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           T H E            A S S U M P T I O N

Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church

Lent Begins – February 15                         January/February 2010

            A                          I
    C               S                                                       S
            S                                                 Baptisms                                            Funerals
                                            January 17, 2010                                   January 9, 2010
                                            Georgios, son of Apostolos and                     George Papatriantafyllou
                                            Athanasia Pozios
                                            Godparents: James and Trisha Latinis               January 21. 2010
                                                                                               Bessie Backos
                                            January 23, 2010
                                            Anna, daughter of Reiner and Maria                 January 28, 2010
                                            Buchholtz Jr.                                      Manuel Papista
                                            Godparent: Marcos Xagoraris

                                            November 28, 2009
                                            Mary Ann Phillips and Christopher
S               D        L                  Koumbara: Toula Phillips
            Orthros: 8:15 a.m.
        Divine Liturgy: 9:30 a.m.
        E           L                       We continue to benefit from the Kroger Community Rewards Program, in cooperation with Kroger
                                            Supermarkets. Parishioners no longer need to use a Kroger Gift Card, but may simply register their
     Second and fourth Sundays              normal Kroger Plus Card with the Church’s organization number. Kroger will then donate 5% of all
       9:30 a.m. in the Church              purchases made with that Plus Card back to our Church.
                                            Think about it: assume that each family spends just $50 per week on groceries at Kroger, Kroger
                                            would then send $2.50 back to the Church each week. That totals $130 each year. And if each of
        W           S                       our families did the same, that would total over $70,000, adding tremendously to our Church’s
                                            annual income. It would help the Church tremendously, while costing you nothing. Instructions
 Divine Liturgy, Compline, Pre-             are included on page 2.
sancti ed Liturgy, and Salutations          On a related note, we would like to emphasize again that we are equipped to set up direct debit for
Services as announced in calendar           your Stewardship pledge. As with many other commitments, you can schedule your contributions
                                            to Assumption so that they are debited from the account of your choice (including credit cards)
                                            each month without any need to go through the hassle of writing a check and bringing it to the
                                            Church. So please, take some time now to set up this service, and save yourself time for the rest of
                                            the year.
                                            As always, we ask that you remember that the Church asks for your financial commitments, not as
                                            though they were dues to a club (if they were they would be manditory), nor as though they were
    Winter Office Hours                     donations to a charity (if they were we would pursue you more strenuously), but in the spirit of the
        Mon-Thurs 9:00-5:00                 reality of the Church. That is to say, this is your Church, your home, your family, and thus, when
                                            we remind you to take care of the Church, we are reminding you to take care of yourselves. May
          Closed Friday                     God bless you all.

                                                     Orthodox Life
The Spring 2010 Session of Orthodox Life will continue this month on February 2nd, 9th, and 23rd. For the
following months, it will be held the first three Tuesdays of each month at 7 pm. Please check the weekly bulletin or
call the office for updates. Fr. Anthony will be leading us as we go over the history of the Orthodox Church from the
Apostolic Era through the present. We will be using The Orthodox Church, by Timothy Ware (available in the church
bookstore) as a guide. Any questions or suggestions can be communicated to Fr. Anthony by email at franthonyc@
mac.com or by phone at 586-779-6111 ext. 17.

                                   The Assumption Epistle; Vol 49, Issue #1, February 1, 2010
    Published Monthly by The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 21800 Marter Road, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 • (586) 779-6111
                                             ...from Fr. Anthony
Dear Parishioners,                                                         The solidarity and stability of our community is something which
Happy New Year to you all! As we begin 2010, the Assumption                the vast majority of churches throughout this country have lost.
parish finds itself in the midst of both renewal and crisis. With          Very few churches can point to three or four generations of a
the completion of the iconography inside the altar, and the ex-            single family in the same pew, Sunday after Sunday, as we can.
pectation of Mr. Tsotsonis’ return in October, we are experienc-           Particularly in these uncertain times, this is a blessing and a
ing a restoration of the parish that has been eagerly awaited since        source of strength which we should at once remember to hold
the fire in 2002. At the same time, we are struggling financially;         fast to, and at the same time should exert ourselves to maintain
our stewardship numbers are down, and revenues have been and               and to strengthen. Our common identity as Greek Orthodox
continue to be less than expected or hoped. This year is there-            Christians, and the deep and lasting bonds of kinship and friend-
fore a critical time for our parish, and we cannot come through            ship which run through this community, from person to person
it successfully without the renewed dedication of the entire               and family to family, are a treasure. But they face the same forces
Assumption family.                                                         which have all but annihilated those generational and family
                                                                           ties in so many of the other churches and ethnic groups in this
We ask, to begin, that every Steward from 2009 make a renewed              country. Therefore, take this year, and these hard times, as an
effort to support the parish in 2010. Please make certain to sub-          opportunity to re-affirm old friendships, to offer your support
mit your pledge card immediately and, still more importantly, to           to those who are struggling emotionally or financially, to make
contribute regularly, every week or every month, to fulfill that           the ancient bonds which connect us all as a single family into a
pledge. Your parish needs your support all year, not just at the           present reality. This Church and community have served as an
beginning or at the end. We further know that it is much easier to         anchor for all of us, for our parents and grandparents and per-
make and fulfill a substantial pledge when support for the church          haps even great-grandparents, throughout the many storms that
is simply another part of your regular budget. All of us who serve         assailed them over the past eighty years. It remains an anchor
you here at Assumption, both clergy and the office staff, are also         for us today. Remember that as you go through this year. Turn
stewards of the church, and we know from experience that the               to the Church when you are in need of comfort, or support, or
best way to fulfill our pledge, both for the church’s finances and         encouragement. And offer yourself to help comfort and support
for our own, is with regular, budgeted contributions. We have              and encourage the rest of your Assumption family.
implemented several methods by which to accomplish this, in-
cluding a direct debit from your credit card. Please contact the           Finally, we should all recognize that, however well we think we
Church office with any questions.                                          understand our Faith, we have not yet even begun to scratch
                                                                           its surface. Our lives in the 21st century are beset by questions,
Far more importantly, however, we ask each of you, particularly            by confusion, by conflicting desires and broken relationships.
as we approach and begin the Great 40 Days of Lent, to renew               Within the Church we find the comfort of the assurance that
your commitment to the Lord. Take some extra time to consider              whatever we face now, others have faced before us, that what we
your life and priorities, and resolve to give more time to prayer,         must deal with today has been dealt with before, and dealt with
more time to service, and more time to learning more about this            well. There are answers in the Church to every dilemma we face.
Faith that the Fathers of the Church have passed down to us.               We may not like those answers–in many cases, the answer is to
Christians throughout the world (those, at least, who have any             repent and to turn away from the way of life that has caused us
understanding of what the Orthodox Church is) recognize that               such heartache in the past–but they will bring life and peace to us
what we possess, what we experience, what we live as Orthodox              in the midst of all the disturbances we face. Take the opportunity
Christians is something unique in Christendom. And it is pre-              this year to give the Church a chance. When you find yourself in
cisely our living tradition of prayer, our stability and mutual sup-       doubt about the existence or love of God, when you need advice
port as members of a community, and the depth and richness of              or encouragement, when you need to speak to someone about
the Faith as we have received it from the generations that precede         the pain of this life...remember the Church, and the clergy who
us, that set us apart.                                                     serve Her. We are here to teach, to give comfort and guidance,
The Orthodox tradition of prayer is a marvelous thing: it may be           not from our own intelligence and experience, but from the life
accessed and begun by anyone, but it is impossible to plumb the            and experience of the Church through the ages, and from the
depths of that prayer, and still more so is it beyond the capacity         depths of the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Allow us to offer you
of words or human understanding to comprehend or contain the               what we have been called to offer, to minister to you as we have
One Whom we encounter in prayer. For, more clearly than any                been called to minister, and to teach what we have put so much
other Church, the Orthodox way of prayer guides us to deep and             time and effort into learning ourselves.
intimate communion with God. It begins with the simple disci-              It is our prayer, for this year and for every year, that all of us will
pline of a rule of prayer. If you have not yet begun this essential        find 2010 to be a year of Salvation, a year of Peace, and a year
task of the Orthodox Christian, then we urge you, let this be the          filled with the Love and the Grace of God. May God bless you
year that you begin. Speak with one of the clergy, look through            all!
the bookstore for further guidance, and begin to turn your heart
more perfectly towards our Saviour.                                        Καλ Σαρακοστ !
                                                                           Fr. Anthony Cook

