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									                   Messenger                                               1200 Forrer Blvd., Kettering, Ohio 45420
                                                                           Email: office@ccc-ket.org
                                                                           Website: www.ccc-ket.org

VOLUME LVII - Weekly Publication      ________                         _                        ____ October 19, 2009

     Morning Watch                             CWF FALL RUMMAGE & BAKE SALE
     Sundays 9:00 am

    Christian Education
     Sundays 9:15 am

    Traditional Service                          Thursday, October 29th - 9:00 – 4:00 pm
    Sundays 10:30 am
                                                 Friday, October 30th    - 9:00 – 4:00 pm
      Fellowship Hour                            Saturday, October 31 - 9:00 – noon
     Sundays 11:30 am
                             Bring your donations beginning Sunday, October 25th thru 28th. Volunteers are
      Church Office          needed during this week to assist with set-up and sale. If you would like to
     Monday – Friday         volunteer, please call Jane Bernard via email at janebernard@ameritech.net on at 901-
    9:00 am – 4:00 pm        4788.

                                                               JIM WALLIS
          Staff                                      Author of The Great Awakening:
                                       Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right America
      David P. Turner
      Senior Minister        Jim Wallis, author of the New York Times best-seller, The Great
                             Awakening: Reviving Faith and Politics in a Post-Religious Right
   Renita Lewis Whitaker     America, will be in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday, October 22nd
      Office Manager         at 7:00 pm. Jim will speak at the Christian Community
                             Development Association Annual Conference. The evening
   Anthony Shackleford       plenary will begin at 7 p.m. at the Duke Energy Center. Jim will
        Custodian            present on the topic of "Synergy: Pursuing a New Commitment
                             to Partnerships," and will be joined by Rev. Gabriel Salguero.
       Sue Taylor            Jim's plenary is free and open to the public; however, other
      Music Director
                             conference events may require registration. For more
                             information about the conference, please visit :                                   Picture courtesy of
         Dan Oliver                                                                                       riverdaughter.wordpress.com

