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									         Saint James City
                                                                                    Fall Festival
     Civic Association                                        The CIVIC ASSOCIATION FALL FESTIVAL
                                                              will be November 22. Festivals are one of our
                  Newsletter                                  major fund-raisers to pay for the maintainence of
                                                              the facilities, and because of some serious expenses
              November, 2008                                  this summer, we need every dollar we can get! The
         sjccapi.org                                          Festival will feature the traditional Rummage Sale,
                                                              Big Breakfast and Outside Vendors.
 For Membership Call 283-9337                                 The Rummage Sale will run from about 7:00 AM
                 THE NEW LOOK!!                               till 11”ish”. We need items!! This is the time to
Let’s take a virtual tour of the 2008 Civic Center.           check and recheck your closets, cupboards and
Start on the outside West end to be dazzled by the            garages and donate those unused items. This year,
full wall MURAL commissioned and paid for by an               why not add in the stuff you’ve been saving in the
anonymous donor and painted by P.I. Artist Mel                “maybe I’ll need this someday”, and “this really
Meo. Walk north around the corner to be greeted by            doesn’t match” categories. Bring your items to
an incredibly handsome sign made by Dennis Ward               Naomi Brewer on Wednesday mornings or Friday
and installed by Dennis and Wayne Harms. As you               AM, November 21st. No clothing or large furniture,
pass along, note that the entire building was power           please!
washed by Shari, Wayne and Mary Ann Harms.                    The Big Breakfast will be served from 8-10AM,
And let your eye fall on the newly painted trim,              and will again feature sausage, flapjacks, eggs,
doors and awnings, matching the mural and painted             toast, and the best biscuits ‘n gravy in Lee County,
by Shari, Wayne, Mary Ann and Diane Horn.                     priced ala carte or All-You-Can-Eat for a paltry
Continue around to the south side and notice the              $4.50.
sidewalks in front of the building, expertly repaired         We expect plenty of outside vendors, and this
by Dennis and Wayne.                                          would be a good time to find those bargain items
Now step inside to notice the whole place is cleaner          inside or outside for unusual Christmas gifts (y’all
and brighter, thanks to new or repaired lights, fans          have no idea how much it pains this old scrooge to
and filters by Dennis and Wayne. Next, look gently            be talking Christmas gifts in November!). To
toward the kitchen. New floor, new ceilings, new              reserve a $10 vendor spot, call Mary Ann Harms
paint and a general cleanup make it a very pleasant           (283-9337) or Bill Brabbs (283-8484) or just show
place to work (HINT!!). Floor tile by Wayne and               up with your table & items on the 22nd.
Dennis (with mastic and advice from Rod Mazzoli,              Of course, we need volunteers for the event. Call
Island Floor & Interiors) , ceiling by Dennis,                Naomi Brewer to help with the Rummage Sale
painting by Shari and Mary Ann, cleanup and de-               (283-4298) or Bill Brabbs to do kitchen or hosting
clutter by the Hobby Club. Even pots & pans                   duty (283-8484).
scrubbed by Barb LaPlante.                                    On a box of sleeping pills: “May cause drowsiness.”
And lots of other stuff by (you guessed it!) the same         ********************************************
folks. So, when you see them next, let them know                                         Bridge
you appreciate their considerable efforts. And also           There are several opportunities to develop or
let them know by making every effort to keep the              demonstrate your bridge skills at the Center:
place in the same great condition. Leave everything           1. Tuesdays, 7:00 PM – Duplicate Bridge – Bring
exactly the way you would want to find it if you                  a partner or call Dennis Ward (283-3740) to
were the next user.                                               arrange one
Actual warning labels: On a bottle of milk: “After opening,   2. Wednesdays 12:00 Noon – Party Bridge
keep upright.”                                                3. Fridays, 7:00 PM - Party Bridge
**********************************************                In addition, there is usually another afternoon
        VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                                     duplicate session Thursdays at Noon, once enough
“Nuff said, OK?                                               seasonal folks return – watch for details.
**********************************************                ************************************************
On a mattress: “Do not attempt to swallow.”                   On Garden Furniture: “Keep away from damp and sunlight”

