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					 August 2007 — Volume 55 — Number 7

                                            Summer Worship
Summer on the River –
Potluck Dinner & Worship Service                                           Summer Sermon Series
                                                                       Spiritual Transformers
On August 19 we invite you to join us at Camp White
in Post Falls for a potluck dinner (5pm) and simple
evening worship service (6pm).                                 Aug 5
                                                               Experience Telling The Truth
                                                               Ephesians 4.14-16
                                                               Preaching: Daryl Geffken

                                                               Aug 12
                                                               Experience Encouragement
                                                               Acts 14.21-23, Philippians 2.1-4, Romans 1.11-12
                                                               Preaching: Kevin Finch

                                                               Aug 19
                                                               Experience Encouraging Others
                                                               Hebrews 10.24-25, Acts 11.19-26, Romans 15.4-6,
                                                               Preaching: Charles Ayars

                                                               Aug 26
                                                               Experience Service
                                                               Luke 10.25-37
Camp White is owned by Millwood Presbyterian Church            Preaching: Charles Ayars
and they host services each Sunday evening during the
summer. Charles will preach and a worship team from our
church will lead the service. Maps to the camp are available
in the kiosk and on our web site ( We                 Worship Services
are looking at taking a bus out - call Dan Steer at 838-7455
to save a spot. You are also welcome to arrive at the camp
earlier to swim and relax. If you come for dinner, bring a              9:30am and 6:05pm
dish to feed 6-8 people.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,                            We have so much to be thankful to God for. This does
                                                                not negate the struggles and issues that have surfaced
As our brother in the faith, the apostle Paul, would say,       during this interim time. They are real, some of them
grace and peace be with you. A simple definition for            have been dealt with and others are in the process.
grace is God's unmerited favor, while the Hebrew                Every institution, church and family struggles now and
word for peace is shalom, which is a prayer for the             again. The issue is not that we have problems, but how
well-being of another person. So, another way to say            we deal with them and where are we going to focus
grace and peace is to wish that you would experience            our energies. I choose, and I encourage you to as well,
the abundance of God's blessings while knowing                  to focus my energy, time and prayer on the many
God's deep love for you and experiencing the fullness           places where God is wonderfully at work at FPC. If one
of life offered in Christ. That is my desire for you and        person can move a mountain with a mustard seed of
me, our families and congregation.                              faith I am in awe about what God has planned for us
                                                                because there is so much faithfulness in this place.
God is wonderfully at work within us and among us. I
see our Lord's imprint everywhere I look: in the 9:35am         Please continue to pray for the Pastor Nominating
and the 6:05pm worship experiences; the volunteers              Committee, the many people who are preparing for
that take time out of their summer to come and sit at           the beginning of our fall program year and for where
the front desk, plant flowers around the church and go          God might be calling you to participate more fully in
on mission trips with our youth; our junior highs and           the life of the congregation.
senior highs who faithfully serve God through caring
for the poor; the leadership and the staff of the church        I love you with the love of our Lord.
that have spent hours planning and praying for the
next program year; our two congregational conversa-
tions; the startup of the FiveO-SevenO group; the con-
tinued work of the PNC; and that is only the tip of the
iceberg. God has always been faithful and it is in him
that we live and move and have our being.

  First Press Newsletter (USPS 197-760) is published monthly by First Presbyterian Church, 318 South Cedar Street,
  Spokane, WA 99204-1684. Periodical postage paid at Spokane, WA.
  POSTMASTER: Send address changes to First Presbyterian Church, 318 South Cedar Street, Spokane, WA 99204-1684.
The Weekend of the Sacred Seven — 7/7/07

7/7/07 – an unusual date, and an unusual pace for a         couples for successful marriage.
weekend at First Pres. The weekend held three sacred        Sunday morning worship service
events, each filled with two of the best aspects of our     saw the third son of Shawna and
Christian faith - Gods sanctification and the love of       Todd Armstrong baptized. Owen
family.                                                     Armstrong is know to many of
                                                            us as Spokane’s 2007 New Years’
Across the nation, Saturday 7/7/07 had over three times     baby, but to Bruce Armstrong,
the normal amount of weddings. With Kevin Finch             associate pastor from Columbia
                                                            Presbyterian Church, Owen is
                                                            know as grandson. It was a
                                                            privilege to witness the holy and
                                                            tender moment of a grandfather
                                                            performing baptism while
                                                            entrusting Owen’s spiritual upbringing to this community
                                                            of Christ. This service also included the sacrament of
                                                            communion, the seal of covenant for God’s people.

