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					                                                                                          OCTOBER 2007


Welcome to the latest edition of the E16 News.

As we expected we have had a busy summer with lots of consultation            Contacts
on the proposed changes to the masterplan. Close to 300 of you came           Newham Homes
along to the roadshow and told us how you would like to see things            Kieran McCloskey
change in your area. We received lots of positive feedback and suggestions    Community Housing Team
on all aspects of the proposals, from the creation of a vibrant town centre   20 Freemasons Road
in Canning Town to the improved shopping facilities on Freemasons Road,       London E16 3NA
as well as all the proposed housing improvements. A big thank you to          020 8430 4706
you all for coming along and sharing your views. There are more details
on this inside.                                                               Canning Town and Custom
                                                                              House Regeneration Project
Designs have now been prepared for the redevelopment of Rathbone              Gemma Allen
Market, these can be viewed in the Regeneration Offices on Freemasons         20 Freemasons Road
Road – see inside for more details.                                           London E16 3NA
                                                                              020 8430 2408
As well as the consultation over the summer, there was lots of fun to be
had too with local young people getting involved in various sports and        Pinnacle
arts activities.                                                              Beverley Varney
                                                                              Nelson Street Studios
Finally, I would like to congratulate Eastlea Community School on being       Nelson Street
classified as outstanding in their recent Ofsted report.                      E16 1DS
                                                                              020 7540 9880

Helen Fisher
Project Director
Canning Town and Custom House
Regeneration Project
                                                                            Rummage                                             Students get involved Focusing on youth
                                                                            and Recycle                                         in mosaic project                                                 Anna France has just
                                                                                                                                                                                                  started working for
                                                                                                                                                                                                  East London Business
                                                                            Community Recycling organisation                    Over the summer students from Keir Hardie School
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Alliance (ELBA) as their
                                                                            THE WOMBLES recently had a                          created a mosaic plaque for the school as part of a
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Youth and Education
                                                                            rummage about on the site of the                    project which uses
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Co-ordinator for
                                                                            former Local Employment and                         art and creativity to
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Canning Town and
                                                                            Training Scheme (LETS).                             address a range of
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Custom House.
                                                                                                                                issues including
                                                                            Former factory units and industrial
                                                                                                                                bullying, citizenship,                                            ELBA acts as a
                                                                            training workshops had to be cleared
                                                                                                                                cultural awareness                                                channel for business
                                                                            to make way for the new residential
                                                                                                                                and life skills.                                                  skills and experience
                                                                            development, St Luke’s Square, which
                                                                            will provide 162 new units of housing               For the summer                                                    to contribute to the
                                                                            close to Canning Town Centre.                       project the students                                              social regeneration
                                                                                                                                chose a peacock                                                   of East London.
                                                                            Demolition on the site started during
                                                                            the summer and it will take an                      design for its                                                    She will be working with schools and youth groups,
                                                                            estimated 24 months to complete                     connotations of pride and multi-faith, as well as its vibrant     and providing them with support from companies in
                                                                            construction. St Luke’s Square will                 colours. As part of their research the students looked            the City and Canary Wharf. This support can come
                                                                            include new one and two bedroom                                           at the environment, history of the          in many different forms and ranges from providing
                                                                            flats which will be built around a                                        local area and Keir Hardie himself.         governors to schools, to companies coming in and
                                                                            public square with offices, restaurants                                                                               completing a team challenge project. Already a team
School celebrates ‘outstanding’                                             and shops at ground level.
                                                                                                                                                      Following on from this the
                                                                                                                                                      students took part in an interactive        of employees from FTSE have helped paint part of
                                                                            The private development is being led                                      workshop on 26 September, run               Keir Hardie School and a team from London City
OFSTED report                                                               by Galliard Homes and Mizen Homes,
                                                                            who saw the wisdom of working with
                                                                                                                                                      by artist Yvette Rawson, where              Airport did some gardening at Scott Wilkie.