-------------------   -----------------------------   -----   -    ----------------------------------   --------------------
                                                                   I’m enclosing $10.00 per member (or
YES, I want to get a jump on the line and                            $40.00 for a 5 year membership)
    renew my membership by mail!                                  and a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope
____________________________________                          YES, I would like to volunteer to help with
                                                              Association activities. My preferences are: (circle
Street or P.O.                                                one or all) Rummage Sale Breakfasts Bingo
Box________________________________                           Poker night Holiday Dinner Maintenance
City, State, ZIP                                              Other_____________________________
____________________________________                          Please call me at _________________________
                  Hobby Club                                      Membership Meeting
Tables are filling up and the laughter gets louder as   Our Monthly Membership Meeting will be
our seasonal members return with new tales of           Monday, November 17th at 7:00 PM. Our speaker
adventure in the North. Plans are being finalized for   this month will be Betsy Clayton, Pine Island
our annual Holiday luncheon party, to be held           resident and Waterways Coordinator for Lee
Wednesday, December 10th.                               County. Betsy will tell us about recreational boating
Our next major event will be the 4th Annual             in the County in general and specifically about the
Vendors Venture, scheduled for January 17th.            Blue Water kayaking/canoeing program that is
This has proven to be a very successful event for us    gaining a lot of momentum across SW Florida.
and the Island, with dozens of Hobby members and        *************************************************
other vendors offering a wide variety of crafts and     On a Childrens’ Cough syrup: “Do not drive a car or operate
unique items inside and outside the Center. There       machinery when taking this medication.”
will be the Big Breakfast, 50/50s, a bake sale,
raffles, door prizes and more.
                                                                               Pot Luck
Hobby Club is donating $1000 to the Civic               All are invited to join a fun-and food-loving group
Association to help defray the extraordinary            of members on the first and third Mondays of each
expenses over the summer and to show appreciation       month. On the 1st Monday, we play playing card
for the fantastic facelift the facility received.       Bingo after eating, and the third Monday, we chat
***********************************************         and tell jokes until the Membership Meeting. Just
On a TV remote control: “ Not dishwasher safe.”         bring a dish to share, perhaps a dessert, your table
************************************************        service and maybe a joke or two. We gather about
                    Scrapbooking                        5:30, start pooching desserts about 5:45, and eat
We know you! You have a drawer full of pictures,        promptly at 6:00.
clippings and postcards from that Big Event, and        **********************************************
you keep meaning to make a scrapbook. Well,             On a Personal Flotation Device(Life Vest): “This is not a life-
                                                        saving device.”
now’s the time. Cindy Bickford (282-9478)will help      ************************************************
you with supplies and coaching. Her classes are
held at the Civic Center on the fourth Tuesday of
                                                        Player numbers are building up as the season
each month from 6 to 10 PM. Grab your scraps and
                                                        unfolds, making for bigger wins and more
book on over to get organized.
                                                        excitement. Whether you’re an occasional player or
On a motorcycle’s mirror: “ Objects in the mirror are   a dedicated Bingoer, come on down for a fun
actually behind you.”                                   evening. The game is fast and smokeless (unless
************************************************        you count the smoke from all those flying fingers).
                 Holiday Dinner                         And you can come early and enjoy a supper meal at
Mark your calendars for the Association annual          about 5:30. Actually, you can come eat and skip
Holiday Dinner, Saturday December 13th. We              Bingo altogether. The menu varies with what’s on
will be serving turkey & dressing and all the           sale at Winn-Dixie, but it’s always good.
trimmings, including your choice of pie, from           ***********************************************
11:30AM until 1:00PM. This dinner is FREE to            Editorial: Sorry this is a bit late this month. Lotsa
members. .To avoid the lines and delays at the          reasons, but especially because I had to spend time
membership table, why not renew by mail using the       eliminating the weed jungle around the house.
handy form in this Newsletter?                          When we go back north, the weeds wait patiently
True to tradition, we will need a host of volunteers    for our return (mostly), but down here they seem to
to make this dinner happen. Sign-up sheets will be      resent our absence and go wild in revenge, with the
posted on the board next to the kitchen. Please take    apparent goal of raising the house off its
the time to pick one or two tasks.                      foundation..
                                                        As the season unfolds, activities will blossom faster
                      Cribbage                          than I can report them. Watch the Eagle for the
An old game but never boring, cribbage is a             latest information. Diane Horn has does an excellent
surprisingly challenging game. Why not try your         job of getting our Civic Center publicity in there.
hand? The group meets at 6:45 PM each Thursday          Bill Brabbs-- Board Certified Curmudgeon
at the Center. Come on down or call Tom Rogers at       ************************************************
283-3141 for more information.                          On a bag of peanuts: This product contains nuts.”

Saint James City Civic Association
P.O. Box 605
Saint James City, FL 33956

November Membership Meeting
Monday, Nov. Twentieth Seven PM
Speaker: Betsy Clayton, Waterways
Coordinator for Lee County

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