officiating, we watched as Jennifer Patton and Joshua
Smelser pledged themselves before God in this sacred
rite. New to Spokane, Jennifer and Josh have been
worshipping with us this year, and have participated
in our New Beginnings class for engaged couples. The
Smelser’s often have family members join them at
Sunday worship, including Josh’s parents Cliff and Lori
who have also recently moved to Spokane. Jennifer was
a dazzling bride, and was overheard to say, “Have you       Completing the sacredness of this weekend was the
see Josh? He looks incredible!” It is our honor here at     ordination ceremony of Kelly Walsh Hostettler. In an
First Pres to have hosted their wedding, as well as these   intensely holy and intimate setting, Kelly’s husband and
other                                                       family, as well as her church family, gathered to see her
couples this year:                                          ordained. An Ordination is a worship service focusing on
                                                            Christ and the joy and responsibility of the mission and
             Janny Wendt and Ryan Kiely                     ministry of the church, with the laying on of hands by the
           Brianna Lewis and Ben Holling                    administrative commission of the local presbytery, as well
         Courtney Knox and Gordon Salgado                   as attending elders and deacons. Again our community
         Mary Ellen Holland and Dan Peterson                had the gift of experiencing a sacred ceremony dedicated
            Mia Michelle and Asher Ernst                    to God, while witnessing the family’s loving participation
                                                            in that ceremony.

First Pres not only provides a sacred sanctuary to be       This weekend marked the first steps of new paths for these
married in, but is also dedicated to equipping these        church families. We join them in asking God to be part of
“Rummage” and “Question”
What do these two words have in common?
They can both be a noun or a verb. In their verb form they both have to do with searching. In their noun form, both are
encouraged at FPC.

Why is Rummage encouraged at FPC?
The Rummage Sale . . .
•   is one of the ways we live out our fundamental calling to serve our neighbors in the name of Christ.
•   meets practical needs.
•   is counter-cultural response to our affluence and consumerism.
•   creates opportunity for relationships.
•   does double duty – the mission of the sale and funding other missions.
•   has been sustained by a core group of people who have been faithful servants.

What can you do to be a part of this mission?
Call Linda Browne (448-2513) TODAY to let her know you are interested.

By the way, Questions are encouraged at FPC because they lead us to the connection between God and the searching of
our lives. So, rummage around with this question . . .

Do we want to our mission through the Rummage Sale to continue as one way we fulfill our
commitment to live as a blessing of God into the community and the world?

