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									Deacon Dirk article

   OLP Rummage Sale Coming in July                                         June 4    7:00 PM     OLP School 8th
                                                                                                 Grade Gradua-
        Offering Good Deals for a Great Cause                                                    Last Day of
       OLP is holding a rummage       toys, tools, collectibles, kitchen                         School for Stu-
sale on Saturday July 11th and        items and small appliances,                                dents
Sunday, July 12th. Hours for the      books, records, CD’s, DVD’s, vid-    June 7    11:00 AM    Mass of Thanks-
sale are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM      eos, board games, small furniture              Mass        giving for Bill
on Saturday and from 8:30 AM to       such as end tables and children’s                          Dirk, Bishop
2:00 PM on Sunday, with every-        chairs, lamps, personal accesso-                           Pevec Presid-
thing offered at half price on Sun-   ries (scarves, purses, and costume                         ing, Fr. Chmura
day. Proceeds from the Rummage        jewelry), lawn and garden items,                           concelebrating
Sale will go to our “We Care We       and linens (but not bedding). We     June 7    12:00 Noon Reception for
Share” fund for parishioners who      are not accepting clothing, shoes,                        Bill Dirk’s 25th
                                      pillows, mattresses, computers                            Anniversary,
                                      and large appliances. Donations                           Cummins Hall
                                      can be delivered to Cummins Hall     June 14 11:00 Mass New Parish
                                      on Wednesday, Thursday and Fri-                         Pastoral Coun-
                                      day before the sale (July 8, 9 10)                      cil members
                                      between the hours of 3:00 PM and                        selected
                                      7:00 PM.
                                                                           June 21 9:00 AM       End of Season
                                              In addition to your dona-
                                                                                                 Pastoral Coun-
                                      tions, we will need plenty of vol-                         cil Meeting,
                                      unteers Wednesday through Sun-                             Rectory, New
                                      day to both set up for the rum-                            and Old Mem-
                                      mage sale and to help with check-                          bers
                                      out and selling refreshments dur-
may need assistance with utility      ing the sale. If you would like to   July      3 PM –7 PM Drop off Dona-
                                                                           8,9,10               tion Items for
payments.                             volunteer or if you have any ques-
                                                                                                Rummage Sale
       While doing your Spring        tions, please call Marcia Witten-
cleaning, please pack up your un-     brook (216-921-5680) or Tina         July      9 AM-4 PM Parish Rum-
wanted household items in good        DeVincentis (216-990-3319). We       11/12     Saturday  mage Sale,
condition for the rummage sale.       would appreciate even a couple                 8:30 AM—2 Cummins Hall
The types of items we need are:       hours of your time.                            PM Sunday
                                                                           July 18   9:00 AM-all Health Fair
                                                                                     day         sponsored by
Cookbooks Available—Get your copy today                                                          MOTTEP

                                                                           Septem- Noon          Annual Parish
We still have a few issues of our Parish Cookbook,                         ber 20                Picnic
Our Lady of Peace Cooks, available in the rec-                                                   Closing of the
tory. These make great gifts so get one (or more)                                                anniversary
today before it’s too late. They’re only $10.                                                    year for the
Contact Nancy in the rectory at 421-4211 to pick                                                 Apostles of Je-
up yours today.
                                   OLP School News
OLP School year end wrap-up
        Spring has been a          league and tournament champs.            ment. Overall, we picked up 5
busy time for our students at      The 8th grade boys won a tour-           trophies this winter for our tro-
Our Lady of Peace School.          nament in Lorain and made it to          phy case.
Our junior high students per-      the city semi-finals bracket, up-               School closes for the
formed the Living Stations         setting two #2 ranked teams              summer Friday, June 5th. Have
for the students one after-        along the way. We had some               a blessed summer!—William Di-
noon, and for parents and          success with the girls, too. The         Bacco, Principal
parishioners on Good Friday.       4th grade girls went undefeated
They did an excellent job.         and won the St. Greg's tourna-
We were very proud of their
efforts. We also had a May
Crowning service and a Me-
morial Day prayer service.
Religion plays an integral
part of our students' lives.
        Our basketball season
went well. Our 5th grade
boys were league champs
and won one tournament.
The 7th grade boys were also               Sarah Sullivan instructs her hard-working group of 6th graders.

OLP School to Merge with Archbishop Lyke School
        A Big change is coming       Catholic Education in Cleveland         building principal and work
to our ministry of Catholic Edu-     for many years to come and im-          closely with the other two prin-
cation at Our Lady of Peace. On      prove the quality of the educa-         cipals and Sr. Brigetta, OSU,
July 1 Our Lady of Peace School      tion that we offer.                     the director of Archbishop Lyke
will merge with Archbishop                   Our Lady of Peace will          School.
Lyke School and become one of        continue to be involved in the                  Keep watching for more
its three campuses. After two        life of Archbishop Lyke School          news about this exciting and
years of transition our building     in many ways (such as the Run           new chapter in the long history
will be filled with head start       for Peace, Living Stations of the       of Our Lady of Peace Parish and
students, children in grades K-      Cross, May Crowning and more.)          School.
2, and perhaps a pre-school.         Mr. William DiBacco, OLP prin-
This consolidation will preserve     cipal, will continue as the

