TH E N E X T G E N E R AT I O N                                                                               Mar 2008-Jun 2008
                                                                                                              Volume 1, Issue 3

University of Washington ASCP Student Chapter Newsletter

  What is The Next

  The Student Chapter of
  ASCP at the University of
  Washington started this
  newsletter to keep the
  National ASCP Board, the
                                  The President’s Corner
  WA State Chapter of ASCP,       By Joanna Ho
  our chapter advisers, and       This year was an amazing year for ASCP! A year filled with brown bags, health fairs, educational
  our fellow ASCP Student         luncheons, CE dinners, a social at the park, representation at national and state meetings, poster
  Chapter members up-to-          presentations, the birth of our quarterly chapter newsletter, fundraisers, educational presentations,
  date on our events              bone mineral density screening, bingo with seniors, a service project, and our very own website.
  throughout the year.            Special thanks to Members of the Board for their innovative ideas, hard work, and dedication of
                                  many hours into organizing and preparing for these events. Special thanks to our advisors and
  We are called The Next          preceptors for fitting us into their busy schedules to assist us with our projects and activities. And
  Generation because we           last, but not least, special thanks to our wonderful student members for getting involved and
  hope to represent the next      supporting the achievement of our goals as a student organization. From the feedback we have
  generation of future            gathered, it is safe to say that we, members of ASCP Student Chapter, have made an impact on
  leaders in the field of         the lives of seniors in our community. They have expressed gratitude and deep appreciation for
                                  your generosity. We hope that this organization has helped you develop clinically and
  consultant pharmacy!
                                  professionally, that you have enjoyed being a part of ASCP, and that you consider continuing
                                  your involvement in the years to come.

                                  The Leaders of Tomorrow
                                  By Cherie Goto
                                  The ASCP UW Student Chapter board elections were held on May 30, 2008. We would like to
                                  introduce the newly elected 2008-2009 ASCP UW Student Chapter leaders!
What’s Inside?
                                                                             President - Jenni Yea
Open House                    2                                   Vice President - Madhu Panchapagesan
                                                                       Board Liaison - Sandra Chiang
Bingo                         2                                     Director of Outreach - Victoria Shum
                                                                    Director of Education - Grant Walker
CE Dinner                     3                                      Director of Research - Angela Lam
                                                             Director of Student Involvement - Michelle Kunita
Social Event                  3                                              Secretary - Jane Huh
                                                                Treasurer/Director of Fundraising - Ally Pham
Brown Bag Event               3                                        Historian/Webmaster - Stan Lee
                                                                     3rd year student liaison - Gina Park
MTM Seminar                   3                                      2nd year student liaison - Kevin Su

Osteoporosis Education        4   Also, two new ASCP board positions, Director of Research and Director of Student Involvement,
                                  have been created to help to further fulfill our Chapter’s goals. The Director of Research will be
Spring Fundraiser             5   involved in helping our Chapter accomplish its mission of becoming a platform to help student
                                  members learn about senior care pharmacy practice through education, outreach, and research.
Service Project               5   The Director of Research will be responsible for facilitating student officers and members with the
                                  development and timely submission of all posters, abstracts, papers, and presentations for national
Member Spotlight              6   meetings, will notify others of opportunities of research, and will help to stimulate interest in research
                                  among our members. The Director of Student Involvement will be responsible for brainstorming ideas
                                  on how to motivate student members to participate in Chapter events, obtaining feedback and
                                  suggestions from other members regarding outreach and educational activities, and helping the
                                  student liaisons to motivate member participation and coordinate social events.

                                  With such a dedicated group of future leaders, we are confident that our Chapter will continue to
                                  grow. We look forward to hearing about all the future accomplishments of our Chapter!
2    The Next Generation

                                   Health Sciences Open House
                                   By Joanna Ho
                                   Every other year, University of Washington Health
                                   Sciences Departments are involved in an Open
                                   House Event. This year, this event took place on
                                   April 25th and 26th. On behalf of the pharmacy
                                   department, different student organizations
                                   collaborated to organize a health fair. ASCP's
                                   contribution was an informational booth
                                   promoting "Healthy Aging." Students encouraged
                                   living a healthy lifestyle with exercise and
                                   appropriate diet, emphasized the importance of
                                   early prevention with preventive screening services
                                   covered by Medicare, increased awareness about
                                   fall prevention, provided information about
                                   immunizations recommended for older adults,
                                   discussed correct use of common over-the-                   Joanna, Grant, and Jenni at the
                                   counter products (laxatives, analgesics,
                                                                                                        ASCP Booth
                                   supplements), and displayed devices that can
                                   help older adults manage their medications.

