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									                             First Baptist Church of Dearborn
                              Fellowship Letter April 23, 2008
                                                         Our scheduled planting days are April 26,
       Experiencing God                               2008 and May 03, 2008, weather permitting. All
                                                      wishing to participate and get in the mood for
               April 13-June 29                       warmer weather are encouraged to come out and
                                                      enjoy the fun.
                                                                   Your Landscaping Team,
A study to help Christians Discern God’s
    calling and purpose in their lives.               Lisa Campbell      David Nycz,
                                                      George Luckey      Wayne Neumann
         This study is designed to:
                                                      Charlie Hartline   Helen Hartline
   1. Help you recognize when God is
                                                      Pat Cernan         Dennis Cernan
              speaking to you.
                                                      Mark Matthews Norm Record
      2. See where God is working in
               your life, now.
      3. Recognize the wonders only                                 BARRIER FREE
            God can accomplish.                                  CHALLENGE GIFT
      4. To know and fulfill God’s will                         Good news from the Finance Team!
             in your walk of faith.                   Once again an anonymous donor has
                                                      offered to give the church a donation to the
                                                      Barrier Free Fund if the church can match
This is a significant step in the                     this gift. The stakes are higher this time,
Interim Journey towards                               though; the gift being offered is $10,000 and
congregational health and vision                      the church’s deadline for matching this gift is
                                                      June 30, 2008, a period of 90 days. To
                                                      qualify, any donations must be above and
                                                      beyond any amounts currently pledged for

    Celebrating Barrier
                                                      Barrier Free.
                                                                This challenge is very timely, as
          Free                                        giving to the Barrier Free Fund has been
                                                      falling significantly below our monthly needs.
    2008 Homecoming Celebration                       Without this gift, we probably wouldn’t have
              Update                                  been able to pay the principal portion of our
                                                      Endowment loan payment this month.

                LANDSCAPING                                    What a challenge! Can we do it?
                                                      We have done it before, and I’m confident
        BEAUTIFICATIOIN PROJECT                       we can do it again. If you would like to
    Your volunteer landscaping committee has          support this challenge, please put your
been meeting and planning intensively in              offering in your regular envelope but be sure
anticipation of nice weather and in preparation for   to mark that it’s for the Barrier Free
our Barrier-Free-Homecoming Celebration. We           Challenge Match offering, and that the
have finalized our planting plans which you may
                                                      church receives it by June 30th.
view pictorially on the lower narthex bulletin
board.                                                         Thanks for you support.
          Should you wish to participate with the
team you may do so in two ways. First, you may
join the volunteers in preparing the areas in front
of church where the construction of the elevator             Mark Your Calendars
took place. Secondly, we have set up an account
much like the light bulb low-wattage project.                 For the Ladies Tea
Donations received will go to the purchase of
shrubs, plants, flowers and mulch. In this way all                 June 7th
who wish, may take part in this project.
    All Saturdays in April have been designated
for church campus clean-up and work on this                        1:00 pm
project. If you can spend an hour or would prefer
coming during the week, a schematic illustrating                      In
the areas needing work or completion will be
posted on the bulletin board outside the church                 Robbins Hall
                               First Baptist Church of Dearborn
                                Fellowship Letter April 23, 2008
                                                        From ages K-12 & Families, Camp Lael is
                                                        created to help all to attend the opportunity
                                                               to commune in God’s creation:
             June 14 8AM to 4PM
                                                        Christian Fun & Fellowship with a staff who
    First Baptist Church will be hosting a                        are trained to serve you.
Rummage Sale and Bake Sale on Saturday,
June 14, 2008 from 8 AM until 4 PM. All                 The schedule is posted on the bulletin board
proceeds from the sale will go towards the Barrier        outside the church office. The books are
Free project. Anyone who has ever been                   located in the Christian Education box for
involved with a rummage sale knows it’s a lot of          your viewing. Please feel free to peruse
work, but it’s also a lot of fun. We hope everyone         through the material, & return it to the
in the church will get involved, either by donating     Christian Education box so others may look
goods to sell, baking items for the Bake Sale, or
                                                                         at as well.
volunteering to help. We will also be selling hot
dogs to shoppers, so we will need help with that
   People wishing to donate items for the sale                  Ford Motor Chorus
may bring them to the church anytime between
now and Sunday, June 8th. Donations should be                         Spring Concert
taken to Room 307-A (at the top of the stairs near
the Library, next to the Sojourners classroom),
Since space at the church is limited, we would                  Saturday, May 3 @ 7:00 pm
appreciate it if you could store your items at                  Sunday, May 4 @ 3:00 pm
home until the week before the sale. That would
save the volunteers a lot of work carrying                                    at
donations from the 3 floor to Robbins Hall.                           First Baptist Church
   Items to donate include clothing, appliances,                         of Dearborn
housewares, toys, games, books, music and
furniture. If you have large items to donate (e.g.,               Tickets available through
furniture) and are not able to bring them to the                  Liz Schlaff or at the door.
church, you may contact Norm Record or the
church office to arrange for pick-up.
   Remember: your donations are tax-deductible;
we can issue you a receipt for tax purposes.            Thank You…..
Also, all unsold items will be donated to charity,
unless special arrangements are made in                 What an overwhelming response from our
advance.                                                church family in the form of good wishes for
                                                        a rapid recovery during my recent illness.
    In addition to items to sell, we are also in need
                                                        We were inundated with cards and phone
of the following items to aid in the sale: plastic
bags and old newspaper/tissue paper to package          calls for which we are very grateful. Unless
sold items, clothes racks and hangers to better         you have been in a situation such as this,
display clothing, and bookshelves or boxes to           you can’t imagine what a morale booster it is
better display books. We will be able to return         to know that so many are keeping you in
racks and shelves to you after the sale, if you         their daily thoughts and prayers.
wish. These items may be brought to the same
place as donations                                      Many thanks for your love.
    Please watch the bulletin and newsletter for        Bill Placey
future announcements regarding the Rummage
Sale. The next Rummage Sale planning meeting
will be held Wednesday, May 7 at 7 PM in                Thank you for all the prayers during the last
Robbins Hall.                                           few month’s of my mother’s life. Your kind
                Bake Sale People,
                                                        words, cards and personal visits are deeply
                                                        appreciated. She always enjoyed attending
Elizabeth Pierce would be glad to hear from you.        services and events at First Baptist Church.
                                                        God bless you for caring so much.
                                                        Janice Ploch
If you are looking for a camping experience
      which brings you closer to God,
            Camp Lael is your place.
                              First Baptist Church of Dearborn
                               Fellowship Letter April 23, 2008
                                                      his fear. “Alright, this is the last shot we got, so
                                                      this is what we’re gonna’ do….” And he
                                                      proceeds to lay out a strategy called the “Picket
Congratulations to Dr. Minnita Daniel-Cox             fence”. He gives his assignments to the players.
                                                      “You be the swing man, you go solo right, now
on receiving her doctorate in Musical Arts            the swingman should be coming around the end
from the University of Michigan.                      of the fence. Boys, don’t get caught watchin’ that
                                                      paint dry!”
                                                         The players are with him. They walk out onto
                                                      the court, run the play to perfection, and sink a

