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   Toronto Japanese United Church:

   In 1946 the Toronto Japanese United Issei (First generation immigrant) congregation was formed.
    The Nisei (Second generation Canadian-born) congregation was formed in 1954 under the
   direction of Rev. K. Shimizu at Queen Street United to minister to English-speaking Japanese

   Due to expansion, the two congregations moved to Centennial United Church in 1958. The Isseis
   used the main sanctuary and the Niseis built a chapel designed by Raymond Moriyama.

   In the 1960's, the birth rate was high and the Sunday School kept growing. Other groups which
   thrived during this period were Explorers, C.G.I.T., Tyros, Sigma-C, C.J. and Married Couples
   Club. A manse was bought in Don Mills to centralize the minister's travelling time because
   members were spread across Toronto.

   Other functions that were established included annual picnic, May concert (Satsuki Matsuri),
   Mothers' Day Tea, Turkey Dinner, Married Couples' Dance and Bowling Night.

   During the 1970's, the Sunday School enrollment peaked at about 200. The North Camp (Camp
   Koyu) on Lake Scugog (50 miles east of Toronto) was leased for summer camps, worship services
   and retreats. Camp encouraged many new people to attend the Church. Younger Nisei began to
   take a more active role in the Church, relieving the older charter members.

   In the 1980's, Sunday School enrollment decreased resulting in a decision not to continue to lease
   Camp Koyu. As the Sanseis (third generation) reached adulthood, they began to take leadership
   roles including positions on the Board. In 1986, the Toronto Japanese United Church Nisei
   congregation amalgamated with Centennial United Church.

   Centennial United Church:

   The origins of Centennial start in 1883, when Dovercourt Methodist Church was established on
   Westmoreland Avenue. The church building at 701 Dovercourt Road was constructed in 1891 to
   serve the founding congregation of the building who changed their Dovercourt name to
   Centennial Methodist Church to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Rev. John
   Wesley. At this time, the Sunday School, the Ladies' Aid and the Women's Missionary Society were

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                       1
   In the 1900's there was growth in church membership resulting in the construction of the present
   building. The Centennial monthly was established which was a periodical carrying the news and
   challenge of the church to young people in the community. Also established at this time was the
   Epworth League youth group which, together with the Sunday School, sponsored Dr. A.E. and Mrs.
   Best as their missionary representatives to China. In 1917 a manse was purchased at 100
   Delaware Avenue.

   In the 1920's the Presbyterian church across the street became divided and 560 of their members
   joined Centennial. After the formation of The United Church of Canada, Centennial United
   Church was established in 1925. The Alice Munns Auxiliary was formed to support Miss Munns, a
   missionary in India. In 1927 an addition was built to the rear of the church for the Sunday School.
    During this period, the Wohelo Bible Class was formed (still in operation today) and the idea of a
   church camp was born.

   In the 1930's membership and activities reached a peak with Sunday School at full capacity with
   an enrollment of 1,374, a young people's group of 322, many mid-week activities and a church
   membership of 1,794.

   The 1940's saw the start of the Beacon which was a monthly publication for members overseas to
   keep in touch with the community. Due to the war, a number of members were lost. The
   basement was demolished and rebuilt as the Friendship Centre. Another program started was So-
   Ed which allowed young people to enjoy crafts, lectures and fellowship. Sunday School and
   church enrollment declined.

   In the 1950's due to declining membership (934 members and 234 Sunday School), Toronto
   Japanese United Church was invited to share the facilities. The Married Couples' Group was
   organized and the first Singsong Reunion of former Sunday School members was held (a tradition
   which continues today).

   In the 1960's and the 1970's, the Golden Age Club and the Caribbean Club were formed; the
   English Language School and Nursery were started. In 1978 the manse was sold.

   In 1981, due to further declining membership, Centennial joined Wesley-Grace-Carmen and
   Westmoreland to become a three-point pastoral charge known as Westennial. A food cupboard
   was started with headquarters at Wesley Church. Another monthly newsletter , also known as
   the Beacon, was started to link shut-ins to the three churches. In 1986, the Centennial
   congregation amalgamated with the Toronto Japanese Nisei Congregation and became
   Centennial-Japanese United Church. At this time, a comprehensive History of Centennial
   congregation was written (available in the church library).

