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									                Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

                V Akihiko Sakurai
                                                              (Manuscript received January 22, 2007)

                Increasingly, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices are being adopted to improve the
                quality of IT services and reduce operating costs. Fujitsu provides the Systemwalker
                products that support IT service management according to ITIL best practices. This
                paper discusses the Systemwalker solutions that implement ITIL-based integrated IT
                service management, with an emphasis on ITIL service support.

1. Introduction                                                management processes. Enterprises can intro-
     IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices                duce ITIL-based incident management by
represent an accumulation of practical knowledge               following the series of processes shown in this
and expertise concerning IT operations. ITIL                   figure. The roles of Systemwalker solutions in
service support1) defines the IT service manage-               incident management processes are as follows.
ment processes of incident management, problem                 1) Incident recording and integration
management, change management, release                               A vital part of incident management is
management, and configuration management.                      recording and visualization of the various types
     Fujitsu provides the Systemwalker products                of incidents. The difficulty here is how to record
that support ITIL-based IT service manage-                     incidents efficiently without placing a burden on
ment. For example, Systemwalker IT Service                     the support staff.
Management, Systemwalker IT Process Master,                          If the support staff are always busy and not
and Systemwalker Centric Manager assist ITIL                   a small amount of time is required to issue an
service support processes.                                     incident, the incident might not be recorded.
     In addition, examples of successful ITIL                        In order to reduce the burden of incident
implementations are quite useful for custom-                   recording for the support staff, Systemwalker
ers who want to realize high-quality IT service                integrates the event monitoring function of
management at low cost. Systemwalker provides                  Systemwalker Centric Manager and the incident
IT service management expertise as templates.                  issuing function of Systemwalker IT Service
     Figure 1 shows the positioning of each                    Management. By using this cooperative function
product.                                                       between these products, support staff can easily
     This paper briefly explains Systemwalker                  issue incidents for events that are detected in
solutions in relation to each ITIL service support             their IT systems (Figure 3).
process.2)                                                           In one application of Systemwalker, the total
                                                               number of incidents increased by 20% because
2. Incident management                                         all the detected incidents could be recorded. As a
      Figure 2 shows an overview of the incident               result, the customer could visualize the incident

FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,p.345-353(July 2007)                                                              345
A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

                                                                Operation expertise (template)

          Systemwalker IT Service Management                                                                      Systemwalker IT Process Master

                                               Incident      Problem                                                  Change                Release
                Service desk                                                            transmission
                                              management    management                                               management            management

                                                                                                                                       Release instruction
                            Alert report

          Systemwalker Centric Manager

                                                           Integrated monitoring and configuration management

      Figure 1
      Systemwalker products that assist service support processes.

                                                                      Investigate and              Process
                      Detect and record             Classify                                                         Resolve                  Close           Report
                                                                         diagnose                  linkage

                        Service desk
        Event cycle

                         Receive and                Classify       • Refer to previous incidents                       Resolve          • Record resolution    Report
                        record incident             incident
                                                                   • Set CI relationship           Escalation            and              time
                                                                   • Investigate and diagnose                          recover          • Close incident      incident

                                                                   Ownership, monitoring and tracing, information delivery

                                                                                      Monthly unit
                                                                                                                     Periodic                 Process
                                                   Periodic plan                               Evaluation
                                                                            Planning                                evaluation              improvement
                            Operation cycle

                                                    Set process                            • Monthly report         • Internal audit          Process
                                                        aim                                • Problem extraction     • Evaluation            improvement

                                                                               To problem management process

      Figure 2
      Overview of incident management processes.

346                                                                                                                              FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)
                                                                                  A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

            Status of monitoring message =
            Waiting for action                                                         Systemwalker IT Service Management
                                                                                       Incident issue menu is displayed.
                                             Status of monitoring message =
                                                                                       Insert additional explanations then click
                                             Investigation in progress                 the [Issue] button.

                                                                                           Status of monitoring message =
                                                                                           Response completed

           Systemwalker Centric Manager
           Select error messages issued
           for incident then select the
           Incident issue menu.

                                                                                  Systemwalker Centric Manager
                                                                                  Status of monitoring message changes when
                                                                                  incident response status is changed.