                                                          e r 11- 1
                                                 – Octob 6
                               mma       ge Sale     ; Oct.
                                                 22, 29        in storage
                       Fal l Ru nings, Sept. 15, age & organize s & clothing
                                r                                      m
                         Sat. mo eceive rumm ousehold ite
                                  R                le h
                                           eusab                                 )
                                   Bring r r 11                          am-9am           g)
                                         tob  e              rtitions (7 gym (mornin
                          Thurs day, Oc tables and pa storage to                 (9am-3
                                                                                        pm)             oon)
                                     Setup                   m                                   (9am-n
                                              umm    age fro mage for sale ); Sat., Oct. 13 shier
                                     Move r organize rum 2 (9am-5pm nts or as a ca
                                               d                   .1                e
                                      Sort an pm); Fri., Oct sale departm
                                              (3-5               f the
                                     Oct. 11 shift in one o
                             Thurs.,      ork a
                                       W             13                 ge
                                           ctober              rumma
                              Satu rday, O p remaining
                                        Bo x u              s                 ns
                                                  rge item            partitio
                                         Haul la n tables and
                                                  ow                  ay
                                          Take d nd/or Saturd volunteers                   ers
                                           , Friday a             nc h to          volunte
                                Th ursday           nd  serve lu are for other
                                           Cook a ide childc
                                            Help   prov                           10
                                                                         May 7-                      Thursd
                                                               Sale – o serve
                                                        age ities t                           ues to
                                              Rumm                                       ntin
                                                                  n               and co
                                  Spring Similar opportu n Wednesday
                     Ma ny t ha
                     Sale!      nks t o all
                                            who s u p
                     The proce                                ported T
                                 eds were                                  he Annu
                    of hard w              alm                                          al Spring
                               ork, rumm ost $4000!! We co                                           Rummag
                    people w               ag                        uldn’t ha
                              orked dilig e donations and                      ve done it
                                                                                            without y
                   crew who                ently to s              shopper
                                                                             dollars. It              o
                   The lefto
                                cleaned u             et u
                                           p on Satu p, sell, price, cook                was a gre ur contributions
                             vers were                 rday afte               and cash             at succes
                  Mission A               giv                     rnoon an                ier. Thank         s! Over 65
                             venue Ou en to Goodwill In                     d the sta
                                                                                       ff who su
                                                                                                     s especia
                                                                                                               lly to the
                  has and w              tre                       dustries a
                             ill continu ach Center and U                     fter some           pported
                                                                                                           our effort
                  Men’s an               e to bene                nion Gos                 items we                    s.
                           d Women                   fit the ne             pe                       re
                                      ’s Ministr                edy in ou l Mission. This sem saved for the
                                                 ies here a                r commu                   i-annual
                                                            t F P C.                  nity and
                                                                                                 the world project
                                                                                                           as well as

Why do people choose to invest in the Rummage Sale? There are a variety of reasons . . .

      I invest my time in the Rummage Sale because I saw a need for help and I thought I would be able to assist.
                     I have time and enjoy using it to volunteer, especially in church-related tasks.
                                   This was the first year that I helped. - Teri Embrey

                                     Why do I invest my time in the Rummage Sale?
        It provides a time to support the ongoing mission of First Presbyterian Church and a time for fellowship
   during the sale with fellow members. Helping in the kitchen with the lunches has been rewarding. - LaVonne Stier
        (LaVonne and a team of faithful women have served lunch for Rummage Sale volunteers for many years.
          They have decided to step away from this task, leaving an opportunity to others to serve in this way.)

  I started helping with the Rummage Sale when I joined the church so I could get to know more people in the church.
                 I enjoyed it so much and everyone is so friendly and helpful that I have continued with it.
               The fact that our efforts result in helping others makes it even more meaningful. - Jane Martin

    For me, the Rummage Sale is my favorite project! It is a time to serve the Lord, by ministering to the least of these
   in our community. It is also a time of fellowship and fun which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. - Linda Browne

                                           Why I help at the Rummage Sale:
                                     • The camaraderie of working with other people
                   •   Helping God’s mission through our contributions connecting with the public
        •   I get wonderful bargains of household goods and clothing – plus, trading in our own usable castoffs
                               •   It’s my ministry - personally and for FPC. - Judi Steele

            I had no idea what the Rummage Sale was for but I came to help because my friend was helping.
                                It was fun, so I am willing to do it again. - Joanna Plimley
                    (Joanna was surprised to find out that thousands of dollars are given to missions
                               each year from the money raised by the Rummage Sale.)

A TIME TO GROW                                              in your witness to others. Meaningful discussions with
                                                            my classmates along with fun activities created a fresh
                                                            new approach to exploring scripture. I encourage you
                                                            to sign up now while there’s still time.

                                                            If you are considering registering for Disciple or if
                                                            you have any questions about this study experience
                                                            please contact Meg Stewart 747-1058, x151
                                                   or Jeanne Walsh 747-1058 x110
                                                   And don’t wait… we’re
                                                            filling up!!!