                                                                                                                                                      each of them created their own              Anna has worked in Custom House for the past five
Eastlea was officially classified as being an ‘Outstanding School’ during   the WOMBLES so that any furniture                                         mosaic design. Pebbles, glass               years with the Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders and
their OFSTED school inspection in September. Eastlea School, in Canning     or equipment discarded on-site can                                        nuggets and old mosaic tiles were           Ascension Community Trust and before that as a
Town, is already recognised nationally as one of the best-achieving         be recycled prior to the demolition.                used to create a series of new tiles which will be                primary school teacher.
secondary schools in the country, achieving grade 1s throughout its         This way the WOMBLES ensure that                    unveiled during a special assembly in October. The
school inspection, the highest level that is rarely given to any school.    valuable items can be reused rather                 students also got to take some of their work home.                She is really excited about her new role and getting
                                                                            than waste destined for a landfill site                                                                               the chance to work with so many schools and youth
The report acknowledged that ‘staff are highly effective in helping                                                             This project is coordinated by Ed-Art, a London based
                                                                            or an incinerator.                                                                                                    projects at such an exciting time for Canning Town
students to meet the aim of Being Successful and Feeling Successful’.                                                           community creative agency, and is funded by Newham
Inspectors found students to be ‘articulate, friendly, polite and           The Newham Community Recycling                                                                                        and Custom House.
                                                                                                                                Council, William Sutton Housing Association and
energetic’. ‘Their enjoyment is reflected in their keenness to learn,       Project, better known as the WOMBLES,
                                                                                                                                Countryside Properties.                                                        For more information contact Anna
their excellent behaviour and above average attendance.’                    has a mission to ‘make good use of
                                                                                                                                                                                                               on 020 7068 6960.
                                                                            the things that they find’. In their five
GCSE results have improved significantly since the last inspection and
                                                                            years of operation, they have donated
inspectors recognised that more able students are entered for exams
                                                                            computers, bicycles, furniture and

                                                                                                                               Taking the life challenge
early, with significant successes.
                                                                            clothes to hundreds of community
Ann Palmer, the school’s head teacher for the past four years said:         groups, schools and youth projects
“I’m just incredibly excited about the achievements of Eastlea and          across East London.
about the results of the inspection. I knew that the school could do it.
                                                                            For more information contact Cliff                 Fourteen young people                                            was held in Covent Garden on the 1 September.
We have excellent staff at Eastlea and the inspectors recognised that
                                                                            Schafer on 07941 227404.                           from the Canning Town                                                 Micciah had to complete a circuit which comprised
teamwork and innovation were key drivers for the work we do in the
school. We have a very special harmonious and multi cultural                                                                   Youth Inclusion Project                                          of rowing, leg curls, putting on the uniform and apparatus,
environment. The inspectors were impressed with this.”                                                                         (YIP) spent a week with                                          connecting the hose and running it through obstacles,
                                                                                                                               Plaistow Fire Brigade on                                         taking it up three flights of stairs and back down again.
The school, which already has a number of awards, has added quality
                                                                                                                               a Life Course challenge.                                         She then moved six water filled containers, climbed
marks for study support, financial standards and Artsmark Gold since
the start of the year.                                                                                                             The group of young men                                       through a cage to rescue a dummy, removed her
                                                                                                                               and women participated in a                                      apparatus and ran to hit the stop button.
While the school is recognised for its successes nationally, this is not                                                       range of exercises that                                               Micciah and her competitor, from Dagenham, were
always the case locally. As one student said: “This school is great.                                                           developed life skills, team work and fitness. The group          neck and neck until they reached the stairs where
It has improved so much over the last few years, but it is sad that it                                                         were trained to navigate a smoke filled building and             Micciah took the lead and eventually won her race. It
still has a reputation locally based on its past.” Staff and students are                                                      extinguish fires as well as learning health and safety           was a fantastic performance and achievement by
determined that this will change and that the school should be                                                                 and first aid.                                                   Micciah who had the second fastest time in the
recognised by all for the outstanding education it provides.
                                                                                                                                   Having completed an exercise in a fast time Micciah          women’s life course event.
Ms Palmer said: “This report is what the school deserves and is an          Above: Councillor Paul Schafer and Cliff Schafer   Wood, one of the group, was invited to compete in the                 Congratulations to all those who completed the life
accurate reflection of what Eastlea Community School is about.”             (centre) with site managers from Mizen Homes Ltd   London’s fittest fire fighter competition. The competition       course and Micciah for her amazing performance.