   Centennial-Japanese United Church

   In 1986 the Toronto Japanese United Church Nisei congregation and Centennial United Church
   amalgamated and the church was renamed Centennial-Japanese United Church.

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                        2
   Now in the 1990's, the dependency on racial ancestry as a bond is decreasing. Although our
   Sunday School includes some children of Japanese immigrants who attend the Japanese-speaking
   congregation, enrollment is low. We believe our hope for the future lies in the neighbourhood

   In 1991 a lift was installed as a Centennial project celebrating the 100th anniversary of
   Centennial United Church.

   Former Ordained Ministers and Ministry Staff (Toronto Japanese Church):

   1954   - 1956        Emmanuel College student supply
   1956   - 1959        Rev. Bruce Cunningham
   1958                 Rev. Levi Hussey (Move to Centennial United Church)
   1959   - 1960        Rev. K. Shimizu
   1960   - 1961        Rev. Ed Yoshioka
   1961   - 1966        Rev. Min Takada
   1966   - 1967        Rev. William Morris
   1967   - 1969        Rev. Gordon Imai
   1969   - 1979        Rev. Ken Matsugu
   1979   - 1985        Rev. George Tomita
   1979   - 1981        Susan King (Christian Education Director)

   Former Ordained Ministers (Centennial)

   1891   - 1892        Rev.   J.J. Ferguson
   1892   - 1893        Rev.   Peter Addison
   1893   - 1895        Rev.   W.J. Smith
   1895   - 1898        Rev.   E.L. Hart
   1898   - 1900        Rev.   R. McKee
   1900   - 1904        Rev.   A. Bedford
   1904   - 1906        Rev.   E.A. Pearson
   1906   - 1910        Rev.   John Pickering
   1910   - 1914        Rev.   W.F. Campbell
   1914   - 1917        Rev.   J.R. Patterson
   1917   - 1921        Rev.   R.R. Corrigan
   1921   - 1925        Rev.   W.L. Armstrong
   1925   - 1934        Rev.   R. Newton Powell
   1925   - 1928        Rev.   H.J. MacKay (Associate)
   1929   - 1933        Rev.   R.J. Fallis (Associate)
   1934   - 1935        Rev.   E.A. Chester
   1935   - 1937        Rev.   Gilbert Wilson (Interim)
   1937   - 1952        Rev.   Stanley H. Greenslade
   1952   - 1955        Rev.   Colin R. Rudd
   1955   - 1964        Rev.   Levi Hussey
   1964   - 1976        Rev.   William Morris
   1976   - 1980        Rev.   William Lamb (Interim)
   1980   - 1981        Rev.   William Pace (Interim)

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                  3
   1981   - 1984        Rev.   Harry Martin
   1981   - 1985        Rev.   Paul Vavasour
   1984   - 1986        Rev.   Frank Dalton
   1985   - 1986        Rev.   Bruce Bailey

   Former Ordained Ministers and Ministry Staff (Centennial-Japanese)

   1985   - 1993        Rev. Seiichi Ariga
   1990   - 1991        Nigel Weaver (Staff Associate)
   1991   - 1994        Cindy Cooper (Staff Associate)
   1993   - 1994        Rev. Stephen Willey (Intentional Interim)
   1994   –1995         Rev. Bill Bruce

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                       4

                             1993   1992    1991   1990   1989   1988   1987   1986

    Membership               359    365     440    441    444    447    444    433

    Inactive                 71     71      N/A*   N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A

    Transfers in             0      1       0      0      3      7      21     0

    Transfers out            2      1       0      2      1      0      4      0

    Confirmation             0      1       0      2      0      0      0      4

    Baptism - adult          0      0       1      0      0      3      10     2

    Baptism - infant         3      3       1      6      2      3      5      2

    Weddings                 4      3       9      5      5      7      7      5

    Burials                  12     23      14     16     19     9      6      10

    Deaths                   4      6       1      3      5      4      6      2

    Average Attendance       89     93      93     101    101    112    108    104

    Sunday School            14     16      22     N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A

