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                                                                 newsletter 2008

                                          A Note from the President                created a solicitation package.
 CONTENTS                                                                          With this in hand we increased our
 Issue 1, Summer ‘08
                                          The Kimbookai team is pleased to         community outreach efforts,
                                          bring you this first issue of the        bringing in new people to our team
 A Note from the                          Kibookai newsletter. As friends and      and money to our funds.
 President ....................... pg 1   supporters of our efforts to bring a
                                          children’s museum to the tri-cities      A project of this magnitude is a pg 1          area, we would like to keep you          tough road, but we keep persistently
                                          informed about the steps we take         moving forward knowing that not
 Board Members’ Birthdays
 Bring Funds to
                                          that bring us closer to fulfilling our   only the end will be rewarding, but
 Kimbookai .................... pg 2      dreams.                                  as we march through the path there
                                                                                   is a gratifying feeling in completing
 Kids Items Only                          In late 2007 we implemented a new        each step, in associating with
 Rummage Sale 2-3              action plan which focused on             people who want to make this
                                          gaining greater support in the           community a better place to live, as
 Pioneer Founder’s
 Club 3   community, bringing in new               well as growing and making better
                                          volunteers, strengthening our board,     people out of ourselves.
 What’s Next ................. pg 3       and raising the necessary funding to
                                          complete the planning phase. The         I hope you share our enthusiasm and
  Contact Us -                            groundwork for this plan was             we can count on your support to                       carefully completed as we renewed        continue moving forward.
  (510) 742-6474                          our Web site, refined the                 presentation materials, initiated the    Sincerely,
  52 Zacate Place                         Pioneers Founders Club, and
  Fremont Ca 94539                                                                 M arianela P eña | The                             The new website is the product         The website will also provide
Museum Online                                   of the hard work and                   information on ongoing and
                                                collaborative efforts of graphic       upcoming programs,
The colorful pages of                           designer Christina Melnarik,           guidelines for contributions
Kimbookai can now be found                      technical supporters Marva &           and volunteer opportunities,
online at                    Bradley Gelesic (CM IT                 as well as historical
                                                         Solutions) and content        information on the
                                                         author Connie Juarez-         organization. We hope that
                                                         Diroll.                       you find this online resource
                                                                                       useful. Please tell all your
                                                will be         friends and acquaintances
                                                         the principle source of       about it and visit us frequently
                                                         news, updates and             at:
                                                         museum information
                                                         for the organization.
          Board Members’s                                                      Kids’ Items Only Rummage
    birthdays bring funds to                                                   Sale
                                                                               As part of our fundraising effort,
Back in early February, over the                                               Kimbookai put together our first
     sundried aromas of Carino’s                                               Kids’ Items Only Rummage Sale.
 Italian Grill, our very own Lin Lin                                           This sale took place at Marianela
         Tsou-Otani (board vice-                                               Pena’s home on June 28th and
  president) celebrated her 40th                                               29th. In addition to the sale, on
   year with a gathering of close                                              Saturday the 28th, we offered
           friends and Kimbookai                                               entertainment for the children
          companions. It was an                                                with a rice table for the toddlers
    enjoyable celebration with a                                               and playdough stations for the
           lively atmosphere and                                               older ones, as well as a lemon-
    wonderful food. Donations to                                               ade stand attended by children.
     Kimbookai were preferred in                                               Also we had an informational
lieu of presents and many were                                                 booth to educate guests about
       happy to contribute to the                                              the project and showcase our
   project knowing what a great                                                Pioneer Founders Club members,
         present it was for Lin Lin.                                           as well as encourage donations.
                                                                               Many people stepped in to vol-
    Another board member, our                                                  unteer for this event, bringing the
 president Marianela Peña, also                                                necessary energy to make it a
    celebrated her 40th birthday                                               successful enterprise. We gener-
  with gifts that brought funds to                                             ated approximately $1,300 from
     Kimbookai. Don and Arlene                                                 the sale and collected addi-
   Anthony, Marianela’s parents                                                tional $700 in donations
        in-law, together with her
 husband David Anthony, threw                                                  Adele Williams, Kimbokai’s secre-
     her a fantastic party in their                                            tary, was the chair person for the
  Walnut Creek home last June.                                                 Rummage Sale putting together
  Guests enjoyed the afternoon                                                 an incredibly well organized
 by the swimming pool, and the                                                 event. Our board members and
     evening came along with a                                                 volunteers spread the voice
 delicious Italian dinner and live                                             among friends and acquaintan-
      music. It was a great family     Board Members’ Birthdays (above) &      ces with the result of collecting
      celebration, and generous        Kids’ Items Only Rummage Sale (below)   an extraordinary amount of valu-
        donations were given to                                                able articles: from big nursery
  Kimbookai as a present to her.                                               articles such as cribs, bassinettes,
   A month later, the Kimbookai                                                and strollers, to small toys,
crowd decided to treat her to a                                                games, books and clothes for
 ladies’ only dinner at the Spicy                                              children of different ages. Some
Town in Fremont where again a                                                  even walked away with hard to
    group of old friends enjoyed                                               find items at great prices. We
catching up amid the flavors of                                                extend special thanks to all who
         spicy Chinese food and                                                donated their precious articles
 provided more contributions to                                                to make this a distinctive sale.
                                                                               In preparation for the event
    Over $1,000 were donated in                                                Adele also initiated an effort to
these celebrations. A great way                                                recruit volunteers with several
 to have fun while helping make                                                people joining the team. We
             Kimbookai happen.                                                 need to give especial thanks to:

