The Badger by tyndale


									The Badger
Yosemite National Park Valley School
                                                                              October 27, 2009
                                                                     A California Distinguished School
P O Box 485, Yosemite National Park CA 95389                    Mariposa County Unified School District
Catherine Soria, Principal 209.372.4791
                                                             4.) If you would like to come help put your student in
                                                                 their costume, you should come to school around
MARK YOUR CALENDARS:                                             12:30pm.
10/26-30 Scarecrow Contest                                   5.) Parents and siblings are more than welcome to join
10/28 Collaboration Day – Early Dismissal/Art                    us!
10/30 Halloween Parade—1 pm                                  Thank you for your support in this exciting community
11/3    PTG Potluck,TUES. 5:30 pm                            event.
11/5    Yosemite Explorers 9-10 am                                 SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM
11/7    Fall Frolic                                           Keep in mind you are ordering for Tuesday through the
11/11 Veteran’s Day HOLIDAY NO SCHOOL                                            following Monday.
11/12 Project Pluton                                         Breakfast: Milk, fruit, yoghurt, cereal
11/14 School Rummage Sale                                    Lunch: All lunches include fruit and vegetables, milk
11/17 Tues Collaboration Day-Early Dismissal/Art             Monday: Deli sandwich, Chips
11/24 End of First Trimester                                 Tuesday: Oriental Salad, Fortune Cookie
11/25-11/27 Thanksgiving Break
                                                             Wednesday: Deli Sandwich, Chips
12/2    Collaboration Day – Early Dismissal/Art
12/3    Yosemite Explorers                                   Thursday: Yoghurt, Bagel with Cream Cheese
12/4    Report Cards Go Home                                 Friday: Wrap Sandwich, Chips
12/9    Collaboration Day – Early Dismissal/Art              Breakfast costs $1.35
12/16 Collaboration Day – Early Dismissal/Art                Lunch costs $2.25
12/17 Winter Program                                         If you would like to order meals for your child(ren)
12/21-1/1 Winter Break                                       please send a note detailing which meals for which
1/4     School Resumes after Winter Break                    days to Ceci by 9 am Friday of the week before, thank
       THANK YOU COLUMN                                      FALL FROLIC SIGN-UP SHEET Our
      Cathy DeCecco for organizing the Halloween             biggest fundraiser of the year is just around the corner!
      Parade.                                                We have attached the sign-up sheet, please either return
      Ceci Archer for being her and being here.              the sheet or give us a call in the office with a time slot you
      Tracey Gabriel for being such a help in the            would like to fill, we really need everyone to help with this
      classroom and everywhere else.                         one! Thank you
      Catherine Soria for arranging the Step Up to           BOX TOPS 4 EDUCATION We are still
      Writing training next week.                            hoping someone will step forward as the boxtops
      Ranger Shauna for organizing the first K-1             coordinator. Please contact the office if you are
      Yosemite Explorers Program.                            interested.