   * Not available

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                     5

                                            1993 BUDGET         1993 ACTUAL       1994 BUDGET
   Local Offering                             $59,500.00        $61,444.32        $67,000.00
   Loose Offering                               1,500.00          1,431.84          1,500.00
   Building Fund                                4,800.00          4,075.00
   Donations                                   11,000.00         15,403.50         13,000.00
   Birthday Offering                              300.00            274.00            300.00
   Wedding/anniversary                            500.00            449.00            500.00
   Memorial Offering                           11,700.00         10,793.84         11,000.00
   Easter Offering                              2,000.00          1,764.00          1,800.00
   Lenten Cards                                   750.00            785.75            800.00
   Thanksgiving Offering                        1,700.00          1,484.00          1,500.00
   Christmas Offering                           2,500.00          1,447.00          2,000.00
   Bazaar Income                                7,500.00          8,237.39          8,000.00
   Special Income                               9,341.12          3,500.00
   Bank Interest                                1,000.00            127.38            300.00
   Manse Sale Income                                                                6,000.00
   TOTAL                                    $104,750.00       $117,058.14       $117,200.00

   Salary-ministers                           $40,260.00        $44,234.51        $34,000.00
   Salary-secretary                             4,620.00          4,357.10          4,800.00
   Car Allowances                               7,700.00          7,369.19          5,500.00
   Housing Allowances                           7,000.00         11,516.63         19,200.00
   Church Pension And Grp                       4,738.00          5,132.01          4,800.00
   UIC And CPP                                  3,071.00          3,476.54          4,000.00
   EHT Expense                                    690.00            681.35            400.00
   Realty Taxes                                 3,000.00          2,930.45
   Manse Expense                                2,400.00          1,581.53
   Presb And Conf Dues                          4,200.00          4,146.52          4,050.00
   Japanese Conference                          1,656.00          1,652.00          1,650.00
   Church Maintenance                          26,000.00         25,881.50         25,900.00
   Telephone                                      450.00            336.32            400.00
   Stationery & Supplies                        4,000.00          2,831.12          3,350.00
   Postage                                        880.00            853.03            900.00
   Offering Envelopes                             430.00            353.29            370.00
   Music                                          950.00            850.00            900.00
   Honorarium                                     950.00            800.00            800.00
   Christian Education                            600.00            267.32            500.00
   Literature                                     150.00            276.43            300.00
   Observer                                       175.00             77.00            100.00
   Advertising                                    710.00            710.65            750.00
   Gifts And Flowers                              375.00            185.65            250.00
   To Benevolent Fund                             750.00            785.75            800.00
   Misc Expense                                 1,738.00          1,832.14          2,000.00
   TOTAL                                    $117,493.00       $123,118.03       $115,720.00

   Surplus/(deficit)                         ($12,743.00)       ($6,059.89)        $1,480.00
   Balance Jan. 1, 1993                                           9,164.13
   From Camp Fund                                                13,063.69
   Balance Dec. 31, 1993                                        $16,167.93

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                              6
   LIFT PROJECT FUND                         ENDOWMENT FUND

   Original cost (our share)    94,000.00    Balance Jan.1, 1993     $12,322.97
                                             Investment Income         1,510.99
   Balance Jan. 1, 1993        ($7,109.18)
   Offering                      9,820.00    Balance Dec.31,1993     $13,833.96
   To Operating Fund            (2,710.82)

   Balance Dec. 31,1993             $0.00

   CAMP FUND                                 SPECIAL PROJECTS

   Balance Jan. 1, 1993        $13,724.58    Terry Fox Run             $447.00
   Interest Income                 331.33    Massey Centre             $100.00
   Cedar Glen Retreat             (992.22)   Christmas Greetings
   to Operating Fund           (13,063.69)   (proceeds to
                                              Shalom House)            $275.00
   Balance Dec. 31, 1993            $0.00    White (cash) Gifts
                                             (to Guelph University
                                             Nutrition Project)        $106.00


   Envelope Givings            $14,949.50    Forward from 1992         $238.95
   Wohelo                          100.00    Funds Received             785.75
   World Food Day                  199.15    Miscellaneous
   Misc. Projects                  186.50     disbursement               (40.00)
   From Benevolent Fund            324.10    To M & S Fund              (324.10)
   Candlelight Service             240.75
   U.C.W.                        1,850.00    Balance Dec. 31,1993      $660.60

   To M & S Fund
   (U.C.C.)                     17,750.00

   1994 M & S Budget            17,750.00

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                  7
                                         PHYSICAL PROPERTY

   Located at 701 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, Ontario, the building which houses Centennial-
   Japanese United Church was erected in 1906 with an addition built in 1927.