      Figure 3
      Incident issuing flow.

occurrence situation and thought highly of the                                normalizes it so it can be used by the standard-
effectiveness of Systemwalker.                                                ized incident management processes. By using
      ITIL recommends integration of the incident                             their existing IT management tools together
information of the service desk into an IT manage-                            with Systemwalker Centric Manager, custom-
ment tool on each IT system so customers can                                  ers can integrate every single incident of their IT
create ITIL service support processes much more                               systems at low cost.
efficiently by using incident information in the                              2) Classification
service desk.                                                                       Assigning incident priority is a vital part
      In fact, many large enterprises are deploy-                             of incident classification, but it is a relatively
ing multiple IT management tools provided                                     hard task to do. If the priorities of incidents are
by different vendors according to when their                                  decided individually by the persons in charge,
systems were constructed and which vendors                                    it will be difficult for a company to achieve
constructed them. Unfortunately, if there are                                 standardized assignment of incident priori-
differences among the incidents issued by the                                 ties. In order to avoid this kind of difficulty,
IT systems of an enterprise, the effectiveness of                             Systemwalker provides templates containing a
introducing incident management can be reduced                                mechanism that enables customers to automati-
by as much as 50%.                                                            cally determine the priority of incidents (Figure 4).
      To i m p r o v e t h e a b o v e s i t u a t i o n                      3) Set process goals
Systemwalker Centric Manager has functions                                          The success of implementing ITIL depends
for integrating IT management tools provided                                  on what kinds of goals the enterprise sets and
by different vendors. These functions collect                                 how it intends to achieve continuous improve-
event messages, inventory information, and                                    ment of its management processes in order to
other management information that has been                                    meet those goals. However, not all enter-
collected by different IT management tools and                                prises that want to implement ITIL are able to

FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)                                                                                             347
A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

       Range of influence    Can be found out from incident surveys

                                                                      Add points together
       Entire company, specific department, specific users, etc.
                                                                                              Automatically determines importance
                                                                                              Extent to which incident or problem influences business
       Degree of influence     Can be found out from interviews and
       incident surveys
       Stops all business, alternate means available, no influence
       on business, etc.

       Degree of urgency   Can be found out from interviews and
       incident surveys
       Respond immediately, respond next day, week unit, plan for
       future, etc.

                                                                                                     Add points together

                                                                                               Automatically determines priority
                                                                                               Indicates degree of vulnerability for business and users.
                                                                                               Used as an index for assigning incident response priority

      Figure 4
      Overview of mechanism for automatically determining priority.

set appropriate goals and plans at the time of                                              system of Fujitsu Ltd. has about 30 types of
implementation.                                                                             change application forms and different approval
     Many enterprises worry about what target                                               processes are used based on the change details.
values should be set to obtain the best outcome                                                   Systemwalker IT Process Master provides
from the introduction of incident management                                                functions for managing these complicated
processes. Therefore, Systemwalker templates                                                approval processes (Figure 6).
provide various default indices called key perfor-                                                When Systemwalker IT Process Master
mance indicators (KPIs) based on Fujitsu’s                                                  is used in the release management process, an
experiences of introducing ITIL (Table 1).                                                  applicant can simply select the required appli-
Enterprise customers of Systemwalker can select                                             cation type from the options menu, enter the
their target values from these indices.                                                     required items in the most appropriate forms,
                                                                                            and then set the approval operations to automat-
3. Change management and                                                                    ically start according to pre-defined processes.
   release management                                                                       2) Release automation
     This section describes change management                                                     As a system becomes more complicated,
and release management. It also describes the                                               there is a significant increase in the number of
roles of Systemwalker solutions in change                                                   problems caused by incorrect system changes and
management and release management processes.                                                release processes.
1) Work flow management                                                                           Although a rigid change management can
     Change management and release manage-                                                  generally prevent the occurrence of problems
ment require complicated approval processes                                                 caused by lack of planning, problems that arise
(Figure 5).                                                                                 from human error or misunderstanding cannot
     Moreover, the kind of approval processes                                               be avoided.
that are required depends on the change details                                                   Systemwalker IT Process Master can
and release details, resulting in a wide variety                                            help IT system managers and administrators
of approval processes. For example, the internal                                            correctly understand changes by showing infor-

