a purpose,         Carleen Robertson 414-228-0203          Fellowship
                      make a difference
                                                                     Basket is located in the Jones
                                                                     Narthex. Monthly collection
                     Lunch & Programs
                                                                      suggestions appear in Joy,
                                                                        weekly Joynotes & the
             Tuesday, September 29th Claudia Circle Salad Lunch     Women’s Ministry bulletin board        ways to serve
                     December 8th Bayberry Luncheon
                  May 11th Spring Luncheon
                                                                    Campbells & Swanson Labels
                                                                                                            in Mission
                                                                     for Northcott Neighborhood
              Fund & Fellowship Projects                              Clip the UPC & leave in the           United
             Holiday Bazaar 2nd Saturday of November annually       Campbell’s box near the elevator.

                     All Church Rummage Sale Week
                                                                      These help purchase much
                                                                       needed equipment for the            Methodist
                 Sunday—Saturday, March 11-20, 2010                       Northcott program.
                 Sale Friday night & Saturday morning                                                       Women
Holiday Harvest                    Rummage Week
    Bazaar                           begins Sunday, March 11th
                                                                    Be a part of the community of
                                                                    women whose purpose is to
 Saturday, Nov 14th                                                 know God, be one with Christ,
      9:30—2                     Come share in the fellowship       develop creative & supportive
 Fabulous handcrafted and        and fun. Clear your closets of     fellowships and be in mission
homemade items—gourmet           clutter and make room for the      to women and children in our
shop, live music, auction ta-      spectacular bargains you’ll      communities and in our world.
ble, soup & sandwich lunch.          find. This is a sale with            That’s the United
 What can you contribute?                                                 Methodist Women!
                                    something for everyone!
     Memorial &                        Focus Mission                       Abigail Circle                    Judith Circle           4th Thursday 7 pm
      Funeral                                 2009-2010                    2nd Thursday 7 pm                           meets in homes
                                                                                                              Chatter and a variety of projects
     Receptions                      Family House                               meets in homes
                                                                                                                   including homemade
                                                                             Working ladies need               jams & jellies for the bazaar.
 Support for grieving families                                               supportive Christian
                                      15% of all funds raised +                friendships too!
through punch and cookies for         monthly collection in the                                             Circles include devotions, UMW news
                                                                           Annual casserole-making
receptions following memorial       Focus Mission Basket located            for shut-ins night is a           and opportunities to grow in faith.
   services when requested.             in the Jones Narthex                   blessing for all.
                                                                                                            Each group contributes to the bazaar &
                                                                                                               rummage sale in their own way.
              Claudia Circle             1st Tuesday 9:15 am          The Reading Circle
                                 meets in homes                             1st Tuesday 7 pm
             This group keeps busy making twin & crib sized                      Walnut Room
                                                                                                                             Rachel Circle
              quilts for United Methodist Children’s Services                                                                3rd Thursday 7 pm
                                                                       If you like book discussions, this                         Walnut Room
            apartments (UMCS), along with decorative quilted                 one will focus on the
            wall-hangings to adorn our church and to sell at the                                                          Monthly informative and fun
                                                                            suggested list from the
                               annual bazaar.                                                                        programs as well as servant-oriented—
                                                                            UMW reading program.
                                                                                                                           Rachel circle places a rose
                                                                                                                     on the altar for baptisms, cooks for St.
  Pastor’s                  Mary Circle                   Creative Caring & Sharing                                  Vincent meal program three times per
                                                                                                                         year & cuts communion bread.
 Emergency                3rd Tuesday 9:30 am                       4th Tuesday 9:30 am
                                 Walnut Room              meeting place varies by month—homes & church
   Fund                                                      Mini mission projects and interesting
  Our Pick ‘n Save             Fellowship of                 fieldtrips for those who are creative,                 Reading Program
  charity number               generous life-                     who care and want to share!
                                                                                                            Wonderful contemporary books and readings
      877040                experienced ladies
                                                                                                                         in four categories:
   added to your             who desire active                                                                Mission Education, Spiritual Growth,
                          friendships & support                        Plants are delivered to church
  Advantage card                                                                                            Social Action & Nurturing for Community.
                                                                         members who have been
 supports this fund            in their lives.                                                               See the church library for a complete list.
                                                                       hospitalized for three or more

   Walnut, Bride’s Room & Kitchen Care                                            We can help find your perfect spot in UMW.
 The tradition of caring for these special rooms and our much-used                     Contact Loretto today! 352-3578
        church kitchen to keep them warm and welcoming.

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