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					ISSUE 132               TROOP 226 BSA NEWSLETTER                   OCTOBER 2009

                                                    TROOP POSITIONS
  EVENTS & ACTIVITY CALENDAR                            SPL – Ryan K.
      October Theme –Hiking                            ASPL – Thomas
                                                         QM – Craige
 Oct 12: COH - Spearheads                                Scribe – Ben
 Oct 15-16: No School                                 Librarian – Adam J
                                                       Historian – Sam
 Oct 19: Troop Mtg – Nighthawks                    Chaplain Aide – Adam B
 Oct 22: Troop Committee Meeting                    Troop Guide – Michael
 Oct 24: University of Scouting                        Bugler – Steven
 Oct 26: Troop Mtg – Tomahawks
 Oct 31: Happy Halloween                   Pack 126 Webelos (1st yrs.) will need a
 Nov 2: Troop Mtg-Spearheads               Den Chief soon. Anyone interested should
                                           see Mrs. Bjorkman.
 Nov 5-6: NO School
 Nov 6: District Roundtable
 Nov 9: Troop Mtg - Wolverines                 BIRTHDAY’S THIS MONTH
 Nov 9: PLC Mtg (during Troop Mtg)
 Nov 13-14: OA Fall Fellowship                        SCOUTS:
                                                 Frankie   October 14
                                                 Thomas    October 30
                                                 Cortland  October 30

 Abbreviations used in the Reveille               ADULT LEADERS:
 PLC - Patrol Leader Council               Terry Campbell   October 3
 SPL - Senior Patrol Leader                Lorie Danielson  October 24
 ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader     Marty Chalupa    October 31
 JLT - Junior Leader Training
 COH – Court Of Honor                                 ELECTRONICS:
                                           Cell phones and other electronics have
                                           become a distraction at meetings. Adults
                                           have cell phones and the church has a
 Sign-up Sheets/Activity Fliers:           phone available to us. Effective
 Sign-up sheets and fliers now posted on
                                           immediately NO electronics (phones,
 the scout bulletin board in the church.
                                           ipods, computers, etc) allowed at
                                           meetings. Parents please help with this
                                           endeavor by asking your scout for their
                                           electronics before exiting the car.
 2                                                                          The Reveille

             THIS ‘N THAT                      The annual calendar, old copies of the
                                               Reveille, updated information, forms,
"In every walk with nature one receives        pictures, and merit badge information can
more than he seeks."…John Muir                 all be found here. Please look at the Web
(American naturalist, author, and early        site frequently as information is added and
advocate of preservation of U.S.               updated.
                                                          ALUMINUM CANS
                                               Bring your cans in to each troop meeting!
  Immediate Needs of Troop 226:                It’s a great opportunity to do a good turn
Lisa Campbell has given the troop              that benefits your troop, your community,
committee her resignation as Scoutmaster       the state, the nation and the world. With
effective June 1, 2010. Troop 226 extends      the price for aluminum at record lows it’s
a huge “Thank You” to her for stepping         still a great time to crush a can, toss it into
forward and taking on this role when our       a bag, and bring to a troop meeting. They
troop was in need of a Scoutmaster. What       will be held until the prices go back up
does this mean now for the Troop?? We          again.
need to get a new Scoutmaster, have them
trained, and work with Lisa on transitioning
her duties. Do you want to make an                        NOTES FROM SPL
impact on your scout’s life and of others?
                                               Hey everyone now that I've been getting
Do you want to make a difference? If so,
                                               the hang of this I just have to say that it's
then the scouts of Troop 226 need you to
                                               actually not as bad as everyone said. The
give them your time and talents. Please
                                               SPL job is actually pretty fun and really
don’t let them think that you don’t care
                                               rewarding too.
enough to give them the guidance and
leadership they deserve! The sooner you
                                               Okay now back to the whole troop, I'm
step forward the more assistance and
                                               really impressed! There' has been so
mentoring you will receive from Lisa while
                                               many people showing up at the meetings,
she is still in this position!
                                               there has been a lot more actual planning
                                               going on for the meetings, and the
Reminder - The troop is still in need of 2
                                               campouts have been completely planned
assistant scoutmasters and an Outdoor
Activities Coordinator.   Remember the
troop cannot function without people in
                                               I really think that if we just step this up a
these positions. The scouts of Troop 226
                                               little bit more then we're really going to be
need you to step forward.
                                               there, a boy led troop again and I know we
                                               all want that. Don't forget to keep up all the
       Scouting is for parents too!            great work guys. Thank you to all the older
                                               scouts; keep setting a great example!