Epistle                                                                1                                          January/February 2010
                                   Koimisis of the Theotokos
                                                      February Parish News
Memorial Dates for February are the 7th, 14th, and 28th.                 not have family available locally to assist them with basic house-
March dates are March 14th and 21st.                                     keeping tasks that have become difficult for them.
                                                                         If you have a couple hours once or twice a month that you can
                                                                         offer to provide some light housekeeping for a struggling neigh-
          New Iconography Available for Donation                         bor, you can make a real difference in someone’s life – and gain
Now that the first step of the restoration of our iconography is
                                                                         immeasurable rewards in the process! We will schedule around
completed, it is time to look to the future and the funding of
                                                                         your other commitments. For more details, please call (586)
the next stages. Please see page 6 for a list of icons which are
currently available for purchase and sponsorship.
                                                                                   Assumption Parishioner’s Association
              Didactic Divine Liturgy DVDs                               Mark Wednesday, March 3rd on your Calendar Pre-sanctified
The completed DVD’s of the Didactic Liturgy have arrived, and
                                                                         Liturgy at 6:30 P.M. with Lenten Pot Luck to follow. Bring a
the first run has sold out. We anticipate that the next run should
                                                                         dish to share. Looking forward to seeing all of you. Call me for
be arriving shortly. The Didactic Liturgy package includes
                                                                         any questions, Niki Caris at 586-268-3008
2 DVDs with almost 4 hours of content, a copy of the Divine
Liturgy pew book, the outline of the presentation, and an icon                             Scholarship Applications
card with the mosaic of the Koimisis of the Theotokos from               The Archdiocesan Chancellor’s Office administers three scholarships.
the narthex. The entire package will be selling in the Church            Applications and instructions for the 2010-2011 scholarships are now
bookstore for $25. Please see or call the Church office with any         available.
questions, or if you would like to see the content of the DVDs.                Gioles Scholarship (Undergraduate)
            Kroger Rewards Program – Update                                    Malta Scholarship (Undergraduate)
Kroger has changed their community rewards program. From                       Paleologos Scholarship (Graduate)
now on we will no longer have to replenish the Kroger cards              Please go to the link below to access them. The deadline for all three
that we received when we joined the fundraising program. The             is April 20, 2010.
church will now simply receive credit as we use our Kroger re-
wards cards. These cards are the ones that are scanned at the
registers to receive the sale price on selected items.
                                                                                                    Market Day
For this reason, Kroger has assigned us a new organization
                                                                         Assumption Church sponsors a monthly food fundraising pro-
number. It is 83290.
                                                                         gram called Market Day. Through this food co-op, restaurant
Parishioners are asked to register their Kroger rewards cards            quality food products from such companies as Tyson, Quaker,
online with our new organization number at                               Campbell’s, Pierre Foods and Kraft (to name a few) will be avail-
              www.krogercommunityrewards.com.                            able for purchase. We will earn a profit based on the total volume
                                                                         of the sale. All products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
The office staff will also assist those who do not have access to
the Internet. Please call or stop by and give anyone in the of-          Participation is simple. Pick up a catalog at the Church office,
fice your Kroger card number. What an easy, no hassle way                complete the order sheet and return it by the date listed (pay-
for our church to earn money. We hope that the entire parish             ment is not sent at that time), and pick up and pay on the same
participates.                                                            day. You can also fill out your order at www.marketday.com.

           Philanthropy Referral Forms Available                         Please give it a try! If you have any questions, call Dafni at 586-
It is essential that we offer our love and assistance to others in       212-6839 or Olga at 586-779-6111, ext. 3.
need. If you or anyone you know are in the hospital, shut-in at                        Assumption Website/Email List
home, or otherwise in need of help or visitation, the church has         If you wish to receive the most up-to-date news announcements
several volunteers on call for just this purpose. Please contact         from our Assumption Church via email, please send your re-
Tony Niarhos or Joan DeRonne with your request or referral. If           quest to Fr. Anthony at franthonyc@mac.com. In addition,
you need clergy visitation, please contact the church office.            the monthly Epistle and weekly Sunday sermon are available
                Make Cleaning Rewarding!                                 for download at our website (www.goassumption.org). If you
The Macomb County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers program                wish not to receive a hard copy of the Epistle, please contact the
provides supportive services to those neighbors in our com-              church office.
munity who cannot afford to pay for professional help and do

Epistle                                                              2                                          January/February 2010
                                                         News and Events
Happy New Year, all fellow parishioners! The Philoptochos                of our Ladies Philoptochos and we hope to continue this tradi-
Ladies wishes everyone a new year, full of Faith, Love and Joy           tion in the coming years. We understand first hand that times
in our hearts.                                                           are hard for everyone. When you hear the day to day struggles
Our ladies have been busy these past months attending events             that some families go through, we can’t help to think just how
that gave us the opportunity to help so many people that have            fortunate we are to have the ability to help others.
been faced with hard times. On December 1st we attended the              I would like to commend Anna Gaggos, Penny Khorrminia
“Blessings in a Backpack” at St. Nicholas Church in Troy. It             and Angela Nichols for the outstanding job they did in chair-
was a beautiful evening shared by the all Metropolitan Ladies            ing this years Macadonatha. We enjoyed a wonderful meal by
Philoptochos members. During the event we viewed a presen-               Marchiori Catering, music by Onerio and many gift baskets to
tation of what is happening in our neighboring schools and               by won as well as a 50/50 raffle. However the best part was the
communities. Schools that are among some of the wealthiest               friendship shared by all the friends and families that attended
communities in Michigan. Children who are currently on                   the dinner. On behalf of our Ladies Philoptochos, I would like
a free lunch program are going to school hungry everyday.                to thank everyone that attended.
This organization has joined forces with Meijers to assist these         Our next Philoptochos meeting will be held after church on
school districts along with the many volunteers and donations            February 14th. Sunday meetings will run through March. So,
to fill backpacks every week. These backpacks are distributed            for all of you, who want to be part of the Ladies Philoptochos
to children on Fridays so they have food to eat on the week-             and find it difficult to attend on Wednesday evenings, please
ends. If you would like to see what is going on in your com-             join us. We are looking for new members who have it in
munity, volunteer or make a donation please visit their website          their heart to help others.
at: www.blessingsinabackmi.org.
                                                                         In closing, beyond all the activities that occupy our time and
The Ladies Philoptochos also held their annual Christmas                 attention, we must remember that our Church is not defined by
Party on December 9th. We enjoyed a wonderful meal from                  its activities only. Its head is the Lord Jesus Christ, whose name
Marchiori Catering, “The White Elephant Gift Exchange” for               each of us has taken upon ourselves. We are all in this great en-
a few laughs. But for the best part, our ladies donated items            deavor together, to assist our Father in His work and His glory.
to needy families organized by Madelyn Torakis and Lydia
Villenueve. The Ladies Philoptochos appreciate the hard work             God Bless
and determination of these two ladies that have year after year          Georgia Falzone
committed to help families in need. This has been a tradition            Philoptochos President

