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National Boys _ Girls Clubs Week


									                    Boys & Girls Club         Danville, Illinois       July 2008

                      National Boys & Girls Clubs Week
                                   March 31st – April 4th
NBGC Week is an annual event in which the nation celebrates our organization, which has
steadily and methodically saved lives and changed futures of young people for more than 100
years. Using a tried-and-true method of attracting kids with fun, wholesome activities, then
involving them in a wide array of education, cultural and character-building programs, Clubs
have helped millions of kids overcome barriers, dream of a brighter future and grow into
responsible, productive citizens.

Our Club celebrated with tons of fun and events! Each day of the week was focused on one
of our five core program areas; education and career development, character and leadership
development, health and life skills, sport/fitness and recreation and the arts. The week kicked
of with a pep rally in which our very own Senator Mike Frerichs came and spoke to the
members! Members also enjoyed t-shirt design, song writing, Garfield Park clean-up, soap
carving with the Kickapoo Wood Carvers, crocheting, cooking class, teen presentation with the
Vermilion County Health Department, 3 on 3 staff v. member basketball tournament and an
exhibition by the D.A.C.C. Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. An educator open house
was held in which all District 118 faculty and staff were invited.
Spring Basketball League                                       Little Picassos at
Congratulations to our 2008 Spring                                    work!
 Basketball League Champions!

                                                           Under the direction of Art Director Marissa
                                                           Hulvey, members have learned the various
               11-14                                       facets of art, including history lessons studying
    Boys & Girls Club of Danville                          famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh,
             Team #1                                       3-D pieces and theater to name a few. Third
                                                           grade members created self portraits as part of
             15 – 18                                       the community initiative, the “Big Read”. The
    Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club                            projects were made in conjunction with the
          (Champaign)                                      theme of diversity which is expressed in the
                                                           book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, and were
                                                           displayed at the Village Mall. Certain projects
                                                           were chosen to be in the traveling ‘I Sing the
                                                           Body Electric’ display. Fifth and sixth grade
                                                           members Jamar Davis, Mackenzie Wilson,
                                                           Montrell Smith and Zavier Simmons created
                                                           self portraits and urban characters using chalk
                                                           and oil pastels that were entered into an art
                                                           exhibition at the Village Mall.

              TENNIS TIME!                                   ***Member Spotlight***
In conjunction with the United States Tennis
Association, the official governing body of tennis,
the Club was able to purchase new age-
appropriate racquets, balls and nets to gear our
tennis program. Members enjoyed two weeks of
fast paced drills and games of ‘Quick Start’ tennis       Name: Sienna Sanchez
that will continue throughout the summer and              School: Cannon Elementary School
culminate with a camp at the Danville Tennis
Club.                                                     Grade: 4th
Thanks to Bret Scharma of USTA and Kathy Simpson of the
                                                          Club Activities: Tutoring, Crochet & Drama
        Danville Tennis Club for their help with the      Favorite Club Activity: Reading in the library
                     Tennis Program!
                                                          Favorite Staff Member: Ms. Gail & Ms. Shea

                                                          “Being around other kids and adults at the Club
                                                          has really helped her to open up and come out
                                                          of her shell. I know she is safe at the Club
                                                          and it is a positive and fun place for her to be.”
                                                          ~Elizabeth Sanchez, Mother

                                           July 2008       Page   2
                             $ Show Me the Money! $
 Teen members participated in a financial responsibility program in which they learned how
 to set financial goals and ways to achieve them, the check writing process, the importance
 of resumes and tips on how to write them and discussed who and how to ask for letters of
 reference when seeking employment. They also learned the proper attire, attitude and
 information to have when conducting an interview, as well as filling out sample applications
 and going over practice interview questions. Members had the opportunity to visit Iroquois
 Federal Savings & Loan where they toured the facility, learned bank operations and set up
 savings accounts. The teens will be hosting a community-wide rummage sale to raise funds
 for their accounts.
     A special thanks to Tom Chamberlain and Margaret Norris of Iroquois Federal Savings & Loan!