         Troop 226 Web site:                              YIS, Ryan K. ~ SPL~
Do you know how to access the troop’s
Web site?
 3                                                                        The Reveille

     SCOUTMASTER REPORT                        Families, please bring the following:
October will be a month of “action” for the
scout. One item along your boy scout trail           ALL Families:      Main Dish
is merit badges. The October Scoutmaster             Families A – E:    Salad
challenge is to check out one (1) new merit          Families F – Z:    Dessert
badge card and start, possibly even
complete it during the month of October.                 Hope to see you there!

There are also many scouts stuck on the        Troop Meetings – Patrol Assignments
trail with partially completed merit badges.   Which upcoming meeting is your patrol in
We will also be checking to see how many        charge of? The patrol in charge of the
partially completed merit badges are out             meeting also does clean-up.
there and as to how we can move along on
the “trail” and get them completed.            **The Scoutmaster must have meeting
                                               planning sheets in advance to approve**
Be prepared and do your best!!
                                                        Wolverines – October 5
Your Scoutmaster ~Mrs. Campbell~                    Spearheads – October 12 (COH)
                                                       Nighthawks – October 19
                                                       Tomahawks – October 26

UPCOMING SCOUTING EVENTS                              Spearheads – November 2
                                                       Wolverines – November 9
              Court of Honor:                         Nighthawks – November 16
The October 12, 2009 Troop Meeting will               Tomahawks – November 23
be the next "Court of Honor" at Memorial              Spearheads – November 30
Lutheran Church starting at 6:30 p.m.
Please note date change!                       Wolverines: Michael, Ryan K, Adam B,
                                               Thomas, Cortland, Tony, Alex, Frankie
The Court of Honor meeting is a
                                               Nighthawks: Phillip, Jacob, James, Steven,
presentation for Boy Scouts who have
                                               Ryan D, Blake
earned an award or rank advancement.
                                               Spearheads: Kyle, Sam, Adam J, Ben M,
All family members are invited so they may
                                               Craige, Nolan
come and celebrate their Scout’s
achievement. The Court of Honor only
                                               Tomahawks: Elijah, Bryce, Jonathan,
happens 4 times a year.
                                               Chris, Brad, Skylar
The Spearheads Patrol is in charge of
                                                                  Eagle Expo
setup/cleanup (tables, chairs, podium,
                                               This is for all Life & Star Scouts. Tuesday,
fixing refreshments, etc). The
                                               October 27th at North Presbyterian Church
Spearheads should arrive by 6:15pm.
                                               (located at the corner of Hwy 36 and
                                               Charles in North Saint Paul).
Spearheads Patrol: Kyle, Sam, Adam J,
Ben M, Craige, Nolan
                                               Registration starts at 6:45pm; program
                                               beginning at 7:00pm.
 4                                                                       The Reveille
           OA - Fall Fellowship                       FUND RAISING NEWS
Friday night, November 13, through,           The Wreath, poinsettia, popcorn, and
Saturday morning, November 14                 Herberger’s coupon sales have begun. If
                                              you did not receive your packet of
Maplewood Community Center - 2100             information, please see Linda McConnell.
White Bear Ave N Maplewood, MN 55109
                                              Completed packets and money for all
Experienced Arrowmen Gathering from           orders must be turned in by the November
8:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.                        2nd troop meeting.

Fall Fellowship from 10:30 p.m. – 5:00        Remember fundraising now helps pay for
a.m.                                          camps in the future!

OA Members: Take the Fall Fellowship
                                                COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS
Survey, at
                                              Fruit Picking: Scouts are needed to pick
                                              fruit for local food shelves. Jerry Beedle, a
FOLLOW-UP SCOUTING EVENTS                     member of Memorial Lutheran Church (our
                                              charter organization), is in need of scouts
         Art in the Park Follow-up:           to help pick fruit. Please contact Mr.
Thank you to the Nighthawk patrol for         Beedle at 651-436-5749 to arrange days
planning this campout. The weather was        and times you could assist him.
great during the day, a little cool in the
evening, but with the games and movies I      Food Harvest: Scouts are needed to
don’t think the scouts noticed. A big thank   help unload the truck, set-up, and help
you to Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs.      take food items to people’s cars.
Kopelke, and Matt Chalupa (coming home
from school this weekend) for being the       Where: St. Croix Valley United Methodist
adult leaders/campers at this campout.        Church
Also, thank you to all scouts and adults      October 24: 7:00am – 9:00am
that helped Saturday morning at the           November 28: 7:00am – 9:00am (many
highway clean-up. I think this was the        hands are needed this Saturday as turkeys
fastest clean-up on record (see what many     will be handed out).
hands can do)!
                                              Dress warmly and wear your scout
                                              uniform! Please contact Tim Ailport or
    District Fall Camporee Follow-up:         Lorie Danielson for questions and/or
Thank you to the Wolverines patrol for        information.
planning this campout. The weather was
not so good, but the scouts were prepared.    Remember service hours are not just to
The activities were informative and           fulfill rank requirements, they are also part
everyone learned many new things and          of the Scout Slogan - “Do a Good Turn
had fun! A big thank you to Mr. Ailport       Daily”, and for the Scout Law- “A Scout is
and Mr. Danielson for being the adult         trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
leaders/campers at this campout.
 5                                                                         The Reveille
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.                     Whistling Well Farm – Shop for fresh
                                                apples, pumpkins, mums, crafts, jams,
                                                gourds, caramel apples, squash and
        SEPTEMBER                               honey. Kids can feed chickens and pet
  Rank Advancement & Merit Badges               The first three weekends in October will
                                                feature the apple & pumpkin festival with
                Phillip - Life                  food, fun, and entertainment.
   Congratulations to scouts that earned        See for more
       awards and advancements!                 info and hours.