                                                 Senior Citizens
At our December 8th Christmas Holiday luncheon as is our                 We then remembered all our friends who are under the
custom, we the Assumption Board invited all our senior mem-              weather and unable to attend. We are thinking of all of you,
bers as our guests. Fr. Anthony gave the blessing and then we            Pauline Litos, Viola Hadjiyannis, Georgia Gust and George
enjoyed the wonderful meal prepared by Tony. As always the               Gust.
meal was more and served by his staff to perfection. Oh, last            Our love and prayers and deepest sympathy goes out to the
but not least I would like to especially thank again, Tony, Bill         families for the loss of their mother, Panagiota Elanges. May
and Edie for delicious luncheons they serve us each month.               her memory be eternal.
“Congratulations” go out to Fr. Anthony and his Presvytera               The December birthdays were, Tula Genemates, Pat Nanos,
on the birth of their second son and of course to his big                George Gust, Gus Evangelinou and Mary Saber. Peter Phillips
brother Justin.                                                          and Ted Theodorou sang Happy Birthday.
Our other special guests at the luncheon was the church of-              We were entertained by Despina Moschouris who sang all
fice staff, Joan, Olga, Pat, Joni, Mary, Phil, Michael, and Larry.       the versus of the Greek Christmas Carols. (The Kalanda)
Thank you to our custodial staff who work so hard to keep our            God Bless Despina.
Church and Center looking so beautiful. “To all Thank You”.
                                                                         We also thanked George Panourgias for seeing that wine is
Tina Theodorou, our secretary read the minutes from the                  bought and for filling everyone’s glass each and every month,
November meeting, Lola Parris gave the treasurers report.                seeing that the mini birthday cakes are there so that Julia
Epistle                                                              3                                        January/February 2010
Athan can pass them out. Ted Pappas for being our official                   Dear Senior Citizens of Assumption,
greeter at the table collecting the money and names for our                  On behalf of the Senior Citizens of Windsor, Ontario,
member’s, Vice President, Marian Vrahoritis for helping                      I would like to thank you warmly for extending an
write and mail our meeting cards and helping me prepare the                  invitation to us to attend your luncheon. Those of
tables for the meetings and decorating for all of you to enjoy.              us who were able to attend had a wonderful time and
“thank you to all”.                                                          enjoyed your hospitality. We were made to feel very
The 50/50 winner this month was Niki Pappas, $79.                            welcome. It was a special touch to hear the members
Congratulations!                                                             of Assumption sing the Canadian National Anthem.
Donations were given by Dina Agridis, $60 to buy wine for                    Warm Regards,
this month.                                                                  Thanasis Pontikis, President
Elpes Janisse gave $50 in memory of her parents, Vasilios and         Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone for all the
Katina and her sister Malane. May their memory be eternal.            Senior Citizen’s! I’ll see you all at our next meeting February
Much thanks ladies.                                                   9.
As I was telling you in the November Epistle, we had invited          Catherine Spadafore
and welcomed Tom Pontikis, President and eight friends                Senior President
from the Holy Cross Church, Windsor, Canada and this is
the Thank-You note he sent us!

                                              Youth Programs
                                                      News and Events
                                                    Greek School Times
                                                   by Elli Patouhas, Principal
Happy New Year
We celebrated the Holidays on December 16, with a beautiful Christmas show. The students sang traditional
Christmas songs and the whole school presented the Nativity scene complete with acting, costumes, and
storytelling. Our show was very successful and everybody, teachers and students, worked very hard.
On January 4 the Greek School begins again after the Christmas vacation.
We would like to share with you some of the work our students do in Greek school. This is what Michael Lipinski
and Alexandra Niforos wrote about Athens:
      Εγω ξερω πολλα για την Αθηνα. Η Αθηνα εχει πολλα νη εια. Η Ακροπολη ειναι ενα λοφο στη εση τη
      Αθηνα . Πανω στην Ακροπολη ειναι ο Παρθενωνα . Η Πλακα ειναι ια γειτονια τη Αθηνα . Η Πλακα εχει
      πολλα αγαζια και εστιατορια. Στην Αθηνα πορου ε να δου ε πολλα.
                         Μιχαλη Λιπινσκι
      Η Αθηνα ειναι η πρωτευουσα τη Ελλαδα . Ο πληθυσ ο τη Ελλαδα ειναι 11.000.000. Η Ακροπολη ειναι
      ενα λοφο στη εση τη Αθηνα . Η Πλακα ειναι γειτονια που εχει πολλα αγαζια. Η Αθηνα ειναι ωραια
                         Αλεξανδρα Νιφορου
Michael and Alexandra will finish Greek School this year and they will receive their Diploma.

Epistle                                                           4                                      January/February 2010
                                        Youth Programs
                                                News and Events
                                       Sunday School (High School)
Our Sunday high school class is an opportunity for the students to grow closer to the church and our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. Issues like Peer Pressure, Dating, Reading the Bible, Going to College, Prayer, Fasting,
Church Attendance, Other Religions and Our Relationship with God through the Church, are discussed and com-
municated in an open and friendly manner. The students learn about the Church calendar and about the Gospel
& Epistle readings of the day. All of the students will be participating in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical
Festival with a written speech on any one of the subjects that they choose and some students will orally deliver the
speech. The students and I have a good relationship and we feed off each other so that together we can grow in
our relationship with the Lord and our Church. Parents, it’s a pleasure to teach your children in the Assumption
Sunday school Program. Thank You.
George Venettis
George Kiriazis
Chris Manos
                                                  GOYA News
                                                    January ‘09
The Assumption GOYA continues a very active and successful year. At this writing the GOYA had just given the
parish community and many guests a wonderful evening in the Taverna Night. More details will be forthcoming
in subsequent issues of the Epistle.
                                    Metropolis Summer Camp Update
The 2010 camp season at the Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp begins in less than 5 months, and the camp
week dates have been announced on the MDSC website (http://www.gomdsc.org). I strongly encourage our youth
to attend MDSC each summer – it is an unforgettable experience, where young people grow in their faith while
experiencing fun activities and making lifelong friendships. Camper registration packets should be available
on the MDSC website by late February, and I strongly encourage you to register your children for their preferred
week before April 1st – camp weeks closed by mid-April last
year! MDSC is also looking for young adults to work in vari-
ous roles as Counselors-in-Training (age 16-17), Counselors
(age 18 & over), Lifeguards and Health Directors. Staff ap-
plication will also be available by late February. For more in-
formation, please contact Dean Niforos at (313) 418-6085.
                   Basketball Update
The OYAA basketball season has been underway since early
December, and Assumption’s basketball teams are having a
good season so far (as of 1/17/10). Biddy games begin in
early January, and our Biddy C team (ages 7-8) has 15 play-
ers who are all playing very well. Our Biddy B team (ages
9-10) has started the season 1-1, while our Biddy A team
(ages 11-12) is 2-0. The Girl’s team (ages 13 & over) and
Junior Boys team (ages 13-15) are also both undefeated with
3-0 records. The Intermediate team (ages 16-18) is 2-2, and
our Senior Men’s team is 2-1. The OYAA season contin-
ues through mid-March, and will finish with Assumption’s
teams competing in the annual Pan Orthodox Tournament
during the weekend of March 19-21st. We encourage all
of our parishioners to come by the games and root on our
youth! Game schedules are posted near the gym or available
on the OYAA website (http://www.detroit-oyaa.org).