                                Saturday, July 19th
                                      8:00 - 11:00 a.m.
                                         @ the Club
                                  Booth Rental - $25/table
       Call Amy @ 446-4315 by Friday, July 18 to reserve your space!

             *2008-2009 After-School Program*
                                          Sign-ups begin

                               Monday, July 21, 2008

                              NATIONAL NIGHT OUT
                                     Tuesday, August 5th
                                       ~ 4:00 p.m. ~
This day is reserved to heighten community awareness regarding violence and drug prevention, to
strengthen neighborhoods and police-community relations and to take a stand for our community. We
will have a parade around Garfield Park and a free community cookout immediately following. The
Danville Police and Fire Departments will be present, along with other community agencies to present
information regarding drug/violence prevention, safety precautions and other related materials. We
will hold several drawings throughout the event, as well as fun activities such as bounce houses, a dunk
tank, games and prizes! We would like everyone to participate by turning on their porch or business
light for the night. It is a proven fact that less crime is committed in well-lit areas.

                       JOIN US IN STANDING UP FOR OUR KIDS!

                                       July 2008         Page   3
Executive Connection…
Growing up, one of my favorite fictional storytellers was a character named Sophia on the show ‘The Golden Girls’. She
always started her stories with a hearty, “Picture it, ‘name of the city’, 19__”. So, in honor of Sophia, here goes:

Picture it, Danville, May 2008. You are sitting at your desk returning e-mails and phone calls, writing grant proposals,
completing reports and reimbursements, signing paychecks, entering data, helping with a mass mailing, and determining how
you are going to afford soaring prices. You haven’t eaten lunch (or even had a drink of water for that matter), and a staff
member comes to report that one of the air conditioners is dead. Exasperated, you begin throwing a pity party until you hear
another knock at the door. A little six year old who is missing teeth informs you that the best part of her day was seeing a
staff member. A while later, a mother sheds tears of joy while thanking you for providing a safe environment for her kids.
Folks who recently came in for a tour send you a check with a note saying how polite your members were during their visit.
You discover that one of your failing students is now earning above average grades and a teenager tells you that this has
been the best day of his life. Suddenly, you have a huge smile on your face and the dehydration doesn’t matter any more!

My point: we are inundated with the negative and mundane, but we need to focus on the positive! Every day at the Boys &
Girls Club, members do something praiseworthy. From growing food to give to their neighbors to cleaning up Garfield Park,
our members are learning to serve others above self. So, the next time you get bogged down with work or hear a negative
news report, think about ‘The Positive Place for Kids’, and it will surely put a smile on your face ☺

Boys & Girls Club of Danville
850 N. Griffin Street                                                                                        PRSRT STD
Danville, IL 61832-3306                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                                                                                             Danville, IL
                                                                                                             Permit No. 15

                                          The POSITIVE Place For Kids!

                                             MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
            JULY EVENTS                                AUGUST EVENTS
3rd – Fieldtrip to Kennekuk Co. Park          1st – Fieldtrip to Illini Skateland                  SEPTEMBER EVENTS
4th – CLUB CLOSED                             5th – National Night Out Activities – 4 p.m       20th – Day for Kids – 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
 7 – 11th – Tennis Camp @ D.T.C.              15th – End of the Year Fieldtrip –                26th – Worldwide Day of Play
19th – Club Rummage Sale 8 – 11 a.m           Indianapolis Children’s Museum
21st – Begin accepting A/S applications       21st – After-School Program Begins
25th – Teen House Party 8 – 11 p.m.           29th – Teen House Party 8 – 11 p.m.

Boys & Girls Club of Danville                                                                Rickey Williams, Jr. – Ex. Director
    850 N. Griffin Street                                                                   Carolyn Barber – Admin. Assistant
  Danville, IL 61832-3306                                                                      Amy Williams – Prog. Director
      P: 217.446.4315
      F: 217.446.6885
                                                July 2008               Page    4           Stephanie Dixon – TR Coordinator

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