    Bell Choir Director &                            http://www.ccda.org/conference
  Director of Audio/Visual                                 CCDA Annual Conference
                                           "Synergy: Pursuing a New Commitment to Partnership"
      Lois Sutherland
                                                              Duke Energy Center
                                                               525 Elm Street
                                                           Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
      Jenny Garner
   Nursery Care Provider                   Contact: Christian Community Development Association
                       Serving In October                                                      Members & Friends
Deacon Captain: Lora Davidson                                                  Hospitalized                  -   William Warren (Kettering)
Deacons Serving: Anne Keeton, Mark Keeton, Larry Merkle,                                                         David Sipple (MVH)
Margaret Merkle, Thomas Giles, Joe Albrecht, David Aebker, John                                                  Cozella Blake (Home)
Bucy, Melissa Moody and Adam Wiedeman                                                                            Ron Bennett (Home)
Deacon Prep/Clean Up: Lourdes Giles                                            Hospice Care                  -   Lillian White (Home)
Elders for Communion                                                                                             Pat Farnsley (Home)
Oct 25       Susan Aebker and Jane Bernard                                     Home Care                         Kathy Anderson
Nov 1        Don Hagerty and Brenda Shoup                                                                        Henrietta Farrow
Lay Leaders                                                                                                      Thelma Harman
Oct 25       Margaret Merkle                                                                                     Robert and Frances Mayes
Nov 1        Alexis Garybush                                                                                     Earline Grice
Fellowship Hour                                                                                                  Regina Kempton
Oct 25        Public Relations                                                                                   Norma Kirkland
Nov 1         World Outreach/Social Concerns                                                                     Bob and Jean Thompson
                                                                                                                 Dorothy Ryan
                       Wall Calendar                                                                             Doyle Ware
The wall calendar located outside of the church office lists the               Autumn Health Care            -   June Tate
scheduled activities of the church ministries. To get your activity            Bethany                       -   Millie Molz
listed on the wall calendar, please contact the church office.                 Harborside Healthcare         -   Eleanor McNulty
                                                                               Liberty Retirement Home       -   Ed Bausman
                 The Week Ahead                                                Lincoln Park                  -   Merle Ryan
               th                                                              Summersville                  -   Marjorie Barkalow
Sunday, Oct 25              9:00 am       Morning Watch
                                          UYH (Classroom-E), (Meeting Room),                                     Eugene Griffith
                                              (CYF Room) and (Parlor)                                            Marian Herron
                            9:15 am       Christian Education                  Spring Creek                  -   JoAnn Reichbauer
                            10:00 am      UYH (Faith Finders Room)             Sterling House                -   Elwood Byrkett
                            10:30 am      Traditional Service                  Sycamore Glen                 -   Anne Walters
                            11:30 am      CYF (Adventure Acres)                Trinity                       -   Garnia Moses
                                          Fellowship Hour                      Waterford Retirement          -   Mary Rothenbuhler
                            12:00 pm      Faith Finders/Seekers
                                          Set-up for Rummage Sale                                                             th
                                                                               Sanctuary Flowers: On Sunday, October 18 were given by
                            6:30 pm       UYH (Meeting Room)                   Nancy Tossey in memory of her husband, DeFro Tossey.
                                          Chi Rho (intergenerational UYH)
                            6:40 pm       Sanctuary Study Committee                                                      th
                  th                                                           New Member: On Sunday, October 18 , David Sipple, 2500 E.
Monday, Oct 26              9:00 am       Quilters
                                                                               Dorothy Lane, Kettering, Ohio 45420, (937) 648-7932, united with
                                          Set-up for Rummage Sale
                                                                               Central Christian through confession of faith. Welcome David into
                          9:30 am         Senior Fitness Class
                 th                                                            our church family.
Tuesday, Oct 27           9:00 am         Set-up for Rummage Sale
                          7:00 pm         Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday, Oct 28         9:00 am         Set-up for Rummage Sale
                          9:30 am         Senior Fitness
                 nd                                                                           On Sunday, October 18 , Karen Smith and Gregory
Thursday, Oct 29          9:00 am         CWF Rummage Sale
                                                                                              Moon were united in holy matrimony.
                          9:30 am         Prayer Shawl Ministry
                          6:30 pm         Laudate Ringers
                          7:30 pm         Chancel Choir
Friday, Oct 30            9:00 am         CWF Rummage Sale
Saturday, October 31 9:00 am              CWF Rummage Sale                                          Memorial Fund
                                                                                                        General Fund
                                                                                              In Memory of Veronica Vulgamore
              Worshiping at Central                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brockhouse
                       Sunday, October 18, 2009                                                          Beth Frantz
          Christian Education                           35
                    _______________________________                                                     Music Fund
                                                                                              In Memory of Veronica Vulgamore
         Nursery/Godly Play                             16
                                                                                                         Sue Taylor
         Morning Watch                                  17                                              Dan Oliver
         Traditional Service                           126                                             Gary Jackson
         Total Worship Attendance                      159                                              Henry Mays
                                      ,                                                                Eddie Frazier
                                                                                       Opportunity To Care
                                                                    Often times it is easy to go to church on Sunday and meet and
                                                                    greet people, then go home and not give the church family
                              Notes                                 another thought.
This Sunday, October 25, 2009 the CYF will leave after the
                                                                    Why not make it a special, personal project to get better
traditional service for Adventure Acres on South Alpha Road in
                                                                    acquainted with this special family that you are a part of?
Bellbrook for a hayride. We have a 1 PM reservation and the cost
is $8 per person. Check their website: myadventureacres.com.        One way to do this is by picking up your church directory and
Following the hayride, we will travel to Calle and Scot Burnett’s   reading the names of each person listed in the directory. As you
home to grill hotdogs and carve pumpkins. Scot has enough           read the name, think about that person. If you know them, pray
pumpkins for everyone to carve – you will need to bring your own    for that individual, giving thanks for his/her friendship, and asking
carving tools. We will probably finish up around 4 PM. Scot will    blessings for his/her in daily life activities.
have directions to his home at church on Sunday so parents will     If you come across the name of the person whom you have not
know where to pick up their CYF’er. Questions – please call Mary    met, give thanks for the opportunity you now have of getting to
Lou on 434-8157.                                                    become acquainted with him/her. You may wish to drop that
                                                                    individual a note just to let him/her know you are thinking about
            Sanctuary Study Committee                               that person.
                                                                    Keeping in touch with the church family members brings a
                                                                    closeness that cannot be found in any other organization.
                                                                    Knowing someone cares gives individuals added strength and
                                                                    support for each day.
Your Sanctuary Study Committee is scheduled to meet next at         This gives you the opportunity to pray and give thanks for friends
6:40 pm on Monday, Oct 26 . Anyone having an interest in the        who have touched your life, who are now touching your life, and
details being discussed is invited. One goal is to improve the      who will be touching your life.
seating comfort. One possibility is to make two more aisles by      Reading through the church directory about once a week can give
cutting a three foot length out of the middle of each pew, and      you a new awareness of your church family members, as well as
also buying lay-in pew pads. Another possibility is to remove the   opening opportunities for you to care and share with others.
knee walls between the chancel and the pews and then extend
the chancel stage area to provide more room. An effort has been     Try it this week - and next week - and the week after that - until it
made to ground each and every consideration back to our mission     becomes a regular part of your life, as “family members” become
and theology. Members are Jane Bernard, Scot Burnett, Carly         a special part of your life.                         Lydia Group
Ingram, Anne Keeton, Merle Kidd, Joan Norman, Dan Oliver,
Moniqua Suits, Lynn Rogers Chr, Margaret Lyon ex-officio, and                          Biblical Word Search
Rev David Turner ex-officio.