Epistle                                                  5                                  January/February 2010
                                         Available Iconography
On behalf of the Iconography Committee we would like to thank our parishioners and other friends for their hospitality and as-
sitance shown to our Iconographers, Vlasis Tsotsonis and Nikos Gaitanides during their recent stay. They felt like they were part
of our parish family. THANK YOU!

                           SOL                                          D
                           S OLD                                    SOL



                                                                                D                                        SOL




                     February is Heart Awareness Month
                                                Exercise Your Stress Away!
To celebrate Hearth Health Awareness month, Assumption Cultural Center’s Kalosomatics exercise program shares good health
with you! We are inviting members of our community to attend any Kalosomatics exercise class for free for the entire month of
February. Guests may try out various Kalosomatics classes to find the one that best meets their needs, and may attend as many
classes as they would like for the entire month. Free baby-sitting also is available to new guests this month during the 9-10 a.m.
Kalosomatics exercise classes, which run Monday through Friday.
If any guest subsequently registers for the remainder of the Winter Session of Kalosomatics exercise (which ends on March 26th),
the new student will receive a $10 gift certificate toward the Spring Session, which runs April 12th through June 19th. During Heart
Awareness month, Kalosomatics shares good health with you!
The Kalosomatics exercise program is approved by physiologists and doctors as safe and effective. “Kalosomatics” is a compilation
of words meaning “a state of well-being through body movement.” Tailored to all ages and skill levels, the program is guided by
certified instructors and employs traditional Yoga and Pilates-like mat work with emphasis on cardiovascular development. So run,
walk, stretch, kick-box, dance and step your way to better health! Classes run as follows:
    Women’s Kalosomatics (aerobics, circuit-training, step, kickboxing and yoga) MWF 9-10 a.m.
    Women’s Kalosomatics (same as above, but more cardio) T-Th 9-10 a.m.
    Co-Ed Kalosomatics Cross-Training & Aerobics (our most challenging class) T-Th 7-8 p.m. and optional Saturdays 8-9 a.m.
    Co-Ed Moderation (less strenuous form, low-impact movements) MWF 10:30-11:30 a.m.
    Co-Ed Stretch & Stroll Chair Aerobics (less strenuous, chair exercises combined with low-impact cardio segment, ideal for
    seniors) T-Th 10:15-11:15 a.m.
For information, please call (586) 779-6111, Ext. 4. Assumption Cultural Center is located in the communities of St. Clair Shores
and Grosse Pointe Woods at 21800 Marter Rd.
Epistle                                                             6                                   January/February 2010
                                     Recognition Sunday
                                                December 13, 2009
Christ Petrouleas                                               Committee standardizing our curriculum and work-
A graduate of Southeastern High and Wayne State                 ing toward ultimate accreditation.
University, his focus was on two sports, basketball and         He became a Marshall of the Detroit Greek
baseball. After graduating from college, he became              Independence Day Committee and serves on the
assistant to Wayne Basketball Coach, Bob Samaras.               planning committee all year long. He serves as
Christ went on to become Facility and Programs                  a member of AHEPA and is a current chair of the
Supervisor for Health Education. He became head                 Ahepa Scholarship Committee. Most important, he
Baseball Coach and his assistant was Angelo Gust.!              brings all his time and talents to Chair and now co-
(Is it any wonder that our Assumption Athletic pro-             chair the Stewardship committee with Lydia Nichols.
gram excels? We cornered the market!) When he                   Christ truly believes that stewardship is a way of
stepped down from coaching, he had most win victo-              life.
ries which remains third in program standing.                   Chris met the love of his life Judy and now his beauti-
Christ became the interim Athletic Director of all              ful wife joins him and supports all of his charitable
programs and finally Associate Athletic Director                endeavors. Together they now serve on every special
until his retirement in 2000. Christ was the person             event committee of the church including the Festival,
responsible for saving the football program at WSU.             Raffle, Golf Outing, and every drive and event
Twice! He started the Athletic Endowed Scholarship              planned. Christ can be found assisting Judy, who vol-
Program, one of which is a fully endowed Petrouleas             unteers in the office, with stuffing envelopes!
Scholarship and was also selected for the National              Christ the entire Assumption Family thanks you for
Collegiate Athletic Association. He was honored and             your love and devotion to all of us and to ensuring
inducted into the WSU Hall of Fame.                             the future of our Faith by your actions.
Is it any wonder then that whatever Christ works on,
he wins? His dedication and the leadership he pur-
sues for his Faith play a major part of his life as well.       Virginia Velas
He demonstrates daily in his life, the importance of            Mrs. Velas epitomizes the historic Greek immigration
living Stewardship-- not just talking about it!                 and assimilation into the United States. However, her
Growing up at Assumption, he served as an Altar Boy,            charity characterizes her best.
attended Greek School, Sunday School, GOYA and                  Born in Platsa, Greece in the region of Mani, she
played team sports for us naturally. Later he truly             helped to raise 5 brothers. When Mrs. Velas was in
demonstrated his Stewardship by volunteering thou-              her twenties, her father brought his entire family to
sands of hours into many areas including coaching.              Toronto and opened a restaurant..
Chris served capably as Assumption Center Activities            She was introduced to her husband George in Windsor
Chairperson and has served for 10 years on our Parish           through two special ladies, Jim Koukios’ mother
Council. As an educator he is the appropriate chair             and Greg Hillakas’ mother. George was a Detroiter
of our Greek School committee and has served dili-              and worked at Ford Motor Co. After a long distance
gently on our Diocese Greek Language and Culture                courtship, they married and moved to Detroit on
                                                                the eastside and became members of Assumption
                                                                Church. Jim Koukios was their ring bearer!
                                                                Virginia’s involvement with the church began then
                                                                and never stopped. Although her focus was on raising
                                                                her family, Helen De Avila (Davila), Toni Velas and
                                                                Dora of blessed memory, she found time to become
                                                                n active member of the Ladies Philoptochos society,
                                                                GAPA, AHEPA and most recently the newly formed
                                                                Assumption Philanthropy Committee of our church.
                                                                She volunteered for years for St. John Hospital as
                                                                                               continued on next page

Epistle                                                     7                                  January/February 2010
Her legacy has been set as an individual who is most empathetic, caring and generous to shut ins and those in
nursing homes and hospitals. She travels throughout the entire metro Detroit area without anyone’s knowledge
or fanfare. Not too long ago, she partnered with Father Anthony on his visitations, assisting him and introduc-
ing him to our parishioners who are unable to come to
church. They visited the East Grand Nursing Home and
upon leaving asked Father if he had ever heard of Belle
Isle knowing Father was born in Arizona. She took him
on a tour of the beautiful island introducing him to the
landmarks she knew as a young woman coming from
Virginia was escorted by her loving grandchildren Evy
and Anton.
Virginia’s anonymity speaks for her love and guardian-
ship of humanity. The Assumption Family thanks her.