                                   Bingo at the Legacy House
                                   By Jocelyn Chang
                                   Bingo with the seniors! ASCP students had a fun morning of interactive bingo with the
                                   residents at Legacy House, an independent living and skilled nursing facility at the
                                   International District in Seattle. Even though there were language barriers, with the help
                                   from interpreters, students managed to incorporate healthy living tips into the game to
                                   make the session more educational. It was definitely a great and rewarding experience
                                   for the students as well to see the excitement in the residents as we talked with them,
                                   handed out their gifts and took group pictures!

“I think that being with the
elderly really gave me a
better perspective of what
we're really doing here as
health care
professionals. A lot of
times, I get too caught up
with learning to use the
best counseling methods
that I forget why I'm trying
so hard. When I visit these
pleasant seniors at the
Legacy House, I suddenly
remember again. I
remember how endearing
they are and how much
they appreciate our help
and the kind of difference
that we can make in their
lives. It's all worth our stress
and all-nighters in
pharmacy school!”

-Dana Ling, P1                                                   UW ASCP Student Members with the
                                                                   residents of the Legacy House
                                                                                                          The Next Generation          3

                                                                        CE Dinner: Diabetic
                                                                        Peripheral Neuropathic Pain
                                                                         By Joanna Ho
                                                                         For our very first Spring event, the Washington State ASCP
                                                                         Chapter invited members of UW ASCP Student Chapter to
                                                                         a continuing education dinner sponsored by Eli Lilly and
                                                                         Company on April 3rd, 2008. Guest Speaker Dr. Gerald
                                                                         Sacks, Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist
                                                                         at Pain Institute of Santa Monica, spoke about Analgesic
                                                                         Effects in Treating Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain.
                                                                         Twelve students attended this function and enjoyed
                                                                         listening to Dr. Sacks who was a very dynamic and
                                                                         entertaining speaker. Great food was provided by Seastar
                                                                         Restaurant in Bellevue.

                                                                        UW ASCP Social
                                                                         By Jenni Yea
                                                                         On May 7th, 2008, the Liaisons from all three classes (My Dung
                                                                         Dang, Jenni Yea, & Justin Diercks) organized an ASCP Spring
                                                                         Social at the Golden Gardens Park for their fellow board
                                                                         members and officers to celebrate a job well done
                                                                         throughout the year. The social was a combination of a BBQ,
                                                                         potluck, and picnic and could not have been possible
                                                                         without the generous food contributions from the
                                                                         participating members and officers. Some of the activities
                                                                         included catching up, football, Frisbee, and volleyball.
                                                                         Despite the very cold and windy weather, the food was
                                                                         great, the people were fun, and the attendance of about 30
                                                                         members and officers total from all three classes was a
                                                                         success. Overall, the social was an exciting and fun event
                                                                         that brought all the members and officers together.

Bartell’s Brown Bag Event
By Jocelyn Chang
April 12 and 13th marked the weekend of Bartell Queen Anne’s Grand Opening Event where UWSOP students provided services like
blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and bone mineral density screenings. Students from ASCP were privileged to assist with
the medication brown bag event where customers signed up to have their medication list reviewed. The students were able to
make recommendations as appropriate and to answer any questions and concerns the customers had. We are glad to have this
opportunity to work with other pharmacy school organizations to facilitate an event that made an impact on the community. We
definitely look forward to having more of these collaborations in the future.

ASCP MTM Seminar
By Elaine Huang
We had another successful seminar! We were honored to have our very own faculty members: Annie Lam and Don Downing come
speak with us about MTM and its integral part to the future of our profession. It was a very informative question and answer session
where motivated students drove the conversation. They discussed important topics regarding implications of MTM in patient care
and the importance of our role as healthcare providers.
4   The Next Generation

                              Osteoporosis Education and
                              BMD Screening Services at the Hearthstone
                              By Dea Kim
                              The UW ASCP Student Chapter provided a two-
                              part service for the residents at the Hearthstone
                              continuing care community. On April 29th, Joanna
                              Ho and Dea Kim gave a presentation about
                              osteoporosis to the residents, called “Healthy
                              Bones are Happy Bones.” They covered the
                              prevention, detection, and treatment of
                              osteoporosis. The second part of this service was to
                              provide bone mineral density screenings. We had
                              38 slots available for people to sign-up for BMD
                              screening appointments, and they filled up quickly
                              with even a long wait-list! The screenings were held
We would like to thank        on May 13th, at the lower level of the Hearthstone.
Safeway and Dave              There were two sets of 3 stations set up: check-in,                 “Healthy Bones are
Williams for allowing us to   screening, and counseling. UW ASCP members                            Happy Bones!”
use two BMD Machines at       volunteered at each of the stations. It was a very
our event. These services     popular event, and the residents expressed their
would not have been           appreciation for our hard work!
possible without their
support! Thank you!