                  Final Tally
                 Thanks again for all supported our two recent
                 fundraisers. The funds raised are as follows:

                 $28,235           Night of a 1000 Dinners
                 $13,316           Run for Peace
                 $41,551           Total

                 Amazing!! Your generosity is truly appreci-
Deacon Dirk article
                                      Congratulations Deacon Dirk on 25 Year Milestone
                                      and some years with the Blessed        Dirk was assigned to Our Lady of
                                      Sacrament Brothers in New York         Peace – what a blessing for us all!
                                      City, Bill came back to Cleveland      Of all his duties and tasks, Bill
                                      where he worked at Bell Aerosys-       most enjoys working with con-
                                      tems and later at Gould Ocean          verts. For us, it is a pleasure and
                                      Systems.                               a true blessing to have this com-
                                              In 1967, Bill took a holiday   mitted, caring, and fun-loving
                                      trip to Miami Beach, where he met      deacon among us.
                                      his future wife Judy, a nurse at               Our heartiest and happiest
                                      the Cleveland Clinic, and on July      Congratulations on your Silver An-
                                      19, 1969, Bill and Judy were mar-      niversary, dear Deacon Bill. May
                                      ried right at our own Our Lady of      the Lord lavish his most generous
                                      Peace! In 1970, little Bill was        blessings on you now and always –
        In June this year, Rev. Mr.   born, followed by Julie, Marcus,       and may you feel the love and joy
William Dirk - our own Deacon Bill    David and Andy.                        of all the parishioners at Our Lady
- celebrates the 25th Anniversary             It was in 1981 that Bill was   of Peace!
of his Ordination to the Diaconate    accepted into the Diaconate Pro-
and we all are so happy to be able    gram. He was ordained on June 2,
to share the joy and celebrate        1984 by Bishop Anthony Pilla. At
with Bill.                            his first parish as a deacon, Holy
        Here’s a bit about our Dea-   Cross, Bill helped develop both a
con, much of which you may not        Pre-Baptism and a Pre-Cana Pro-
know….                                gram, which he and Judy loved
        William E. Dirk was born in   being part of together. He was
Cleveland on December 13, 1933,       also a chaplain at Mt. Sinai and St.
the third of four children. He at-    Luke’s Hospitals until both institu-
tended Holy Cross School, then        tions closed some years ago.
Euclid High School. After college             Fifteen years ago, Rev. Mr.

                                                                     Clustering Prayer
                                                We are grateful for being called to serve our parish
                                          communities. Merciful God, bless us in our various roles
                                          and keep us always mindful of how we can enhance the vi-
                                          brant parish life of our cluster. Inspire us with the wisdom of
                                          your grace and with eyes of faith that we might serve you by
                                          serving our brothers and sisters.
                                                                       God of our ancestors, for many
                                                                ages you have directed people to be hum-
                                                                ble, loving and good. As we look at the
                                                                 parishes of our cluster and recognize
       Academy                                                   their many gifts, let us be aware that
                                                                  you are working in and through all the
        Tavern                                                    goodness we see. May all that we plan
              Since 1939
                                                                  and all that we do, be done in your
   12800 Larchmere Blvd.                                           name and for your glory and praise.
   Come in and enjoy our
    beautiful new patio!              A special thanks to Jennifer Gramlich, newsletter editor and Bob Stemnock for
                                      creating our beautiful front page banner designs.
                           MINISTRY                            CONTACT PERSON               PHONE
                           Altar Servers                       Karen Slovikovski             216-752-9334
                           Avilas                              to advise
                           Catholic Faith Classes              Rev. Mr. Bill Dirk, Deacon    216-421-421
                           Choir, Bell Choir                   David Dettloff,
                                                               Choir Dir.                    216-421-4211
                           Cluster Planning and Coordination   Karen Slovikovski             216-752-9334
                           Eucharistic Ministers/Lectors       Sr. Margaret Ann       440-449-1200, x. 372
                           Holy Name Society                   to advise
                           Legion of Mary                      Frank Perfetti                216-229-3441
                           Our Lady’s Pantry                   Carl Allendorf                216-921-2438
                           OLP School                          William DiBacco, Principal 216-795-7161
                           Parish Finance Council              Thomas Stevens                216-752-3063
                           Parish Pastoral Council             Sue Ann Riley                 216-932-8847
                           Parish School of Religion (PSR)     Jean Pekoc                    216-321-2968
                           Respect Life Committee              Sharon Holbrook               216-991-2544
                                                               Laura Caserta                 216-295-1364
                           Run for Peace                       Kate Ryan                     216-321-8508
                           Sewing Group                        Carrie Parker                 216-991-1612
                           Social Concerns Commission          Toni Johnson                  216-561-0556
                           Stewardship Committee               Guy Mercer                    216-752-4106
                                                               Greg Turnwald                 216-991-3977
Contact these folks for    Usher/Greeters                      Ceil Hall                     216-421-6476
more information re-                                           Pat Roberts                   216-752-3129
garding   a     specific   Welcoming Committee                 Connie Perotti                216-921-2417
group or activity.         Coffee Socials                      Marcia Wittenbrook            216-921-5680
                           Youth Ministry                      John Koppitch                 216-295-1364

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