Primary and Secondary Science Education by uuk44760


									Primary and Secondary
Science Education BSc (Hons), QTS
The Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure             This degree programme will prepare you for work in
delivers this course at the IM Marsh Campus. This is a      junior schools (key stage 2) and secondary schools
green campus on the south side of the city close to the     (key stage 3). You will be able to act as a ‘generalist’ or
popular Allerton Road area, where there is a great          a ‘specialist’ teacher of your chosen subject or a
selection of shops, restaurants and bars.                   combination of both. By having a unique insight into the
                                                            challenges of progression and continuity that exists
The Campus Centre is open until 7.00pm during the           between KS2 and KS3, you will be well equipped to act
teaching term to provide support for evening-taught         as a ‘link teacher’ able to liaise with and build
students. There are many organized sporting activities      relationships between secondary schools and feeder
(aerobics classes, football etc.) available on campus for   primary schools.
students. There is also a Students’ Union Centre, a bar
and refectory and a medical centre within the site. The     How will you spend your study time?
campus has a gym and a swimming pool.                       All the modules on this programme are Core.

A free Shuttle Bus service runs regularly to take           Level One Modules:
students to other sites of the university.
                                                                •    Understanding Science
Entry Requirements                                              •    Key Concepts in Science
Candidates would usually be expected to achieve                 •    Teaching and Learning
between 220 and 260 UCAS Tariff points including A2             •    Intro to Maths Education
Science (or equivalent), and must have, or be in the            •    Intro to KS2/3 English
process of achieving, GCSE grade C in English                   •    Intro to Core Science
Language, Mathematics and Science.                              •    Exploring the Foundation Subjects

All candidates should be able to demonstrate                Level Two Modules:
knowledge of their chosen subject through a high level
of qualification and the determination to study to degree       •    Ideas and Evidence in Science
level.                                                          •    Interactions
                                                                •    Becoming the Complete Teacher
For further details on all entry requirements, please           •    Developing Maths Education
refer to the Application and Selection section of the           •    Developing KS2/3 English
factfile.                                                       •    Developing Core Science
                                                                •    Embedding the Foundation Subjects
Entry Intake
20 (correct at time of publishing).                         Level Three Modules:

Modes of Study                                                  •    Science in Society
3 years full time.                                              •    The KS2/3 Interface
                                                                •    Learning Management
Is Primary and Secondary Education Science for                  •    What and Why? Investigation
you?                                                            •    Extending Mathematics Education
In deciding to become a teacher you have chosen a               •    Extending KS2/3 English
unique profession, which will provide rewards and               •    Extending Core Science
challenges that few other jobs can offer. You will be
intellectually stimulated, find real variety and have the   School Experience is an important part of each year,
opportunity to be creative. Most importantly you will       and is structured as follows:
play an active part in shaping the lives of young people.
    •    Years 1 and 2: 4 weeks in a primary school, 4        But, as the saying goes, it isn’t all about work and no
         week in a secondary school                           play, and at LJMU we think it’s important that you enjoy
    •    Year 3: 6 weeks in a primary school, 6 weeks         your leisure time too. Our students come from 80
         in a secondary school                                countries around the world and there's no better place
                                                              to kick back with your new friends than in the very
How will you be assessed?                                     popular Liverpool Students’ Union. Run by, and for
A range of assessment methods are used including              students, the LSU has three bars, shops, a lifestyle and
written assignments, examinations, tests, practical           fitness centre, its own radio station, and over 50 clubs
work, individual and group presentations, school              and societies. It’s also the place where advice and
experience portfolios, reflective logs and a major project    support are available seven days a week. So, whether
during your final year.                                       you want to refuel, revive, or simply socialise, LSU has
                                                              it all.
A full assessment schedule is provided at the start of
each academic year to help you plan your workload.            Why Liverpool?
                                                              With a population of 476,000, including an estimated
What will you get out of studying this course?                50,000 students, Liverpool is a bustling student city and
This course is unique in that it trains teachers who have     it’s not hard to see why. The city is a vibrant metropolis
an insight into the transition phase of a child’s             famous for its pulsating nightlife and contribution to
education between Primary and Secondary schools               music, its sporting achievements and friendly people
which is highly sought after. Graduates often gain            who are intent on making you feel at home.
employment in schools looking for teachers to work in a
role supporting new Year 7 (Key Stage 3) pupils, or in        It’s also a great place to be a graduate. The £900
preparing Year 6 (Key Stage 2) pupils for Secondary           million retail-led regeneration of Liverpool's city centre
school.                                                       and waterfront has created a real buzz within the
                                                              business community, ensuring that Liverpool has one of
What career opportunities are available?                      the fastest growing economies of any UK city.
More than 95% of graduates who complete the primary
and secondary education programme secure full time            If you want to have a great university experience,
employment within the first six months of qualifying.         graduate with a respected degree and secure the skills
There are excellent opportunities for teachers who wish       and ‘know-how’ that will help you climb the professional
to take on extra curriculum and management                    career ladder, then you should choose LJMU.
responsibilities. There are also rewards available for
those who wish to focus exclusively on effective              Application and Selection
classroom practice.                                           You know what the entry requirements are, what the
                                                              course will cover and what it will be like to study at
Why LJMU?                                                     LJMU in Liverpool, but what skills do you need to
LJMU, one of the UK’s most progressive universities, is       secure a place?
aiming to become the UK's number one university of
employability. All of our courses are designed to help        What are we looking for?
you realise success, and by choosing to study here,           We’re looking for applicants who have a genuine
you will be giving yourself the best possible start in your   passion for teaching children science in the Key Stage
chosen career.                                                2/3 age range. This is assessed by our Admissions
                                                              Tutors based on your personal statement, and when
Following extensive research and consultation with            applicants are interviewed following application.
employers, we have radically adapted our teaching and
learning strategy. Graduate skills development and            Applicants must be able to manage and organise their
work-related learning are now embedded in all of our          own time outside of University in order to complete
undergraduate degrees, helping you gain the essential         coursework, revise for examinations, attend lectures
skills and experience demanded by today’s employers.          punctually and complete school placements as
                                                              appropriate. Students will be expected to work both
In addition to the eight core graduate skills that are        independently and in groups for varying pieces of work,
taught, practised and assessed as part of your degree,        and evidence of where applicants have worked in
you will have the opportunity to gain, and have               groups (academically or otherwise) would be useful
validated, a range of high-level 'world of work' or WOW       when considering your form.
skills. All of these have been carefully developed in
consultation with leading organisations, such as Marks
& Spencer, the CBI, Shell International and Sony.             Criminal Record Bureau Checks
We’ve done this in order to meet both the demands of          Please refer to the ‘About You’ section of the UCAS
employers for skilled graduates, and your right to            Application Guides as to the regulations regarding
expect a high quality learning experience in return for       declaring Criminal Records on your application. Please
your investment.                                              note that this course involves working with children and/or
                                                              vulnerable adults during work/school placements, and you
By choosing to study with us, not only will you get an        must indicate a relevant criminal record on your
excellent degree but you'll have access to state-of-the-      application form. Please contact us should you require
art facilities. We have embarked on a major campus            any further information regarding this.
redevelopment programme and this will ensure that
LJMU truly is a 21st century university.                      Entry Requirements
When considering your application we will assess your       How to apply
academic achievements, your personal statement and          All applicants should apply through the Universities and
your reference along with any further information you       Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system. UCAS
supply to help us reach a decision regarding your           can be contacted at:
suitability and commitment to the programme.
All applicants would normally have or be expected to        Rosehill
have:                                                       New Barn Lane
220-260 points from a minimum of 18 unit awards (any        Gloucestershire
combination of VCE/A Level/AS Level units). Points          GL52 3LZ
must be taken from at least 2 A levels or a minimum of      Tel: +44 (0)1242 222444
2 A levels plus AS levels. It is expected that applicants
have studied at least one relevant subject (inclusive of    Guiding steps for finding out more about the UCAS
Biology, Chemistry, Physics are accepted).                  system can be found at