   The main sanctuary with a seating capacity of one thousand is currently used by the Nichigo (Issei)
   congregation for Sunday worship in Japanese and for weddings and funerals. Music is provided by
   an electric organ and chimes located in the choir loft. Additional light is provided by a stained
   glass dome. Air flow is assisted by four reversible ceiling fans.

   Behind the main sanctuary are the large meeting room known as the Junior Room, a nursery
   room, a secretarial office and the newly decorated parlour connected to a kitchen. The
   secretarial office includes a 286 computer with inkjet printer, answering machine, fax machine
   and telephone system which has intercom capabilities. The current secretary's hours are Monday
   to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

   Below the main sanctuary is a full basement known as the Friendship Centre which has a wooden
   stage and is adjacent to a fully-equipped kitchen. A lower level has a small gymnasium and the
   boiler room containing a gas-heated steam boiler (installed in 1993).

   The top floor includes a chapel designed by Raymond Moriyama. Built in 1958, the chapel seats
   one hundred and eighty persons and is primarily used by Centennial-Japanese United Church for
   worship. Music can be provided by either the small organ or the piano located in the chapel. The
   minister's office has an entrance from the chapel. Also located on this floor are several spare
   offices and storage rooms as well as the new photocopier.

   The building has a sound system in both the main sanctuary and the chapel. The lift permits
   wheelchair access to the chapel and all 4 levels. The lower floor washrooms accommodate
   wheelchair users.

   Being a downtown location, there are property limitations including limited parking and lack of
   land available for expansion; however, there is a possibility of purchasing adjacent properties.

   There is no manse provided as the manse was sold on May 4, 1994.

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                        8

   The governing body of the Church is the Official Board and most activities of the Church are
   carried out by or organized through the Official Board and its committees:

                     Christian Education               Communications
                     Finance Justice,                  Social Action and Outreach
                     Membership Care                   Ministry and Personnel
                     Property                          Worship

   The Official Board is composed of 18 elected members; the President of the United Church
   Women or her delegate; the Church Treasurer and the Minister(s). The Official Board meets on
   the 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month.

   In addition to the Official Board and its committees, there is a Men's Club, a U.C.W. and a Wohelo
   Bible Class.


   Recruits, trains and supports Sunday School teachers, helpers and superintendents. Promotes and
   supports youth and young adults, Bible study, adult education and Christian education as a whole
   including retreats. Looks for new and creative approaches to Christian education. Sponsors the
   annual Stone Soup Sunday and GST (goods, services, talent) auction.


   Provides for announcements of regular and special events; is aware of and publicizes events and
   needs in the Church community and city that are of particular interest to the Congregation;
   develops and maintains a resource and literature centre/archives room; co-ordinates and
   publishes the annual report, congregational Newsletter and annual Directory of Members; is
   responsible for the Observer Every Family Plan; organizes and distributes the annual
   congregational Christmas card.


   Develops the annual operating budget for the congregation; maintains a set of books of account;
   promotes a sense of Stewardship among all members; manages the Building Maintenance Fund
   and the Building Sustaining Fund which is funded jointly with the Nichigo Congregation; promotes
   and receives funds for the Mission and Service Fund and develops fund drives as required.


Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                       9
   Promotes the Mission and Service fund to the congregation and encourages support; promotes
   contributions for outreach endeavours at the local, national and international levels especially
   those sanctioned by The United Church of Canada such as Stop 103 Food Bank, Shalom House and
   the Toronto United Church Emergency Refugee Relief (TUCERR) House.

   Examines social, moral and ethical issues of the day and if considered of sufficient importance,
   alerts and educates the congregation to them.


