ĞFirstNameğ ĞLastNameğ Conor Meehan Pandeiro Drums 66 Pinehurst Ave by tyndale


									                                 Conor Meehan
                               66 Pinehurst Ave. #A2, New York, NY 10033.
                                            Phone: 413.329.4174
                                     E-Mail: kungfuconor@hotmail.com

        SUNY Purchase College, Bachelor of Music 2004

        Private Drum Intructors: John Riley, Matt Wilson, Gary Chaffee, Randy Kaye
        Private Pandeiro Instructors: Vanderlei Pereira, Scott Feiner
        Master Classes: Ed Soph, Billy Kilson

        Honeyhoney USA w/ Lifehouse March-April 2008
        Sonya Kitchell
           Europe, July 2007
           Japan, September 2006
           North America Touring, March-August 2006
           USA, July-September 2005
        Albert Cummings USA Touring, September 2001-May 2004(supporting B.B. King)
        Heiruspecs USA June-July 2002
        Tessa Souter Band, 2007-Present
        Todd Reynolds Situation, 2008
        Charles Neville Quartet, 2006-Present
        Nos Daqui – 2006-Present

      “The Craig Ferguson Show” June 2006
      “Emeril Live” June 2006
      “Late Night with David Letterman” April 2006
      “CBS Early Morning Show” February 2006
      “Word Wold” theme song, PBS 2007 (recording)
      “Soundcheck” WNYC May 2006
      “FUV Live” WFUV June 2006
      “Performance Place” WAMC March 2007, March 2004, June 2003

      Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Manchester, TN 2007
      North Sea Jazz Festival - Rotterdam, Netherlands 2007
      Nice Jazz Festival – Nice, France 2007
      Montreal Jazz Festival - Montreal, Canada 2006
      Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival - Seattle, WA 2006
      South By Southwest - Austin, TX 2006
      Blues To Bop Festival - Lugano, Switzerland 2004
      B.B. King Summer Blues Festival Tour USA 2001-2004

      Williams College - Studio Instructor of Jazz Drums 2005-Present
      University on Massachusetts Jazz In July Summer Workshop – Instructor 2009
      Louis D. Brandeis High School - Percussion Teaching Artist (Young Audiences) 2008-Present
      Chappaqua Rocks Summer Rock Workshops – Drum, Guitar, Ensemble Instructor 2008
      Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp - Williams Syndrome Session – Drum Instructor 2000,’01,’02,’04
RECORDINGS (selected)
       Tessa Souter “Untitled” In Production 2008
       Jim Reynolds “Somewhere Near the Big Tree” 2008
       Adam Michael Rothberg “ Another Spin” 2008
       Nos Daqui “Nos Daqui” 2008
       Heiruspecs “10 Years Strong” 2007
       The Rev Tor Band “Mystic Wolf” Smelly Dog 2007
       Graham Isaacson “Memories In Shadows” Soultube 2007
       Starbucks Christmas Compilation “Santa Baby” Hear Music 2006
       Sonya Kitchell “Words Came Back to Me” 2006 Velour/Starbucks Hear Music
       Hector On Stilts “Same Height Relation” 2005 Fun Machine
       Maya Solovey “Dissolving” 2005 Soultube
       The Anna Borges Group “The Anna Borges Group” 2005 Wild Rumpus
       Moonlight and Morning Star “Fantasy” 2005 Soul Art
       Sonya Kitchell “Cold Day” 2004 Velour Recordings
       Graham Isaacson “Nine Days” 2004 G-Bomb Records
       Alana “Bars & Beats” 2004 Sony Brasil
       Northern Spy “1 2 Fireball” 2002 Akasic Records
       Catfish Blue “Carrera Targa” 2001 Akasic Records
       Eric Underwood Band “The Light Behind You” 2000 EUB
       Heiruspecs “Antidisestablishmetabolism” 1999 HRS
       Angel of the Odd “Angel of the Odd” 1999 AOTO
       Catfish Blue “Stella” 1997 CB

                           REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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