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									                                                                  RHS BAND
                                                   March 2008                        www.rooseveltband.org

                                                        Rummage Sale                                           Contacts
                           Riders on            RHS Band will once again be participating in         Pres –Tim DeJong
                                                the Kingswood Rummage, April 23-25 at                tlazdejong@sio.midco.net
                           the March            Brian and Jackie Wek’s home. We will be                                         361-2410
                                                needing donated, miscellaneous items                 Pres –Steve Rindsig
             Events                             (furniture, toys, games, books, tools, bikes,        sjrindsig2@sio.midco.net
            Calendar                            knick-knacks, dishes, linens, etc) to sell for the
                                                band to assist with funds for the 2008 March-  V. Pres –Charles Jackson

                                                ing Band Show. We need participation from      charlesjackson@sio.midco.net
March                                           all marching band families to donate gently                              271-4161
•   Mar 1 (9:00am - 4:00pm) Marching Band       used, clean items for sale. Also any used      Treas. – Rita Barfoth
    Percussion Camp (required for all percus-   RHS spirit wear can be donated for sale as     rkbpacker@msn.com
    sionists in 2008 Marching Band)             well. We will have times set up the weekend                              362-7163
•   Mar 3 (Evening) Augustana Jazz Festival     before the rummage (April 19 and April 20)     Secretary - Jill Heesch    362-9024
•   Mar 3 (7:00 - 8:30pm) Percussion Ensem-     and also Monday, April 21, for items to be     Student Accounts–Brian/Jackie Wek
    ble Rehearsal                               dropped off at our home. We will be asking     bwek@sio.midco.net
•   Mar 4 (morning) Augustana Jazz Festival     for volunteers during those times to assist with                          361-1398
•   Mar 10 (7:00 - 8:30pm) Percussion En-       marking the items and also need volunteers     Board At Large –Paul Davidson
    semble Rehearsal                            during the rummage to assist with selling and                             361-9667
•   Mar 14 (7:00pm) From the 50yd Line          clean up . We will need donations of soda/     Refreshment Coordinator -
    Movie (RHS Auditorium                       water for sale during the rummage as                       Lynette DeJong 361-2410
•   Mar 15 (7:00pm) From the 50yd Line          well. We will have sign up sheets at the Band  Uniform Coordinator –Joan Chambers
    Movie (RHS Auditorium)                      Parent Meeting in April. Any questions and/or                             361-1031
                                                offers to help in any way should be directed toSpirit Wear - Darcy Burnham
•   Mar 17 (7:00pm)Band Concert -all bands
                                                Jackie at 361-1398. We all have items at home                             338-2323
•   Mar 18 (7:00 - 8:30pm) Percussion En-
                                                that we no longer need or want, so now is the  Rough Roadie Coordinator
    semble Rehearsal
                                                time to clean out your home and garage and             Brian Wek          361-1398
•   Mar 25 (7:00pm - 8:30pm) Percussion         help the band. If you have any furniture items Newsletter –Charles Jackson
    Ensemble Rehearsal                          or other items that would be a good draw to     charlesjackson@sio.midco.net
•   Mar 27-29 (all day) All State Band - Se-    our rummage, let Jackie know, so we can put it                            271-4161
    lected performers, Concert Saturday         in the ad. Last year we raised $2000.          Chaperone Coordinator
•   Mar 31 (7:00 - 8:30pm) Percussion En-                                                              Janet Anderson    336-1634
    semble Rehearsal
                                                  Orlando Trip Pictures                        Flags & Color Guard Uniforms
                                                                                                       Carol St. Sauver
•   Apr 1 (TBA) SDSU Jazz Festival - Jazz I     Mr. Macklin needs copies of pictures taken at HyVee Card –Cindy Ensz
    & Jazz II                                   the various places on our trip. He'd also take                            361-6958
• Apr 3 (6:00 - 8:30pm) Color Guard Clinic      any copies of video taken. The school’s com- Fundraising Chair –Jarmilla Fucs
• Apr 4 (6:00pm - 9:00pm) Marching Band         munication specialists want to do a project on                            361-7300
    Percussion Camp                             K-learn, plus, we'd like to have a good record Festival of Bands Coordinator
• Apr 5 (9:00am - 4:00pm) Marching Band         of our trip. Please send pictures to his email         Charles Jackson    271-4161
    Percussion Camp                             address: Shane.Macklin@k12.sd.us or bring Indoor Marching Chicken Dinner-Nov
• Apr 7 (6:00 - 8:30pm) Color Guard Clinic      them along with your videos to the band par-           Liz Gullickson     331-3880
• Apr10(6– 8:30pm) Color Guard Auditions        ent meeting on March 7                         St. Louis Hotel & Bus Coordinator
• Apr 17 (7:00pm) Larry McTaggert Con-                                                                 Julie Klinger      361-3990
                                                                                               Dessert Show –December
    cert work performance by RHS, LHS &
    WHS Symphony Bands at Washington
                                                    HyVee Cards Dates                                  Todd/Lana Vetter   334-4772
    Pavillion                                                                                  Band Director - Shane Macklin
                                                March 10                                       shane.macklin@k12.sd.us
• Apr 22 ( 7:00pm) RHS Showcase Concert         March 24                                                                  362-2871
    @ Washington Pavillion with Symphony        The cutoff time for the HyVee Card orders is Asst. Band Director - Ben Firkus
    Band, Orchestra & Concert Choir             Monday noon on the order date. The cards       benjamin.firkus@k12.sd.us
• Apr 23-25 RHS Rummage Sale                    will be ready to be picked up after 6:00pm at                             362-2871
• Apr 27 (6:00pm) Music Awards Banquet          Cindy Ensz's home (2617 S Theodore Ave),       Website: www.rooseveltband.org
     6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Awards                   the Tuesday after the order date.
All Events Will Be Thoroughly                   Please call Cindy @ 361-6958 if you have any
Explained at the Parent Meetings                questions.
                                RHS BAND NEWS                                                                                       Page 2

