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									Be the best of the best
18-20 September 2008 | Rotterdam
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                                      Be the best of the best
                                      From September 18-20 2008, EuroSkills will take
                                      place for the first time, in Rotterdam. During this
                                      three-day event, more than 400 young craftsmen and
                                      women from 26 countries compete to become the
                                      ‘Best of the Best’ in their own vocation. Participants in
                                      over 50 areas of expertise demonstrate their talents
                                      and compete for the title. Non-participants can get
                                      inspiration from demonstrations of various vocations,
                                      ranging from bar tender to car mechanic.

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         By organising this event,    FOR More information,
      EuroSkills improves quality,    visit
service, efficiency and innovation
     in vocational education and
    craftsmanship at a European
    level. This leads to a stronger
    competitive edge for Europe.
   EuroSkills also contributes to a
better understanding of different
    cultures in education and the
                   labour market.

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