348                                                                                                                   FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)
                                                                                   A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

  Table 1
  Example of KPI provided by Systemwalker template.
   Critical success factor (CSF)                      Report type                              Key performance indicator (KPI)
   IT service quality guarantee Trend in number of incidents issued for each           Rate of reduction in number of incident
                                priority level, importance level, and category         occurrences
                                   Trend in average time taken to resolve              Rate of reduction in average time taken to
                                   incidents for each priority level, importance       resolve incidents
                                   level, and category

                                   Trend in rate of meeting target resolution time     Proportion of incidents resolved within response
                                                                                       time defined for each priority level
                                   Trend in intervals between incident occurrences Duration in which no incidents occurred with an
                                   (average, longest, shortest) for each priority  importance rating of “High”
                                   level, importance level, and category
   Increasing IT service           Trends for first response rate and immediate        Rate of increase in number of incidents
   productivity                    reply rate                                          resolved at first contact
                                                                                       Rate of increase in rate of immediate reply at
                                                                                       first contact (KEDB effectiveness)
                                   Trend in number of incident responses for each      Rate of increase in number of items processed
                                   group and person                                    per group and person
   Critical success factor (CSF)                      Report type                          Monthly assessment meeting indicator
   Achieving continuous            Trend in number of incident responses for each      Visualization of bias towards a group or person
   improvement                     group and person                                       Encourage KEDB creation and eliminate
                                                                                       personal operations

                                   Trend in incident response time for each group      Detection of group or individual bottlenecks
                                   and person                                            Understand and remove reasons for delays


                                                            Sorting according to                                                 Configuration management/Configuration management DB
                                                            priority assignment

                      Minor                                   Normal                                 Major

            Approval by change manager                   Approval by CAB                  Approval by management
            (influence, cost, and risk                   (influence, cost, and risk       (influence, cost, and risk
            analysis)                                    analysis)                        analysis)

                                                         Building and testing
                                                         (testing, including
                                                         reversal plan)

                                                         (including reversal plan)

                                                           Post-installation revue

                                                           Release management

        CAB: Change Advisory Board

       Figure 5
       Overview of change management and release management processes.

FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)                                                                                                                                                 349
A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

                  Application Admin.              Change Manager                    Release
                                  Request                      Approved

                                            Reject                         Reject             Approved
        start        Issue RFC                           Approval                    ACK
                                                                                                            Normal end

       RFC: Request for change   ACK: Acknowledge

       Figure 6
       Process flow of Systemwalker IT Process Master.

mation about the relationships between the                          4. Configuration management
change application, its approval processes, and                          To realize management based on ITIL
the release operations according to pre-defined                     practices, it is important to manage the relation-
processes and can reduce the problems caused by                     ships between the various types of management
human error.                                                        information. The relationships between system
     Regarding patch deployment, the applicant                      configuration elements must be identified, and
submits the patch file together with a change                       the relationships between incident and change
application form. Then, the change manager                          management information and the system config-
works in conjunction with the release manager                       uration elements must also be identified.
to decide the change plan, test the applica-                             To perform management based on ITIL
tion after it has been updated by the patch, and                    practices, it is essential to build a configuration
approve the patch application if the test results                   management database (CMDB). Systemwalker
are satisfactory. After approval, the patch file is                 service support products, Systemwalker IT
automatically distributed at the requested date                     Service Management, Systemwalker IT Process
and time and then applied to the designated                         Master, and Systemwalker Centric Manager can
system. Like the above patch deployment                             cooperate with each other to build a CMDB.
process, Systemwalker IT Process Master can                         1) Correlation management of system configu-
manage the flow of tasks for change and release                          ration elements
processes.                                                               Systemwalker Centric Manager provides