   See Scout Bulletin Board for Fliers
                                                   MISC. SCOUT INFORMATION
                                                                Merit Badges
                                                It’s never too late to work on merit badges!
                                                Merit badges are needed to fulfill Star, Life
                                                and Eagle rank requirements.
Afton Alps Fall Fair & Swap – Come for          Ask the Troop Librarian for a merit badge
savings on equipment, clothing, skies, and      book or visit the Web site for requirements
snow boards.                           Information
                                                and worksheets are also on the Troop
Friday, October 9 – sale only 4-9pm.            Web site at

Saturday & Sunday, October 10, 11 – sale        Return Merit Badge Books to the Troop
and fair 11am – 5pm. Free chairlifts,           Librarian as soon as you are done with
hayrides, and food.                             them.

Rummage Sale – Friday, October 9 and                          Scout Uniform
Saturday, October 10.                           Scout T-shirts and sweatshirts can be
                                                purchased by Scouts with money from
St. Mary's Episcopal Church - 8435 St.          their Boy Accounts. Order forms can be
Croix Trail So. (County Road 21) just south     found in the Forms & Documents tab on
of Afton Alps.                                  the Troop Web site -
Afton Apple – Apples and raspberries for
sale now through October and pumpkins           Official Uniform:
available late September.                       Brown/Khaki shirt / or the new colored
                                                shirt, troop neckerchief. Scout pants,
The 10 acre corn maze is open mid-              shorts, socks are optional.
September through October. Fridays 4pm-
10pm, Saturdays 10am-10pm, and                  This shirt is worn for a Scouting event or
Sundays 10am – 6pm.                             representing Scouting in a service

See for more info.
 6                                                                        The Reveille
capacity. DO NOT wear this uniform for          Scouting” (formerly New Leader
fundraising events.                             Essentials).
Activity Uniform:
Any Scout related T-shirt.                        Great Rivers Super Training Day(s):
                                                Gethsemane Lutheran Church/School,
This shirt is worn for fundraising events or    2410 Stillwater Rd E (and McKnight Rd),
event that calls for the activity uniform.      Maplewood MN 55119
Link to what the new uniform looks like –       Bring bag lunch or $5 for provided lunch.
(new cap, shirt, shoulder loops, belt, pants,
socks, etc.):                                   Cub Scout Leader Specific Training:         Sat, Nov 21, 9:00-1:00pm
                                                Troop Committee Challenge:
                                                Sat, Nov 21, 10:00-1:00pm
                 Websites:                      Youth Protection Training:
                                                Sat, Nov 21, 1:00-2:00pm
Council -
Great Rivers – www/       Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster
New District Name is Great Rivers               Part I Tues, Nov 17, 6:30-9:30pm
                                                Part II Sat, Nov 21, 9:00-4:00pm
       Silver Beaver Nominations
The deadline for a deserving individual has
been set by the Council Advancement                       Wood Badge Training
Committee for November 1st. Any                 Wood Badge Winter Course: Feb 5-7,
questions, please contact Dave Jungkunz         Mar 5-7, 2010. Indoor accommodations at
at 651-777-4282.                                Fred C Andersen Scout Camp and Kiwanis
                                                Scout Camp. Fee: $200. Scholarship
                                                assistance available.
   University of Scouting/Pow Wow:
Saturday, October 24, 2009, Brooklyn Park       Wood Badge Summer 2010: June 21-26,
Junior High. All-day leader training with a     weeklong course at Fred C Andersen
“Magic” theme. Registration forms on the        Scout Camp. Get it on your calendar now!
council website. Classes and Midway for
every leader in Scouting. Don’t miss it!
                                                Any training courses you take, please
                TRAINING                        let Carol Zupfer know as it needs to be
To get our Quality Awards, we need our          recorded to the district.
Adult Leaders TRAINED for the position
they hold.

On-lineTraining is available on Courses include Fast
Start Training, Youth Protection, “This Is