          World Premier                              From the 50 Yard Line                                DCI Sioux Empire
The Sioux Falls School District commissioned                       Movie                                    Spectacular
Larry McTaggert to compose a new symphony
                                                                           March 14-15, 2008         June 24th, 2008 is the date for the Annual
piece "Echoes of Valor" to be published na-
                                                                           7:00pm @ Sioux            DCI drum and bugle corps show at How-
tionally. The world premiere will be on April
                                                                           Falls Roosevelt High      ard Wood Field. Performing corps in
17th at the Washington Pavillion performed by
                                                                           School Auditorium.        2008:
the combined Lincoln, Washington, and Roo-
                                                                           This documentary          Phantom Regiment, Rockford, IL
sevelt symphonic bands. In addition, there
                                                                           allows audiences to       Blue Knights, Denver, CO
will be performances by the individual high
                                                                           see just how emotion-     Colts, Dubuque, IA
school bands and middle school bands. The
                                                                           ally gratifying,          Blue Stars, Indianapolis, IN
program begins at 7:00pm. Tickets will be
                                                                           even life-changing,       Revolution, Atlanta, GA
available April 1 at the RHS Music office and
                                                                           marching band can be      Pre-public tickets will be available
at the Washington Pavillion.
                                                                           for high school stu-      through the RHS band departments (best
  RHS Showcase Concert                                                     dents. The film tells
                                                 the memorable story of music education,
                                                                                                     seats available) for $15 in early March.
                                                                                                     General ticket sales will begin April 1st.
                                                 complete with the never-before seen emotional       This is one of our largest fundraisers every
The annual RHS “Showcase” concert will be
                                                 aspects of the experience. The students at the      year. We will need volunteers to help host
held at the Washington Pavillion on April
                                                 schools are wonderful subjects and their per-       this event. Please attend band parents
22nd. This will “showcase” performances by
                                                 sonal stories genuine and compelling. No-           meetings or call Mr. Macklin at 362-2871
Symphony Band, Concert Choir and Sym-
                                                 where else do you see hundreds of teenagers         to find out how you can help.
phony Orchestra. Many concert goers say
                                                 working together in such unison and commit-
that this is their favorite concert of the year.
Make your plans now to attend this spectacular
                                                 ment for one common goal. The film
                                                 is part music video, part reality show, part
                                                                                                       Summer Band Camps
event. Tickets are $8.00 for adults and $6.00
                                                 drama, and full-on entertainment. Popcorn           Marching Band Camps this year.
for students. Tickets will go on sale April 1st
                                                 and bottled water will be sold at the movie.        May 27 - 30 Mini-camp for new members,
and be available in the RHS music office and
                                                 There has been a great response to advertise-       color guard, percussion, section leaders
at Washington Pavilion. (If possible, do no use
                                                 ment and both nights will probably sell out.        and Drum Majors 1:00 - 5:00pm
a credit card to purchase tickets at the Wash-
                                                 Tickets are available from the music office.        (Pot Luck Dinner and Parent presentation
ington Pavilion).
                                                                                                     on the 30th 5:00 - 7:30pm)
                                                     RHS Pancake Breakfast
 Music Awards Banquet                                                                                July 30th - August 1 FULL BAND CAMP
                                                                                                     On these dates: 1:00pm - 9:00pm
                                                  We are planning to have our 1st Annual Pan-        August 4 - 8 FULL BAND CAMP
The grand finale to the band year is the annual
                                                  cake Breakfast on Saturday, April 5 in the         On these dates: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Music Awards Program and Banquet. The
                                                  cafeteria at Roosevelt High School from 9:00       August 11– 15 FULL BAND CAMP
Banquet is planned for Monday April 28th at
                                                  a.m. – 1:00 p.m.                                   On these dates: 9:00am - 5:00pm
6:00 pm in the RHS Commons. Tickets for
                                                  All proceeds for this fundraiser will be going     (Pot Luck Dinner and Show Preview 5:00 -
the banquet and program are $12.00 and will
                                                  to the Band Parent Association to help fund        8:00pm)
be available in early April through the music
                                                  the 2008 marching season. We are also in           Band Members are encouraged to attend
office. After the banquet, the awards cere-
                                                  need of an additional trailer and this will help   the Sioux Empire Spectacular on June 24th
mony will take place in the RHS auditorium at
                                                  us get a good start. Each band student will be

