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					                  THE FIRING LINE                                                                         1
                     "For God and Country"
                                           Van Eimeren-Kolonka Post 27
                                                      American Legion
                               Post Meeting & Social - 2nd Monday of the Month
                                Auxiliary Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of the Month

                       90 Years Old and "Still Serving America"
                                            April 2009 & May 2009 Edition

      FIRING LINE INDEX                                               POST & AUXILIARY
                                                                      EVENTS CALENDAR
                                                               Apr 07 Post Board Meeting - 7:00 pm

                                                               Apr 10 National POW Recognition Day

                                                               Apr 12 Easter

Post & Auxiliary Events ......................... 1            Apr 13 Post Membership Meeting - 7:00 pm

                                                               Apr 14 Aux. Membership Meeting - 7:00 pm
                                                               Apr 15 4th District Meeting - 7:30 pm
Commander's Corner ............................           2
Honor Guard ...........................................   3    April 25-26 Auxiliary Rummage/Bake Sale
Chaplain's Chat ......................................    3    May 05 Post Board Meeting - 7:00pm
In Memoriam ..........................................    3
Membership Survey ..............................          6    May 09 District 4 Auxiliary Spring Conference -
                                                               10:00 am

                                                               May 07 National Day of Prayer

                                                               May 10 Mother's Day
President ................................................ 4   May 11 Post Membership Meeting - 7:00 pm
Rummage Sale ....................................... 5         May 12 Aux. Membership Meeting - 7:00pm
Patti Poppy ............................................. 7
                                                               May 15-16 Auxiliary Poppy Distribution

                                                               May 16 Firing Line articles due

                                                               May 17 Armed Forces Day

                                                               May 20 4th District Spring Conference - 7:30 pm

                                                               May 25 Memorial Day                      Page 1
 COMMANDER’S CORNER                                         Ernest Bauer - (BOS) Franklin
                                                            Raphael Bell - (BOS) Muskego
                                                            Adolph Benkowski - (BOS) Illinois
  Dick Blaha                                                John Betchner - (BOS) Cudahy
 (414) 545-6441                                             John Bosewll II - (BOS and war era)
                                                            Daniel Buckenes - (BOS and war era, and cannot
Hi all -                                                    verify mailing address – cannot mail Firing Line to
Another summer is coming with things to do. We had          Stanley J Carriveau – (BOS)
our membership dinner in October, and in March, our         Michael J Czarnecki – (BOS and war era)
Post's 90th Birthday dinner; both were well attended        Robert F DeBona – (BOS)
along with good food, thanks to the Post Auxiliary.         Gary A Dillon – (BOS)