  Interac t Partic ipants (below):            Kids’ Items Only Rummage Sale
                                               Pressy Luu, Katrina Miravite, Monica Mellvine,
                                               Marva Gelesic, Cynthia Hua, all the members
                                               of the board and their families, and the crew
                                               from Washington High School’s Interact lead
                                               by Angela Chu (left).

   Angela Chu           Jennifer Gerardi
                                               We also need to thank Trader Joe’s, and Isa
    Kennis Ko             Marcy Shieh          and Anna Teodoro for providing well deserved
  Rahul Kamath          Anterpreet Kaur        snacks and lunch to our volunteers.
 Jeskiran Sahota          Avtar Josen
Gurshawn Sahota          Nayanjot Kaur

                                                                               What’s Next?

                                                                               We laid the groundwork to increase the number
                             PIONEER                                           of advisory board members, volunteers and sup-
                                                                               porters as well as to bring seed money in. We
                       FOUNDER’s CLUB                                          renewed our Web site, increased our community
                                                                               outreach efforts, refined the presentation materi-
     Being part of bringing a project at its early                             als, initiated the Pioneers Founders Club, created
     stages can be an exciting and gratifying                                  a solicitation package, and started to revamp
     experience. But being the first can also be                               other marketing materials. These efforts have
     worrisome and uncertain. That’s why Kim-                                  paid off since we count now with more volun-
     bookai is so grateful to our early donors. As                             teers and supporters, a solid advisory board, and
     a way of saying thank you to these pioneer                                have brought funds in to increase our account
     funders, Kimbookai has decided to reward                                  to almost $10,000. But there is still more to get
     the first 50 individuals who have contrib-                                done.
     uted $100 or more to our project by creat-
     ing, the Pioneer Founders Club. The names                                 In the coming months we’ll be refining what we
     of members of the Pioneer Founders Club                                   have called “our preliminary business plan,” or
     will be included in our permanent Pioneer                                 the path we’ll follow to complete the blue print
     Founders display in the museum. We will                                   of our proposal of what Kimbookai Children’s
     also put their names in our Pioneer Foun-                                 museum will be. The key component of this pre-
     ders board at our fundraising and commu-                                  liminary plan is the completion of the Exhibit
     nity events as well in this Pioneer Founders                              Master Plan, a document that will describe the
     Club Corner in our newsletter.                                            exhibits together with their educational under-
                                                                               pinnings, goals, and learning outcomes. The
     The following individuals are current members of
               our Pioneer’s Founders Club:                                    budget for this project is $60,000.
       Asif & Shaylene Haswarey                Adele & Justin Williams
 Marva & Bradley Gelesic, owners CM                Richard Belcher             And finally we will also be focused on furthering
         IT Solutions of Fremont
              Cherryl Figone
                                                    Leela Menon
                                          Celine Ashley, owner Eye Design
                                                                               our fundraising efforts while expanding the con-
            Lin Lin Tsou-Otani                 Don & Arlene Anthony            nections with businesses and organizations in the
   Marianela Peña & David Anthony             America & Craig Everhart
               Sufi Advani                Sam Neeman & John Matthews           community. Part of this preliminary plan will in-
             Kum Kum Kumar
               Latha Kante
                                               Alex & Heather Delipski
                                        Pauline Weaver & Charles F. Scribner
                                                                               clude a fundraising event to take place during
          Steve & Hilary White            Connie Juarez-Diroll & Rob Diroll    the week of the young child in April 2009. The
         Andrew & Lynne Klein                        Daisy Thuerk
              Lani Hlavacek                     Presyrose & Harry Luu          fundraising event will offer activities for the little
            Paul & Beth Miller
 Kate Amon, owner Kate’s Caring Gifts
                                           Scott Chambers, Chiropractor
                                          Andrew C. Wong, Orthodontist,
                                                                               ones that will provide a taste of what the chil-
            Janelle Hargrove                         D.M.D., M.S.              dren’s museum experience is. With this plan we
                                                                               hope we can secure the sponsorship required to
          Please hurry and make your contribution.
                                                                               commence our capital campaign.
                  There are 22 spaces left!