SCARECROW CONTEST                          YVS families,     READING GOAL UPDATE                          We completed
you still have two days to get your scarecrows erected! A    our first 6-week period of reading goals just before the fall
scary one already appeared on the school grounds.            break. We are very excited to announce that Zoe Evans,
                                                             Will Fontana, Gregory Royse and Serra Webber met their
HALLOWEEN PARADE On Friday, October                          goals for this period, congratulations! As this is based
30, 2009, we will be having our annual Halloween             upon our students’ nightly reading homework we would
parade. We will leave school promptly at 1:00pm.             have liked to have seen all students reach this goal. The
Students are allowed to bring in their costume and we will   good news is, we start afresh this week and hope that
make our rounds around the DNC offices. This has             during this session which will end on December 11
become a fun and treasured tradition. A few things to        everyone will reach their reading goals. This week Mrs.
remember:                                                    Archer will be meeting with students and reassessing
1.) Please send your child’s costume into school that        goals. We have attached the tracking sheet for your child
    day clearly labeled with your child’s name. We want      so you can see how close they came this time around. If
    to make sure you have all costume parts for the big      you do not find an attachment than that means that your
    day on Saturday.                                         child did not take a quiz. If you have any questions please
2.) Please ensure that the costume is not too scary! (No     contact Mrs. Archer, keep in mind that I will be out of the
    blood please).                                           office next week. Thank you
3.) Don’t forget a bag (name labeled, please) to collect
    all the generous offerings we receive from the offices
    that we visit.
                                                                     Thursday of the month. Stay tuned for more details
SCHOOL RUMMAGE SALE                            Save the
                                                                     about the program topic.
date, there are plans in the works to hold the 1 Annual              On Wednesday we will enjoy our October cooking
School Rummage Sale! Very Exciting!                                  project. This time we will be making pumpkin pie from
IMPACT AIDE SURVEYS Thank you to the                                 a real pumpkin. Ask your favorite student about this
                                                                     fun activity.
handful of families who returned their surveys, you will         First and Second Grade Report
not find another attached to this Badger. However if we
                                                                o In Social Studies, I am going to send home a short
did not receive a survey from you there will be another
                                                                     homework packet for you to complete with your
attached. Please thoroughly complete with both physical
                                                                     student. Typically, I will not send homework, but your
(at the top of the survey) and mailing (at the bottom)
                                                                     input is crucial for this assignment. Your student will
addresses as well as employment and student
                                                                     be interviewing you about your families’ ancestors. It
information. Thank you
                                                                     will be due next week. Thank you so much for your
LEAH CARLSON UPDATE As you all know                                  assistance in this project. We completed a lesson on
                                                                     Monday about where our ancestors come from and
Leah is battling Leukemia and doing a fine job of it. She
                                                                     this home extension will help students know more
has good days and bad as you would imagine but all in all
                                                                     about their background.
she is responding well to her treatments and pushing
                                                                o In science, we will be working on twirlers and
though each hurdle as it presents itself. We received
                                                                     beginning a new investigation on rollers. As we
word prior to the fall break that she was in full remission
                                                                     complete these investigations, we will be learning
although it is a little unclear as to what that means
                                                                     about gravity and air resistance. This unit continues
besides it is good but she still has 2 years + of treatment
                                                                     to be full of fun and educational information.
ahead of her. She and her mother have spent many a
block of time at Children’s Hospital, but again, pushing         MRS. DIETZ’S CLASS: Congratulations to
though each setback as it comes. She has a skype                 Carmen, Serra, Kiersten, Layton, and Holly for being
account and many students are in contact with her from           chosen to enter the Mariposa Storytelling Writing
home as well as her classmates who check in regularly.           Contest. They all had excellent stories. Carmen was
We wanted to inform everyone that the Yosemite                   chosen as the Yosemite Valley School Grand Author and
Community Chapel have organized a fund for Leah, who             Kiersten was chosen as the 2nd grade Grand Author for
will receive a monthly check to help relieve some of the         Mariposa County! Kiersten will tell her story about the
financial burden that comes with this sort of thing. In a        day that she turned into a dog at the Tellabration on
situation like this, money is time, time that her mom can        Saturday, November 21, where she will perform with the
spend with Leah rather than working to make ends meet.           other Grand Authors.
If you are interested in helping out you may contact the              All of our entrants received a beautiful button and a
Yosemite Community Chapel for more information or if             ticket to the Mariposa Storytelling Festival at the
you wanted to send donations into the school we will be          Mariposa County High School Auditorium on Saturday,
turning over moneys collected at the end of each month           March 13, 2010.
to the YCC for disbursement. Checks should be made out                 Our stories are posted outside the Room 2
to the YCC and please note Leah Calrson donation in the          door. Please come by and check them out. They are
note space. Thank you                                            really imaginative.
                                                                 Many thanks to Carmen who helped me host my former
FROM THE CLASSROOMS:                                             students during their visit to Yosemite. They liked her so
                                                                 much that they tried to take her back to Lake Don Pedro
MRS. DECECCO’S CLASS I hope that everyone                        with them. They all thought that the Yosemite
enjoyed a wonderful fall break and that you were able to         Community was lucky to have such a nice school.
enjoy that extra time with your children.                        Our science students are identifying minerals using many
    At the end of the last week of school, we began              different testing methods. Our social science students
    working on our farm books. We will keep working on           are learning about the Spanish occupation of California
    the writing part of the book this week during Language       and its many influences. In math we are learning about
   Arts centers.                                                 inequalities with vocabulary like ‘greater than’ and ‘less
     Also in Language Arts, we will be reading our               than’ and sorting numbers from least to greatest. We
    decodable readers in kindergarten and anthologies in         have returned to finishing up our ‘Loose Tooth’ stories
    first grade. I will send home the decodable readers          and will be starting our bear encounter stories soon.
    for kindergarteners in today’s folder. Kinders will
    continue to work on their practice book pages and first
                                                                 MS. FULHORST/STEWART’S CLASS: We’re
    graders will complete new grammar pages. Both                back, we’re rested, and we are ready.              Yesterday
    groups will be visiting our listening centers and writing    students returned happy to see each other and full of
    about cooking and Halloween.                                 tales from fall break. Whether it was a “staycation” or a
    In math, the kinders are learning more about patterns        trip across the country, everyone seemed to have a good
    in chapter six. First graders are finishing their chapter    time. Prior to break we had finished our first major writing
    on addition strategies and will begin unit three on          assignment, profiled two ancient cultures (Iran and
    subtraction tomorrow. Both groups will also complete         Israel), and mastered math and algebra content. Here
    another journal project and challenge investigation          are some highlights of the week to come (in no particular
    this week.                                                   order)
   Our song this week is Evenings, which is a fun                          Students reviewed and reflected on their Smart
    number sung to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider.                       Goals from the week of October 12-16 , and
    We had our first National Park Service program with                     they wrote new ones in their weekly planner for
    Ranger Shauna, a great time was had by all.                             the current week. Ask your son or daughter to
    Students wrote about this fun experience when they                      share their goal with you.
    returned to school. Our next program will be next                       5/6 graders continue to demonstrate how great
    week as our regularly scheduled time is the first                       they are in math, understanding that great test
                                                                            scores are cool, but as Helen says, “the most
          important this is getting the concept”. These
          students definitely are showing that they “get it”.
          Algebra students are on to multi-step equations.
          Both Chris and Greg are doing a fine job
          building the foundation of understanding that will
          surely hold them up as algebra gets more
          In Language arts this week, we are working on
          the art of writing good summaries. Later in the
          week look for some scary “quick write”
          Halloween stories.
          We continue to become more literate in world
          geography, this we chose Ethiopia as the focus
          of our jigsaw research report. Jigsaw simply
          means to divide up the research among
          students, then we piece it back together for the
          final report. You can see our Iran and Israel
          reports in the Hallway.
          Students are noticing science in everything. This
          week we look at the question, how old is old?
          Deep stuff, for big minds.
          We look at geologic time in science and
          geographic patterns in social studies. We’ve
          started our social studies projects which will
          articulate how the Nile and other geologic
          formations did and continue to influence growth
          and settlement in Egypt and Ancient Kush.
Students will be busy in the books this week. Of course
they will also be gearing up for a big Halloween weekend.
The kick off for most of us will be our annual Halloween
parade. We are so lucky to live in this safe and friendly
community in which we can still go trick or treating in
comfort. Here’s to continuing this fun tradition, and here’s
to our Yosemite families.


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