Constructing a future                                                                                                    Masterplan Consultation 2007
Jouo lives at Anchor House, a homeless centre in Canning Town. Despite having ten years site experience in
various general trade occupations in Portugal, Jouo had found it difficult to get work in this country and had been                                                                         area by area basis. For example properties near to the
unemployed for over a year. Jouo was referred by East London into Training & Employment (Elite) to the ‘Open                                                                                town centre would be different to those by parks. A
Door’ construction taster awareness sessions which help local residents enter the construction field.                                                                                       significant majority of those surveyed liked this approach.
As part of the awareness package, Colin Dodd, the Construction                                                                                                                              The masterplan also proposes a mix of property types
Labour Initiatives Adviser accompanied Jouo on various live construction                                                                                                                    with a significant amount of family accommodation, as
sites. This developed Jouo’s confidence and his technique in selling his                                                                                                                    well as high quality landscaping. This will enable
experience and skills to sub-contractors.                                                                                                                                                   people to stay in the area as their circumstances and
                                                                                                                                                                                            needs change.
On a visit to Oakbridge Construction near the Excel Centre in Custom
House, the Contracts Manager explained that he was looking for an                                                                                                                           Create appropriate scale
industrial cleaner to make sure areas were dust free after the plasterers and                                                                                                               The masterplan recognises the potential to increase
carpenters had finished their work, and before the painting contractors                                                                                                                     the total number of properties in the area. This allows
began their work. Jouo was pleased with the opportunity, he agreed a                                                                                                                        us to strengthen our commitment to meeting local
self-employed hourly rate, and started his contract in May.                                                                                                                                 housing needs by ensuring there will be no net loss of
                                                                                                                                                                                            socially rented housing. It is proposed that the highest
Working closely with other borough wide initiatives, Colin has been able to
                                                                                                                                                                                            concentration of properties would be in the centres at
help many local residents enter into their chosen field of work within                                                   There are proposals for two new road connections between Canning
                                                                                                                         Town and Custom House.                                             Canning Town and Custom House stations, and the
construction. For more information, come along to the Construction Open
                                                                                                                                                                                            lower concentration of properties in the mainly residential
Doors session held at Keir Hardie Methodist Church on Wednesdays starting                                                Residents have their day                                           areas. This approach has been widely supported.
at 10.30 for approximately two hours.
                                                                                                                         Around 300 people attended a roadshow exhibition
For more information and to book a place at one of the sessions contact Elite on 020 7055 3570.                          during the summer as part of the consultation on the               Making the most of landscape potential
                                                                                                                         proposed changes to the masterplan. Residents were                 High quality landscaping will take place around
                                                                                                                         able to talk to members of the regeneration team and               proposed developments and where possible around
 Ready to move                                                                   Brightening up                          complete a survey. Below the proposed key changes to
                                                                                                                         the masterplan are summarised along with the survey
                                                                                                                                                                                            existing ones as well. A major new park in Custom
                                                                                                                                                                                            House is planned to run along part of the activity street

 on Area 3                                                                       the area                                responses.                                                         that will link the town centres providing much needed
                                                                                                                                                                                            green space for Custom House.
                                                                                 Is there an area on your street or      New hearts for Canning Town and Custom House                           There has been overwhelming support for the idea
                                                                                 estate in the Canning Town and
                                                                                                                         Proposals include making Canning Town a vibrant                    of a new park and open spaces.
                                                                                 Custom House regeneration
                                                                                                                         town centre by expanding shopping, leisure and other                   When asked what they would like to see in a new
                                                                                 area that you would like to see
                                                                                                                         activities. They also include creating more space                  park, cafes, public toilets and sports facilities were the
                                                                                 brightened up? The neighbour-
                                                                                                                         around the town centre by removing the two slip roads              most popular features followed by flowerbeds, walking
                                                                                 hood team are putting together
                                                                                                                         on and off the A13 and replacing the roundabout with               routes, play areas and nature and wildlife features.
                                                                                 a list of sites that could be
                                                                                 improved. We will also be               a junction. The masterplan also contains proposals for
                                                                                                                                                                                            Make water accessible and enjoyable
                                                                                 organising some walkabouts              Freemasons Road to be revitalised as a shopping
                                                                                                                         area. Those taking part in the survey had plenty of                With the continuing development of the Lea Valley,
                                                                                 with the neighbourhood groups
                                                                                                                         ideas for what they would like to see in the shopping              wherever possible we will promote better use of
                                                                                 to try and identify some sites.
                                                                                                                         areas. The biggest demand by far was for banks with                the waterways near to Canning Town through the
                                                                                      We want to hear from you.