                    Agios Nectarios Raffle Fund Winners
Congratulations to each winner of the Agios Nectarios Raffle. All monies will go towards the iconography in the Agios Nectarios
Chapel. Thank you to each person who purchased raffle tickets or donated to the Agios Nectarios Fund.
 – Mimi Carson

The winners were:
                 1st Prize                    Coffee cups and saucers               Ellie Karitsas
                 2nd and 3rd Prize            Olive Oil                             Dean Politis
                 4th Prize                    Greek Basket                          Ted Strubakos
                 5th Prize                    Icon of Sts. Cosmos and Damian        Chuck Carson
                 6th Prize                    Icon of St. Nectarios                 Madelyn Torakis

                                   Assumption Auction 2009
The 2009 An Enchanted Evening Auction took place on November 14th. Thank you to all who attended and supported this years
event to benefit the Assumption Church, Cultural Center and Nursery School. We had over 170 in attendance where just a few of
the over 150 bid items were jewelry, sport event ticketing, fine restaurant gift certificates, children’s toys and electronics, and several
pieces of artwork. Our own parishioners created beautiful, festive baskets for bid, or just about any occasion. The selected “ Live”
auction items included a week’s stay at an incredible Florida condo, romantic getaways, roundtrip airfare to nearly anywhere in the
continental US, and a full size-fun size record juke box. All in all, the night of food, fun and fellowship netted nearly $17,000.
The success of any church is directly dependent upon those who work tirelessly. This year is no exception. A great appreciation
goes out to Tony Marchiori for just a terrific meal, Joan DeRonne and Olga Cardasis as a source of guidance and support, Calli
Duncan and her staff that made transacting the business of the night run so smoothly, and the Ann Marie Michon, Stella Thoel,
Mary Koukios and Georgia Falzones’ groups for reservation and table settings. Our in-house dynamic ‘live” auctioneers Lou
Theros and Chris Macres who always deliver fun and provide great momentum to reach our goal. Father Michael, Father Tom,and
Father Anthony, the parish council and GOYA for their prayers, support, as nothing is successful without their help. And of course,
my co-chair, Presvytera Denise, who undaunted, came time after time relentless in making sure we covered every point in produc-
ing such a fine evening that was enjoyed by all.

Jeff Bajis
Co-Chair Auction 2009
Epistle                                                             8                                         January/February 2010
                                   Travel With Assumption!
                        Join your neighbors as we travel the USA – A ordable and fun!
April 17-25, 2010, $799 per person, dbl. occ. Add $270 for single occupancy. Motor coach transportation, 8 nights lodging includ-
ing 4 consecutive nights in New Orleans. 14 meals (8 breakfasts and 6 dinners.) Tour of Louisiana Plantation, Riverboat Cruise on
the Mississippi, Gaming at Harrah’s Casino, guided tour of
New Orleans, View of the bayou on a Swamp Tour and much more.

August 2-6, 2010, $499 per person, dbl. occ. Add $120 for single occupancy.
Motor coach transportation, 4 nights lodging including 8 meals (4 breakfasts and 4 dinners.) Guided tour of The Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. Four evening shows: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Temptations Review, The
Smith Family Show and Black Bear Jamboree. Two morning shows: Patty Waszak Morning Show and The Blackwood Breakfast
Variety Show. Free time in Historic Downtown Gatlinburg and much more.

 Assumption Philoptochos welcomes Baby Demetri Cook
                Congratulations to Fr. Anthony, Presvytera Elisabeth, and big brother Justin
On November 8th, Fr. Anthony and Presvytera Elisabeth welcomed their second son, Demetrios Alexander, into the world. Demetri was
7 pounds 7 ounces at birth, and over the first three months of his life has already shown himself to have a healthy set of lungs.
The Assumption Ladies Philoptochos welcomed him with a lovely celebration on January 10th, offering gifts to the new baby and to his
big brother and parents. Thanks to all the ladies of the Philoptochos, especially to Lydia Villenueve, Madelyn Torakis, Angela Nichols
and Anna Gaggos for organizing the tea party. Everyone present
greatly enjoyed the many different teas provided, and the wonder-
ful pastries made by members of the Philoptochos.
Fr. Anthony and his family take this opportunity to express their
gratitude to the Ladies Philoptochos and to the entire parish fam-
ily for the joy and generous
welcome with which all have
greeted their newest son. It is
a blessing to be here with all
of you.

Epistle                                                              9                                    January/February 2010
                                                     Assumption Stewardship 2010
                              Let us commit ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God
83 STEWARDSHIP BENEFACTORS as of January 25, 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Ahee III            Mr. and Mrs. George Dallas               Mr. Linos Jacovides                    Mrs. Dorothy Mike                        Petrouleas                                 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Torakis
Mrs. Eoanna Ahee                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeRonne             Mr. and Mrs. James Johns               Mrs. Daphne Moraitis                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Poletis                Ms. Roula Tsaprailis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andoni                Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeWaele              Mr. Thomas Jordan                      Mr. and Mrs. Nikolaos                    Mr. and Mrs. David Poletis                 Fr. and Presbytera Varlamos
Mr. Paul Aviews                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earle                Mr. and Mrs. John Karisny              Moschouris                               Mr. and Mrs. Alexandros Pozios             Mr. and Mrs. George Verras
Mr. and Mrs. George Backos              Ms. Helene Economou                      Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kircos              Mr. Anthony Niarhos                      Mr. and Mrs. Apostolos Pozios              Mr. and Mrs. Lydia Villeneuve
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Backos              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Economou              Mr. and Mrs. David Kohl                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nichols               Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rafaill                Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vlahantones
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bajis              Mrs. Stella Ferris                       Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kontos            Mr. and Mrs. Dean Niforos                Dr. and Mrs. Chris Raphtis                 Mr. and Mrs. George Volis
Drs. Gust and Effie Bills                Mr. and Mrs. George Fotias               Mr. and Mrs. Petro Kotsis              Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Niforos            Mr. Michael Roustemis                      Mrs. Nina Volis
Mrs. Kalliopy Callas                    Mr. and Mrs. George Gazepis              Mrs. Amalia Kyriazis                   Mr. and Mrs. Bill Panagos                Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Saros                 Mr. Robert Vickrey
Ms. Delphine Campbell                   Mrs. Effie Gehlert                        Mrs. Pauline Lopiccolo                 Mr. and Mrs. Ted                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sarris                Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zachary
Mr. and Mrs. John Cardasis              Mr. and Mrs. James Giftos                Mr. and Mrs. Elias Majoros             Papakonstantinou                         Mr. and Mrs. John Sheoris                  Drs. Christo and Marsha Zingas
Mrs. Niki Caris                         Drs. George and Holly Goffas             Mr. and Mrs. Alex Markus               Mr. and Mrs. Manual Papista              Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tapazoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carson             Dr. and Mrs. Ted Hadgis                  Mr. and Mrs. Rich Mayk                 Mrs. Cora Linda Pappas                   Dr. and Mrs. Ari Thanasas
Ms. Lorraine Christy                    Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Hedglin                Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mellos               Mr. and Mrs. Christ Petrouleas           Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Thomas
Fr. and Presvytera Cook                 LTC and Mrs. Samuel Homsy                Mrs. Annemarie Michon                  Mr. and Mrs. George                      Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thomas