With Open                                             winning basket. Shooter and the players are so
                                                      happy they are delirious. And in all the action,
                                                      the son looks at Shooter and says, “You did good

Hands….                                               , Pop. You did real good.”
                                                          In this story, a weak, shamed-filled alcoholic
                                                      “did real good,’ because a coach decided it was
                                                      worth it to take a risk on him. In many more ways
    It’s Monday, April 21, 2008, around 10:30 PM.     that is exactly what Jesus did as he chose the
I’m sitting at home wrestling with what to write in   twelve disciples, more than 1900 years ago. And
my article for the Fellowship Letter I received a     its what he continues to do with us, today.
copy this morning around 9AM and have spent
                                                           Jesus, like a gutsy, risk-taking, optimistic
the day wondering how to give you an uplifting
                                                      coach, walks into our lives, despite what we have
collection of words in response to the information
                                                      done . . . and wants to partner with us. He
you have just read on the front cover. And after
                                                      knows our failures better than we do. And yet, he
many failed attempts of writing a bona fide pep-
                                                      still wants to give us an assignment.
talk, in saying “Hey we have not missed our
mark, we are still moving along well” I instead          I look at the front page and with all our
choose to tell you a story.                           pledging and all our efforts, we still seem to be
                                                      coming up short. I know it’s the first quarter, and
    The movie Hoosiers tells a Cinderella story of
                                                      historically the first and third quarters are usually
a high-school basketball team from a small town
                                                      low. I also know that we are smaller and with a
in Indiana which went on to win the state
                                                      smaller congregation comes a smaller financial
championship. One of the pivotal characters is
                                                      base with which to work . I am also aware that
named Shooter. Shooter was the town drunk.
                                                      we have financial obligations we cannot escape
He failed at just about everything he tried—work,
                                                      such as paying off the elevator.
husband, father - with the exception of his
passion for basketball.                                   All of this can seem a bit overwhelming,
                                                      uncertain and scary. But I think of Shooter, his
   The head coach works with Shooter to give
                                                      failures and mine; the head coach who took a
him a second chance in life to become the
                                                      chance and our Lord who sent His son.
assistant coach. Shooter is terrified of failing
again, but after enough convincing, he agrees.            I see all the places where we may be scared,
The little known Hickory High School team begins      even terrified to step out from behind the shroud
to win, and during a pivotal game the head coach      of fear and doubt hoping that someone else will
decides to have himself thrown out of the game.       take care of it for us or simply God will make all
He pulls the referee aside and says, “Throw me        our troubles, pain and fears disappear. But our
out of the game.” The ref doesn't know what the       Lord doesn’t work that way.
coach is up to, but he tosses him out just the           God uses our failures, our fear, our
same.                                                 brokenness to give us the opportunity to
   Now Shooter, who is drying out from his            surrender to His mercy, His wisdom, His strength,
alcohol addiction, is really scared; for a few        His care so we can be saved.
scenes earlier he made the head coach promise             But God does ask us to do something in
that he (the head coach) would never be thrown        return, to follow Jesus, to let the Holy Spirit fill us,
out of a game. In fact, he is so scared that he       to let God guide us, through the Valley, over the
doesn’t know what to do.                              Mountain, and into His Kingdom.
    The game is down to its last few seconds.            God has a plan, we may not understand it just
The score is tied. The team is huddled in a time      yet. And when He reveals it, we may be a bit
out. All eyes are on Shooter, including his son’s     overwhelmed. But take comfort in this; God
(who never thought his dad should be there in the     never puts us in a situation which He believes
first place.) And Shooter is paralyzed with fear.     we are not ready for.
Finally his son suggests that they team up on a
particular player. Shooter absently agrees, and           God gives us opportunities to succeed, not
as the team goes back out on the floor, Shooter       fail. I’ll see you Sunday:
calls another time out.                               P3
   Now he is completely engaged in the game,
and his knowledge and passion have overtaken

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