                                                                                 Please let us know of any sites         post offices and supermarkets the next most popular                development of parks, environmental areas and housing.
                                                                                 that you want to nominate and           choices followed by grocers, chemists and market                       Look out for more updates on the masterplan in
                                                                                 possible ideas on how we can            stalls. Cafes and restaurants, a children’s activity centre        future issues of this newsletter.
Plans to build 588 new homes and rebuild Keir Hardie School look set to          improve them.                           and a library were the most requested leisure facilities.          For more information contact Keith Smith on 020
move forward following the recent signing of the Development Agreement                Please contact Sam Clark on                                                                           8430 3781 or email: keith.smith@newham.gov.uk
                                                                                 0208 430-5450 or email                  Making new connections
between Newham Council, Countryside Properties and William Sutton
Housing Association. This follows the demolition earlier this year of Harvey,    sam.clark@newham.gov.uk                 The proposals aim to create simpler routes through the
Wood and Pattinson Points.                                                                                               area by creating two new streets linking Canning Town
    Over the coming months the architects will be finalising the drawings                                                and Custom House. These will link together existing
which will be submitted for a planning application. We will be working                                     lephone       routes and make it easier for people to move around the
                                                                                               that the te
closely with local residents and the school community to get their input on     Please note              d Housing       area. One route will be a centre of activity and health
the designs. If you would like to get involved at this stage please contact     n umber for                 /August      and education facilities were the most preferred facilities
                                                                                               in the July
Keith Smith on 020 8430 3261 or email keith.smith@newham.gov.uk                 A  ssociation             t. Anyone      to be provided along this ‘activity street’. Educational
                                                                                              is incorrec
    As with all phases of the Canning Town and Custom House regeneration         E16 News                ownership       facilities, a youth club, parks and play areas were
                                                                                             in shared
programme, once work starts on site there will be opportunities for local        interested              are             also popular.
                                                                                             uke’s Squ
residents to find construction jobs through our construction initiative.          in the St L        ould ring th
                                                                                             ent sh                      Create distinct and unique residential areas
Find out more about this scheme in the What's On section on the back page.         developm                 office
    For more information on the Area 3 development contact Karen                   sales and        663.
                                                                                                                         The masterplan proposes to give each area its own
                                                                                               00 4
Barke on 020 8430 3139 or email karen.barke@newham.gov.uk                           on 0845 6                            personality as the redevelopment progresses on an                  A view of the possible heart of Canning Town.
Ferrier Point                                                         Rathbone Market                                    The Neighbourhood Groups                                                             Tackling Crime
Residents get involved!                                               The designs for the development of
                                                                                                                         are now officially one year old!                                                     in Canning
                                                                      Rathbone Market are currently being
Following a well attended drop-in earlier in the summer, a            progressed.
                                                                                                                         Thanks to the commitment of more
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Town North
residents’ Design Group was formed to look at the planned
improvements for Ferrier Point in detail. The volunteers who          The proposals for the market are likely to         than 200 local residents the
came forward have met three times so far to discuss,                  include:                                           neighbourhood group meetings are
comment on, and have their questions answered about the                                                                  proving to be a very effective way
                                                                      • a new market square, with improved facilities
improvements which include:                                                                                              of working with a wide range of
                                                                        for the market
                                                                                                                         people in the local area.
• new bathrooms and kitchens                                          • new shops and cafes                                   After a successful first year we
• new front doors and windows                                         • about 500 new homes                              are now looking at ways in which                                                     The Canning Town North Safer
                                                                                                                         we can improve the work we do with                                                   Neighbourhood Team arrested
• external cladding and solar panels                                  • attractive open spaces                                                                          groups, we have recently released
                                                                                                                         residents. We are particularly
• landscaping                                                                                                                                                           a booklet entitled “Your Guide to     two young people for possession
                                                                      • a new amphitheatre style entrance to the A13     interested in making sure that the
                                                                                                                                                                        Canning Town & Custom House           of an imitation firearm in June.
• and improvements to the ground                                        underpass                                        views of those who attend the
  floor.                                                                                                                 meetings represent the views of                Neighbourhood Groups”. These can      Two Police Community Support
                                                                      • improved links between Canning town station      residents in the wider area.                   be picked up at the Regeneration      Officer’s (PCSO) acted quickly
Councillor Conor McAuley, Newham’s                                       and the underpass                                    At the moment we are getting              Offices on Freemasons Road or at      to diffuse a situation in which one
executive advisor on regeneration and chair of the Canning                                                               far more women attending the                   various places throughout the area.