     Volunteers Needed
                                                  expected to sell 10 tickets at a cost of $6
                                                  each. All monies will need to be turned in               Sponsors Needed
                                                  prior to April 5. Tickets will be distributed to
  No Experience Required                          students the week of March 3-8 to allow time
                                                                                                     The Band Roadies need an additional
                                                                                                     trailer to take our growing Marching Band
                                                  for pre-sales to be completed prior to the end     Show on the road. How can you help?
The 2007-2008 Band year is coming to a close
                                                  of March. There will also be a bake sale held      Ask your employer or business owner you
soon. Before it ends, new officers and coordi-
                                                  at the pancake breakfast. Volunteers are           know if they would be a RHS “Riders on
nators are needed to keep the program running
                                                  needed provide baked goods for sale. A sign        the March” sponsor by contributing toward
next year. We need Vice Presidents, Treas-
                                                  up sheet will be available at the March Band       our trailer purchase. They will receive
urer, Chicken Dinner Coordinator, and help
                                                  Parent meeting .                                   acknowledgement as a sponsor via a logo
with planning and execution of several other
                                                  Any questions regarding the details of the pan-    sticker or a painted logo on the trailer side.
programs and functions to help the RHS Band
                                                  cake fundraiser can be addressed to either
program remain one of the best in the mid-
                                                  Brian or Jackie Wek @ 361-1398 or email
west. More info at the Parents meetings.
                                                  them at bwek@sio.midco.net

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