   Institutes and oversees a program of pastoral care to the congregation. Defines what it means to
   be a member, adherent, and non-resident member; sets up and implements a system of visitation
   to each member or adherent in the congregation; sets up pastoral groups that gather for
   fellowship, discussion and caring; trains and motivates pastoral visitors; continually evaluates and
   updates the Congregational Roll; ensures a program of communication that will notify staff,
   pastoral visitors or congregational members of illnesses, bereavement, births, marriages, shut-ins,
   or other events or situations in the parishioners' lives; provides visitation and telephone contact
   to new members or people who come to the church; provides suitable programs or events for
   those individuals or groups in need of care. i.e. seniors, shut-ins, bereaved, young adults;
   oversees the sending of cards or flowers to congregational members.


   Provides a confidential setting for consultation with and support and assessment of all staff
   and for the people of the congregation; reviews working conditions and salary levels of staff
   members; ensures the preparation of a job description for each staff member; monitors and
   promotes a positive working relationship between Church staff, members of the Centennial-
   Japanese United Church congregation and the community. Conducts an annual review and
   evaluation of effectiveness of the Church staff members as these persons and positions relate to
   the congregation's program as defined by the Official Board.


   Ensures proper maintenance of the Church property; prepares a job description in conjunction
   with the Ministry and Personnel Committee for the caretaker(s) and ensures the fulfilment of
   these duties; organizes any major repair or construction projects approved by the Official Board;
   establishes guidelines for the use of the Church building; approves for payment by the Treasurer
   in an acceptable manner expenses incurred under the approved Annual Budget.


Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                         10
   Makes and receives recommendations and promotes dialogue within the congregation concerning
   the normal order of worship; educates the congregation in the knowledge, skills and art of
   Christian worship; recommends policies regarding baptisms, marriages and funerals; provides
   overall direction for congregational and choral music in the order of worship; oversees the
   preparation of the elements for communion and the schedule of members to serve; prepares and
   coordinates the scheduling of ushers, scripture readers, children's time story-tellers, organists and
   other participants in weekly worship; ensures appropriate sanctuary decoration; arranges pulpit

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                          11

   Consists of a President and committee of 29 ladies with a total membership of 60 in 1994.
   Meetings or events are held monthly. Activities include service on Sundays of sandwiches, donuts,
   coffee and tea with proceeds to the M&S Fund, the annual Bazaar in October; Christmas turkey
   lunch; "Daybreak" - an enlightened renewal for women; Wohelo luncheon for members and
   friends. Throughout the year, members assist in refreshments for funerals, ministerial and
   special events.


   Consists of an executive committee of five and a membership of 16 men. Organizes the annual
   church cleanup, the turkey dinner, U.C.W. appreciation night, annual golf tournament and the
   pancake luncheon.


   The Wohelo Bible Class (formed in 1925) started as a group of teenage girls who grew to
   womanhood together over the years. The group's purpose was reflected in its name which comes
   from "work, help, love". Mrs. Winnie Price taught the class for over 25 years and the group still
   meets monthly today. Some of today's members have been members since the group started.


   The Sunday School is a critical component of the life and work at Centennial-Japanese United
   Church. Attendance fluctuates through the year and, although enrollment is low, a full program
   is offered each Sunday for 4 to 18 year-olds as well as nursery care.


   The premises of the church are rented to the English as a Second Language Program from Monday
   through Thursday mornings. The Wohelo Bible Class meets once a month on Tuesdays. The
   congregation wishes to revitalize. As part of this process, we hope to encourage more mid-week

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                      12
                                         PAID CHURCH STAFF

   In addition to the minister, paid church staff includes a caretaker responsible for cleaning and
   maintenance of the church building; an administrative assistant responsible for all administrative
   and secretarial aspects of the church.

                                     DESCRIPTION OF MEMBERSHIP

   Centennial-Japanese United Church provides spiritual and tangible support to the Japanese
   Canadian community across the Greater Toronto area and, to a limited degree, the
   Bloor/Dovercourt neighbourhood. Because we are the only United Church in Toronto whose
   ethnic base is Japanese Canadian, our membership is drawn from across the Greater Toronto area
   as well as the Bloor/Dovercourt neighbourhood.

   Although we have a membership list of 359 members, the weekly attendance at services is
   approximately 90. Of the active members, approximately half are retired. About 94% of the
   active members are Japanese Canadian and most are middle class with a high school or university
   education level.

   We support the work of various organizations including food banks (Stop 103), Shalom House,
   Evergreen Mission for Street Youth, Guelph University Nutrition Project, Massey Centre for
   Women, Momiji Health Care Centre, Castleview/Wychwood Towers, Nipponia Home, Caravan,
   Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and other agencies as appropriate.