                                                            A TIME TO MOURN… A TIME TO HEAL
                                                            New Bereavement Support Group Begins
                                                            Monday Eve September 17
                                                            FPC will again sponsor a Bereavement support group
                                                            on Monday nights this fall. Why do we offer this ex-
                                                            perience? Because we know that Christ was present
                                                            with and supported those who suffered and he has
                                                            instructed his followers to do the same. Gloria Nielsen,
                                                            a trained hospital chaplain will provide leadership for
      AND A TIME TO GIVE…                                   this group. Anyone who is grieving the death of a
                                                            loved one is encouraged to attend. This is a place to
DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY                                        express feelings, to give and receive love, support and
THERE’S STILL TIME TO JOIN THE GROUP!!!                     understanding in a safe Christian environment – and
Don’t wait any longer to register for Disciple Bible        to begin to move toward a new way of life, in partner-
Study which begins again on Thursday nights in Sep-         ship with Christ, meeting the challenges of transition
tember!! We have a few spaces left and want to be sure      after loss.
YOU take part in this great weekly small group bible
study.                                                      This group will gather at FPC beginning Monday
                                                            evening September 17 and will meet for 12 weeks
Susan Worster, who participated in Disciple I last year     from 6:30–8pm. Total cost for materials is $30.00.
had this to say about the experience: If you think you
know your Bible, think again! Disciple encounter            Note: You do not need to be connected to FPC to at-
groups are a great way to learn more about the Bible -      tend. Please feel free to share this information with
and not just Bible trivia! Moving through the Bible over    anyone you know who has lost a loved one. Brochures
the course of a year helped me learn God’s truths for       with additional information are available in the KIOSK.
my life and prepared me for every situation I encoun-
tered in the real world! If you decide to take Disciple,
you too will discover the key scriptures and stories that
can provide personal comfort and guidance and help
MOPS: the HOME factor                                       THURSDAY WOMEN’S STUDIES
MOPS at FPC Begins Tuesday Morning Sept 11                  Fall Session: September 13 – December 6
Why does FPC sponsor MOPS (Mothers of Preschool-            Thursday mornings, 9:30-11:30am, Fireside Room
ers) group? Because we care – and always have –             Renew your mind through the study of God’s Word
about young families and we want to find ways to sup-       and be encouraged in your faith through relationships
port and nurture parents and children and introduce         with women of all ages. Study to be announced. $20
them to Jesus Christ. MOPS helps us do just that.           registration fee. Scholarships available. Childcare pro-
MOPS International exists to encourage, equip and           vided with pre-registration (contact Carole Spotts
develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her         x114). Contacts: Robin Gray 536-4392 or Brenda Nor-
potential as a woman, mother and leader, in the name        ton 747-1058 x220.
of Jesus Christ.

Each month FPC welcomes 80 – 100 young moms to              HORIZONS Bible Study
our building for a morning of encouragement, enrich-        This monthly bible study will meet in the Fireside
ment and connection with other mothers… while we            Room at 10am on the third Tuesday of every month
provide childcare for their little ones. In order to pro-   during the school year, beginning on September 18.
vide a safe, loving and supportive environment for          We will be studying the books of Jonah and Ruth, us-
preschoolers and their moms we need the help of men         ing the study guide "Above and Beyond: Hearing
and women who are willing and able to give a few            God's Call in Jonah and Ruth" by Carol Bechtel.
hours of time – one Tuesday morning each month – by         What does it mean to hear God's call? It is often as-
serving in any of the following ways: child care work-      sumed that only those who go into some kind of for-
ers, which is our most pressing need…(also very re-         mal, full-time ministry have heard a "call". In the 2007-
warding), set-up & take-down help or general hospital-      2008 study, this Old Testament scholar and pastor
ity help. If you aren’t available to serve ‘on sight’ but   looks at what God's call meant for Jonah and Ruth. This
want to help MOPS grow, would you consider provid-          is not just a "fish story" or a "Cinderella tale", but in-
ing a scholarship that would allow a young mom to           stead these biblical books offer us insight into what it
attend MOPS or a MOPS leader to participate in leader-      means for each of us to hear and heed God's call.
ship training at the MOPS convention in September? If
you can help in any way or if you need more informa-        This wonderful and beautifully illustrated study book is
tion, please contact Rachel Pitts at 893-3672, Kim          made up of 9 lessons and costs only $6.00. Bring a sack
Heinrich at 465-8023, Liz Little at 455-8123 or Jeanne      lunch and we will dine together following class. For
Walsh at 747-1058, x110.                                    additional information, call Nancy Cabe at 238-6448.
MOPS at First Pres meets on the first Tuesday of the
month from 9:30 to 11:30. The topic for 2007/2008 is
DWELL WELL, exploring as moms how to launch com-
passionate people into the global community to
change lives around the planet.