          Central Christian’s Food Pantry
  Last week we were able to feed 6 families thanks to your
  donations. Let’s continue to feed the hungry in our community
  by donating. Below is a list of the food items we need for our
  food pantry. Donations can be placed on the table in the
  Narthex marked “Food Pantry.” We also accept monetary
  donations. Note: We are in need of paper bags.
        cans of green beans           cans of corn
        cans of sweet peas            cans of vegetables
        cans of tuna                  cans of chicken
        cans of meat                  cans of soup-large
        cans of soup-small            cans of fruit
        boxes of rice                 spaghetti (bag/box)
        spaghetti sauce               boxes of cereal                            Abel            Isaiah              Miriam
                                                                                 Adam            Jacob               Moses
        cans of milk                  jars of peanut butter
                                                                                 Amos            James               Nahum
        jars of jelly                 loafs of bread                             Boaz            Jeremiah            Naomi
        macaroni and cheese           hotdog buns                                Cain            Jesus               Noah
        packs of hotdogs              packs of baloney                           Daniel          Joel                Paul
                                                                                 David           John                Peter
                                                                                 Elisha          Jonah               Rachel
                                                                                 Esay            Joseph              Ruth
                                                                                 Esther          Luke                Salome
                                                                                 Eve             Lydia               Samson
                                                                                 Ezekiel         Mark                Seth
                                                                                 Ezra            Mary                Solomon
The Last Word…
by David P. Turner
    Jesus was asked once, “What is the greatest                 wasn’t only his actions that made David God’s beloved –
commandment?” This was a common exercise among                  but his faithfulness. David was motivated, more than
teachers and other religious leaders during Jesus’ time and     anything, by his love for God and his desire to please God.
not a trap, as was often the case when Jesus was                    Jesus even went so far, in his Sermon on the Mount, to
approached with such questions. In response, Jesus quoted       take the commandments governing our behavior (Thou
from two places in the Torah. The first is from the Shema,      shall not kill, commit adultery, etc.) to another level. He
perhaps the holiest text in Judaism, which is found in          said, “You have heard that it was said to the people long
Deuteronomy 6:4-5: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD is our God,        ago, 'Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be
the LORD is One. You shall love the LORD your God with all      subject to judgment.' But I tell you that anyone who is angry
your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.”   with his brother or sister will be subject to
The second is found in Leviticus 19:18, “and you shall love     judgment.”(Matthew 5:21-22). In other words, what
your neighbor as yourself.”                                     happens on the outside isn’t nearly as important as what is
    As rich and complex as the Bible is – it can nonetheless    going on inside. Indeed, as Jesus explains, what goes on
be narrowed down to some very basic truths (for instance:       inside us will inevitably make its way to the surface in one
Love God, love neighbor). Another truth that undergirds         form or another.
the Bible from beginning to end is that what happens inside         There’s an old story about a grandfather explaining to his
us (our thoughts, motives, intentions) are more important       grandson how there are two wolves within each of us, each
to God than what can be easily seen by others.                  vying for control – one evil and one good. When the
    Over and over again, we see it’s not the actions of the     grandson asks which of the wolves wins, the grandfather
Biblical characters – however noble or ignoble – that           replies, “the one you feed.”
ultimately determines God’s judgment, but their internal            We are human – imperfect and prone to sin. However, it
motivations. That is how someone who made as many               is still up to us to monitor our own motives and intentions
mistakes as David could still be called “a man after God’s      (and not anyone else’s, which is beyond our abilities
own heart.” Certainly, David could be described as an           anyway). God is paying attention to which of the wolves we
imperfect king and, at times, even a flagrant sinner. But       are feeding. For some, that is good news. For others… not
David was also quick to recognize his sin, repent, and seek     so much.
God’s will for himself and Israel. One has to assume it
                     SPIRITUAL STOP, DROP & ROLL - 1
                                                                         CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH
                     Moniqua Suits – EVent Coordinator                    WWW.CCC-KET.ORG l 937.254.2649 l 1200 Forrer Blvd. l Kettering, OH 45420
                     David Turner – Pastor