                                    INTERESTS OF CHURCH MEMBERS

   The congregation has expressed a moderate level of interest in the areas of outreach,
   evangelism, mission, stewardship, social justice and education. Participation in various outreach
   projects includes food bank donations, Sunday School penny drive, white gift, rummage sale and
   pop tin tab collections.

   The current level of effort taken to minister to the community suggests that the local outreach
   programs including the English language classes should be sustained. Individuals who are not
   members of the church periodically request the minister to conduct funeral and wedding

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                       13

   Although very few regular services are conducted by the laity, the current emphasis on lay
   ministry appears satisfactory. The Christian Education Committee, the UCW and the Men's Club
   have on occasion conducted services and individuals take summer services when the minister is on

   In spite of the congregation's general comfort with the existing organization some reorganization
   is necessary to deal with the perception that influence over policy is not equitably distributed and
   that disagreements are not debated openly. Considerable importance is placed on doing things in
   the church in a traditional way.

   Many members are seeking solace in their relationship with God (Psalm 23, Matthew 11).
   Ecumenical activities have recently declined as the Centennial-Japanese congregation no longer
   participates in the joint ecumenical Good Friday worship service with the other Toronto Japanese
   Christian churches. Inter-faith dialogue could take place within the Japanese-Canadian
   community or local faith communities.

   The present building exceeds the needs of the existing congregation as the present growth of the
   congregation is not significant enough to require expansion of either the building facilities or the


   The population in this area is changing slightly. There is a diverse cultural mix in this inner-city
   locale with more first generation immigrants as well as younger professional couples.

   There are many small businesses in the area with a recent influx of dollar stores. Shopping within
   walking distance includes Dufferin Mall and the Galleria. The Dufferin Mall has a unique concept
   in relating to the community by providing, in addition to shopping, learning experiences through
   the Toronto Board of Education Learning Centre, classes in martial arts, English as a Second
   Language, literacy and self-defense and a youth theatre.

   Schools in the neighbourhood include Dewson Public School, St. Helen's Separate School, Bloor
   Collegiate, Harbord Collegiate, Central Tech and Central Commerce. Also close by are
   educational institutions such as the University of Toronto, O.I.S.E., Ryerson and George Brown
   College. Toronto Western Hospital is also a short distance away.

   The cultural and entertainment opportunities are many and varied. The church is within walking
   distance of the subway which provides access to all of the cultural and educational opportunities
   across the Greater Toronto area including numerous theatres (Pantages, St. Lawrence, O'Keefe),

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                         14
   concert halls (Roy Thompson, Massey Hall), and restaurants.

   Other United Churches in this area have become two or three-point charges or are an open door
   to community needs but there are many other denominations in this immediate area.

   We have a close relationship with the staff of the Earle Elliott Funeral Home which is located just
   north of the church.

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                                        15
                                    CALENDAR OF CHURCH PROGRAMS

   September                 Terry Fox Walkathon
                             Mochi Tsuki (Bazaar preparation)

   October                   Annual Church Bazaar
                             Stone Soup Sunday (World Food Day)
                             Joint Memorial Service

   November                  GST Auction (goods, services, talents)
                             Remembrance Sunday
                             Baptism Sunday

   December                  Montreal Massacre Commemoration Service
                             Centennial Sing Song Reunion
                             Wohelo Christmas Lunch
                             White Gift Sunday/Turkey Dinner
                             Joint Christmas Service
                             Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

   January                   C.E. Retreat

   February                  Pancake Luncheon
                             U.C.W. Daybreak
                             Annual Congregational Meeting
                             Ash Wednesday Service

   March                     U.C.W. Appreciation Night
                             Good Friday Service/Daily Bread Food Bank

   April                     Penny Sunday
                             Rummage Sale
                             Regional Meetings

   May                       Christian Family Sunday Joint Service/Mother's Day Tea
                             Lay Sunday (Toronto Conference)

   June                      U.C.W. Windup Dinner
                             Baptism Sunday
                             Promotion Sunday
                             Annual Picnic

   July                      Every member visitation

   August                    Men's Club Golf Tournament

Centennial-Japanese United Church                                                     16

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