September 4 and 5, 11:30 to 12:30
Church lobby
Cost: $35.00 — scholarships are readily available.
Questions? Kim Heinrich at 465-8023 or Rachel Pitts at
                                                              Junior High
                                                              Tuesdays in August
                                                               7     7-9pm at the SE corner of Comstock Park.
                                                                     We call this XField DayX. Bring a towel and
                                                                     clothes that can get wet and dirty.
                 THEREFORE…                                   14     LAKE DAY! Hopefully. At this writing, we
                                                                     still need someone to let us know they’d
                                                                     love to have us come visit their boat and
The Shape of Sunday Morning
                                                                     dock and beach! Call Daryl if that’s you, or if
Classes This Fall                                                    you need an update. 747-1058 x131

“I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and    The balance of the summer, Daryl et al will be rest-
earth and in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord.”            ing, and planning your awesome fall. You should
                                                              receive your calendar by the time you go back to
Adult Sunday Morning Classes this fall are shaping up         school. Save those Tuesday nights!
around this theme: I Believe… Therefore. The rationale
for this focus is that Christians, living in a world where
pretty much anything goes – where spirituality is accept-
able but religion is suspect… can end up as confused as       Senior High
everyone else about ‘the truth’ of the gospel. What DO
Christians believe… what DOES Christ teach… is one set        27 Senior Highers and 10 leaders will be in
of questions we need clarity about. WHAT difference does      Westport, Washington from Saturday August 4 thru
it make… is our second. Once we have clarity about our        Sunday August 12. They’ll be sharing the
beliefs… how do they shape the way we actually live and       “Avalanche Ranch” Vacation Bible School in this
see our world? How does the Christian faith help to re-       small fishing town. Our students have prepared by
define, re-shape and re-align our relationships, our use of   participating here at FPC’s VBS and since then have
time and our use of resources?                                been perfecting their own lesson plans and even
                                                              presenting it to each other. Because of your dona-
Watch for Sunday morning classes this fall that will ad-      tions, they will also be taking a clothing bank to
dress Christian beliefs, Christian thought and values and     share with the Westport community.
Christian choices about living.
                                                              These students are commissioned by you to bring
                                                              the love of Jesus to the children and families of
                                                              Westport. They would love to know their work will
                                                              be blessed by your prayers!
             ’s M in
Ch   il d ren                CHOO
                                      L                         n
                  AY S                                   to lear
          ER SUND                        this su
                                                  mmer d and
SUMMh August 19 y with Jesus here he trave
t hr o ug              rne        e did ,w
                 l Jou                     the wa
         en wil            what h
 Childr ho he was, e met along
           w                h
  about the people                                                with
         e of                                             orship
                                             rema  in in w
                                     er will
              not e           nd old
     Please 1st grade a
             en                               at)
     Childr rents on:                 r Retre
              a                umme n)
      their p st 26 (FPC S munio
              gu                m
       • Au             r 2 (co
              p tembe
        • Se

                                           Fr o m
                                                     the Fa
                                                                 mily      /Youth
                                         Here a                                          L i b ra r
                                                 r e som
                                        these             e
                                                last we great titles                                y
                                                         eks of             to che
                                                                  summ              ck out
                                       Wild T                              er…               for you
                                               h i ng b                                               r enjoy
                                      12 yea            y Dan                                                   ment d
                                              r old W            di D al                                                uring
                                     her mo            innie W           ey Ma
                                              m died              ills lov      ck al l
                                    N ow s              two ye             es hor
                                            he                    a               ses
                                   able to has a chanc rs ago and h , just like he
                                             earn th            e to bu            e                  r moth
                                   move                                   y the h r family has                 e
                                          again? e money an                       orse o             moved r did. But
                                                                       d how               f her d             five tim
                                                                               can sh             r
                                  Comin                                                  e conv eams. Will s           es.
                                                                                                ince h             h
                                 This is
                                          g H om
                                                    e by M                                               er dad e be
                                         an                  a                                                    not to
                                 our pa other beau x Lucado
                                        rentin             tiful ta
                                the se          g job a             le that
                                       co                litt                Ma
                               about nd coming o le easier. Th x has put to
                                      faith, p            f Chris            rough              gether
                                               atienc               t                 t                   t
                                                       e and , children w his allegoric o make
                                                                God’s              ill learn           al tale
                                                                         great lo             p                 ab
                                                                                  ve and owerful les out
                                                                                             mercy            sons
    Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    While summer may be off-season for most church programs, office administration never
    stops. With fewer man-hours available, the support staff has adapted a new game plan,
    one that utilizes all the talents of this team and gives them the ability to pitch hit when a
    team member has the bases loaded. While each athlete has developed their position,
    cross training has created a team ready to make the assist when the coach calls the play.