At the Birthday dinner, we gave out two certificates of     If the above members would please contact me, I can
appreciation. One certificate, was for 60 years of          get the info into the database. If anyone knows the
continuous membership, was given to Bradford                above, please supply me with contact info.
Croeker. The second certificate was presented to
Sam Dial for outstanding public service. Sam helped         Thank you and have a good Spring.
save a fellow worker after he had a heart attack. Way
to go Sam! We still have one certificate to present to
A.J. Citro for 60 years of continuous service. A.J.
please call me at 545-6441 when you can.                    CHAPLAIN'S CHAT
                                                            Dave Hansen (414) 764-1326
In this issue, there is a survey asking what you, as a
post member, would like to see happen in our post. It
is on page 6, so please fill it out and return it as soon
as you can. Our next board meeting will be will be          As of January 1 2009, we have had to offer
April 7th. The next regular post meeting will be April      condolences to only one family – the family of
13th at 7:00p.m. I would like to see everyone there.        Auxiliary member Mary Ellen Bloom. Get-well wishes
                                                            were extended to convalescing Legionnaires Tom
Happy Easter everyone.                                      Lathrop, Brad Croeker, Harold Wickstrom, Bill Stolpa,
                                                            Suzanne Ruff and Post bartender Ruthie Napp.
 Bill Moore (414) 481-5723                                  After Thanksgiving last year, the Board had decided
               POST 27 HONOR GUARD                          to not visit our fellow veterans in the area nursing
                                                            homes during the Christmas season, in order to
Hello to all members. So far this year, we have had         avoid the holiday congestion. Instead, we determined
only one request for funeral honors – which is a good       to combat the “Winter doldrums” by scheduling our
thing. This means that we do not have as many               next visit for Saturday, January 17th. I was joined by
fellow veterans transferring to Post Everlasting! By        Dick Blaha, Bill Moore, Ed Heffner, Jean Anderson
this time last year, we had provided honor guard            and Brenda Tryba, as we offered greetings and gifts
services for over 9 funerals!                               to 88 veterans at Franciscan Villa; House, Courts and
                                                            Gardens; Willowcrest and Crest House. In solo
On another issue, I am assisting our 1st vice on            follow-up visits between January 21st and 23rd, I
gathering missing data in our database on some of           attempted contact with 35 vets that we had missed
our post members – namely war era served, and               the previous weekend. I spoke with 25 and extracted
branch of service (BOS).                                    their personal military histories and had prayers with
                                                            16. To date, we have collected the histories of 167
The following members are missing data:                     vets of the 190 contacted thus far. Our next visit to
                                                            our colleagues in the nursing homes will be on
Joseph Allie - (BOS) Illinois                               Saturday, May 30th. We will rendezvous at
Ray Anderson - (BOS) Wash DC                                Franciscan Villa’s lobby at 10 A.M. and disperse from
Matthew Bannach - (BOS and war era) Franklin                there. Please join us.
                                                                                                       Page 2
  CHAPLAIN'S CHAT             - Cont'd                     “There was nothing more inspiring to the men in
                                                           Vietnam than American nurses…female Vietnam
                                                           veterans deserve recognition as much as the men
                     The WASPs                             who served…they are finally getting the recognition
(Biography courtesy of the Wisconsin Chapter, The          their devotion and hard work deserves…we see the
Mighty Eighth Air Force Historical Society)                quiet dedication and humility with which they provided
                                                           the best medical care in the history of war.”
In 1941, Jackie Cochran, the first woman to fly a heavy
bomber across the Atlantic ocean, was flying as a          In particular, he offers individual tributes to the eight
Captain with the British Air Transport Auxiliary in        American nurses who died in Vietnam in the course of
England. When she came back to the U.S., she               their sterling and sacrificial service to our nation.
convinced General “Hap” Arnold, head of the Army Air
Corps, that if she could do it, then so could 3,000        Our nation’s freedom has not been won by men of
other licensed women pilots. She presented a plan for      valor only, but also by women of vision and courage.
training those pilots to meet the Air Corps’ needs and     Let us honor them all this Memorial Day.
that plan soon became the WASPs.
                                                           “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far
January 8, 2009: Jeanette “Jan” C. Kapus, former           above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10, King James Version of
WASP and Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret.) died today at the        the Holy Bible
age of 88. Jeanette was a member of the Women
Airforce Service Pilots during World War 2 and served      There is an old adage which says, “He who sings,
as an engineering test pilot at Courtland Army Air         prays twice.”
Base, Alabama. In 1948, the Wisconsin native
accepted a commission in the U.S. Air Force Reserve        Therefore I offer as this issue’s prayer the hauntingly
and later requested Active Duty in 1952. During the        beautiful lyrics of the Navy Hymn, “Almighty Father,
Next twenty years, her overseas assignments                Strong to Save”. (Hustad, Donald P., ed. Hymns for the
included Scotland, France and Pakistan. She retired in     Living Church, Carol Stream, IL: Hope Publishing Co.,
1972 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She was a        1974.)
past Commander of Chapter 23 of the Reserve
Officer’s Association, past Commander of the               “Almighty Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath
Milwaukee chapters of the Retired Officers                 bound the restless wave, Who bidd’st the mighty
Association and the Military Order of the World Wars.      ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep: O hear us
She was also the past State Commander of the latter        when we cry to Thee For those in peril on the sea.
two organizations, a volunteer in the Retiree Activities
Office at the 440th Tactical Airlift Wing and a Member     O Christ, the Lord of hill and plain O’er which our
of American Legion Post 449 in Brookfield.                 traffic runs amain By mountain pass or valley low;
                                                           Wherever, Lord, Thy brethren go, Protect them by Thy
During her flying career, she flew the PT-17 Kaydet,       guarding hand From every peril on the land.
PT-19 Cornell, BT-13 Valiant, T-6 Texan, AT-11
Kansan, UC-78 Bobcat, UC-64 Norseman, B-17                 O Spirit, whom the Father sent To spread abroad the
Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator. She still holds the    firmament; O Wind of heaven, by Thy might Save all
official U.S. Women’s record for the highest number of     who dare the eagle’s flight, And keep them by Thy
turns endured in a spin: 64! (As a historical note, the    watchful care From every peril in the air.
Women’s Army Corps will celebrate its birthday this
May 13th, as well.)                                      O Trinity of love and power, Our brethren shield in
                                                         danger’s hour: From rock and tempest, fire and foe,
In his book entitled, “Stolen Valor”, which dispels many Protect them wheresoe’er they go; Thus evermore
of the myths surrounding the war in Southeast Asia,      shall rise to Thee Glad praise from air and land and
author B.G. Burkett offers high praise to the 5,000      sea. Amen.”
Army, 2,000 Air Force, 500 Navy and 27 Marine
women who served in Vietnam:                             For God and Country