                stamp here                                                                       website:
                                                                                                 phone: (510) 742-6474
                                                                                                 52 Zacate Place, Fremont Ca 94539
                                                                                                 Kimbookai Children’s Museum

                                   Board of Directors
                              Marianela Peña – President
                             Lin Lin Otani – Vic e President
                        Cher ryl Figone – Chief Financ ial Offic er
                              Adele Williams – Sec retary                                        For contributions mail a check to:
                                  Connie Juarez-Dir oll                                         Cherryl Figone, Kimbookai Treasurer
                                    Janelle Hargrove
                                                                                               36364 Bridgepointe Drive, Newark Ca
                                     Advisory Board                                                             94560
                       Paul Miller – Execut ive Dir ec tor of Kidango                          Contributions are tax deductible and a
 Ric hard Valle – Pr esident Tr iCED Community Recycling and Union City Council Member
                                                                                                   receipt will be mailed to you.
                       Ana Apodac a – Newar k City Counc il Member
Anna Wang – Pr ogr am Dir ector and Co-founder of Fr iends of Childr en with Spec ial Needs
          Carolyn Nelson – Founder Childr en’ s Discover y Museum of San Jose                    a non-profit organization dedi-
Linda Spenc er – Gr ants Manager for Histor y San Jose and for mer ly Dir ector of Develop-
                          ment for the Valley Childr en’ s Museum                              cated to building a children’s mu-
                     Makiko Kambayashi – Fundr aising Consult ant
                                                                                              seum in the East Bay Tri-Cities area
 With spec ial thanks to Marva Gelesic , resigning Board Member, for all her dedic a-         of Fremont, Newark and Union City,
                                   tion and energy
                  and to our volunteers for all their time and work -
Christina Melnarik, David Sherbarth, Pressy Luu, Katrina Miravite, Monic a Mellvine,
Marva Gelesic , Cynthia Hua, and the c rew from Washington Hig h Sc hool’s Interac t
lead by Angela Chu during the Rummage Sale: Kennis Ko, Rahul Kamath, Jeskiran
 Sahota, Gurshawn Sahota, Jennifer Gerardi, Marc y Shieh, Anterpreet Kaur, Avtar              For volunteer opportunities, please check
                                Josen, Nayanjot Kaur                                          our website ( or con-
                                                                                                    tact Marianela Peña at mari-