    This year’s starting line up includes:

                                                                 e of-                                                                      gen
                                                         sees th
                                                   d over           ills                                                              so         ,
                                           ates an           tion sk                                                            da a
                                                                                                                                    l        ents
                               rd : Facilit          rganiza                                                          tor . Lin          cem
                       Winwa                   bi’s o             n the                                                              un
                                                                                                                 istra ip/Anno lair to o
               Bo bbi                  h, Bob             team o
                        s hea  d coac         keep s the                                                   Admin      rsh          nd   f
               fice. A               ement                                                          tor’s       f Wo           ty a
                        sk  manag             ys.                                         ne s : Pas Order o d beau
                and ta                ew pla                                        a Jo          ekly fts to a
                          velo ping n                                           Lind the we
                 field de                                                            es             tiv e gi
                                                                                 erat her crea
                                                                                  usin n.
                                                        ta base                    bu lleti
                                       in chief; also da
                        sletter editor                        p
       A nni e Gill: New                        egant deskto
                                 talent for el
       maintena   nce. Annie’s               with a su    perior
                           blessed FPC
       pub  lishing has                                                          Ju d y
                                                                                          Heid :
        newsletter.                                                             Judy’s            Admin
                                                                                          ageles         istrato
                                                                                match            s effe          r for
                                                                                        for the         rvesce          Stude
                                                                                                 high e        nce m          nt M
                                                                                                                       akes           inistrie
                                                                   es                                   nergy                                  s.
                                                             ovid                                             of You         her a
                                                        t, pr                                                        th Min            perfec
                                                    men          oint                                                       istries           t
                                             quip           er p r)                                                                 .
                                        ual e ng pow
                                             o r ni             drive
                         ees A         y m                tunt
                       s              a              nd s          sis.
                   Over nd Sund                 ek (a        ar ba
            lai r:         a         put er ge n a regul
     s O’C upport              t com h types o
                                                                           Trud y Bu rda:
Chri      al s
                                                                                           Temporary o
                          iden                                                                         ffice assistan
      nic             res          n-tec                                   and streamlin                              t helping to
               . Our ue of no                                                             e processes.                              review
        show         es c                                                 added presenc                Trudy is delig
  slide         the r                                                                     e this summer                hting us with
         es to                                                            Wedding Coor                  , alongside her
   c om                                                                                  dinator and C                   existing roles
                                                                          does that wo                 ity Forum Ad
                                                                                       man know ho                     ministrator. W
                                                                                                     w to juggle!                     ow,

    This line up would not be complete without mentioning a recent inductee to the staff Hall of Fame, Sue Osterback. This
    staff has been blessed to work with Sue over four years, enjoying her gifts of servant leadership and congregational inter-
    action. We wish her the very best in her new opportunity.

    Like any great team, this group is made unique by its super stars, the office volunteers. These VIP’s assist in various office
    tasks such as manning the front desk, copying, inputting data into the database, collating the newsletter, or manufactur-
    ing the Sunday bulletin. These faithful champions prove that all areas of the game are important, and that success is a
    team effort. If you are feeling called to be part of this dynamic team, or have questions regarding the Support Staff, give
    Bobbi Winward a call at x223 or at

At our Annual B meeting in June the congregation voted for the CNC nominees for elder, deacon and CNC and FPC
ordained, installed and prayed for these new leaders. We are grateful for their willingness to step up to the high call of
servant leadership.