                                                                                                         Page 3
 UNIT 27 AUXILIARY                                         - Randy Stockford will handle the Auxiliary phone tree and
                                                           is setting up a committee to help with calls. Please let
                                                           me know if you need to use the phone tree.
 Jean Anderson (414) 236-4531
                                                           - Brenda Tryba has accepted the Fund Raising Chair
- April is Children & Youth month; May is Poppy month.

                                                      - Thanks to all who were able to attend the Post 90th
- Unit 27 membership is 166. We welcome the
                                                      birthday celebration and special thanks to Linda
following new members to our Auxiliary: Natalie
                                                      Mersenski and her kitchen committee for the wonderful
Swanson, Tracie Gibson, Emily Gibson and Geriann
                                                      meal that was served. I was very proud to be able to
                                                      introduce our Department Auxiliary President, Sue
                                                      Vorvald, to many of our members.
- Our sympathies to the family of Mary Ellen Bloom
who passed away recently; she was a 45 year Auxiliary
                                                      - County Past President’s Parley Luncheon at That’s
member and we will miss her.
                                                      Amore Italian Cafe-Tuesday, April 21

- Please call me with any new baby, name/address/
                                                  - District 4 Spring Conference at Greendale Unit 416 -
phone number/e-mail address changes you may
                                                  May 9; Registration at 9:30; opening ceremony at 10 AM
have. Please note my new phone number.

                                                           - Unit 27 Rummage/Bake Sale - April 25-26
- Initiation of new Senior members - April 14th meeting;
May 12 meeting will include a brief memorial service.
                                                           - Poppy Distribution - May 15-16

- Unit 27 Sr. dues for year 2010 will be $25.00; Jr.
                                                     - State Convention - Wyndham Hotel and Convention
dues will be $5.00.
                                                     Center by the airport - July 23-26; District 4 is hosting
                                                     this; volunteers are needed; contact Diana Sirovina at
                                                     321-1479 if you can help.

                                                                                                           Page 4
 Rummage Sale                                             them the value of giving without getting anything in
 Vicki Bermúdez (262) 431-4797
                                                          return. It was a delight to work with these young
                                                          ladies, and I invite other auxiliary members to follow
                                                          suit with their children or grandchildren. Many of our
Hear ye, hear ye, all you wonderful Legionnaires and
                                                          members and their families also contributed with
Auxiliary members!!!!
                                                          baked goods. Keep in mind that volunteerism
                                                          seems to be less valued these days than in times
Spring cleaning? Got junk? Your junk may be
                                                          past. Because of that, we need to step up our
someone else’s treasure, so don’t throw it or give it
                                                          efforts to bring in new blood, including that of our
away just yet.
                                                          own families.
The ladies of the American Legion Auxiliary are
                                                          We will make it as easy to help as possible. Are you
working hard to support the American Legion
                                                          good at driving? Volunteer to pick up donated items!
veterans. We are planning a rummage sale, for April
                                                          Are you an experienced rummager yourself?
25 and 26, and naturally we need your help to make it
                                                          Volunteer to help with set-up and pricing! Can you
the best ever. (Ok, so it’s only our second annual
                                                          see potential in throwaway items? Are you creative
rummage, so it won’t be hard to make it the best
                                                          in turning an antique treadle sewing machine into a
ever, but it’s a start, right?) Items can be brought to
                                                          unique display shelf for plants? Then come and
the Legion Post on April 23rd & 24th for set-up and
                                                          help us talk up the treasures which were once other
                                                          people’s junk!
We need donations of three kinds:
                                                          Or perhaps you enjoy making people happy with
                                                          treats: then consider making your special desserts
   Items to sell - Books, Dishes, Tools, Clothes,
                                                          or breads! Some of the baked goods we’re hoping
           Bedding, Furniture, Linens, Purses, Toys,
                                                          to offer include, but are not limited to:
           Jewelry, Silverware, etc.
   Baked goods-see ideas below
                                                          Pies—apple, cherry, lemon meringue
   Your time-as much or as little as you like
                                                          Brownies—frosted and unfrosted, with and without
Anyone’s and everyone’s help is welcomed. During
                                                          Cakes—8 x 8 or 9 x 9—chocolate, white, and yellow
our last rummage sale, not only were the men kind
                                                          Cookies—oatmeal, chocolate chip, and peanut
enough to help out, but we had also the help of some
of our members’ grandchildren. Alice Brown and
                                                          Breads—poppy seed, streusel, lemon, pumpkin,
Carol Stolpa’s granddaughters came aboard to help.
By bringing their granddaughters they were teaching
                                                          And finally, we’ll need help to run the lunch booth,
                                                          including food prep, setup, sales and cleanup.