156 STEWARDSHIP PLEDGED MEMBERS as of January 25, 2010
Mrs. Patsy Addotta                and Peter                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Czech       Mrs. Elly Kafritsas                 Mrs. Vasiliki Morakeas           Mrs. Mary Pisley                      Mr. and Mrs. James Tapazoglou
Mrs. Dina Agridis                 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Boukis          Ms. Diane D’Ambrosio            Mr. and Mrs. George T. Kalina       Mrs. A. Ann Morrin               Mr. and Mrs. Theofanis Pozios         Mr. and Mrs. George Tecos
Mr. Niko Ahee                     Mr. and Mrs. Lou Bournias          Mrs. Athena Dafingas             Mr. Theodore Kalina                 Ms. Despina Moschouris           Mrs. Dorothy Raptoulis                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tecos
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Alexiou         Ms. Stephanie Brennan              Mr. and Mrs. William Dallas     Mrs. Patricia Kanakaris             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nanos        Ms. Tasia Regos                       Mr. and Mrs. Al Telegadas
Mr. Pete Alexopoulos              Mrs. Maria Buchholtz               Mrs. Mary Demasek               Mrs. Helen Kappaz                   Mrs. Helen Niarhakos             Mrs. Effie Ribble                      Mr. and Mrs. James Telegadas
Mrs. Mary Alogdelis               Mr. Sophie Burbulis                Mr. and Mrs. Nick Dimitriadis   Mr. and Mrs. George Kiriazis        Mr. and Mrs. William Niarhos     Mrs. Cleo Rousos                      Mr. and Mrs. Nick Theophonous
Mr. and Mrs. George Alexopoulos   Mrs. Soula Burns                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eliades      Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Kolizeras   Ms. Nancy Nicholas               Mr. and Mrs. Christos Roustemis       Mr. Spero Theros
Ms. Nikki Ameredes                Mr. John Butsicaris                Dr. George Farmakis             Mr. John Korachis                   Mr. Art Nichols                  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rybicki               Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas
Mr. Nicholas Anagnostopoulos      Mr. and Mrs. Peter Caruso          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frederick   Mrs. Chrysoula Korovessis           Mrs. Penny Nix                   Mr. Tony Safar                        Mr. James Thompson
Mrs. Froso Andiaris               Mrs. Helen Castino                 Mr. and Mrs. George Gaggos      Mr. and Mrs. Savas Laskarides       Ms. Despo Pangalos               Mr. and Mrs. James Sarcheck           Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Tingas
Mr. and Mrs. George               Mr. and Mrs. George Cavis          Mr. and Mrs. John Galbo         Ms. Marie Layman                    Ms. Helen Pangalos               Mrs. Sophie Scandalis                 Mrs. Virginia Tomasevic
Andreopoulos                      Mr. Konstantinos Cavis             Mrs. Kay Ganas                  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lipinski       Mr. and Mrs. George Panourgias   Mr. and Mrs. Melissa Schervish        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Treppa
Mrs. Helen Arambages              Ms. Anastasia Chalou               Ms. Krisanne George             Ms. Antoinette Lolea                Mr. and Mrs. John Papadakis      Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schrock           Mrs. Esther Triantes
Mrs. and Mrs. Efstathios Aronis   Mr. and Mrs. James Champane        Mrs. Calliope Hadgikosti        Ms. Estelle Loleas                  Ms. Ritsa Papakonstantinou       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Silamianos       Mrs. Vicky Tsolis
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Athan           Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cheolas          Mrs. Viola Hadgikosti           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loukas           Mr. Speros Papalexis             Mrs. Ann Skuras                       Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Vasilos
Mr. and Mrs. Taso Ayan            Ms. Jeanne Cholack                 Mr. William Hadgikosti          Dr. and Mrs. John Makris            Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios          Ms. Bessie Skuras                     Mr. Vasilis Vasilos
Mrs. Bessie Backos                Ms. Antonia Christofis              Mr. and Mrs. William Hamlin     Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mazur            Papapanos                        Ms. Corinne Smith                     Mrs. Virginia Velas
Mr. Nicholas Backos               Mr. and Mrs. George Christopulos   Mrs. Harriet Hanzakos           Mr. Christopher McWherter           Ms. Niki Pappas                  Mrs. Catherine Spadafore              Ms. Margo Vrahnos
Mr. and Mrs. Antonios Bakoulas    Ms. Jane Constantine               Mr. Takis Harlaftis             Mrs. Christina Mellos-Pantely       Mr. and Mrs. William Pappas      Ms. Harriet Stoukas                   Mrs. Marian Vrahoritis
Mrs. Georgia Baltsas              Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cooksey       Mrs. Eugenia Hatzis             Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Miller         Ms. Annette Parkis               Mr. Christos Strubakos                Ms. Maria Zingas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bartnik      Mr. and Mrs. John Costa            Ms. Rose Janevic                Mr. and Mrs. John Miller            Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Parris        Mr. and Mrs. Theodoros                Ms. Mary Zoto
Mr. and Mrs. John Bekios          Mrs. Anastasia Costopoulos         Mrs. Elpes Janisse              Mrs. Rebecca Miller                 Mr. and Mrs. Petre Petkof        Strubakos
Mr. and Mrs. Eustace Bitsicas     Mr. and Mrs. George Coutlish       Mr. Evlambio Johnson            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mishige         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips      Mrs. Toula Kappas Suciu

                                  A Reflection on Christian Stewardship
 “Do I possess the house in which I live? No, it is only on loan to me from God while I remain in that place. Do I possess the clothes
 I wear? No, they are on loan to me until they wear out, or until I give them away to someone in greater need. Do I possess this
 body that you see before you? No, it was lent to me by God when I was born, and he will take it back when I die. Do I possess the
 mind that is composing the words that I speak? No, that too was lent by God at my birth and will go when I die. So do I possess
 anything? Yes, I possess the virtues which during my life have grown and flourished within my soul. Inasmuch as I have grown in
 faith, I possess faith. Inasmuch as I have grown in gentleness, I possess gentleness. These things are immortal; they are divine gifts
 which God will not take away, because he wants heaven itself to be filled with virtue. And, of course, I possess my soul, in which
 these virtues have their roots.”
 St John Chrysostom from “On Living Simply: The Golden Voice of John Chrysostom”

                                                            Visit to Charlevoix Church
 On January 14, members of the Assumption parish council, the
 clergy, and other Church leaders were invited by the Apostolic Way
 Church (now in possession of the old Assumption property on
 Charlevoix in Detroit) to visit the old structure.
 Pictured together inside the old social hall (now used for worship
 by the Apostolic Way community) are (l-r) George Dallas, Tom
 Thomas, Tony Niarhos, Joan DeRonne, Jim Koukios, Jim Giftos,
 Fr. Anthony Cook, and Deacon Tom Morris of the Apostolic Way
 Church of God, who hosted us during our visit.
 We are grateful to the Apostolic Way church for their courtesy and
Epistle                                                                                                           10                                                                     January/February 2010
                        Koimisis of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church February 1 - February 28

