The Best of the British Isles by kumar12


									                                  The Best of the
                            British Isles
                      Tour Leader: Mr. Michael Reist
                  Assistant Leader: Mrs. Cecilia Kennedy

                          June 27 to July 11, 2007
                                   15 Days In:

Ireland             Wales              Scotland                 England
Information Meeting:      Wednesday, October 11, 2006
                          Robert F. Hall
                          7:00 p.m.
                          Room 2003

Why should you go on this trip?

      Travel is one of the best forms of education. Travelling is a life-changing
       experience that opens your mind to other ways of living and thinking about
       things. On this particular trip you will get to see how four other cultures
       live. You will see history up close. You will experience many things that
       cannot be experienced in the classroom.

      Travel while you are young – when your mind is still open to new things
       and you do not have the family and financial commitments that might keep
       you from travelling later on.
      Take advantage of the volume discounts this trip offers. To take the same
       trip privately would cost much more.

      Take advantage of the experience of two excellent chaperones who will
       make this trip both fun and educational. Mr. Reist and Mrs. Kennedy will
       be available 24 hours a day.

      Mr. Reist and Mrs. Kennedy will be holding meetings before and after the
       trip. Before the trip we will learn about the background of places and
       things we are going to see. After the trip, we will meet (have a party) to
       share pictures and recall experiences.

What kind of students are you looking for?

      This trip is open to students from all grades.

      We want students who are interested in learning about other countries,
       history, art and culture.

      We want students who have a demonstrated record of being mature,
       responsible and reliable.

      We will be looking into the records of all students who apply. We will be
       approaching former teachers for their opinions about the student’s

About your chaperones:

Mr. Reist has been head of the English department at Robert F. Hall since the
school opened. He is an experienced traveller who has led both Robert Hall
students and other student groups to Europe. He has lead tours through London,
Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Canterbury, Stratford, Windsor Castle, the Beaches
of Normandy, St. Malo, the Loire Valley and Paris. Mr. Reist is very
knowledgeable in European history and art history. He is a passionate advocate
of exposing young people to the great story of Western Civilization. Mr. Reist
lives in Caledon East and is the father of four children ages 13 to 18. For more
information visit:

Mrs. Kennedy has taught English and alternative education at Robert F. Hall for
many years. She has travelled extensively in England. She has a broad
knowledge of English literature, Celtic history and European history. Mrs.
Kennedy lives in Brampton and is the mother of five children ages 14 to 21.
What company is organizing the actual tour?

This tour is offered by a company named Explorica. Mr. Reist has travelled with
this company before and found them to be extremely reliable. We will be working
with Cora Gomez, a tour co-ordinator Mr. Reist has worked with before and
found to be extremely helpful.

I encourage you to become familiar with their website:

On this website there is a “Tour Centre” that describes our trip.
Go to: www.
Click on: Students and Parents
Enter Tour Centre I.D.: Reist-8581
Click on Go
This is the tour centre for our trip. There is lots of information here.
Click on: Sign Me Up to register.

When we enrol, this “Tour Centre” will have a list of students involved, and while
we are away, it will have pictures posted for parents to check.

This is a board-approved trip. All of your arrangements will be made through Mr.
Reist. Your contractual agreement will be with Explorica.

Tour Fee includes:

      Round-trip airfare
      14 overnight stays (16 with extension) in hotels with private bathrooms
      Full European breakfast daily
      Dinner daily
      Full-time services of a professional Tour Director
      Guided sightseeing tours and city walks as per itinerary
      Visits to select attractions as per itinerary
      Hard Rock Café dinner
      Flight from Edinburgh--London

3,525.00   Tour fee
  302.00   Airport fees, taxes, and airline fuel surcharges (subject to change)
   80.00   Extra Windsor Castle guided excusion
  115.00   Extra full-day excursion to prehistoric Stonehenge and Bath
  210.00   Comprehensive PLUS Travel Protection
4,232.00   Total Owing

  750.00 Spending money (estimate $50 x 15 days = $750)
4,982.00 Estimated Total with Spending Money

Date                       Amount Due

November 1, 2006           Enrolment Fees (Due to Explorica)
                           195.00 to enrol
                           210.00 Comprehensive PLUS Travel Protection
                           (cancel from now to December 1: $195.00 non-refundable)

December 1, 2006           Second Instalment (Due to Explorica)
                           (cancel before February 27, 2007: $510.00 non-refundable)

February 1, 2007           Third Instalment (held in trust)
                           (cancel before February 27, 2007: $510.00 non-refundable)

March 1, 2007              Fourth Instalment (held in trust)
                           (cancel from Feb. 27 to March 23, 2007: $710 non-refundable)

March 23, 2007             Final Instalment (Due to Explorica)
                           (cancel from March 24 to May 27: 50% of tour fee + Travel Protection
                           (cancel after May 27: no refund)

Total                      4232.00

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