                                        Luis and Garrett perform a BMD                       Students and preceptors
                                            screening for a resident                            at the Hearthstone

                                                          Thank you to our wonderful preceptors:
                                       Ray Steiner, David Birkenfeld, Annie Lam, Don Downing, and Mary Morrissey!
                                   Special thanks to our project advisor, Joy Plein, for guiding us throughout this project!!
                                                                                          The Next Generation            5

                        Spring Fundraiser and Year Recap!
                        By Angela Lam
                        This quarter we fundraised personalized business
                        card holders for professional use as well as for gifts.
                        Two styles were available with prices ranging $13-
                        18. A total of 33 holders were sold. This brought us
                        to a total fundraising net proceed to over $740
                        with three fundraising events! (See side column for
                        a breakdown of the items).

                        We were able to use a portion of these proceeds
Review of Items:        to finance our meeting poster, educational
                        pamphlets, and outreach bingo giveaways for
Ornaments               seniors, etc. Thank you for all of your support!            Business Card Holders sold for the
                                                                                         ASCP Spring Fundraiser
Christmas candy grams

Business card holders

                        Pike Place Market Rummage Sale
                        By Madhu Panchapagesan
                        ASCP-UW has partnered with Pike Place Market Senior Center for this year’s Pike Place
                        Market Annual Rummage Sale! The proceeds from the rummage go towards
                        supporting the Wellness Program for Senior Citizens. The Pike Market Senior Center is a
                        gathering place for older adults with low or no-income. The Center provides a social
                        network of services to the mind, body and spirits of the Senior Center members. They
                        offer nutritional support through their food bank and nutritionally balanced daily lunch,
                        social services and wellness activities, while engaging their members within the Senior
                        Center setting and with the greater Seattle community. In 2007, the Senior Center
                        provided 40,500 meals, this includes lunch for 7 days a week and breakfast 2-3 times a
                        week. Seniors can also take classes in a variety of areas, including physical fitness and
                        health, language, geography, art and topics of special interest. ASCP-UW would be
                        helping out with contributing “rummage”, publicity, and assist on the day of the sale,
                        which would be on June 21st, 2008, from 9 am to 4 pm. Our student chapter is very
                        excited about this service project, and would be extending the partnership to make it
                        an annual co-sponsored event. Special thanks to those who have contributed so far.
                        Please make sure to stop by the Market on the 21st, and collect some lovely rummage !

                                                                     Pike Place Market
  6     The Next Generation

                                  Member Spotlight: Allison Pham
                                  Ally was born in Vietnam, but grew up in Newberg, Oregon,
ASCP UW                           which is just outside of Portland. She graduated from the
STUDENT CHAPTER,                  University of Portland, with a biology major and chemistry
School of Pharmacy                minor. She enjoys hiking, scrapbooking, and watching pro
Box 357631                        basketball. Ally has been a superb student member this year
Seattle, WA 98195-7631            for the ASCP chapter. She helped with our fundraising efforts
                                  by helping sell items at our school's Variety Show, and she also
E-mail                            volunteered her time at the BMD screenings offered at The           Hearthstone. She was also this year's Director of Media and
                                  Publications for UPPOW. Ally will be joining the ASCP Board
                                  next year as the treasurer/Director of Fundraising!

Editor Contact Information        Thank you, Ally, for all your hard-work and passion for our
If you would like to contribute   pharmacy profession, especially in geriatric pharmacy!
to the newsletter, or if you
have any questions or
comments, please contact:

Dea Kim
                                  Upcoming Events
                                  In-and-Out Luncheon
                                  June 12, 2008

                                    ASCP UW
                                    STUDENT CHAPTER,
                                    School of Pharmacy
                                    Box 357631
                                    Seattle, WA 98195-7631

                                                                       ATTN: ASCP MEMBER

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