                                                                      • improved links between Canning Town                                                                                                   of the youths was brandishing
Town and Custom House Regeneration Board said: “The Design                                                               meetings than men, so we are keen              Please feel free to come along to
                                                                        station and the market                                                                                                                what appeared to be a real gun
Group has been a real opportunity for the people who live in                                                             to hear from men of all ages on                the next round of meetings on the     on Barking Road. Thankfully
Ferrier to work directly with the architects. They have been          • new community, health and education              how we can make the meetings                   following dates:
able to make practical suggestions and it has been great to                                                                                                                                                   the supposed gun turned out
                                                                        buildings                                        more appealing to them too.
see residents taking a keen interest and getting involved. After                                                                                                          Fife Road Meeting                   to be an imitation firearm.
                                                                      You can view the designs at the Canning Town            We hope you agree that since                                                    The youngsters involved have
all they are the ones who will be affected by the works.”                                                                                                                 Tuesday 16 October, 6.30pm
                                                                                                                         the neighbourhood groups came                                                        been referred to the Youth
                                                                      and Custom House Regeneration Office,                                                               Keir Hardie Church, Fife Road
The Design Group will meet again to get feedback on their                                                                into existence, local residents have                                                 Offending Team.
                                                                      20 Freemasons Road any Thursday or call
ideas and they will also be involved in the process of selecting                                                         had a far greater say in the way                 Canning Town Centre Meeting
                                                                      Keith Smith on 020 8430 3781 to make an
a contractor to carry out the works.                                                                                     services are provided in the local               Tuesday 23 October, 6.30pm          Sergeant Lisa Butterfield said:
                                                                      appointment. Alternatively, to find out more
                                                                                                                         area. Many of you are now on first               St Luke’s Primary School,           “The PCSO’s vigilance has
    If you would like to know more about the plans for Ferrier        about the proposals call the consultation
                                                                                                                         name terms with the council                      Rusco Road                          resulted in these items being
Point please contact Keith Smith on 020 8430 3261 or email            hotline on 0845 262 0138.
                                                                                                                         officers involved and we hope                                                        taken off the streets. Although
keith.smith@newham.gov.uk                                                                                                                                                 Freemasons Road Meeting
                                                                                                                         many more of you will be by the                                                      they were thankfully not real
                                                                                                                         end of the second year. After all,               Tuesday 30 October, 6.30pm          guns and not capable of
                                                                                                                         we are all working towards the                   Regeneration Project Offices,
Community embraces sports challenges                                                                                     same aim, to make Canning Town
                                                                                                                         and Custom House a better place
                                                                                                                                                                          20 Freemasons Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                              harming anyone, this incident
                                                                                                                                                                                                              has shown that police will take
                                                                                                                                                                                                              a tough stance on people
                                                                                                                         to live and work.                              For more information please contact   possessing imitation firearms.”
                                                                  Sam Clark, 34, works in Custom House and Canning            For those of you who don’t know           Sam Clark on 020 8430 5450 or
                                                              Town and took to the field with a team of friends and      much about the neighbourhood                   email sam.clark@newham.gov.uk         She added, “There is no need
                                                              colleagues. He said: “I was surprised how well we did.                                                                                          for teenagers to play with
                                                                                                                                                                                                              pretend guns. We will remain
                                                              It was hard work but we had a brilliant time.”
                                                                  The competitions were part of an inter-Community        How to start up a Tenants and                                                       committed to removing them
                                                                                                                                                                                                              from the streets and arresting
                                                              Forum challenge with the football final held on Saturday
                                                              8 September at City of London West Ham Park.                Residents Association                                                               those found possessing them.
                                                                  With some 300 players emblazoned in vibrant             Have you and your neighbours ever complained to each other                          In the wrong hands even a
                                                              T-shirts and music cranking from DJ Blizzard,               about the services provided by Newham Homes and the Council?                        toy can be used to threaten
                                                              the energy was overflowing.                                 Ever said to each other that you wish you had the person responsible                someone and contribute to fear
                                                                  Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “The                 in front of you so you can tell them what is wrong with your street?                of crime in the area.”