January/February 2010
                                             In Memoriam
                     Panagiota (Pauline) Elanges                   Athena loved music, the opera, and conducted the choir
                       Born in a small village near Sparta,        at the St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church.
                         Greece, Pauline earned a degree in        She loved to write and as the President of the Assumption
                         clothing design. She was known            Senior Citizens Organization she looked forward to her
                          for the beautiful dresses she de-        monthly contribution to the Epistle, sharing all of the ex-
                          signed and sewed . After mar-            citing news about her beloved senior group.
                          rying Aristotle, “Tony”, Elanges,        Born in Canton, Ohio Athena remained a proud “buck-
                         she moved to Detroit and was a            eye” for all her days. Her love of family was evident in all
                        devoted member of Assumption               that she did as many young people remember George and
                      for more than 47 years.                      Athena’s home and their hospitality in Detroit’s Rosedale
                   Pauline’s family was most important.            Park. Daughters Elena (Apostolos) Kerasiotis and Kathy
She was a loving mother and grandmother to daughters,              (Paul) Domitrovich kept her life full and happy especially
Sophia (Kevin) Treppa, Tina (Matthew) Seely and Mary               with the love of grandsons Yorg (Jennifer), Michael and
Ann Kashef; grandchildren, Melissa, Allie, Anthony,                Dimitri.
Aristotle and Cameron and her siblings, Mary, Elias, Kiki          Her motto was to “always bring to it a rainbow” . She al-
and Koulis. She was predeceased by her husband.                    ways made an effort to add her special touch, - just one
During her active life, Pauline volunteered many hours             more thing to make it ever so special.
as a seamstress for the church, refurbishing, tailoring and        May her memory be eternal.
embroidering garments and cloths for the priest and altar.
She was well-known for her spinach pies and apple cakes                                Spyros Basoukeas
that she made for everyone including her doctors. She                                     Spyros was born in Losna, Greece
was a member of the Ladies Philoptochos Society and the                                    and met his loving wife Reveka
Senior Exercise Program at Assumption.                                                       while she was visiting her home
                                                                                             of Riglia. They married in 1957
Those who knew her will remember her for her charm                                           and came to Reveka’s home
and generosity. May her memory be eternal.                                                   then, Chicago, Illinois in 1958.
                   Athena Hanzakos                                                           Soon after, Spyros moved his
                                                                                            family to Detroit and opened the
                        Athena Hanzakos left a legacy                                      Peloponnesos Coffee House in
                         as large and as wide as her won-                                1964 which became a famous site in
                          drous smile. She wanted the                                 Greektown for years.
                          people around her to know how            Spyros loved people and helped many always in his quiet
                          important they were to her and           manner and without recognition. He cared very much
                         the difference that they made in          for his wonderful and devoted family: children Antonios,
                        this world. She was never without          Christos (Paige) and Stella. He leaves behind his loving
                      a kind comment.                              siblings George (Anna), Andigoni (Pete) Patsalis, Maria
                   She adored her family and of course her         (the late Antoni) Basteas, Vasili (Anna) Basoukeas, Elektra
beloved husband of 62 years, George. They were never               (John) Amanatias, and the late Vasiliki Andreakou,
apart; from running a successful business, Ham Heaven, to          Nikolaos (Marika) Basoukeas and brother- in- law and
cleaning the pews at the Assumption Church every Friday            the late Vasiliki Andreakou, Nikolaos (Marika) Basoukeas
                                                                   and brother in laws Pete, George, and Vasili Alfeas. Spyros
afternoon. They were members of AHEPA and attendance
                                                                   had many adoring nieces, nephews, as well.
at the District #10 yearly conventions were a must. The
highlight of their dreams however was when they visited,           Members of Assumption for many years, Spyros sup-
King Constantine of Greece, in London in 1983. Joined              ported the many programs of the parish and encouraged
                                                                   Reveka’s active participation in the Ladies Philoptochos
by niece, Jamie (Hanzakos) Kondelis, they were greeted by
                                                                   Society as well as the youth programs for his children. As
his highness and discussed one of George’s favorite topics,
                                                                   a businessman, Spyros was a member of the Greektown
Greek politics and Nicholas Gages’ recent release, Eleni.
                                                                   Merchants Association and the Mani Association, yet he
They were joined by brother and sister-in-law, Leo and
                                                                   found time to do his favorite pastime of gardening enjoy-
Harriett Hanzakos.                                                 ing the beauty of the earth.
                                                                   May his memory be eternal.
Epistle                                                       12                                     January/February 2010
                                                In Memoriam
                    Peter Lekas
                       Born in Wauseon, Ohio, one of six sons of James and Anna Lekas, the family moved to Detroit
                        to raise their children. Peter had a twin, Nicholas (Angeline), who predeceased him in 2000 and
                         brothers who also predeceased him, John (Constance), William (Loula), and Antonio. He is sur-
                         vived by youngest brother Christ Lekas and his loving wife Eileen.
                         Stationed in England in WWII, Peter came home to meet the love of his life Eileen Kalkanis and
                        later was wed in1955. He then became a member of Eileen’s church and has been a member of
                       Assumption for 54 years. The couple bought a Diary Queen in Wayne Michigan. Together, they
                      dispensed soft serve and happiness until 1987. Peter was also a candy maker and made his famous
                    home made chocolates for his shop, Cooper’s Candy Store, in Detroit at Vernor and Bagley.
A devoted member of Assumption, Peter donated greatly to its operations and its beauty. His Faith was central to his life
and never missed a morning prayer to start his day. He loved music and as a member of the Assumption Senior Citizen’s
Organization, Peter sang at each meeting as brother- in- law Nicholas Kalkanis played the piano for years. When Eileen
and Peter’s health prevented them from traveling from their home on
the west side to Assumption coupled with the loss of dear Nick who
passed away, our seniors had a terrible void at their meetings. They                  SAVE THE DATE !
are still missing Peter’s beautiful voice and the piano artistry of Nick.
Although they lived a distance, Peter and Eileen remained faithful        For the 3rd year in a row, Assumption will be support-
parishioners of Assumption.                                               ing the Susan Komen Race for the Cure Walk, with a
                                                                          team of parishioners walking/running the 5K event,
Peter was always helping someone in need. The Wayne Dispatch re-          held on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at Comerica Park.
cently did an article on the Diary Queen and honored current owners       Last year we had over 30 parishioners walk together,
along with Peter and Eileen and their contribution to the community       and we raised close to $3000 to help find a cure for
through their business and their charity. When children didn’t have       breast cancer. This year, we hope to have many more
enough money, Peter would still give them their soft serve. They          of you join us to support this worthy event. If you are
did have to fill small brown bags tho with any debris found on the        interested in signing up for the walk, please go to www.
grounds. Each day they would come for more work and their favorite        karmanos.org/raceforthecure and go to “Register Now”.
soft serve ice cream! Other people remembered Peter giving them           You will find “Assumption” listed as one of the teams.
support to get started in their lives be it money or even a suit to marry For additional information, please go to the church
in.                                                                       office or contact Angie Niforos at (313) 640-4193 or
Peter is also survived by his sister-in –laws, Loula Kalkanis, Agatha     angie.niforos@comcast.net.
Kalkanis and nieces and nephews, Dr. Nicholas (Joann) Lekas, Cathy
(Steve) Salin, Ann ( Dennis)
Athans, Mary and Jimmy Lekas
and several grand nieces and
                                           Assumption Festival Countdown
Peter will be remembered for his
                                         Days from the beginning of                                  Assumption
dignity and the kind gentle soul
he was, always helping others.           Lent (February 15) until the                            GreekFest
                                            Assumption Festival:

                                                                                                August 19,20,21,22

Epistle                                                        13                                      January/February 2010
                                         Haiti Relief Drive
We thank everyone for their donations towards the Archdiocesan Hait Relief Fund. Our parish raised $4,500 to help
relieve the devestation in Haiti. We thank you for your generosity, and for your ongoing prayers on behalf of the suffer-
ing people of Haiti, and those who are working night and day to help them.

Epistle                                                     14                                    January/February 2010
                                                   RAM’S HORN
                                            It’s Where To Go When You’re Hungry!

                                         TWO GREAT LOCATIONS
          CELEBRATING 35                                                             NEW LOCATION

                                                                      OPEN              FRASER
                                                                                   CORNER OF MASONIC
            N. OF 12 MILE                                            24 Hours        AND UTICA RD.
            ON GRATIOT

                                         I#F%F()%&2#J5*+&6"(K-%*&(1)&2(J.%*             Ram’s Horn
                                                        L4(18&M#JN                  $1.00 O Next Visit
                                                         OP("-*/#                      exp 11/13/10

  Advertise in the Epistle
     Please contact the church o ce for details
               Call: (586) 779-6111

    1/8 Page ....................................................$50.00
    1/4Page .................................................. $100.00
    1/2 Page ................................................. $200.00
    Full Page ................................................ $400.00

Epistle                                                                   15           January/February 2010
                                                       Assumption Greek Orthodox CALAMARI
                                                                        Epistle Ad SARDINES
                                                                                     MUSSELS • BRANZINI
                                                                                      SEA BASS • ORATA
                                                                           May 19, 2008 SNAPPER
                                                                                   RED MULLET • OYSTERS
                                                                                   SHEEPHEAD • OCTOPUS
                                                                                  AND MANY OTHER FRESH
                                                                                    SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES
                                                      THE LARGEST & FRESHEST           FROM GREECE.
                                                        SEAFOOD SELECTION            ALL CLEANED WHILE
                                                              IN TOWN!                    YOU WAIT.