                      NEXT STEPS - 2
                      Moniqua Suits – EVent Coordinator

                                                 Unbinding Your
October 20, 2009
When we answer your call, it is spiritual business and it cannot be done well without effective communication with the Spirit of God
through prayer…and it is why leaders pray so fervently.            Richard Kriegbaum – “Leadership Prayers”.

A Spiritual “Stop, Drop, and Roll”                                                                           SPIRITUAL STOP, DROP AND ROLL®

EXTERNAL OR INTERNAL FLAME                                                                                   1. STOP
Until the slogan “Stop, Drop and Roll” became an iconic phrase, it was not unusual to watch                     Stop your negative thinking patterns. Before
                                                                                                                speaking or taking action, ask yourself if your
television clips of people on fire trying to put out the flames by frantically running through the
                                                                                                                words or actions will hurt or heal the situation.
streets. Not only was this a wasted effort, their reaction fueled the fire to destroy not only the
individual but everything in its path.                                                                       2. DROP
                                                                                                                Drop destructive behaviors: gossip (saying,
Today’s church faces a similar peril with its reaction to answering the call of the Great Commission.           listening or spreading), sowing dissention,
Instead of being on fire for God (internal flame), we find ourselves engulfed with fear, hatred,                closed listening, positioning for power, jumping
distrust, power trips and hurt; causing us to speak and act in ways that destroy not only ourselves,            to conclusions, etc.
but relationships (present and future) (God and people) and community – stunting our spiritual
growth. How do you know if you are on fire for God or a pyromaniac? If you have a tendency to                3. ROLL
think or say the following, it might be a sign an external flame is fanning your spiritual fuel instead of     Roll with God. Roll with the Gospel. Roll with
an internal flame.                                                                                             Prayer. Let it roll off your back.

  - Someone should…                                                                                          Use these steps to transform words and actions
  - We use to…                                                                                               from a plan of attack to a plan of action and lay a
  - No one listens to me.                                                                                    positive foundation for productive conversation
  - What about my feelings?                                                                                  and planning. Try shifting from the negative –
  - I’ve been telling them that for years.                                                                   “we’ve never done it that way before” to the
  - If we focused on increasing attendance and offering, everything would be okay.                           positive - “sounds interesting, can you tell me
  - We tried that before…                                                                                    more?” or, “can you provide us with a written
  - That will never work here.                                                                               outline of your idea for the committee to
  - How much will that cost?                                                                                 consider?”. The positive benefits will result in our
  - Refer to church leadership as ‘they’ and not us.                                                         ability to:

Ow, sound familiar? Although meant to serve as helpful guidelines, these words and actions are               - Build God’s kingdom;
actually conversation stoppers and prevent groups from digging deeper to address the challenge               - Speak and act in God’s name;
with scripture, prayer and discussion. Since changing our approach takes time and effort, we                 - Attract others to God;
developed a Spiritual Stop, Drop and Roll® to make wording our responses easier and more                     - Discern without destroying or being passive; and
effective. Individually and as a church, it is important to develop the habit of prayerfully considering     - Deflect sinful attitudes.
ideas before responding yet not use prayer as a blackmail tactic. Our Spiritual Stop, Drop and
Roll® approach will help us to use building words versus destructive phrases and to heal our past
hurts so we can open our hearts for the future God has planned.

                                       Unbinding Your Heart – A Segue.
Oh, Lord, give me faith for this
leap to the future. And make           I love waterfalls and find them quite amazing feats of nature. Their ability to serve as segue from the
this a leap of leadership (us, not     water behind to the water in front is a tremendous learning lesson for individuals or churches
they – parenthesis mine) not a         answering God’s call to serve. Waterfalls know how to accommodate calm or fury, silence or a
solo jump.                             deafening roar, refreshing rain or drying heat. They give energy to the salmon swimming upstream
                                       or the rafter paddling down. Their movement carves out harbors of safe haven in the shorelines or
“Why can’t you give me a bridge        scoops out ponds for fish to rest and people to swim. If it is located in Idaho it does not reject people
to the future, Lord? Instead, you      from Texas and it has the ability to adapt to the different sizes, shapes, personalities, and levels of
make me jump for it. You make          experience of its regular and visiting people, fish and plants.
me let go and leap by faith. You
did it when I wanted a new             For the past 40 days, our church family and friends have been reading and discussing “Unbinding
relationship with you. You have        Your Heart” to help us to develop our ability to segue from where we are to where God is calling us.
done it repeatedly in my career        Also during this time, the UYH Leadership Team has met weekly to pray, talk and to plan Next Steps
and in my personal life. The new       that incorporate your feedback and prayers.
future you show me is beautiful,
and the jump is reasonable, but it     Please review and pray about the following questions, then provide your reply on the bulletin insert
is always a leap of faith. So here I   this Sunday or email to Moniqua Suits – signatureidea@yahoo.com. It will help us to better
am again, asking for faith to make     understand your experience with this study and the desires God has placed on your heart as a
another leap.                          result. (Only comments and not names will be shared with the team unless otherwise specified.)

Getting to this new future will        1. What kind of church do we need to be to help existing and future Christians successfully
change things for all of us. I            navigate their spiritual journey?
cannot foresee all the changes,           • ________________________________________________________________________
but I know there will be outcomes             ________________________________________________________________________
we did not intend. Don’t let people           ________________________________________________________________________
worry unnecessarily about the
unknowns, for if they hold back        2. Do you believe Central is that kind of church, why or why not? Please share specific
too much, we will not succeed.            comments.
                                          • ________________________________________________________________________
You put us where we are, and it is            ________________________________________________________________________
so good and comfortable. How                  ________________________________________________________________________
you got us to this place is part of
our tradition. Where we need to        3. What specific ministries, activities and events do you participate as part of your spiritual
go looks uncertain. Give us               journey?
pilgrim’s hearts, God. Do not let         • ________________________________________________________________________
us clutch the present comfort and              ________________________________________________________________________
safety because it will not stay that           ________________________________________________________________________
way forever. We must leave this
good place and move on, by faith       4. What ministries, activities, and events would you like Central to offer?
–the same kind of faith that got us       • ________________________________________________________________________
here.”                                       ________________________________________________________________________
Richard Kriegbaum – “Leadership
Prayers”                               5. I need help with
                                       • ____________________________________________________________________________

                                       Unlike the waterfall we have the gift of living water and do not have to worry about running dry. And,
                                       we can share this living water to help those around us experience a life with God that is everlasting.

                                       The UYH Newsletter is brought to you by Central Christian Church, Kettering, OH – www.ccc-

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