350                                                                                        FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)
                                                                  A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

functions for managing the parent-child and               by Systemwalker IT Service Management and
contextual relationships between system configu-          Systemwalker IT Process Master.
ration elements. The managed objects include                   Incident management automatically records
network devices and other hardware devices,               problem location information such as the name of
as well as program files, databases, and other            the device that caused the problem, the package
sof tware. This enables the conf iguration                module name, and the server IP address, which
elements to be understood from an availability            is detected by Systemwalker Centric Manager,
viewpoint of IT services. In fact, when a device          as incident information. This establishes the
fails, managers can use the correlation infor-            relationships between system configuration
mation to determine which services have been              elements and incident information.
affected so they can quickly start recovering                  If, for example, a manager wants to know
them (Figure 7).                                          which incidents have occurred previously at a
2) Relationship management of system config-              particular server, a search for previous incidents
     uration and incident/change information              managed by Systemwalker IT Service
     The configuration information held by                Management can be made using the name
Systemwalker Centric Manager can also be used             that Systemwalker Centric Manager uses to

    Figure 7
    Systemwalker Centric Manager correlation management screen.

FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)                                                                             351
A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

                                                                                                System Management section

                       Web browser
                                            Helpdesk                                              Problem
                   End user
                                                                          Systemwalker ITSM

         Managed systems

                                                                  Systemwalker CMGR Manager

         Systemwalker CMGR Agent                                              Operators

      CMGR: Centric Manager      ITSM: IT Service Management

      Figure 8
      Overall image of IT operation management system for Ryoshoku Ltd.

manage the server and the search results can be                       issues an incident to Systemwalker IT Service
displayed.                                                            Management. In addition, the display of
     In addition, the inventory information                           real-time graphs of unresolved incidents and
collected by Systemwalker Centric Manager can                         numbers of problems enables the quality
be shared to improve the efficiency of problem                        of system service support operations to be
investigations.                                                       visualized.
                                                                           Moreover, the end user’s request to the
5. Example of Systemwalker                                            system management section is also sent via
   installation                                                       Systemwalker IT Service Management.
     This section describes an example applica-
tion of Systemwalker solutions.                                       6.	 Conclusion
     Ryoshoku Ltd. is a top-class distributor of                            Systemwalker provides various functions
food commodities within Japan.                                        that enable customers to effectively and
     The company uses Systemwalker products                           efficiently realize IT service management.
as infrastructure tools of the IT service manage-                           To summarize this paper, Systemwalker:
ment that support system operations for the                           •     Provides functions and templates based on
hundreds of open system servers and mainframes                              Fujitsu’s experience of introducing ITIL
that constitute the Ryoshoku system.                                        Systemwalker provides functions and
     Figure 8 shows an overview of the Ryoshoku                       templates such as automated incident prioritiza-
IT service management system. Systemwalker                            tion and a standard KPI model based on Fujitsu’s
Centric Manager provides integrated monitoring                        experience of introducing ITIL. By using
of the mainframes and open system servers. If                         Systemwalker, customers can easily introduce
an event occurs, Systemwalker Centric Manager                         IT service management according to ITIL best

352                                                                                           FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)
                                                                        A. Sakurai: Achieving Integrated IT Service Management

practices.                                                         processes much more effectively and efficiently.
•     Integrates process management based on                            By enhancing these features of
      ITIL service support and provides a function                 Systemwalker, we hope to continue to provide
      for automating various IT management                         solutions that can maximize the customers’
      capabilities                                                 benefits of introducing ITIL.
      By using Systemwalker, customers can
realize all of the ITIL service support processes,                 References
for example, incident, change, and release                         1)    Central Computer & Telecommunications Agency
                                                                         (CCTA): Service Support (IT Infrastructure
management. Also, Systemwalker functions for                             Library Series). Stationery Office, 2000.
automating IT management capabilities such                         2)    Office of Government Commerce (OGC): Service
                                                                         Delivery (IT Infrastructure Library Series).
as release process automation and automated                              Stationery Office, 2001.
collection of configuration information enable the
customers to realize their ITIL service support

                         Akihiko Sakurai, Fujitsu Ltd.
                         Mr. Sakurai received the B.S. degree in
                         Electrical Engineering from Kanazawa
                         Institute of Technology, Kanazawa,
                         Japan in 1990. He joined Fujitsu Ltd.,
                         Tokyo, Japan in 1990, where he
                         was engaged in the construction
                         and support of service management
                         systems as a system engineer. He is
                         currently responsible for developing
                         Systemwalker IT Service Management.


FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J., 43,3,(July 2007)                                                                                   353

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