                        New Elders: Sharon Falk, Keith Liptack, Stan Webb and Tom Williams.
                     New Deacons: Jan Arkills, Claudia Hamilton, Karen Liptack, Merrybeth Root,
                                      Dave & Linda Storey, Nancy Tsutakawa.

As these new officers take their place we say good-bye to others who have worked tirelessly on our behalf. As Elders, Bob
Scott, John Lindeblad, Linda Schleer and Mary Beth Baker have given generously of their time, their talents and their
hearts. In countless, quiet ways they have served FPC faithfully and well. We are grateful and we will miss each one of
them. Bob will continue with Bernice, his wife, to serve in the area of Marriage Ministry, leading Second Chances: Where
Two Families Become One on Tuesday nights this fall. Both John and Mary Beth continue to serve FPC in many arenas,
notably right now as hard-working members of the PNC. Linda Schleer, who chaired our CNC as an elder will leave that
post but will continue as clerk of session – a job she does ably and well. Dick Baker, who has served as Moderator of our
Deacon Board also steps down this year and we are grateful for his years of faithful service in this important ministry as
well. To each of you who have given above and beyond what we have asked or expected, we extend our gratitude and
trust that you are able to hear God’s words to you, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

                                                                      Our Zip Code has changed
                                                                              from 99204-1684
         CELEBRATE GRADUATES                                                 to 99201-7030
                                                                  The rest of our address remains the same.
  Lauren Zeck, University of Idaho with
                                                                    First Presbyterian Church, Spokane
  Bachelor of Music in Composition,
                                                                               318 S. Cedar St.
  Bachelor of Arts in Music History and
                                                                          Spokane, WA 99201-7030
  Literature, Bachelor of Arts in Applied
  Music.                                                We ask that you update this information as soon as possible.
                                                                                Thank you.
  Seth Holmes, MD from University of
  California San Francisco and PhD in
  Medical Anthropology from University
  of California Berkeley and UCSF.
                                                    Financial Update
  Emily Burda, Gonzaga University,                  2007 Operating Budget
  Masters Degree in Education.                                         Income          Expense (-)      Income/(Loss)
                                                    June 07            $99,495         $112,985         $(13,490)
                                                    1/2007 - 6/2007    $693,823        $249,400         $(92,984)
                                                     Pledged income is coming in right on target. Thank you! those
                                                     who made a pledge and for following through. Non-Pledged in-
                                                     come is below our budget projections by $30,000 to this point in
          NEWSLETTER DEADLINE                        the year. In addition, the above loss is understated by approx
                                                     $20,000 due to accounting changes. We want to be in good shape
      September issue: August 8                      financially when we call our new pastor, so please keep the church
                                                     in mind as you give. We’ll keep you posted on these concerns in
                                                     the last half of the year.
                                                                                         Your Finance Committee

                                                                   (509) 747-1058
  The building will be closed Wednesday August 22.                 Extensions Below
                                                                   Pastoral Team
                    No meetings / no events                        Kevin Finch (225)
                                                                   Charles Ayars (227)
           The building security will be alarmed.                  Children
                                                                   Tani Starbuck Carlson (111)
                                                                   Child Care
                                                                   Carole Spotts (114)
                                                                   Mary Davey (120)
                   AUGUST/SEPTEMBER FOOD MISSION                   Junior High
                                                                   Daryl Geffken (131)
                   Our Place Community Ministries
                                                                   Senior High
                   Most Needed Items:
                                                                   Randy Brothers (130)
                   •   Canned Fruits and Vegetables                Adult Discipleship
                   •   Pastas                                      Jeanne Walsh (110)
                   •   Baby Food                                   Community Life Coordinator
                                                                   Brenda Norton (220)
                                                                   Barton School
                                                                   Mildred Scheel (250)
                                                                   Prayer Line/Deacons Line (150)

         Summer Office Hours
                                                        For more information about ongoing
  Monday - Thursday                   Friday                programs, visit our website at
  9am - 5pm                      9am - noon  or pick up a brochure
                                                         in the Information Center or Kiosk.

First Presbyterian Church
318 South Cedar Street
Spokane, WA 99204-1684