                                                              atmosphere was simply amazing. It was great to see          Then how about starting up a Tenants & Residents Association (TRA)?
                                                              so many people brimming with such passion and                    It is not as daunting as you might expect and there is a lot of help
                                                                                                                                                                                                              You can contact your
Community Lead Councillor for Canning Town and Custom House
Patricia Holland with some of the players.                    enthusiasm for the game and also for representing           available from other TRAs and the REACT team at Newham Homes.                       local Safer Neighbourhood
                                                              their Community Forum area.”                                You can also receive a grant of up to £400 per year to cover the cost of            Team on:
More than 150 local people got involved in the Custom             It was a high-intensity, nail biting finish for two     telephone calls, travelling expenses, hall hire etc. By working as a
House and Canning Town Community Forum five-a-                Custom House and Canning Town Community Forum                                                                                                   Canning Town North
                                                                                                                          group you will be surprised how much you can do to improve your area.
side football and athletics challenges.                       teams that made it to the grand final.                           For further information on how to set up a TRA contact                         020 8721 2038
     The young people’s competition was held on Monday            In the 8-11 age group, King Street Boys were            Christine Sandford at REACT on 020 8430 4693. Alternatively go
13 August with the adults event on Tuesday 4 September.       narrowly defeated 1-0 and in the 15-17 year-old
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Canning Town South
                                                                                                                          along to the South Canning Town and Custom House Area Tenants
     16-year-old Jack Kerr, a boxer for the Newham            category Canning Town Yip were pipped at the post                                                                                               020 8721 2840
                                                                                                                          Liaison Committee meeting on Thursday 8 November at 6.30pm at
Academy said: “My mates asked me to come and I like           8-7 on penalties.                                           the Cundy Centre in Hartington Road.                                                Custom House
to get involved with anything – I thought it would be a       Congratulations to both teams for their fantastic
bit of fun. We had such a great time!”                        performances.
                                                                                                                          This article was provided by Sylvie Cronin, chair of the CTCH ATLC.                 020 8721 2039
An Open Door to the Construction Industry
                                                                            Group Meetings
                                                                            Fife Road Meeting
                                                                            Tuesday 16 October, 6.30pm
Come along to our information, advice and guidance sessions                 Keir Hardie Church, Fife Road
running weekly at Keir Hardie Methodist Church, 14 Plymouth Road,           Canning Town Centre
Canning Town E16                                                            Meeting
Wednesdays at 10.30 - 12.30                                                 Tuesday 23 October, 6.30pm
To book contact Elite on 0207 055 3570                                      St Luke’s Primary School,
                                                                            Rusco Road
This project is funded by the London Borough of Newham. It is a
partnership between West Ham and Plaistow New Deal for                      Freemasons Road Meeting
Communities programme and Canning Town and Custom House                     Tuesday 30 October, 6.30pm
Regeneration Programme.                                                     Regeneration Project Offices,
                                                                            20 Freemasons Road
Jobs and Careers in Construction Event
Find out more about how to get into work in the construction industry and   Citizen’s Advice
key local developments planned for Newham such as Stratford City and
the Canning Town and Custom House Regeneration Project.                     Bureau
The event will take place from 4-7pm on Tuesday 16 October at Royal         71a Coolfin Road
Docks Community School, Prince Regent Lane E16
                                                                            ADVICE ON:
 If you are thinking of starting a business, or you are running             • Welfare benefit decisions
 a small business in East London... WE CAN HELP YOU!                          and appeals
 We can help support your business venture with the following:              • Applications for Disability
 • Free Business Training                                                     Living Allowance
 • Free Business Counselling services
                                                                            • Applications for
 • Access to Finance
                                                                              Attendance Allowance
 • Start up premises
                                                                            • Debt Advice
 We are at the Hub, 123 Star Lane on
 alternate Wednesdays 2-4pm or Canning                                      This is an appointment only
 Town Job Centre, Freemasons Road on every
 2nd and 4th Thursday 2-4pm.
                                                                            service, but you can make an
                                                                            appointment by dropping in
 For bookings/additional information:
                                                                            during opening hours – 9.30am
 Please contact Claudia/Simeon on: 0207 377 8821/ 07851 738885
 Email: claudiac@goeast.org / simeonb@goeast.org                            -5.30pm, Monday-Friday.


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