GCSE mathematics, English Language and Science at           UCAS Course Codes are as follows:
grade C or above or acceptable equivalent. LJMU offer       UCAS Code Name                   LJM
GCSE Equivalence Examinations that will be accepted         University Code Number           L51
on this course; more details are available at               UCAS Course Code                 XF10                                UCAS Course Name                 BSc/upSQTS

Key skills are not accepted for the purpose of making       Some tips and advice on writing your personal
initial offers but can be seen to add value to the          statement
candidate’s application.
                                                                    Take your time with your personal statement.
BTEC: a minimum of 220-260 points (MMM - DMM)                        It is an important part of your application form.
from a subject-related BTEC.                                         This is the part of the form that will make you
                                                                     stand out as an individual. Organise your main
Irish Leaving Certificate: a minimum of 220-260 points               achievements and interests into bullet points
from 5 subjects at higher level.                                     before you start completing it.

Scottish Qualifications: a minimum of 220-260 points                Summarise why you have chosen the
from 5 subjects, 3 of which must be at an Advanced                   course(s) for which you are applying and link
level.                                                               between your present and proposed course(s).
                                                                     If the course is in a completely new area, give
Access: a pass in a relevant course.                                 evidence to show that you've researched it.

All candidates should be able to demonstrate                        Keep the statement brief and to the point.
knowledge of their chosen subject through a high level               Don’t fall into the trap of including common
of qualification and the determination to study to degree            interests such as socialising and reading. You
level.                                                               should strive to make your statement personal.
                                                                     Think about things that you have done that are
Receipt of enhanced Criminal Records Bureau                          unique.
                                                                    Make sure that you include any work
All suitable applicants must be interviewed before any               experience that you have had (this includes
offer can be made. This is a TDA requirement; please                 part-time and holiday work) particularly if this
visit for further details.                            relates to your chosen field of study. We are
                                                                     looking for evidence of commitment and team-
AP(E)L                                                               working skills, so give us details of these.
Applications for AP(E)L will be considered on an
individual basis.                                                   Remember that we will consider your
                                                                     application not only on your exam grades but
We welcome applications from all students including                  also on the strength of your personal
those from ethnic minorities, from men (both are under-              statement and references. We may invite you
represented in the primary teaching workforce), and                  in for an interview or ask you to complete a
from returnees to education. To qualify as a returnee to             piece of work if we believe your exam grades
education you have to be at least 21 years old by the                do not accurately reflect your ability and
31 December in the year of entry. It is sometimes                    potential. Remember that a good application
possible to consider non-standard qualifications for                 form could even make up a shortfall in your
returnee candidates. Further information about specific              exam grades and help secure your place at
qualifications can be obtained by calling the admissions             LJMU.
                                                            What happens next?
                                                            If you are from the UK or EC, you will receive a letter
                                                            and an open day invitation directly from the School’s
                                                            Admissions Unit. The offer will also be confirmed via
UCAS. Open days include an opportunity to meet
academic staff and current students, as well as a tour of
LJMU facilities. International students will receive
confirmation of their offer from the International Office,
along with details about accommodation, fees and other
important information. If you choose LJMU as your
‘FIRM’ choice, you will receive enrolment and induction
information upon confirmation of your results.

Further Information
If you have any queries relating to this degree please

Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure
Liverpool John Moores University
IM Marsh Campus
Barkhill Road
L17 6BD

Tel:     +44(0)151 231 5340
Fax:     +44(0)151 231 5379

If you have any queries relating to LJMU or university
life in general please contact:

Student Recruitment Team
Liverpool John Moores University
Roscoe Court
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Tel:     +44(0)151 231 5090
Fax:     +44(0)151 231 3462

N.B. All modules and information about this course are
subject to change.

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