                                                          We’re even making it easy to contact us. You can
                                                          call or email us, and one of us is almost sure to
                                                          answer at whatever time you call or email.

                                                          Janet Litzenberg
                                                          (Home phone) 414-762-4633
                                                          (Email) Topazzj@AOL.com

                                                          Vicki Bermúdez
                                                          (Home phone) 262 431-4797
                                                          (Cell phone) 414 403-3931
                                                          (Email) bticasa@yahoo.com

                                                          So, come on Vets and Auxiliary Legionnaires: hop
                                                          on the bandwagon and sign-on to help out! Page         5

1. At membership meetings, would you like to have guest speakers?
  If so, what type of topics would interest you?

2. Would you be interested in ceremonies at post meetings?
  Ex: Post Everlasting                                                          YES     NO

3. Would you be interested in a leadership position at the post?                YES     NO

4. How do you want to be actively involved with the post?

5. Do you attend the Post’s monthly meetings?                                   YES     NO

6. If NO, what keeps you from attending?

7. If you are a new Post member, would you like to attend a new members orientation
   meeting?                                                                     YES      NO

8. What activities would you like the post to have? Ex: dance; cards; etc.
9. Are you aware that Post members can rent the Post hall at a discount?   YES NO

10. Would you be interested in seasonal parties for your children or grandchildren?
                                                                                  YES   NO

11. What one thing would you like Post 27 to do or be involved with in the Community? If it
    were to happen, would you be willing to help out?

Any additional comments

Name (Optional)                        Phone Number (Optional)___________________________
                                                                                    Page 6
From the desk of Ms. Patti Poppy
May 2009

Hi Fellow Legionnaire and Auxiliary Members,
      It is time for us to start our annual Poppy Drive. Thank you for your generous donations in
2008, it enabled us to help with many projects for veterans and their families. We are going to try
something new this year; we are starting our annual “Kick off Drive” with a “Poppies by Mail”.
By soliciting donations to support our many needy veterans in this manner, it allows every
member of our Legion Family, especially the disabled and shut-ins an opportunity to participate
from their homes.
A poppy is enclosed for your family. A donation can be sent to Brenda Tryba, our Unit 27
Treasurer. Her address is 1511 S. 72nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214. All donations will be
                      Please wear the Poppy with pride.
 This donation is tax deductible so on your check indicate “For Poppy Fund” and make check
                                          payable to:
                                        ALA Unit #27
                                          Thank You,
                                        Ms. Patti Poppy

                                                                                         Page 7

                                   Visit us online @

                              Post/Bar Phone 764-1827
             920 Monroe Ave - South Milwaukee, WI 53172
                       Memorial Building

            THE FIRING LINE

Van Eimeren-Kolonka Post 27                                     N.P.0.
American Legion
920 Monroe Ave                                               U.S. Postage
South Milwaukee, WI 53172                                        PAID
                                                             Permit No. 4
                                                          South Milwaukee, WI
              Please Complete the
        Time Sensitive Survey on Page 6!
                                                          DATED MATERIAL

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