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									GC – Games Convention 2008
(August 21 – 24, 2008)
Press & Trade Visitor Day: August 20, 2008

February 25, 2008

Leipziger Messe Regrets BIU Decision

Economic Affairs Minister Thomas Jurk Against “Ruinous
Competition Between Publicly Funded Trade Fair Companies”

The Leipziger Messe regrets the decision of the German
Bundesverbandes Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware (BIU – National
Interactive Entertainment Software Association) to no longer give its
advisory support as from 2009 to the leading European fair, the GC –
Games Convention, despite its success. “We have taken note of the
Associations’s commitment to establishing a new German fair for the
industry”, said Wolfgang Marzin, CEO of the Leipziger Messe GmbH.
On Monday (25 February 2008), the BIU announced that as from
2009, it would be the advisory supporter for a new interactive
entertainment software fair in Cologne.

The GC – Games Convention is Europe’s leading fair for interactive
entertainment, infotainment, edutainment and hardware. It has been
held in Leipzig since 2002 and is one of the most successful new
products of recent years on the German and European trade fair
market. In discussing the location, the Leipziger Messe had
repeatedly offered the BIU to hold the GC – Games Convention in a
different German city or to alternate annually between different
venues. “We would very much like to have continued the
development of the Games Convention concept with our long-time
partner, the BIU”, explained Wolfgang Marzin, “ideally at the Leipzig
location – but we have always emphasised that we are open to other
concepts as well.” He repeated that the Leipziger Messe is always
available to the industry with the GC – Games Convention and its

 “The GC – Games Convention is an internationally recognised
brand”, as the Leipzig CEO stressed. “As Europe’s leading fair, it is
the European game industry’s most important event, and has
annually increasing international participation. No other fair in recent
years has established the Germany location for a trade fair in an
industry as quickly as the Games Convention.”

Mayor Jung:
incomprehensible decision

On the BIU decision, Leipzig’s Mayor Jung said: “What the GC is
today, it has become through and with Leipzig. We cannot
understand the BIU decision to no longer support the success story of
the GC – Games Convention in Leipzig. Leipzig is well placed in
terms of services, surrounding area and accessibility and will continue
to invest in its infrastructure in the coming years. We will still remain
open to the GC or the return of the BIU after 2008. The Association’s
decision is a bitter blow for Leipzig.”

Economic affairs minister Jurk:
a bad day for Germany as a trade fair location

Saxony’s economic affairs minister Thomas Jurk also expressed
incomprehension: “Given the successful development of the GC –
Games Convention and of the business location of Saxony overall, I
cannot understand the BIU decision. The Free State of Saxony, in
particular the trade fair venue of Leipzig, provides excellent all-round
conditions for the GC – Games Convention and for the entire
interactive entertainment industry. The Saxony Free State’s
investments have contributed to enabling the GC – Games
Convention to become an international success product. The fair and
industry have benefited from Saxony’s reputation as a leading IT
location in Germany. A successful keynote fair has been damaged,
which makes this a bad day for Germany overall as a trade fair
location. Publicly funded fair companies cannot and must not be
allowed to enter into ruinous competition and to fight one another
over fairs – and by using dumping prices in the process”.

GC - Games Convention 2008

In the meantime, preparations for the GC – Games Convention 2008

are in full swing. A large part of the exhibition area is already booked,
according to project director Peggy Schönbeck. The first companies
to have registered include market leaders such as Electronic Arts,
Konami, Ubisoft, Disney and Take 2. Numerous highlights among the
exhibits and in the programme of events indicate that it will again be a
fair of superlatives. (Editors please note: press releases for the
Games Convention 2008 are available separately at www.gc-


The GC – Games Convention was developed by the Leipziger Messe
in close cooperation with the industry and has been held in Leipzig
since 2002. Visitor numbers since its premiere have risen from
80,000 to 185,000 for the most recent event. The number of
exhibitors has tripled from an initial 166, with 503 companies taking
part at Europe’s biggest game fair in 2007, including all the industry’s
market leaders.

The rapid growth of the fair has not only raised public awareness of
the still young games industry. It has also inspired public debate in
society, as computer and video games become an increasingly self-
evident part of the cultural canon. From the outset, the GC – Games
Convention has encouraged the acquisition of skills in dealing with
the new key youth culture medium – across all ages and all social
groups. Special exhibition areas and communication strategies also
support the appeal to new user groups.

The Games Convention is being held for the seventh time in Leipzig
from 21 to 24 August 2008.

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