          Trust, Earned by Generations of Care           CLINTON TWP.                    MACOMB TWP.
                                                      36800 GARFIELD (At 16 Mile)   49800 HAYES RD. (At 22 1/2 Mile)
                                                           586.293.3500                    586.566.8700

                Grosse Pointe Woods                   !"#$%&''"()*)*
                   Mack & Vernier
                  David A. Kesner, Mgr.


               Masonic & Schoenherr
                  Bruce P. Calder, Mgr.
                                                               Michael T. McGillen
              David Peters, President                                       84,4<')

Epistle                                          16                                   January/February 2010
Epistle   17   January/February 2010
     Not all chapters in life are easy.
 Visit our Online Grief Library at www. Verheyden.org

                     Brian A Joseph, Owner/Chairman
                          Family owned and operated Chairman
                      Brian A Joseph, Owner /since 1908
          313-881-8500               586-756-5530
       16300 Mack Avenue           28499 Schoenherr
                                                                                                                          CALL OR EMAIL
     Grosse Pointe, MI 48230      Warren, MI 48088                                                                        US FOR SPECIAL
                                                                                                                        VETERANS PRICING
  Adrianna Stanlonis, Manager John P. F. Jones, Manager
  Joseph A.N. Schnell, Manager Jennifer Murphy, Manager                                                                  info@verheyden.org

Senior ad ShorePointe Village:Layout 1          3/13/09    2:14 PM    Page 2

                                                                                                                 Beaumont Hospital’s
                                                                                                                  number one choice
                                                                                                                  for your continued
                                                                                                                      plan of care

      A Premier Health Care Management Facility                                                        An Affiliate of Beaumont Hospitals

      Services & Care:                Rehabilitation                 Long Term Care                Respite Care                Hospice Care
      G Licensed and trained staff members - 24 hours per day          G Emergency call systems in each suite and bath                                   16 MILE ROAD / METRO PARKWAY

      G Consulting dental, podiatry and optical services               G Private and semi-private suites with private baths
      G Contract laboratory, and diagnostic x-ray                      G Picture windows in each suite                                                   13 MILE ROAD

      G Licensed and registered therapists, including physical and
                                                                                                                                                                                                         11 MILE

                                                                       G Air conditioning throughout
                                                                                                                                                             SCHOENHERR ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                               10 MILE
                                                                                                                                              VAN DYKE

        occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists      G Pre-wiring for Telephone and Cable TV                                                                     9 MILE

      G Intravenous and nutritional therapies
                                                                                                                                8 MILE ROAD

                                                                       G Smoke alarms, sprinklers in each suite
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               St. Clair

      G Medication administration and management


                                                                       G A luxurious Hair Salon


      G Regular visiting Physicians

                                                                       G A smoke-free environment
                                                                                                                                                                                                   GROSSE POINTE

      ShorePointe Nursing Center                     H       26100 Jefferson Avenue                  H       St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
                                       586.779.7000                                         www.aPremierLife.com

Epistle                                                                    18                                                 January/February 2010
                                                                                          For all your printing needs
                                                                   Steve Kolasa
                             Μι ω      ηνικ

                                                                                                                          GRAPHICS, INC.

                                                       Extreme Half Ad V2.indd 1                                                                   4/27/06 3:1

                                                                           Invisalign / Invisible Braces
                                                                           One Hour Laser Whitening
                                                                       One Visit Crowns • Veneers • Onlays                 is hard enough…
                                                                         Drill-less Dentistry • Implants

                                                                                                   20 Years Experience


                                                                                                      “Convenient Hours
                                                                                                       by Appointment”

                                                                      Grosse Pointe Family Dentistry
                                                                                          Chris C. Panagos DDS
                                                                                           Olga Panagos DDS

                                                                                     18501 Mack • Grosse Pointe
                                                                                                                                  NOW YOU CAN GO

      JIM J. Koukios
               Associate Broker

             Cell Phone: 313-683-5020
             Voice Mail: 313-345-0528
          Email: jkoukios@mirealsource.com

                    Fluent Greek spoken
            All information strictly confidential

                      Saros Real Estate
          17108 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Epistle                                               19                                                                  January/February 2010
                                             Preserving Family Heritage
                                             Since 1841, generations of families have turned to
                                             the Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association for its unwavering
                                             commitment to preserving family heritage and to
                                             providing a dignified, distinctive final resting place.

    Mt. Elliott Cemetery     Mt. Olivet Cemetery         Resurrection Cemetery   All Saints Cemetery   Guardian Angel Cemetery
    Detroit                  Detroit                     Clinton Township        Waterford             Oakland Township
    (800) 229-0048           (800) 989-5650              (800) 989-9020          (800) 989-9633        (800) 275-9574






Epistle                                                             20                                    January/February 2010
Fr. Michael Varlamos       P        C                               M
 Proistamenos              C                                        Church
Fr. Anthony Cook           Welcome and Ushering                     Athletics
 Assistant Priest            Ted Kotsis                               George Petrouleas
                           Stewardship                                313-882-6828
Joan DeRonne                                                          Dean Niforos
                             Christ Petrouleas
 Administrator               Lydia Villeneuve                         313-418-6085
Olga Cardasis              Church Youth Committee                   Choir
                             Cathy Livingston                        Stan Takis
 O ce Manager                                                        517-655-2060
                             Chris Manos
Pat Nanos                  Philanthropic Ministries                 GOYA
 Stewardship Secretary       Tony Niarhos                            Dean Bakoulas
                           Center Activities                         586-779-7737
Parish Council
                             Tony Lipinski                          Greek School
 Jim Koukios                 Roula Tsaprailis                        Elli Patouhas
                           Long Range Planning Fund                  586-795-4866
  Council President        Development                              The Ladies Philoptochos Society
 Tom      omas               George Petrouleas                       Georgia Falzone
                             Ernest Zachary                          586-295-5917
  Council Vice President   Eastpointe                               Assumption Parents Group
 Tony Niarhos                George Petrouleas
                                                                      Dean and Judy Etsios
  Council Secretary                                                   313-881-6713
                             Bob DeWaele
                                                                    Senior Citizens
 Robert DeWaele              Tom Nanos
                                                                      Catherine Spadafore
  Council Treasurer        Legal
                             Chrysanthe Kohl
                             Ted Niforos                            Sunday School
 Je rey Bajis                                                         Chris De Waele
                             Louis Theros
 Sophie Burbulis                                                      Krisanne George
 George Dallas               Dave Poletis                           Organizations
 Krisanne George           Catering
                             Ernest Zachary                         AHEPA
 Chrysanthe Kohl           Board of Auditors                         John Hatzis
    eodore A. Kotsis         George Gazepis                          586-268-9747
                             Andy Kallapure                         Assumption Parishioners Association
 Cathy Livingston            Lou Vlahantones                          Marietta Samaras
 Tom Nanos                 Epistle                                    586-774-5279
    eodore Niforos           Fr. Anthony Cook, general editor       Daughters of Penelope
                             Jeff Petersen, publishing
 Christ Petrouleas                                                   Sandy Moisides
 George Petrouleas
 David Poletis
 Harriet Stoukas
 Roula Tsaprailis
 Ernest Zachary

                                                  Assumption Nursery School and Toddler Center
                                                    22150 Marter Road
                                                    St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
                                                    Anne Chilingirian          586-772-4477
                                                    Website: www.assumptionnursery.org
Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
21800 Marter Road
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Phone: 586-779-6111
Fax: 586-779-8369
Website: www.goassumption.org

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                 “I will not offer to the Lord my God
                   that which has cost me nothing”
                                       David the King of Israel

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